Water is a transparent and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth's streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms. Its chemical formula is H2O, meaning that its molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, that are connected by covalent bonds. Water strictly refers to the liquid state of that substance, that prevails at standard ambient temperature and pressure; but it often refers also to its solid state (ice) or its gaseous state (steam or water vapor). It also occurs in nature as snow, glaciers, ice packs and icebergs, clouds, fog, dew, aquifers, and atmospheric humidity.
Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface. It is vital for all known forms of life. On Earth, 96.5% of the planet's crust water is found in seas and oceans, 1.7% in groundwater, 1.7% in glaciers and the ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland, a small fraction in other large water bodies, and 0.001% in the air as vapor, clouds (formed of ice and liquid water suspended in air), and precipitation. Only 2.5% of this water is freshwater, and 98.8% of that water is in ice (excepting ice in clouds) and groundwater. Less than 0.3% of all freshwater is in rivers, lakes, and the atmosphere, and an even smaller amount of the Earth's freshwater (0.003%) is contained within biological bodies and manufactured products. A greater quantity of water is found in the earth's interior.
Water on Earth moves continually through the water cycle of evaporation and transpiration (evapotranspiration), condensation, precipitation, and runoff, usually reaching the sea. Evaporation and transpiration contribute to the precipitation over land. Large amounts of water are also chemically combined or adsorbed in hydrated minerals.
Safe drinking water is essential to humans and other lifeforms even though it provides no calories or organic nutrients. Access to safe drinking water has improved over the last decades in almost every part of the world, but approximately one billion people still lack access to safe water and over 2.5 billion lack access to adequate sanitation. There is a clear correlation between access to safe water and gross domestic product per capita. However, some observers have estimated that by 2025 more than half of the world population will be facing water-based vulnerability. A report, issued in November 2009, suggests that by 2030, in some developing regions of the world, water demand will exceed supply by 50%.
Water plays an important role in the world economy. Approximately 70% of the freshwater used by humans goes to agriculture. Fishing in salt and fresh water bodies is a major source of food for many parts of the world. Much of long-distance trade of commodities (such as oil and natural gas) and manufactured products is transported by boats through seas, rivers, lakes, and canals. Large quantities of water, ice, and steam are used for cooling and heating, in industry and homes. Water is an excellent solvent for a wide variety of chemical substances; as such it is widely used in industrial processes, and in cooking and washing. Water is also central to many sports and other forms of entertainment, such as swimming, pleasure boating, boat racing, surfing, sport fishing, and diving.

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  1. J

    Need advice on how to turn off cold water value to washing machine

    Hello, I need to disconnect my washing machine for several days however i am confused on how to turn off the cold water flow to the washing machine. I have taken a photo. There is no lever from what i can see. Do anyone know what i need to do with this?
  2. F

    Rain Leaking Through Flue & Onto Boiler

    Hi all, Bit of a weird issue with my flue. I live in a 1st floor flat and over the last 12 months or so more & more rain water has been leaking through my flue and on to my boiler. The leaking only happens when the rain is driving directly towards the flue. When the rain does drop back...
  3. K

    Running out of hot water after 3 minutes

    I’ve had a new bathroom put in and having problems with the shower. The pressure is awful and runs cold after about 3-4 minutes. The hot water still comes out of the taps and we have another shower which has never run out of hot water after 15/20 minutes plus and is still working perfectly. The...
  4. C

    Do I have to bleed air out of the water in the boiler?

    Hi.Drained the system today after running for a week or so with radiator flush in. Turned water supply back on but,stupidly only bled upstairs radiators...Now system is not getting warm and boiler only kicks in for short stints. Bled complete system and opened valve by the 3 way / pump.lots of...
  5. S

    Water in tundish

    I have an unvented hot water system and water started leaking from the expansion vessel. I called a plumber and he came and replaced the the vessel but since then if i feel around inside the tundish it is wet, not dripping, just a bit wet inside towards the top and sometimes a little water falls...
  6. M

    Hot water not working

    Hi. My Potterton Suprima boiler stopped working- red light on constantly. I replaced the PCB with a new one. Then the boiler worked fine but no hot water. Heating working normally. S plan system. The water would only work if I put the 2 port valve on manually. So I changed the actuator - Danfoss...
  7. S

    Problems with hot water on a gravity fed system.

    Asking for a neighbour. He has an old style gravity fed heating system with tank and immersion heater. He has just changed the pump and three way valve actuator. His heating works but if he selects hot water it turns the heating off. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.
  8. S

    Banging pipes when not drawing water

    Hi I have banging water pipe when I am not drawing any water please can any one help as it’s driving me nuts Thanks steve
  9. S

    Central heating only working when releasing water?

    Hi, The Boiler is a vortex combi 21 oil fed The central heating will only work manually if you drain water from the system (I’ve been using a valve near the front door with a hose to outside) while simultaneously filling from the boiler. Interestingly it will stay working once it’s manually been...
  10. J

    Sewer storm water back up problems

    hi.We have a holiday property ( on condominium) with a basement approx 10feet below ground level). In the basement there are 2 rooms - one en suite with toilet and shower.The condo relies on a cesspit . Last week we had an horrendous storm with extremely heavy and long landing rains. W e...
  11. K

    Neighbour refusing to fix her noisy Water supply pipes

    Hello there, I'm new on here and would like to ask if anyone has practical advice. I live in a converted house hence I live in the flat on the first floor and my neighbor on the ground floor. The water supply is via a single supply from the street which splits (either underground or in the...
  12. M

    Hot Water Mystery

    I'm hoping someone can shed light on this mystery for me. My son has moved into a rental flat and, not being very savvy with central heating controllers, I'm trying to help him understand how it works. And I'm trying to help him remotely which is making it very difficult. His flat has a combi...
  13. T

    Hot water not up to temperature

    Evening all, hope someone can give advice. I have a Baxi duo etc 24 HE A combi boiler and over night the hot water is not going above the digital display of approx 48 degrees. The burner and light does come and goes off, this still happens when the hot water dial setting is at max but the temp...
  14. Bogart

    Potable water

    Having decided to revamp the kitchen this will result in the new sink being in a totally different area of the kitchen. Luckily there is waste and H&C in the vicinity. Unfortunately the cold supply is fed from the storage tank wheres the current setup is mains fed. I could run a mains supply to...
  15. A

    Very hot water and radiators after Summer.

    Suggestions please. I have an puzzling problem. I switched off hot water and CH in Summer. Baxi boiler. After a short period of turning hot watertap on the water was scalding. Assuming hot water coming from hot water tank? I switched on hot water and CH but hot water is still scalding and...
  16. P

    Hot water not getting into heating system

    Hello, I am look some advice. Our boiler heats the water for the radiators, but the hot water only makes it as far as this component ( pump is above it). It has a temperature sensor in it reading air temperature in the void, but I think it must have a cross over in it from the central heating...
  17. KenLM

    Low water pressure. Non-standard boiler.

    Hey folks, I’m moving into a 2 storey house built in 1970s, and water pressure upstairs is really bad. The current system: cold water supplied from mains, good pressure. Cold water is stored in a tank in the attic. Downstairs there’s a boiler, however it’s the first time I see one like that...
  18. H

    Water Hammer?

    Hi, My pipes keep making suddent bang noises every now and then, like someone's suddenly stopping a tap. All my taps are turned off. I had an engineer come in the other day and he drained all the central heating radiators. I myself turned the water off from the mains and drained all the taps...
  19. T

    3"clay water supply

    I've been asked to try and sort this mess. 3"clay gravity water supply from stream/spring to two houses on edge of Bodmin Moor. It is about 12-16" below surface. Who ever did this repair dug a trench down slope to allow water to run off. White area is clear silicone. It is still leaking...
  20. L

    Electric shower cold water supply

    I have just bought and moved into an ex council flat ( I have loft access). I’d like to replace the bathtub, sink and toilet and install an electric shower as the shower attached to the bath taps goes hot/cold every 20 seconds. The cold and hot water pipes are plastic and run under the bath...
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