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Táp is a village in Győr-Moson-Sopron county, Hungary.
In 1588 it was undivided property of Count János Cseszneky and András Farkas, later was in the hands of Cseszneky heirs.

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  1. N

    Tap for a gravity based hot water system

    Hi, I have a gravity based hot water system, and recently had a new kitchen installed. We never had a noticeable hot water pressure issue before, but the flow from the new tap is down to a trickle. Pressure head is c.3m. Flow is 2L/min compared to 12L/min minute out of the hot water tap...
  2. B

    Garden Tap fitting- thread size.

    Hello. I've attached an image of an old garden tap with a new garden tap replacement, except the thread on the new tap is larger than the existing tap fitting. Is there a reducing nut that can adapt the new tap to the wall fitting or could the new tap handle be used to replace the old handle and...
  3. P

    Bath tap mains fed or from tank

    Hi guys I'm wanting to install an electric shower in my new property what's the easiest way to check it bath tap is coming from mains ? The mains stop tap is located near the toilet in the room underneath me, when I switch that off it shuts all cold water off for every tap in the house. If I...
  4. W

    Mono mixer tap cartridge removal recessed nut

    I am trying to replace the cartridge for a waterfall tap (mixer mono) for the bathroom sink, I have run into a problem whereby I cannot remove the cartridge as the usual 32mm nut is recessed and I cannot get to it. The tap is from screwfix ( NIAGARA WATERFALL BASIN MONO MIXER TAP) I have...
  5. U

    Kitchen Tap lever loose

    I would appreciate any advice on how to reattach the lever on the Kitchen tap (see pictures). There is no grub screw hole on the level and the end does not unscrew so I am at a loss as to how to reattach it. Any advice greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  6. N

    increased pressure to external tap

    Last summer I used one of those kits to fit an external tap , all went well , still good , its one of those flexi pipe , self cutting tap jobs , doesnt leak , all seems good, However , I would like to increase the pressure , I know those self cutters only cut a very small hole in the copper...
  7. D

    Broken bath tap some help please

    Hoping someone can help. I have the bath tap as shown in the picture. I need to get the bit that sticks out (little round handle) off. The tap doesn't turn off properly as it ends up turning all the way to the wall. To get it off I basically have to pull the whole thing forward and push the tap...
  8. K

    Tap base ring leaks underneath - best way to seal it?

    I have fitted a new set of mono mixer taps to new bathroom basin pedestal and for some reason, I’m unable to get the tap hole/base ring watertight regardless how I adjust the supplied horseshoe tap fixing plate/washers. (tested this by pouring some water over the tap base ring area and it...
  9. M

    Tap identification needed...

    Morning. Have some bath taps which I am struggling to get cartridges for. Anyone recognise them? The cartridges are about 28mm wide? Cheers
  10. L

    Old outside tap hosepipe connection -which size ?

    Hi everyone - I have an old outside tap with male thread but struggling to find a right hosepipe connection after the other one broke. The top of the old broken connector still screws on but the 3/4 ones I've bought don't fit. I've thought of buying female brass hosepipe connector might solve...
  11. Mattcol99

    Shower mixer tap dribbling

    Complete amateur here ! Shower mixer tap Is Dribbling. I was hoping to see a washer when I took it apart. See attached pic. how do I fix/replace?
  12. G

    Loose spout on pull out tap

    Hey all, my wife recently bought a pull out tap for the kitchen, much to my dismay as I was the one fitting it. the problem is, the spout is really loose. I disassembled the spout only to find it’s on a thread without any o rings at all. So basically it seems like when you swivel it, you are...
  13. S

    Leak from where tail screws into tap.

    Hi, One of the tails for our basin tap was leaking slightly; I was never sure if the leak was from the flexible or from the join to the tap. The flexible tail in question had been screwed in so tightly that the braiding was damaged in several places. A real struggle to get the old tails out, but...
  14. S

    Garden tap fittings query

    Hi - I'm a DIYer, successfully fitted an external garden tap, supply sourced from downstairs loo, standard 13 mil copper pipework, in-line cut-off. WEATHER PROBLEM - its worked fine for years EXCEPT twice now I've had split pipe due to freezing (at -8C ) despite foam protection. My thinking -...
  15. S

    Garden Tap fittings query

    Hi - I'm a DIYer, successfully fitted an external garden tap, supply sourced from downstairs loo, standard 13 mil copper pipework, in-line cut-off. WEATHER PROBLEM - its works fine for years EXCEPT twice now I've had split pipe due to freezing (at -8C ) despite foam protection. My thinking -...
  16. J

    Can't remove quarter turn tap head

    I can't remove the tap head for the cold quarter turn tap. The hot one comes off easily as it is not used much. How can I remove the cold tap head?
  17. G

    safe to leave isolation valve turned off on flexible pipe?

    Hi I have a problem with my flexible pipes on my sink. They need replacing but we are going on holiday so won't be able to get this done till we get back. Is it safe to leave isolation valve turned off on flexible pipe connected taps for a longer period as it will be 2 weeks? Will it cause any...
  18. B

    Plumbing in outside tap - Query

    Hey Team Looking to fit an outside tap, gone to see what I'm working with under the sink and as you can see from the imagery I've got 2 Hose union outlets already sat waiting for me. https://i.*********/uyUCb6s.jpeg - Image Is it as easy as connecting those to the outside tap pipe, via hose...
  19. T

    How to disassemble this tap

    Hi, I have a tap in my bathroom which has a slow drip leak. I can't figure out how to disassemble the tap. I think it is a John Sydney model and is about 15 years old but that's all the info I have about it. I've attached a picture of the tap. Any ideas about how to disassemble it? Thanks.
  20. J

    Bathroom hot water sink tap. Low flow

    Hi, Just had a new bathroom fitted and have a pathetic flow of hot water from the sink tap. It wasn't great before. I can't get hold of a plumber, but any ideas as to what this might be? I also noticed that the pipes that feed the hot tap go into the loft? I know nothing about plumbing, but is...
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