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A tank is an armored fighting vehicle intended as a primary offensive weapon in front-line ground combat. Tank designs are a balance of heavy firepower, strong armor, and good battlefield mobility provided by tracks and a powerful engine; usually their main armament is mounted in a turret. They are a mainstay of modern 20th and 21st century ground forces and a key part of combined arms combat.
Modern tanks are versatile mobile land weapons platforms whose main armament is a large-caliber tank gun mounted in a rotating gun turret, supplemented by machine guns or other ranged weapons such as anti-tank guided missiles or rocket launchers. They have heavy vehicle armor which provides protection for the crew, the vehicle's munition storage, fuel tank and propulsion systems. The use of tracks rather than wheels provides improved operational mobility which allows the tank to overcome rugged terrain and adverse conditions such as mud and ice/snow better than wheeled vehicles, and thus be more flexibly positioned at advantageous locations on the battlefield. These features enable the tank to perform well in a variety of intense combat situations, simultaneously both offensively (with direct fire from their powerful main gun) and defensively (as fire support and defilade for friendly troops due to the near invulnerability to common infantry small arms and good resistance against most heavier weapons), all while maintaining the mobility needed to exploit changing tactical situations. Fully integrating tanks into modern military forces spawned a new era of combat: armored warfare.

Until the arrival of the main battle tank, tanks were typically categorized either by weight class (light, medium, heavy or superheavy tanks) or doctrinal purpose (breakthrough-, cavalry-, infantry-, cruiser-, or reconnaissance tanks). Some being larger and very heavily armored and with large guns, while others are smaller, lightly armored, and equipped with a smaller caliber and lighter gun. These smaller tanks move over terrain with speed and agility and can perform a reconnaissance role in addition to engaging enemy targets. The smaller, faster tank would not normally engage in battle with a larger, heavily armored tank, except during a surprise flanking manoeuvre.

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  1. P

    Bath tap mains fed or from tank

    Hi guys I'm wanting to install an electric shower in my new property what's the easiest way to check it bath tap is coming from mains ? The mains stop tap is located near the toilet in the room underneath me, when I switch that off it shuts all cold water off for every tap in the house. If I...
  2. C

    DAB Esybox and break tank

    Morning. Looking at installing a DAB Esybox however space at a premium. Thinking of installing a break tank in the loft (above first floor) rather than going for the combined pump and tank unit. This is replacing a vented system so pipe work goes up there already. Is there any reason I shouldn’t...
  3. J

    Hot water leaking at overflow

    Hi Overflow suddenly spouting out luke warm water to outside of house, checked on down pipe in photo leads exterior overflow, could put finger spout when overflowing and its luke warm water. Why is it overflowing? Lot of water coming out. Photo attached of side of tank to show above. What is...
  4. H

    Hot water cylinder only heating top half of tank

    Hiya, we had a new pressurised hot water cylinder fitted a few weeks ago even though its double the size of our last one we are finding we aren't getting any more hot water. So once the tank is full and the immersion has turned off and i touch the tank only the top half feels warm and the bottom...
  5. C

    Flats bathrooms fed by tank?

    Hi guys I did a job today in a block of flats, fairly old place, plumbing was all a bit ropey in this particular flat. The job was to change an electric shower over, I changed it, didn't work.. noticed the water pressure was a bit pants.. I could stop it with my finger on the basin.. thought...
  6. B

    Water tank and water query

    Hi everyone, I have a query which I hope I can get advice on. I live on a top floor flat in a block of 6 the water is mains fed in the kitchen and bathroom but the attic has common water tanks which I believe feed the hot water and are cleaned annually. My kitchen has a gas combi boiler...
  7. S

    URGENT How to shut off hot water and heating on this kind of boiler and tank?

    How to shut off hot water and heating on this kind of boiler and tank?
  8. B

    Removal of cold water tank for bathroom taps?

    I live in an apartment and have a cold water tank in it. The cold water tank feeds the cold water tap in the sink and the bath. Recently, I refurbished my bathroom and, according to the plumber that fitted the new taps, high-pressure taps were fitted. Consequently, the water that comes out of...
  9. N

    Scrap copper tank clean up??

    On to the scraping side now! Is it worth bothering to remove insulation from old water tank and weigh in clean, or just take it down to the scrapper as it is?? ? Mnhjffhjbn
  10. J

    F+E tank feed question

    Moved into an old house that has a vented gravity fed system (cold water tank and feed + expansion tank in the attic). I need to replace all ceased gate valves which is all of them... The feed pipe from the F+E tank to the oil boiler/radiators has a gate valve in the open position at the...
  11. S

    Unvented Tank Advice Please

    Hi. I have looked at similar posts but not seen exactly what I'm after ... unvented Gledhill 200l fitted a few months ago. A few weeks after and since most times when we turn on hot water tap in the morning there is a long groaning sound (I have a recording if it helps). Have contacted...
  12. C

    2 cold feeds to indirect hot water tank

    Hi, I am reinstating an indirect hot water tank and have 2 cold water feeds coming into it from the same supply. One of the feeds has a float valve but what ever was on the other has been removed. Why would there be 2 feeds to the top of the tank? Can I blank one off and just use the float valve...
  13. M

    How to prevent heat loss from a hydronic storage tank?

    I have a hydronic hot water storage tank located at floor level. The hot water flow and return pipes run up the wall into the ceiling space and then back down to floor level to the manifold. We are experiencing significant heat loss from the storage tank when the system is not circulating...
  14. david montgomery

    Hot water tank in a flat has poor flow rate after refurbishment.

    Good morning everyone. My parent had a new kitchen and bathroom fitted in her flat 2 years ago and has only now told me that the hot water flow to both hot taps is really poor. it wasn't like this before. its a flat with a 1075x450 IND BS combi HW tank. she says that the tank was drained down...
  15. T

    Overflowing Feeder Tank - Advice Needed

    Hi - I'm hoping someone can help with some advice. Ahead of some renovation work, we had a 50 year old old floor standing boiler in the utility room removed and a new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24Ri wall mounted in the garage. Aside from being old, the original boiler worked perfectly. A full...
  16. J

    How to drain cold water tank!?!

    Help! I’ve turned off the gate valve that supplies my toilet white goods. Now it won’t open. It’s turning but water not flowing through. I need to drain the cold tank to replace the gate valve but the cold tank goes to a pump and I when I turn off the water, no cold water comes through the taps...
  17. J

    What size heating element is needed for this tank?

    Just wondering what size heating element is needed for a 1200 x 450
  18. M

    Intergas HRE 30 SB - Hot Water colder after engineer visit

    Morning All. I hope you can help. We recently had a (mostly) successful visit by an Intergas engineer who fixed problems with our boiler randomly turning off. However. Since his visit the hot water has been noticeably cooler than it was before. I’ve tried to change the temperature of (DHW)...
  19. H

    Benefits of one large hot water tank over two in parallel?

    A friend is building 5 en-suites above his pub. An advisor has said he needs a 64kW gas boiler to heat 7-8 radiators and an 800-1000 litre water tank to make sure guests have hot water when they need it. This seems way over the top to me - especially as it's not guaranteed that there will always...
  20. S

    How to move toilet tank back 6 inches?

    Hello everyone Moved into a 5 year old ‘new build’ property recently and the toilet was leaking from where the tank meets the bowl. Nothing heavy but enough to need repairing. Anyway Found out that the toilet tank was leaning very far back and fixed to the wall. The only way to stop the leak...
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