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"Needed Me" is a song recorded by Barbadian singer and songwriter Rihanna from her eighth studio album, Anti (2016). It was written by Rihanna, Brittany Hazard, Charles Hinshaw and Derrus Rachel together with its producer DJ Mustard and its co-producers Twice as Nice and Frank Dukes. The song was serviced to the urban radio stations on 30 March 2016 as a follow up single from Anti together with "Kiss It Better". Afterwards, Def Jam released "Needed Me" to mainstream radio. "Needed Me" is a "mellow" dubstep-flavored electro-R&B song, that contains a downtempo and loose production with synthetic sounds. The song's lyrics discuss romantic rejection.
In the United States, the song peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 becoming Rihanna's 29th top 10 single on the chart, spending sixteen weeks in the top ten and later becoming the singer's longest-charting hit. The song's accompanying music video was directed by film producer Harmony Korine and premiered on April 20, 2016, in celebration of 420. The video is set in Miami and depicts Rihanna with a gun, riding on a motor bike, before attending a strip club where she kills a man. Rihanna performed "Needed Me" during the Anti World Tour. The song received a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance at the 59th ceremony.

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  1. D

    Saniflo dispute, advice needed

    Hi there, I'm trying to settle a dispute with my landlord. We recently had a blocked Saniflo toilet (after I'd been a little overzealous with the toilet paper). Not the first time the toilet had been blocked, but on this occasion, it wasn't so easily unblocked. Our landlord had to send out...
  2. P

    Is this drainage pipe needed

    Hi Everyone I have just removed a floor to find out where a WC waste pipe goes. As you will see from the picture, it branches off a long way and is then capped off. I cannot see that it needs this long extension on the right hand side, running along the wall. I presume I could cut it back to...
  3. D

    Dishwasher plumbing advice needed

    hello testing if I can post keeps saying I’m trying to spam
  4. S

    What size boiler needed

    Hi there Could someone please advise what size condensing boiler I would need to run the following all at once. 225m2 of underfloor heating ( calculates on length x width of rooms) 8 Rads at 1470 watts each 2 Rads at 1.176 watts each 4 Towel Rails at 200 each watts DHW at 3000 watts...
  5. T

    Plumber needed for final inspection only

    I am looking for a plumber who can do a final inspection in the Boston, MA area. The work is already complete. I will be happy to pay for their time. I have called several local plumbers, but all seem unwilling to do do the inspection on someone else's work, so I am hoping someone on this forum...
  6. D

    Advice Needed - Radiator Mounting

    Hi, just after a bit of advice. I recently had 6 new radiators fitted (48 hrs ago) by a reputable plumbing company and my 2 year old son literally just leant against one (whilst seated) and the whole thing came away from the wall. Luckily I was able to catch it to stop it from crushing him! My...
  7. P

    help desperately needed

    Hi please forgive my ignorance ( Im a nurse not a plumber or DIY expert) about ten days ago my boiler was condemmed and replaced with a bosch boiler (4000) and the system was chemically flushed for the first two days everything was fine -except the radiator in the attic bedroom wasnt getting...
  8. J

    A pipe stat is needed?

    Hi, I have a newly installed boiler which has built-in frost protection, when the installer installed this boiler, they did not disconnect the old external frost stat which is still wired to the boiler. I assume no newly installed boiler is still wired with old external frost stat, right? So I...
  9. M

    Primatic Cylinder help needed

    Hello everyone Before I succumb to this problem I’m reaching out for some help. There’s very little info on the web and I can’t get hold of a manual. The system is ancient but we’re not ready to renovate to a greener option for another 12 months so hoping to keep it going. Moved in with the...
  10. I

    #ToiletSeatGate - advice needed

    Hi all, I'm having issues with the managers of my office building, regarding a toilet seat (yes, really). They claim they cannot source a new seat for the toilet that's broken in our lavs, because the building/plumbing is from the 1980s. We all think it's BS but can any specialist kindly...
  11. G

    Boiler engineer needed in Manchester

    Plumber needed for Vokera Syntesi 25e which is playing up. Most likely needs new flu? Codes flashing 01 and occasionally 06. Works OK for a week or two then starts playing up again.
  12. D

    Advice needed to all experienced plumbers

    Hi guys, I’m really interested in changing career and getting into plumbing. I’m a competent DIYer but want to gain a recognised skill. Would you recommend? And what’s your advice on the right path to take?
  13. R

    Hot Water Heat - Help Needed

    Hi....I have an older 2 family house. It was built in the 50's and is clearly not the best insulated which when combined with the old steel frame casement windows makes it drafty in the winter. The downstairs is 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, bath (1250sf. 10 ft ceiling) plus it has a...
  14. L

    Gas Fire manual needed

    Hi All, we are wanting to download a manual for a gas fire at a house recently purchased. It has been serviced & all ok, but we would like a manual if needed in the future. Attached are photos of the two plates on the fire. Thanks in advance
  15. S

    New strainer needed. What is the proper name for this?

    Removed this from a valve in my heat pump it needs replacing as the top ring now loose. Does anyone know what its called and where to get one.
  16. W

    Halesworth Suffolk Plumber Needed Urgently!

    Hi Folks, Just saying hello. I do tackle the odd plumbing job when I can't get hold of a professional plumber, which I'm sad to say is quite often these days. We've moved out to Suffolk near Halesworth and have not managed to get a single local plumber at all for simple tasks. I've had one...
  17. S

    Boiler thermostat advice needed

    I am looking after a very old house, which has a Viessmann gas-powered boiler and thermostat, controlling the supply of water to the radiators. Most people generally suggest setting a thermostat to coincide with when they get up, go out, go to bed, etc. But my times are very irregular and...
  18. S

    Help needed to complete my Gas Portfolio

    Evening all. I am looking for an engineer to help me complete my portfolio. It is mostly completed , I just need to do some flue flow + spillage, some purging, 1 install and then any AR / ID + inoperable Gas Safety controls which may present themselves. I am professional, hard working and...
  19. E

    Is a central heating system flush needed after replacing a radiator?

    I purchased a Kudox steel panel radiator to replace a radiator that developed a leak. There is a warning triangle on first page of the Installation Instructions with the following in red capital letters: ‘AFTER INSTALLATION THE ENTIRE CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEM MUST BE THOROUGHLY FLUSHED WITH A...
  20. J

    advice needed

    Hi all,I am seeking advice on fitting a cast shower base.I am doing a refurbish for my daughter,she bought this base from b and q ,the instructions show it being fitted with adjustable feet,however looking at forums and YouTube the way to go is to lay tray on a bed of mortar on min 18mm ply...