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I live in a flat with very low mains water pressure, worst since lockdown for some reason though was told the water board had lowered rather then have a hose pipe ban.
The problem is a slow filling tank after a power shower. I have put a regulator on the shower head to slow flow.
Is it possible to put a booster pump like the salamander on the mains to the tank in loft for a faster fill.
I have plenty of space in airing cupboard.
Many thanks for any replays
Stay safe.


Hi you could fit a booster pump we generally fit them as near as possible to incoming main my preference is the Stewart Turner one.
As a first go I would try changing the tank ball valve for a better one side entry fluidmaster would be my choice don't use the supplied restrictor
They really do put much more water through .
Fitting a larger or linked tank would be another option.


Hi, If changing the ball valve doesn’t work, then check your incoming supply’s flow rate. If its less than 12LPM and not a lead mains, you could consider the HomeBoost which, if your mains flow rate is between 3 and 12 lpm, the pump will bring this upto 12LPM. If you want to give us a call on 01915162002, our tech team will be happy to help.

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