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  1. M

    URGENT Help! En suit hot sink feed terrible.

    Hi all, First time posting but need help urgently. Our en suite bathroom is the room next to the water heater for the house. All the water pipes in the house are run off 10mm pipes. Our en suite shower has incredible water pressure both hot and col but the en suit tap has almost zero...
  2. tinyshinybeth

    Installation of outside tap has caused toilets to fill slower?

    Hello! I had a friend install one of those 'tap into pipe outdoor tap kits', and since that both my upstairs and downstairs toilets are filling much slower than they did before. Has anyone any reason why this might be? Thanks in advance!!
  3. L

    Help! I need a partial bath tap replacement

    Hello, First of all please excuse my limited knowledge on plumbing! so my bath tap has started dripping from the ceramic cartridge, It is a single lever bath/shower mixer tap. (See photo) I have replaced the mixer cartridge with a new one but the sealing face for the cartridge is corroded and...
  4. A

    Third Garden Hose Tap (or am I nuts?)

    Thanks in advance for any advice. have moved recently into new house (London hard water area) and want to install a second garden bib tap to serve the front garden. No issue there can take a run of pipe within the garage to the front. Ive noticed though the tap at the back garden is run off...
  5. Q

    No water from shower until i give the sink tap a quick blast.

    Hello, We have a pretty standard gravity fed system. Two cold water and one expansion tank in the loft and vented cylinder in the airing board airing cupboard on 1st floor. Pressure is terrible on both ground and first floor so we have a 4 bar pump that blasts both hot and cold water around...
  6. P

    First time changing a tap - but the new one doesn't connect the same way the old one did!

    Hi all, I am replacing a basin tap and managed to remove the one one and secure the new one on place with no issues. I then came to connecting the incoming supplies and seem to have incompatible fittings: Both threads are of identical size and I'm sure there must be an adaptor which can...
  7. J

    How replace the washer on this tap?

    Hi, I have this tap and it is dripping. It's quite a complicated tap and I have no idea where the washer is and how to replace it. Can anyone help please? I've put a shot of under with the tap where the water comes out. I don't know whether there is a big hex hole up there and maybe that's the...
  8. A

    Fixing dripping tap help

    Hi, I'm trying to fix a dripping tap in my kitchen. I can get the tap off but does anyone know what tool I need to get the main cartridge(?) part out? I only have a standard spanner and I can't get enough leverage on it because of the protruding grey cover(pic 2). Is this fairly simple to...
  9. L

    DOLPHIN INFRARED MIXER TAP DB125S Brushed Satin - powered by Transformer Brand New unopened in Box £200
  10. L

    Low water pressure on newly fitted tap

    Hi, I recently fitted a new precision rinse mixer tap in a kitchen and the water pressure is really low. I have checked for leaks and to make sure that the isolator valves and stop cock are open fully. What can I do to improve the water pressure?
  11. M

    Bathroom tap question!

    I'm sure the answer is simple bathroom tap needs turned off very tight in order to stop it dripping, see photo, I assume there is a screw under the top 'dome' cover but how to get this cover off? I've tried to turn it and to pry it off but it (both of them) are solid. Thanks. Photo...
  12. J

    Franke Minerva 3 in 1 hot water tap plumbing advice

    Our newly installed franke hot water tap keeps running out of hot water when there is plenty in our heating system. Is this because the hot water supply is also coming from the small Franke boiler? I had assumed it would be just the boiling water part of the tap that this tank feed and the hot...
  13. R

    Need pump recommendation for kitchen tap

    Hi I'm a bit lost on which pump I need to power the kitchen tap. We are installing a tap with pull out hose, and according to our builder, none of those come with tails with big enough holes to let enough hot water pressure through and he has said the only option is a pump (or a combi boiler...
  14. A

    Advice - Removing tap cover

    Hi, I'm trying to remove a tap cover so I can change (or at least attempt to change) a washer ). No success trying to move anything with mild twisting/levering but don't want to break anything by applying force in the wrong location. Image here
  15. L

    No cold water from mixer tap

    Hardly any cold water coming from mixer tap in bathroom, only hot. All other taps are fine. Does this need replacing/fixer? How do know where to turn mains water off in property?
  16. D

    How to remove a Stuck tap cover

    I am trying to remove the round cover on a tap to get to the tightening screw. It used to screw off but is stuck fast. Any ideas how to loosen this. Many thanks
  17. alecjcook

    What make/model tap is this?

    This tap is leaking. I would like to find out what tap it is so j can buy the correct replacement part. Many thanks Alec 1588182030 it has a 45mm cartridge with the letter "G" printed on it
  18. M

    Bristan Orta basin tap Help.

    I have a bristan orta hot water basin tap under warranty that has a drip issue having finally received the replacement valve I removed the tap top to get at the faulty valve. That's when the problem began I am unable to remove the old valve it is completely seized into the body. Any ideas how...
  19. O

    Outdoor garden tap not working

    Hi Our outdoor garden taps do not work, to be fair we haven't used in years, but would like to start using it for gardening projects. No water comes out of the tap at all. How can I switch it on, our mains is on as we have running water inside the house Thanks
  20. L

    Constant Running Kitchen Tap, Tap Replacement & Earthing

    I have a kitchen tap (at least 15yrs old maybe even older) which always used to drip but suddenly has started to flow constantly at a low pace in the attached picture. It would seem the tap has not been closed property allowing this, but in fact both cold & hot water taps have been shut fully...

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