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Táp is a village in Győr-Moson-Sopron county, Hungary.
In 1588 it was undivided property of Count János Cseszneky and András Farkas, later was in the hands of Cseszneky heirs.

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  1. J

    Very noisy pipe when open tap

    Since one year ago, almost every time when opening any taps at my home, the whole pipe is rattling, very noisy. I got A plumber installed a few water hammer arrestors. But it doesn't work at all. Does someone know what cause that please? Thanks!
  2. M

    Non-Standard Tap Washer Size

    I have gone to replace the washer in the shower taps as the shower is dripping but the washer seems to be a non-standard size. The 12mm was too long and so I went and bought a plastic one I could cut the end off but it is also slightly too wide, the 10mm doesn't fit either. It is a really old...
  3. N

    How to remove 'top' of tap?

    I need to fix a dripping tap - I thought by removing the screw at the top of the blue section the top of the tap would lift off... no such luck... it is 'loose' but is stuck and won't lift up. How do I get it off to then replace the washer? Thanks in advance.
  4. C

    Garden tap low pressure and hissing

    I’ve just noticed my outside tap is making a sort of hissing sound and the pressure doesn’t seem as good as it was. It has much less power coming out of the hose pipe. A few months ago the return valve was fixed as it got stuck could it be related to this? I’m happy to try taking it apart to see...
  5. I

    Leaking Bath Mixer Tap

    I'm probably missing something obvious, would welcome any suggestions on how I get access to the washers. We have a matching bathroom suite and the bathroom sink mixer was a breeze to fix. The top of the taps popped off easy enough and the "collars" could be removed to expose a nut to unscrew...
  6. R

    Connecting countertop dishwasher to an awkward tap?

    I've had a tabletop dishwasher for a week now and the only way I can connect it is to the kitchen tap, since I live in a rented property and the landlord won't allow it to be plumbed in. However I have tried different adapters and all have not worked due to the shape of our tap. I feel like I...
  7. Israrbaig

    Kitchen tap gland 1/4 turn

    My tap started dripping & I used my trusty monkey Wrench & tried to brute force it to turn. Sadly the nut round off & I can’t seem to remove it. I purchased a spanner but still no luck as the nut has no corners. I tried the monkey W again on the base but the metal has turned soft. Any ideas...
  8. T

    Kitchen tap design fault?

    I recently installed a C&L Bilbrough tap from B&Q in a new kitchen. Its the one with a a spout with a switch on it as well as a spray head with switch in additon to the hot/cold mixer/volume control. I have found that if both the spout and spray head are closed off and the mixer valve open...
  9. P

    Outdoor tap help please

    Hi all, I would appreciate some help - I have an outdoor tap that leaks around the spindle. However there isn’t anywhere to tighten it/take apart and renew PTFE tape. Decided on a new tap but it won’t line up correctly despite adding lots of PTFE. Any suggestions?! TIA
  10. S

    Help with unusual tap with non-standard cylinder

    I have a leaky tap, so I thought I could fix this with replacing the washer, however, when I took the cap off, I could not get the wrench in there to grab hold of the nut to turn! This is because the nut part of the cylinder is sunk into the casing (please see photo in the attached links)! I...
  11. D

    How to find this tap and mounting bracket

    I could not find this tap. This tap is mounted on the bracket which guides the hose for the tap. Please help what is the name of this tap and where I can buy this.
  12. B

    Outdoor tap in townhouse

    Good evening all. I desperately want to fit an outside tap in our rear garden. Easily enough I hear you say! Unfortunately we live in a 3 storey townhouse and the only water supply is in the kitchen on the 1st floor. Can I run a pipe from the kitchen, outside, and down to the garden? I know I...
  13. T

    Advice to Attach Shower to Bathtub Tap

    I wanted some advice and recommendations to attach an overhead shower or an handheld shower (basically a shower with which I can shower in the bathtub) that I can attach to the tap of the bathtub. I have attached pictures of the bathtub tap so you can see what I mean and advice accordingly. I...
  14. JamieFowler

    Stuck Tap Handle -- Bathroom

    Hey all, I have a tap handle that wont come off! In the bathroom, we had a leaking tap, so we decided to replace the washer. We took off the button at the back and unscrewed it too. Now, i know that it is supposed to just pop off but mine didnt. It will still turn round and it slightly looser...
  15. S

    Kitchen Tap Replacement - Nut Size and Adapter

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help - does anyone know the size of this nut/joint and if it will be compatible with the following kitchen tap once I've removed the old one? It seems to have 1/2 and 3/8 Inch Adaptors - will it be a case of unscrewing/removing the the existing pipe and then...
  16. A

    No hot water to kitchen tap only or central heating

    Hi, I require some advice on two issues. I have a Worcester 24cdi combi boiler, my kitchen mixer tap only gets hot water when I turn central heating on. The toilet hot water works without needing to turn central heating on. I recently increased the boiler pressure from below 1 to 1.5, could...
  17. A

    No hot water from kitchen tap

    Hi, I have just moved into my first home which has a Worcester combi 24cdi boiler. I have two plumbing issues which I would be grateful for some advice. 1. I get no hot water in the kitchen mixer tap unless the central heating is on. The toilet hot water works fine even without the central...
  18. T

    New kitchen tap and low water pressure

    I recently installed a new kitchen tap which has slimmer flexi hoses to the previous tap. After installing it I noticed the water pressure has dropped everywhere in the house. If I turn the isolation valves for the kitchen tap off, the pressure returns to what it was previously. I don't...
  19. D

    Identify bath tap / how to get to cartridges

    Got what is probably a simple issue if you know how.... getting as far as the ceramic cartridges so I can get them out, measure, and hope they are still a currently available size and if not see if I can dissolve out any. I'd just change the tap but would involve removing tiling, cupboards that...
  20. J

    Help! Tap Valve Removal

    Hi All, I have this monobloc basin mixer tap in my bathroom. It was installed 11 years ago, but the hot valve has started to drip from the top around the tap head. Problem is I don’t know how to get to the valve. There are no grub screws visible and I’ve tried to remove the valve cover but it...