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Táp is a village in Győr-Moson-Sopron county, Hungary.
In 1588 it was undivided property of Count János Cseszneky and András Farkas, later was in the hands of Cseszneky heirs.

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  1. D

    Bathroom tap has twisted the wrong way

    Can someone please give me a bit of advice here. My hot tap has slowly been twisting the wrong way in recent months. Now it's finally against the wall. I don't want to switch it on for fear I won't get it back off. The bath is basically attached to the wall so it's next to impossible to get...
  2. M

    Leaking bathroom sink tap, unable to access

    I'm trying to access the inside of this tap but can't see any 'button' at the back, or similar. It's likely we'll be replacing this and the sink in a month or so but need to fix this asap of course.
  3. T

    Self cut tap blanking

    Hello, just joined with a question: I’ve two self cutting taps that need removing as they’re stopping a relocated dishwasher from getting back far enough. The pipe layout is awkward at best and I’m ready to fit an inline tap further along out the way. So my question is rather than mess about...
  4. T

    Tap washer not quite fitting

    Hi all, Sorry if it is a dumb question but .. I just fitted a 1/2inch tap washer to my basin tap and have 2 questions. 1. Is it normal for the washer to not quite fit the valve head, I had to take sandpaper to adjust it as I could not "squish" it in. Is there some kind of metric equivalent I...
  5. M

    Hot water tap terrible flow

    Hi all, The hot water tap on our bath only dribbles, even when fully open. Our hot water pressure in the house isn't amazing, but it's not bad - the kitchen sink in the next door room is absolutely fine. I tried to link a video but the forum wouldn't let me, so have attached it instead. Does...
  6. W

    How to gain access to Moretti Aria monobloc tap

    I have an Moretti Aria monobloc kitchen tap with solid tap heads and no grub screws on the tap body. How do I gain access to change the cartridges please?
  7. Lofty24

    Old Bottle type tap replacement?

    Hi all, Is there a modern replacement for an old bottle type tap with a shower attachment or do they still only do individual taps?
  8. D

    Blocked hot tap only

    Hi there, i keep on getting white crystal like material blocking my hot water taps only. Started in the main showers then went onto Kitchen tap and then the bathroom taps. I have no water softner in the house and this only effects the hot water. The substance looks like white dishwasher type...
  9. daniel218

    Slow tap flow after new tap valve

    Recently had a repair done on a leaky tap they replaced the tap valve on my bathroom 1/4 turn taps, now the hot tap flow is slower What my problem please and what could I do to fix? They is no areiator on my taps
  10. K

    Why is my tap water chalky?

    Hello all, As you can see from my video my tap water contains sort of very small white bubbles that after some time dissolve completely starting from the bottom of the glass. This happens when I turn the my tap water to room temperature, but when switch it to completely cold water the "chalk"...
  11. D

    Armitage shanks new mixer tap problem

    Installed a new mixer tap armitage shanks contour 21 to a disabled toilet. However water just continues to come out and will not switch off. Even taking handle off to enable full turns. Tested it with hot supply only and DOES TURN OFF. Tested cold supply only and doesn't switch off. Surely...
  12. F

    Dripping single lever basin tap only when shower mixer is turned off

    Hi everyone, I recently had a Hansgrohe wall mounted single lever basin tap and a Hansgrohe thermostatic concealed bath/shower valve installed (full bathroom renovation). The basin tap started dripping a few days after installation. But it stops dripping only when shower is turned on. Any...
  13. J

    Replacing kitchen tap with a new one - Need help

    Hello The existing tap is leaking in the kitchen. Few days back, it randomly let out more water than what it was leaking before and it created a mess. Need some help on replacing a old kitchen tap. Here are some pictures for the old tap and new tap that we have in kitchen. I have also...
  14. J

    No hot water in bath tap

    The only hot tap that doesn't give constant hot water in the house is the bath tap. It gets hot for seconds and then goes lukewarm/cold. The connector had been disconnected from the tap, opened up the isolation valve and let the water run in to a bucket with the same thing happening, starts hot...
  15. T

    Can anyone identify this tap please?

    Hello everyone, One of the hexagonal pieces on the head of one of these bathroom basin mixer taps (Heritage Watersmith) has been lost and I am looking for a spare. Does anyone recognise the model? Many thanks!
  16. B

    Tap water living on a hill

    Hi everyone, I have a query about the mains fed cold drinking tap water in the kitchen. I have high water pressure in my flat because I live on top of a hill and have pretty good water pressure throughout the flat although the cold water in each faucet has high water pressure more than the hot...
  17. C

    Sink swivel mixer tap

    Hi I have a swivel mono mixer tap on the sink which is leaking around the neck and I am wanting to have this replaced as it is over 10 years old. As a pensioner I am looking for something that will be very reliable over the long term and easy to turn on and off (the current one has has old tap...
  18. T

    Mixer tap leaking from base of spout

    Hi, I am after a bit of advice on a leaking mixer tap in the kitchen. Water is leaking from the area highlighted and varies with the amount of water pressure when using the taps, that might seem obvious, but I am not DIY minded :). I have removed the mixer and replaced both O rings on the...
  19. G

    stop tap won't reopen.

    Helping a friend fit a new flush mechanism to his upstairs loo. No ball valve so fitted one of those in the process, hence needed to stop water supply from cold water storage in loft. He closed the feed from the cold water tank, tap stiff but didn't need any force with a spanner (wrench/grips)...
  20. T

    Through-wall tap mounting advice

    Hi. I'm looking for a bit of advice. First, I'm not a plumber, 2nd it's not a house, it's on a boat (probably doesn't make any difference). Maybe somewhat naively I've bought some wall taps on the internet and, by the time I've paid postage both ways, I might as well suck it up and not return...
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