Táp is a village in Győr-Moson-Sopron county, Hungary.
In 1588 it was undivided property of Count János Cseszneky and András Farkas, later was in the hands of Cseszneky heirs.

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    Anyone know how to get into this tap?

    Hi. Can anyone help me get into this tap? I have them on the bathroom sink and bath and 2 out of 4 are dripping. I've have had two plumbers in to replace the washers and neither could get them open. The gold coloured ring under the top unscrews on two of them but won't budge on the ones that...
  2. T

    Can I use push fit type tap connectors on toilet fill valve

    Hello, I have a troublesome fixed 15mm copper pipe with isolation valve going to my toilet fill valve. It's too tight for a Flexi hose. Can I use a push fit tap connector instead which will give me more flexibility in fitting?
  3. P

    Connector for tap with threaded tails. And should I seal the washer?

    Hi I'm going to be fitting a tap like this one: And just wanted to check that this is the correct part for connecting to 15mm copper pipe using compression: https://www.screwfix.com/p/flomasta-compression-straight-tap-connector-15mm-x-1-2-/58294 If not, please could someone let me know...
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    Prevent Outside Tap Feed Freezing

    I had an outside tap fitted by a professional plumber last autumn. During the recent cold weather the feed pipe under the kitchen sink froze and the compression joint where the pipe enters an isolation valve now leaks. The outside tap was covered for the winter by an insulating blanket. I...
  5. M

    I have a leaking wall mounted bathroom tap

    I have a wall mounted bathroom tap that leaks. Presumably I need a washer of sorts replaced. I cannot work out which tool I need to remove the tap. There is a small hole (8mm?) to the side but I can’t seem to get a fixing from either a alum key or screwdriver. Ever hopeful…? Matt
  6. H

    Can this kitchen tap be repaired?

    Hi there I have attached a video below, showing where my kitchen tap is leaking from, is this possible to repair by replacing the hose pipe or would I need to replace the whole tap? I had a plumber take a look who said the whole tap needed replacing. If it is just the hose supply do I...
  7. M

    How do i stop caple knightsbridge tap from dripping

    This is probably obvious but I want to replace the cartridge to stop dripping. I have done similar before but I cannot work out how to remove the tap head! i thought the hot/cold circle would pop out but no such luck and don't want to damage. can anyone help? Thanks Martin fix the caple
  8. C

    Product name request

    I have a slow leak in the bath. Its a mixer type set up. I'm unfamiliar with the tap handles and how to access the cartridges etc. If I can work out the product name/brand/type then I can work out how to remove the tap handles (no obvious indices so presuming they pull off some how). Would...
  9. L

    How To remove RSBAS C Tap head?

    Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help with this. The tap is a Bristan RS BAS C, the hot tap has been leaking and I've trying to get the tap off to clean the cartridges, but cant get the sphere at the end off there. Looking at the diagram, it seems that you should be able to pop the...
  10. P

    Replace basin sink tap head covers please

    Have a sink basin tap photo attached and need to replace the heads as behind they have cracked. Any idea where I can get replacement tap head covers only need to change the tap head covers really Problem is the old tap head covers wont turn! Any ideas please? Thanks
  11. O

    Single lever tap not turning to hot

    Hi I bought a basin tap single lever. It lifts up & to the right but won’t turn to the left for hot I haven installed it yet I’ve only put it on my worktop.
  12. B

    URGENT Hot black water coming out of bath tap in newly refurbished. Bathroom

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I’m hoping this isn’t a permanent problem. We’ve converted a gravity vented hot water system, into an unvented indirect hot water system to improve pressure in the house. The previous cylinders are in the loft now they’re in the garage next to the boiler. We...
  13. B

    URGENT Dripping tap in my kitchen

    I have a kitchen mixer tap with quarter turn levers and the cold side started dripping. I took out the ceramic valve and replaced it with one from Screwfix but it hasn’t solved the problem it still drips. Could it be a dodgy valve or is it something else? Thanks
  14. I

    Any ideas to remove this tap?

    The unit underneath has no access to the tap and from measuring, the unit does not even go as back as where the tap is. The pipework is a mess. I think the only solution is to remove the sink as I don't think my tapex kit will get to the tap bolts from cutting from the bottom with my multitool...
  15. B

    Elevated tap problem

    I have a bathroom in my first-floor loft conversion. The header tank for the vented boiler is located as high as possible but the sink tap is just above the head of water so obviously the pump cannot self-start. A momentary activation of the bath tap overcomes the problem but it’s not very...
  16. R

    Burlington bathroom tap noise

    I had new taps fitted within the last year on my bathroom sink. When turning on both the hot or cold tap, there is a vibration/squeaking noise, if the turn the tap fully on the noise stops. I have replaced the flexible hoses to both taps and fitted in-line isolation valves. The noise is now...
  17. V

    How do you remove this tap handle

    I need to change the washer on the dripping hot tap in the photo, does anybody know how to remove the dome tap handle, there's no fixings or grub screw anywhere, thanks
  18. A

    Kitchen tap Connection to mains issue

    Hi, I am replacing a kitchen tap and have run into some trouble when connecting the flexi hot and cold pipes to the hot and cold mains pipes. The connection end of the flexi pipe from the tap is a15mm, however the mains pipe I need to connect to is a 12mm. What connector do I need to buy? So far...
  19. S

    Dripping tap despite valve replacement

    I have a Bristan Manhattan mixer tap in the kitchen. Five years ago, it started to drip. I replaced the valve in the cold water side and the dripping stopped. Recently it began to drip again and I replaced the valve again. But, it still drips sometimes. I’m trying to replace the valve on the...
  20. L

    Heating water from hot tap

    Hi all, just moved a radiator from one wall to another, straight forward job, heating is working, problem is that on turning on a hot water tap the water coming out is heating water ( Fernox smell)and the boiler pressure drops quite quickly. Baxi Platinum 28HE. Any help or ideas please
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