1. T

    Off grid shower and toilet solution needed

    Hi, would be extremely grateful for any advice on the following. I'm installing a bathroom (shower, toilet and sink) in my summer house. It has mains electricity but not water. I've bought a power shower and a large Thetford cassette toilet. The plan is to use water from a refillable...
  2. S

    Advice needed for a mixer Spray for kitchen ?

    Hello plumbers in my internet. So the Mrs want a spray mixer tap in the kitchen as we had two separate taps. I changed the tap for a temporary two hole mixer but the cold water pressure is high mains fed and the hot is low pressure immersion tank fed. I've been trying to find info on what I...
  3. J

    Advice needed on pipe behind washing machine/dishwasher

    Hi all We noticed water suddenly backing up through the pipe for the dishwasher drainage pipe yesterday - first time this has happened. When I move the pipe up vertically, the issue goes away. The dishwasher is new and was installed a few months ago. Looking at the pipe on the wall it...
  4. B

    External flu rusting - does that mean whole new boiler needed?

    Hello I’m hoping for some perceptive / input as I’m a long-distance landlord trying to unpick the best thing to do. Gas safety certificate was done on my rental flat (1st floor) which has a 10 year old Aviston E-combi EVO boiler. It failed based on rusting external flu components, which has...
  5. E

    Mira Excel (1990-1996) modern equivalent needed

    Years ago I installed a Miral excel 1990's thermostatic mixer. It was an ugly thing compared to todays standards, but it had the advantage of the option to orientate the feed pipe upwards, downwards or backwards as the main body was screwed to the wall. Is there a modern equivalent? The reason I...
  6. B

    Experience needed, Sudbury, Suffolk.

    Hi all, Currently undergoing my level 2, hoping to get finished in the next few weeks. Looking to gain some experience, if anyone needs a mate etc. Im currently in the forces will be leaving in May however at the minute I can work Mondays/Fridays and weekends. Do not want paying just happy...
  7. C

    Advice needed (not a plumber)

    Toilet continuously flushing/cistern filling. This happens regardless of what else is going on within the house (videos were taken before and after a shower but this happens seemingly randomly and probably happens when no one is home). As a result my water bill has considerably increased but I...
  8. B

    Andrews maxxflo engineer needed laundrette boiler

    Can anyone recommend a andrews water heater engineer who doesn't scratch his head when he turns up Getting fault a11 West Yorkshire
  9. R

    Coventry - groundwork pipe work needed

    I will need: install new 100mm pvc pipe work, 90-degree bend for new W/C install new 100mm pvc pipe work, 90-degree bend with new gully pot at rear of new extension for sink waste clean water pipe carry out 2 x Lead connections with a new T section No excavation needed, all is digged out.
  10. E

    header tank cover needed?

    Can somebody tell me where I can get a cover/top compatible with this header tank please? as insects are getting into the hot water It will also need some form of insulation jacket The tank has been replaced at some point by an identical one, maybe it was damaged so I have included a photo of...
  11. annonrenter

    Toilet will not stop running easy fix or plumber needed??

    Hi, as is the toilet my toilet once flashed just keeps running when I move the blue float up-and-down The toilet will stop running and refil as normal but the problem persist. Is there anything I can do to fix this quickly or do i need replacement parts ?? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. E

    thermostatic controller on radiator replacement advice needed

    the thermostatic controller has snapped off the top of one of the radiator valves is the threaded metal collar standard to all valves? Can I fit one fro a different make?
  13. ian.

    Filter in gas line, is it needed?

    I saw on a plumerparts posts comments that the gas engineer always used an inline filter on the gas line to the boiler due to debris. I’ve just had a new boiler fitted, is it a good idea to ask my installer back and pay for a filter to be installed or a waste of money as the gas isn’t that...
  14. kris

    Ideal vogue c32 (gen 1) wire link part number needed

    Hey folks, I'm wondering if someone could possibly help, I'm looking for a possible part number b4 I call ideal in the morning, I fitted an Ideal vogue 6years ago so it's generation 1 vogue c32, I also fitted a RF wireless controller (prt4) The reciever part plugs directly onto the boiler...
  15. P

    Tap flexi tail to copper or plastic pipe? What's best & what's needed?

    Hi folks I need to fit a kitchen monobloc tap temporarily. A new sink unit will be going in soon so this will just be a stop gap. The current tap is connected with copper down to plastic pipes. I've attached photos below of what's there now and what the new flexi tails look like (is that a...
  16. M

    Help needed on Ideal Logic Heat 15 System Boiler showing F3 error code

    Ideal Logic Heat 15 System Boiler Hi. Just started to get an F3 Fan Fault on this boiler. On power up there seems to be a quiet thump from somewhere then it goes through the start up sequence. It spends a few seconds on the ‘c’ display before coming up with the F3 error code. Can anyone advise...
  17. M

    Tap identification needed...

    Morning. Have some bath taps which I am struggling to get cartridges for. Anyone recognise them? The cartridges are about 28mm wide? Cheers
  18. T

    Questionable gas cooker installation. Advice needed.

    Hi there, Big gas noob here. We got a gas cooker installed a few days ago, and the gas cooker is now sitting quite far away from the wall (3cm which sounds like not much but throws the balance off of the kitchen), which means there's a large gap now between the cooker and the wall, but it now...
  19. A

    Plumber stories needed for research project

    Hey there, My organisation - the CIPD - is gathering work stories from people for a research project we're working and we're looking to get a story from a plumber. Anyone interested? The project is called Good Work Stories and its purpose is to spotlight job quality across different sectors...
  20. P

    Boiler / Radiator Total BTU Advice Needed

    Hi all Having some renovations done on ground floor and looking to get rid of / replace some of the older looking boilers on that floor (mainly Double panel, double convector, some double panel single convector. As well as replacing these I wanted to add a couple radiators too, but have become...

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