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Táp is a village in Győr-Moson-Sopron county, Hungary.
In 1588 it was undivided property of Count János Cseszneky and András Farkas, later was in the hands of Cseszneky heirs.

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  1. E

    Homes 1924 bathrooms tap connection cunundrum.

    Most grateful for any advice on the fittings reqired to enable 22mm feeds into the mixer taps via the chrome extension pipes customer supplied in a kit with no instructions. The taps are 'Homes 1924 Bathrooms' This is a free standing kit. There chrome pipe is 35mm internal with a detachable...
  2. M

    Kitchen tap fixing????

    Anyone seen this type of fixing for a kitchen tap? Do the wings marked A just rotate? Cheers folks
  3. D

    Tap starts flowing - Help

    Morning folks, I am staying with my son and something strange happened. My wife was washing her hands in the downstairs toilet and the tap in the kitchen started running water for about a minute then stopped. It's happened 3 or 4 times but not every time. Any alive welcome.
  4. V

    Removing Pillar Tap and faucet

    Hi all, I'm completely inexperienced at this, but my kitchen taps are ancient, and the water has started dripping. Rather than just change the washer, I want to change the entire thing to a mixer tap that supports two holes. I think I've figured most of it out except for the part where I...
  5. J

    GROHE smart control tap

    Hi just purchased above tap it has 19mm flexi tails and want to fit to a standard 15mm isolation valve. Is there an adapter available as isolation valve is male type, so 19mm flexi needs to screw onto standard 15mm coupling. Any advice appreciated.
  6. L

    install mini tap pair and pressure limiting value

    Need supply and install of mini tap pair and pressure limiting value 350 KPA for dishwasher, I have got a quote for $1000, is this price justified ?
  7. PlumbingNewb

    Franke Davos handles

    Hi, I know nothing about plumbing 🤦‍♂️ and am trying to sort out a leaking kitchen tap. It's a Franke Davos 'J' Tap. I turned off the water to the sink and took off the screws at the end of the handles (also the spout, although that may not have been necessary). I thought the handles should just...
  8. F

    Blended hot outside tap from gravity

    Customer wants an outside tap for dog washing so needs to be blended. The hot water is gravity and its a bungalow so little head at the point of installation. I can't get a cold from the storage cistern to the utility so it has to be mains cold. Can pressure reducing valves be taken down to...
  9. B

    How to remove stuck washer cartridge from mixer tap

    Hi, I can’t get one cartridge to budge when trying to replace in a mixer tap. The hot side cartridge was tight but removed with wrench comfortably, but cold side is so tight Ive burred the nut on the cartridge. Any advice on how else to remove the cartridge without damaging the mixer tap is...
  10. D

    No hot water coming out when tap turned on in shower

    Hi all, I have an issue with our shower's hot water. The shower is operated using two separate taps for cold and hot water. When the hot water tap is turned on, no water at all comes from the shower head - not even a drizzle. However, when the cold water is turned on it flows freely. The hot...
  11. A

    Anyone seen tap heads like these and know how to get the caps off?

    They appear to be acrylic heads.
  12. O

    Help with removing the top of a tap.

    Hi, Could anyone offer me any advice as to how to remove the top from this tap? I’ve tried twisting, pulling etc. but all to no avail. Short of smashing the hell out of it, I’m stuck with it, the dripping and my wife’s moaning. Any help gratefully received. Cheers Nick
  13. B

    How do I deal with a seized kitchen mixer tap insert?

    Hi. I have a kitchen mixer tap unit with older washer type inserts which has a dripping cold side. I have a pair of replacement ceramic inserts to upgrade both but the cold side insert will not shift at all. It genuinely is so tight that I am in danger of damaging the mounting even though I am...
  14. I

    How can I get into this tap?

    Hi all Can anyone give me guidance as to how I can get into this tap to repair it? Many thanks Dave
  15. P

    Tap won’t turn off with new tap gland

    I purchased 2x 1/2” tap gland for my basin because the hot one was faulty. I had to turn the stopcock of in the kitchen. I also had to turn off the mains on the pavement outside. I replaced the glands and the hot is working fine. But the cold tap does not turn off at all, with the new...
  16. A

    How to convert a 15mm tap tail to a 3/8" fitting

    Hi, I am trying to fit a replacement tap to a mini-sink that's built in to the top of a toilet. The original tap isn't made any more by the manufacturers - the nearest equivalent is apparently this one: GoodHome Lazu 1 lever Mini Contemporary Basin Mono mixer Tap | DIY at B&Q -...
  17. C

    Additional outdoor taps

    Can i add additional outdoor taps by extending an existing outdoor water line (exiting outdoor tap) or does it have to be from the water mains ? will it reduce the water pressure ?
  18. M

    Re packing stop tap loctite

    To repack a stop tap gland with loctite 55. Are you best having the stop tap open before you back the gland off to repack? I have always done it with the stop tap off. Thanks
  19. S

    Why has The handle on my hot tap been ‘eaten away’

    The handle on my hot tap has been eaten away. The same thing happened 2 years ago to the same tap. It looks like galvanic corrosion has anyone seen this before. The tap is definitely brass. The top is chrome plated.
  20. C

    Tap cartridge identification?

    Hi - I've got a quarter-turn cartridge that I'm trying to identify please - 35mm x 58mm. It's about 25 years old and uses square profile o rings.... can't find anything online that matches and unfortunately don't have original manufacturer's details. Many thanks.
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