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A tank is an armored fighting vehicle intended as a primary offensive weapon in front-line ground combat. Tank designs are a balance of heavy firepower, strong armor, and good battlefield mobility provided by tracks and a powerful engine; usually their main armament is mounted in a turret. They are a mainstay of modern 20th and 21st century ground forces and a key part of combined arms combat.
Modern tanks are versatile mobile land weapons platforms whose main armament is a large-caliber tank gun mounted in a rotating gun turret, supplemented by machine guns or other ranged weapons such as anti-tank guided missiles or rocket launchers. They have heavy vehicle armor which provides protection for the crew, the vehicle's munition storage, fuel tank and propulsion systems. The use of tracks rather than wheels provides improved operational mobility which allows the tank to overcome rugged terrain and adverse conditions such as mud and ice/snow better than wheeled vehicles, and thus be more flexibly positioned at advantageous locations on the battlefield. These features enable the tank to perform well in a variety of intense combat situations, simultaneously both offensively (with direct fire from their powerful main gun) and defensively (as fire support and defilade for friendly troops due to the near invulnerability to common infantry small arms and good resistance against most heavier weapons), all while maintaining the mobility needed to exploit changing tactical situations. Fully integrating tanks into modern military forces spawned a new era of combat: armored warfare.

Until the arrival of the main battle tank, tanks were typically categorized either by weight class (light, medium, heavy or superheavy tanks) or doctrinal purpose (breakthrough-, cavalry-, infantry-, cruiser-, or reconnaissance tanks). Some being larger and very heavily armored and with large guns, while others are smaller, lightly armored, and equipped with a smaller caliber and lighter gun. These smaller tanks move over terrain with speed and agility and can perform a reconnaissance role in addition to engaging enemy targets. The smaller, faster tank would not normally engage in battle with a larger, heavily armored tank, except during a surprise flanking manoeuvre.

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  1. J

    How to drain cold water tank!?!

    Help! I’ve turned off the gate valve that supplies my toilet white goods. Now it won’t open. It’s turning but water not flowing through. I need to drain the cold tank to replace the gate valve but the cold tank goes to a pump and I when I turn off the water, no cold water comes through the taps...
  2. J

    What size heating element is needed for this tank?

    Just wondering what size heating element is needed for a 1200 x 450
  3. M

    Intergas HRE 30 SB - Hot Water colder after engineer visit

    Morning All. I hope you can help. We recently had a (mostly) successful visit by an Intergas engineer who fixed problems with our boiler randomly turning off. However. Since his visit the hot water has been noticeably cooler than it was before. I’ve tried to change the temperature of (DHW)...
  4. H

    Benefits of one large hot water tank over two in parallel?

    A friend is building 5 en-suites above his pub. An advisor has said he needs a 64kW gas boiler to heat 7-8 radiators and an 800-1000 litre water tank to make sure guests have hot water when they need it. This seems way over the top to me - especially as it's not guaranteed that there will always...
  5. S

    How to move toilet tank back 6 inches?

    Hello everyone Moved into a 5 year old ‘new build’ property recently and the toilet was leaking from where the tank meets the bowl. Nothing heavy but enough to need repairing. Anyway Found out that the toilet tank was leaning very far back and fixed to the wall. The only way to stop the leak...
  6. S

    Tank leaking & heating losing pressure - solar water heater

    Hi, We have solar panels for our hot water, so we have the main water tank in the airing cupboard, plus a small pressurised (I think) tank. The smaller one has been leaking for several years leaving rusty water on the outside & on towels in the cupboard. The system also keeps losing pressure...
  7. I

    Why is there a blue and a red float for a FOP on a gravity fed tank?

    I assumed that the red ball float was for a header tank on the central heating side and the blue ball float was on a cold water storage tank. I thought the reason for this was only to help identify the tank but after finding a lot of cold water storage tanks with a red float, I must be wrong...
  8. Husk24

    Most efficient way to heat water in tank using ideal logic boiler

    Most efficient way to heat water in tank using ideal logic boiler? Hi guys I have a water tank as pictured in my profile with an ideal logic system boiler, during summer/spring we make use of our thermal solar for heating and other times of the year the boiler, we don’t have the heating on...
  9. S

    Drilling a hole in an immersion tank.

    I checked where to fit my essex flanges for the recirc pump after looking into the water tank. The hole cutter I have is in the pic. Are the teeth too coarse for thin copper? Anyone cut into a hot water copper tank? What sort of hole cutter did you use? Thanks.
  10. K

    Biological growth in header tank.

    In the summer I had the boiler and 6 (out of 10) radiators replaced. Last week I discovered a growth in the plastic header tank, which until then had always contained clear water. I skimmed the growth off but it is starting to appear again. What caused it and how do I remedy it? Thanks
  11. K

    Gravity feed hot water tank

    I’m fitting a ‘gravity feed’ hot water tank in a mobile home that has restricted head height for a cold gravity feed header tank. I can install an expansion over flow to an outside drain. Is it possible to use a Pressure Reducing Valve to supply the cold water from the mains supply. Or is there...
  12. B

    Hot water venting into header tank.

    Hi, I’m having a problem with hw venting into the small header tank. This happens when it’s set to hw only or CH. I’ve tried lowering the water level in the header tank but it makes no difference. The incoming hot water is being taken back into system via the primary circuit 15mm supply so...
  13. F

    Elson Sapphire - Drain Down and Refill Procedure

    I have an Elson Sapphire double feed indirect hot water tank and I need to drain down the system to move some radiators. Would anyone be able to offer any advice as to the correct drain down and refill procedure for this tank? It is a self contained boxed and insulated unit with a single cold...
  14. F

    oil stick does not lower into tank on either tube

    Cannot lower stick into oil tank
  15. D

    Expansion tank location open vented Maxipod

    I'm about to start the plumbing of my house and wanting to use a maxipod with a oil fired boiler and a log stove. But its a single story house. Can i have my expansion tank below the flow and return pipes located in the ceiling? I've did a basic drawing below to show the layout.
  16. S

    Drilling into copper HW tank.

    I'll be fitting a couple of Essex [email protected] to my HW tank soon. required hole is 38mm. I know these tanks are quite thin and can rip easily so what's the best way to drill them with a hole cutter?
  17. JonJonnyJonJon

    Advice on water feed to tank and rads (different temps)

    Hi Everyone, (not sure if my last post worked so apologies if this is a duplicate). I have an Ideal Boiler (vogue max system 18) and a MegaFlo Water tank. On the boiler I only have 1 dial to turn the water temp up or down (no separate dials for heating and water). On the water tank, I can...
  18. P

    Height differential required between an F&E tank and a cylinder?

    Trying to add a shower into a small bathroom, I'm looking at moving my hot water cylinder to the loft. Currently, I have a vented 200L cylinder (in the bathroom) with the principal source of heat being an Economy 7 setup, which gives adequate hot water for our needs. The cylinder also has an...
  19. O

    Flushometer toilet on residential pressure tank

    I'm installing a new well pump, pressure tank, and toilet in a "shed" (note: local code is 2015 UPC based, and shed is insulated & conditioned) For some specific reasons I need to install a wall-mounted toilet. A "typical" well-performing model with an in-wall tank runs > $1000. There are...
  20. R

    Airlock forming in water pipe from the overhead tank

    Hi folks, I have a problem with an airlock forming every time the overhead tank becomes empty. Even when I fill the overhead tank to the brim, the water in the household outlets comes at a very low speed. By experimenting, I found that there are two ways to fix the problem each time there is...
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