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  1. M

    Noisy tap

    We got new central heating installed a couple of months ago and now I have a very noisy bathroom (mixer) tap - but only for the hot water. According to the heating engineer the problem is the tap we currently have in the bathroom sink isn't designed for mains fed water and we need to install a...
  2. A

    Advice for shower bath tap/shower configuration please

    Hi I'm changing the old bath and will be putting in a p-shaped shower bath and was looking for a bit of advice and inspiration please. There are so many configurations to think about so I would appreciate feedback on how you would do it. Firstly the bathroom is 1st floor and the pressure hasnt...
  3. S

    Leaking kitchen mixer tap cartridge

    Hi, got a dripping kitchen mixer tap want to fix. Can't work out how to get cartridge out, not seen anything like the one we have on internet. Please see attached. Any idea?!
  4. T

    Is it the tap or the vented hot water system?

    Hi all, I've got a customer with an Edwardian bath/shower mixer which gives her water that's either too hot or too cold. The taps are quarter turn, so ceramic disks of course, but even I couldn't get the hot water to come out at a safe temperature. I'm wondering if this is down to a failure...
  5. Alan Wright

    Stop Tap Advice

    I have a customer who wants to boost the incoming mains pressure with a SP21S ShowerPowerBooster so I wanted him take some pressure readings at his stop tap. The stop tap looks old and decrepit and my worry is if he starts messing about with it he causes a leak which ends up having to replace...
  6. a_q

    Rangemaster tap leaks from opposite side

    Hi I have a rangemaster kitchen tap, with a curved spout and quarter turn valves. It's about 3 years old. With both valves off there is no leak. When one valve only is full on, water leaks from the top of the opposite valve stem. It's like the water has traveled to the opposite side, above...
  7. J

    Can someone identify this tap please ?

    I have a leaking valve on the mixer tap on my boat. So I know that I have to empty the water tank on the boat, which is just a case or running the tap for an hour until it runs out and makiing sure we are not on shore power so the calorifier is not heating water while I do it.
  8. S

    22mm x 3/4 flexi tap connectore

    Has anyone else had recent problems with these??? Finished a new bathroom install 2 weeks ago to be called back become the compression joint had shot clean of the copper tube. Differently fitted to 22mm tube. I'd done the compression up so tight I struggled to undo with grips and adjustable...
  9. J

    Removing stuck on shower valve mixer tap

    I am attempting to replace 2 tiles but need to take the valve mixer tap off. I have unscrewed any fittings but still they do not budge. Any ideas on how to get them off or have I missed something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. James.
  10. S

    Brita Filter Tap Hose disconnected

    Hi, I hope someone can help. Today, foolishly, I took the spout part of my 3 way Brita filter tap off - the bit that sits just above the taps. The spout was not swivelling cleanly. However what I didn't realise is that the flexible hose that comes from the filter goes all the way up the spout...
  11. chucka

    So .. I bought this new kitchen sink mixer tap..

    Don't laugh... (too much) We have a white mixer tap (20yrs old now) it needs replacing and I bought a very similar one yesterday.. it came with the flexible hoses as you'd expect but most don't seem to like.. anyway looking at it I couldn't see how it was piped in the first place. .all soldered...
  12. N

    Cold tap running warm for 20 secs

    New build job, 4 zones, unvented cylinder and boiler on top 3rd floor, cold main in 28mm comes up through voids were it could be picking up heat from sec return and heating circs. These voids are well insulated. The builder is saying the pipes should have been lagged everywhere to stop heat...
  13. P

    Kitchen mixer tap leaking

    I have a kitchen mixer tap which has developed a leak. It has been installed and without leaks for 18 years so I suspect a perished seal? I attach photos of the mixer tap and the underside where it is weaping. I would appreciate some advice on how to fix this.
  14. P

    Cause of spluttering kitchen tap?

    Hi, I have a sealed & pressurized water system (house is around 10 years old) and a few weeks ago, the kitchen sink tap was spluttering quite loudly each time the cold/hot water was turned on elsewhere in the home. Called a local plumber, showed him what was happening and he said the PRV...
  15. L

    Immersion heater is working but no hot water coming through taps

    Please can someone help. Plumber came to property and said that the immersion heater is working. We do not have any hot water coming through the taps. He said that he is unable to locate a thermostatic mixing valve in the property which needs to be repaired. Where is this located?
  16. Jimbob1973

    Which overflow filler and wall mixer taps?

    Hi, I am looking for recommendations for some good and reputable brands for an overflow filler with click waste and wall-mounted mixer taps. My budget is about £300 give or take a bit. Cheers
  17. Craig Watson

    Repairing taps at back of bath.

    Hi guys, Went to look at a job yesterday where some tenants have been removed for not looking after the house. One of the things they've done and I don't know how is snapped the backnuts on the bath tap (deck mixer) so the tap just pulls out the holes. The taps are in the worst place possible at...
  18. L

    MDPE pipe and fittings, are all equal? What durable brands to buy?

    Dear All, Whenever possible I aim to buy the correct quality product the first time round. Plumbing labour and water damage is expensive, thus, very happy to pay quite a bit more for materials provided it is needed to ensure a lasting product over time. Your advice will be much appreciated...
  19. G

    Monobloc tap tails

    I've just fitted a monobloc basin tap. There were tails supplied with it but it impossible to tighten them with a spanner as the ends are sunk up inside the tap. On the instructions that came with the tap the tails are shown with what looks like a couple of inches of rigid section to connect to...
  20. D

    Internal Stop Tap?

    Hey All, I've just moved into a flat located in a very old building and I'm trying to locate the water shut off. Looking under the sink I think I might have found it, but I've never seen one like this and I'm not having much luck googling. Does anyone know if this is indeed the shut off, and if...

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