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The Water Board have just replaced the main water supply to our property. We have a ground floor combi boiler. The central heating system for the whole house is working as normal. Hot water is working as normal on the ground floor. However, there is no hot water to the first floor bathroom. This includes the bath tap, the sink tap and a mixer shower.
The mains supply was replaced due to a major loss of water pressure (due to critically degraded galvanised pipes). The new pipes have provided vastly improved water pressure.
Does anyone have any idea as to why we can’t get hot water in our bathroom please. (Two different plumbers have been stumped by our problem). TIA
If it’s flowing through too fast water won’t get hot enough, having to slow the water flow points to that you may need to get a pressure reducing valve ion the cold supply to the combi boiler. You would be better with a heating engineer than a plumber to diagnose
Thank you.
Just strange that the downstairs hot taps work fine.
We spoke with a heating engineer who said it’s not a boiler problem. Two different plumbers couldn’t help.
We’ve half closed the new stop tap and partially closed the cold feed to the boiler and it’s not made any difference.
But thank you for your input.

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