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Modern tanks are versatile mobile land weapons platforms whose main armament is a large-caliber tank gun mounted in a rotating gun turret, supplemented by machine guns or other ranged weapons such as anti-tank guided missiles or rocket launchers. They have heavy vehicle armor which provides protection for the crew, the vehicle's munition storage, fuel tank and propulsion systems. The use of tracks rather than wheels provides improved operational mobility which allows the tank to overcome rugged terrain and adverse conditions such as mud and ice/snow better than wheeled vehicles, and thus be more flexibly positioned at advantageous locations on the battlefield. These features enable the tank to perform well in a variety of intense combat situations, simultaneously both offensively (with direct fire from their powerful main gun) and defensively (as fire support and defilade for friendly troops due to the near invulnerability to common infantry small arms and good resistance against most heavier weapons), all while maintaining the mobility needed to exploit changing tactical situations. Fully integrating tanks into modern military forces spawned a new era of combat: armored warfare.

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  1. P

    Do I need to tank under luxury vinyl flooring in my bathroom

    Hello, I’m looking to install a new bathroom for the first time and want to make sure I do everything by the book. One area that I’m not getting a lot of clarity on is whether you need to tank the floor area of my bathroom. I’m having tiles on the walls and luxury vinyl on the floor. I...
  2. W

    URGENT Warm Shower not hot.

    Thermostat controlled shower is only just about warm at max setting , taps are running hot , tank feed system not combi. Can anyone help. It’s Aqua Lisa.
  3. J

    Cold water storage tank setup

    Hi all, My mates recently bought a new old house and has had extensive work done including new bathrooms etc. We've got a few questions about the hot and cold water distribution. The house is supplied by cold water at around 3 bar, so decent enough pressure. The way it's set up at the moment...
  4. CanadianEh

    Advice Required: Tankless with Storage tank /with winter Hydronic use

    Here is what I have going on, and wondering if someone can help me solve the problem.. Quick details: I live in Canada so the cold ground water temp can be an issue in the winter. I had a Bradford white 75 gallon water tank that just gave up. This tank was used for my main home hot water...
  5. M

    Heat top half of tank

    Hi - I've got a dual element E7 vented hot water system. Currently, the immersion heater at the bottom heats the tank every night - assuming minimal hot water usage, it uses between 2 and 3 kWh every night. Thing is, I don't use much hot water - I have a dishwasher and electric shower - I...
  6. C

    Hot tank with two immersion heaters

    Hi everyone I have a 20 year old Megaflo CL250 indirect hot water tank that I typically heat with an oil-fired boiler. It has locations for two immersion heaters (one at the base of the tank and the other halfway up). Only the lower immersion is installed and the other (halfway up the tank) is...
  7. B

    Advice needed with my Hive Multi-zone and unvented tank

    Hi, I'd appreciate a bit of advice about my hot water and heating system.. So, we moved into a new build about 5 months ago and we have a TheraQ ProLite SS 250 unvented tank, we also have a gas boiler and Hive multizone. My understanding is that the boiler sends hot water to the tank to heat up...
  8. B

    Combi vs tank - which should I go for?

    Hi all Currently have an open vent system with a 140L tank. This all needs renewing and wondering whether it was worth changing over to a high flow combi instead or to replace with an unvented cyclinder. Currently only have 1 bathroom, but looking to add an ensuite at some point as well. Thanks
  9. P

    After flushing, there is only a trickle of water entering the tank.

    After flushing, there is only a trickle of water entering the tank. When I turn the valve off, and then on again, it flows normally again. The upstairs toilet and all other faucets work normally.
  10. R

    Normal unvented indirect tank or high gain unvented indirect tank

    Hi, Trying to decide which cylinder to go for? I am renovating my house which will end up having four bathrooms and a wc. I am planning to go for a 300l unvented indirect cylinder as currently I have a vented cylinder with a cold water tank in the loft and face issues with hot water pressure...
  11. S

    Tank full but no hot water to taps

    Hi all, We moved into this B&B in August and I dont really understand the old fashioned system. we have one boiler for hot water and one for the heating. The tank is on the landing slightly lower than the first floor, then there is a second floor, four rooms on each floor, seven are ensuite...
  12. A

    Moving Water Header Tank

    I have a loft main water tank. I want to lower its height (at the moment raised higher in the loft by 1 meter to give more pressure I think) so I can put it in the eaves ready for a future loft conversion. I like the idea of a header tank for water shortages and being able to flush the loo if...
  13. P

    central heating header tank fill

    central heating header tank fills when ball tap closed
  14. T

    Hot water tank not heating up.

    Hi there We have had a barn renovated and the plumber installed an air source heat pump. The hot water has been on auto since Friday and I changed it to continuous this morning but it was only 25 degrees (it’s set to 55 degrees) on the bottom of the hot water tank. The electrician came this...
  15. J

    What kind of pump can empty a full septic tank in a remote area?

    I thought I could buy an external pump to pull out with a two inch pipe and send it away from the house.
  16. M

    I need a hot water tank thermostat for hotter than normal temperatures

    I have a need for for a thermostat for a copper cylinder connected to solar power so I'm looking for an accurate thermostat which will allow me to store water at up to 90c ? I have tried a bog standard Honeywell and a couple of cheaper stats but none of them even work up to the advertised 80c...
  17. R

    Tankless vs TAnk Water Heater

    I want to replace my tank water heater with a tankless one. I live alone. Is it really more energy efficient?
  18. M

    Electric hot water tank

    I installed a new electric hot water tank. They pressure relief valve keeps releasing after 2 hours steamy hot water. Replaced the pressure relief valve and the tank is still doing it. Any advice on what to do?
  19. H

    Pressure loss in Heating System post fitting new Expansion Tank

    Hi, hope someone can help me with a heating pressure loss problem. My valiant boiler has been loosing pressure over the last few months, resulting in me having to top up the water every week or so. Managed to get a boiler engineer to visit who diagnosed a faulty expansion tank. (Water evident at...

    Viessmann Vitodens 100 Connecting hot Water tank

    Hi, My dad and I have used all day to connect a external water tank to our Viessmann Vitodens 100 Boiler. For some reason the 2 hoses we have connected to the boiler neither gets hot (i believe 1 should get hot) and we are at a loss. Is there a configuration to do on the dash, or any things we...