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Táp is a village in Győr-Moson-Sopron county, Hungary.
In 1588 it was undivided property of Count János Cseszneky and András Farkas, later was in the hands of Cseszneky heirs.

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  1. A

    Can my leaking mixer tap be fixed?

    Hi all, our kitchen mixer tap is leaking from the base of the swan neck. I texted a plumber and he told me I new a new tap but I'd like to think there's hope as far as repairing it (it's less than 4 years old). I've tried to examine it myself (I'm just a homeowner) but I cannot see any of the...
  2. M

    Please help - thundering noise when I open the hot water tap

    Hello I have no experience in this industry. A few years ago our home was completely stripped apart, remodelled and extended. This required new hot and cold water pipes all over the house, a larger boiler, larger tank and so on - see attached. We wanted the water tank to go into the loft but...
  3. R

    Connection for parallel tap port

    Hi all, Happy Sunday…first poster here so pls be gentle 😊 I have a Nuie Arvan ARV828 basin mixer tap which I am trying to connect H/C feeds to. The inlets are 1/2in BSP parallel threads. The issue I have is I am wanting to properly seal the inlets with more than just PTFE/Fernox. However I...
  4. J

    Connecting spout into mix tap

    Hi. Just want to make sure I'm not gonna wreck something. I need to connect the spout to the mixer tap, put it's very difficult to push down into place. Is this normal? I've wound out the grub screw to ensure that it's not catching. Just didn't want to apply too much force pressing it down if...
  5. S

    Tap holes or 0 tap holes?

    Tap holes or 0 tap holes? For a bathtub and also for a sink. what is more quality and what is best value for money?
  6. M

    How to fix outside tap

    I have this outside tap and a while ago it stopped turning off completely. The water almost stops flowing but then it'll click and the water is back to full pressure, no matter how much you turn the tap to the off position, it just keeps spinning. As you can see from the photo, I've had to put a...
  7. J

    How to tap off a 15mm compression to 1/2?

    While I am a trained engineer I appear blind when it comes to plumbing fittings. I want to tee off the 15mm compression (copper pipe to flex hose) to loo so as to supply a cold water bidet. The bidet is suppplied via a 1/2 connection. So appears simple, a tee but cannot find - any suggestions...
  8. LegendHarry

    Identify Make of Bath Tap

    Desperate. Can anyone help me identify this bath mixer tap? Make worn off and needs replacement cartridge. External diameter is 46mm and height is 114mm
  9. R

    Access to ceramic valve on quarter turn tap

    I'm baffled how to access a ceramic valve in order to replace it on this quarter turn sink tap. Here's the tap... I can remove the arm... ...and unscrew the collar to lift it up a little... ...and unscrew the fixing plate that secures the tap to the sink... ...but I can't get to the...
  10. D

    Tap head and screw stuck

    Hi, I am trying to replace my washers but on one tap the screw I can’t remove and the second. Removed screw but I can’t pull of the handle :/ Does anyone have Any ideas ? Kind regards
  11. D

    How to fix dripping tap

    Hi, my tap is dripping. It’s not constant. Sometimes if I try that extra tighten it stops but most of time slowly dripping It’s dripping from the tap where water comes out. Not below or near where turn off. Can anyone advice how I fix this? Or do I have to replace the whole tap Thanks in advance
  12. M

    Whats missing from this tap set?

    Can i ask you experts, if i buy 2 traditional taps for my basin, what else do i need Do i need a slotted waste or a short 1 will do I was trying to post links bt it wdnt let me so hard to explain! Thank you!!
  13. S

    Mixer tap cartridge advice please

    Hi, I’m looking for a replacement cartridge for the one below . Is it a standard fitting or is it likely to have been discontinued? Tap us about 18 years old ( Blanco daras)
  14. J

    Need an attachment for a kitchen mixer tap for a garden hose.

    I bought a Hozelock tap to hose fitting, though it doesn't fit the tap. The diameter appears to be 22mm. I desperately need a fitting for a hose to water some plants, as running back and forth with a watering can seems so unnecessary. Can anyone point me to what I'm looking for...
  15. F

    Issue with removing Kitchen tap from ceramic sink

    I’m looking to get some advice on how to remove a stubborn kitchen tap. The sink is ceramic and I’m very reluctant to take a grinder or any power tool to the tap. The fixing plate is secured by a plastic nut. Not a brass nut. You can fit a box spanner over the plastic nut, but it doesn’t...
  16. B

    How to open this tap for washer change?

    This basin tap needs a washer change. How do I get in it?
  17. Y

    Wall mounted water tap

    Hi need help on how to remove the valve on both fixtures attach to the wall. Pls see picture as I am stuck. Thks.
  18. Y

    Removing wall mounted tap

    Hi how to remove wall mounted tap that is not a common model. Thks.
  19. B

    3-Way Cascade Tap Leak

    Hi All, I have installed a cascade 3 way tap and a water filter kit, links below. When running the hot and cold water with the water filter valve closed - all fine, no leaks When I first open the valve to the water filter supply and run the filtered water part of the tap - all fine, no leaks...
  20. J

    1 inch bathroom mixer tap

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I have two copper pipes one 15mm and the hot water is 22mm. My mixer tap has 2x 25mm (1 inch) female. How to connect this up? I cannot find any flexible connectors above 22mm. I also cannot find any reducers from 25 to 22mm. What can I do?