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  1. F

    No Hot water, Fixed and Broken Again Ideal Logic 24

    Ideal Logic 24, Previous problem was that the hot water was only cold or barely warm if the heating was in use. If heating was off and boiler cold then would get hot water most of the time. Changing the flow cartridge about 2 years ago (when I moved in) solved this problem enough to suffer it as...
  2. C

    Y Plan, no hot water but heating is working when called

    Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of advice, recently went to a job where heating was operating when called for however not for the hot water. I have changed the 3 port actuator Honeywell head however this doesn’t seem to have solved the issue, does this mean that the programmer is faulty? Or is...
  3. T

    No hot water flow

    Afternoon. I have an issue with no water flow from any of the hot taps in the house, I can't seem to find a solution to the issue. System is a megaflo unvented indirect cylinder (125i) boiler is a Worcester greenstar. I have good pressure on the cold feed and all the usual stuff works, taps...
  4. S

    No hot water in bathroom.

    The Water Board have just replaced the main water supply to our property. We have a ground floor combi boiler. The central heating system for the whole house is working as normal. Hot water is working as normal on the ground floor. However, there is no hot water to the first floor bathroom. This...
  5. R

    Bath/shower with no hot water

    Hello, We hade a problem with our hot water not working in one of our bathroom's (all other outlets were working) Therefore we got the Thermostatic Shower Valve changed and everything was working again. However a few days later, both hot and cold no longer works for the bath and the hot...
  6. M

    Cold water from downstairs tap, but no hot water

    Hi, I woke up this morning with cold water (mains) from downstairs tap but no hot water from downstairs tap, and no water at all from all the upstairs taps, I have a combi boiler and no water storage
  7. Tractorboy13

    No Hotwater from Oil fired boiler

    Hi all, I have a wallstar combi oil fired boiler. We got low on oil a couple of weeks ago but didn't run out. Since we've had our oil delivered the boiler won't fire up when hot taps are turned on so no hot water. The boiler fires up periodically to heat water but not when we turn on taps. I...
  8. D

    No hot water coming out when tap turned on in shower

    Hi all, I have an issue with our shower's hot water. The shower is operated using two separate taps for cold and hot water. When the hot water tap is turned on, no water at all comes from the shower head - not even a drizzle. However, when the cold water is turned on it flows freely. The hot...
  9. J

    No hot water in some parts of house

    I own a top floor flat in a 4 storey block, i bought it 3 months ago (meaning that this is an issue i will have to personally deal with, no landlord). at first i had no issues, but recently, we have no warm/hot water in our kitchen or bath taps. the bathroom sink hot tap gets warm, and the...
  10. J

    Ferroli 32c He no hot water

    Ferroli 32c he (combi) So after having a 2 week holiday, we have come home to no hot water. It just cycles on off every second. Heating working fine and have to use it for the water to be hot. No fault codes. Clicking noise in the pcb on trying for hot water? Things I have checked. Diverter...
  11. L

    Hot water only works when central heating turned on too. Why?

    Hey everyone, I'll keep it short. Had our old system boiler replaced with a new Ideal system boiler set up. Then the problems began. First issue was the pump went faulty, so the pump was replaced. This then led to a new issue coming up where the central heating would work, but not the hot...
  12. A

    Rayburn 499k heating working but no hot water

    Hi all, just this morning seem to have a new problem to us with our Rayburn. Oven and central heating all operating as normal, however we have no hot water from any taps. We would normally hear the Rayburn kick in when hot water is demanded… however it is not. Any help hugely appreciated
  13. A

    Please help. When Heating on no hot water and vice-versa with Drayton 27101 - 3 port motorised valve

    We have a Drayton 27101 - 3 port motorised valve 22mm compression Issue: when heating switches on there is no hot water, when you switch heating off you get hot water. I replaced the motor in the motorised valve, everything started to work like it should. But an hour later and the same...
  14. K

    No hot water if the heating is running, but otherwise okay.

    I have a strange fault with a Vaillant EcoTec combi-boiler. It's 100% reliable whenever the heating is called for, ie. by the room-stats. It's also 100% reliable when hot water is called for, ie. hot tap or shower, as long as the heating isn't running at the time. But if the heating is already...
  15. T

    Vitidens 100 W - new unit, no hot water

    Have a recently installed Vitodens 100-W, within the last week, & hot water has been intermittent at best. I'm seeing F.373 - 50 & F. 345 - 50 fault codes. Install follow- up has been unhelpful. I,m also seeing standby temps reach 195 F (91 C) which sounds dangerously high.
  16. F

    Vaillant ecotec+831 - no hot water

    I have a Vaillant ecotec plus 831 (one with small circle buttons) and it has passed gas service not long ago. However, the problem I have is when there is a power cut, once the power has been restored, the boiler says 0c and will not heat water or radiators regardless of what (2 exceptions...
  17. A

    No hot water coming out from upstairs taps

    Hi there, I am in urgent need of advice! The weather has plummeted over the past week so at nights its -6 so this may be the cause. Anyways, since early this morning there has been no water coming out from the upstairs hot taps, both sink and bath. The cold taps work fine, I have checked...
  18. J

    No hot water in bath tap

    The only hot tap that doesn't give constant hot water in the house is the bath tap. It gets hot for seconds and then goes lukewarm/cold. The connector had been disconnected from the tap, opened up the isolation valve and let the water run in to a bucket with the same thing happening, starts hot...
  19. M

    Heating but no hot water

    Hi experts, i'm looking for some advice to get to the bottom of my boiler problem. The boiler is a Glowworm Ultimate 40FF so a traditional NOT combi boiler. The problem is i cant get hot water. Call for heating alone and boiler comes on and heats up the rads. Call for hot water alone and...
  20. B

    No Hot Water Unless Heating is On

    Hi, I have an old Bermuda back boiler, and 7 radiators (6 with thermostatic valves, and one that doesn't which is upstairs in the bathroom). There are 3 radiators on the ground floor, and 4 on the first floor. The problem is that I don't get any hot water unless the heating is on at the...

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