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no hot water

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  1. M

    Heating but no hot water

    Hi experts, i'm looking for some advice to get to the bottom of my boiler problem. The boiler is a Glowworm Ultimate 40FF so a traditional NOT combi boiler. The problem is i cant get hot water. Call for heating alone and boiler comes on and heats up the rads. Call for hot water alone and...
  2. B

    No Hot Water Unless Heating is On

    Hi, I have an old Bermuda back boiler, and 7 radiators (6 with thermostatic valves, and one that doesn't which is upstairs in the bathroom). There are 3 radiators on the ground floor, and 4 on the first floor. The problem is that I don't get any hot water unless the heating is on at the...
  3. M

    URGENT Heatslave 12/14 No Hot Water (for a week now). :-(

    Hi all. I have a 20 year old Worcester Bosch Heatslave 12/14 Oil-fired I'm getting about 20 seconds of hot water, then the boiler won't fire. I can crank the HW dial right up and it'll fire and give me another 20 secs of hot water. It won't fire again with demand from the tap. It was losing...
  4. Tomjr98

    Range tribune HE no hot water??

    Ok guys so my Range Tribune He immersion heater stopped giving hot water a couple days ago (I’m a joiner with a limited knowledge in plumbing) also the hot water capacity was never that much it would do 2 showers a day. Any ideas of what’s up with it?
  5. I

    URGENT No hot water - please help

    Hello everyone, I have a glow-worm 24ci which was working fine and has now decided that it doesn't want to heat the water. By this I mean that when the heating is turned on everything kicks in fine but when the tap is turned on nothing happens. Water pressure is fine but doesn't get hot at...
  6. P

    Boilermate 2000 No Hot Water / Past owner issue advice please

    Hi all, Just looking for some advice if anyone has worked on a boilermate 2000 try to condense the story, Lived in our home 3 years with the system working fine, but 2 days ago hot water stopped. From research it now looks like the past owner already had a problem. They have changed the...
  7. J

    Have my water pipes been plumbed the wrong way?

    Good morning, I recently had an extension, new bathroom and new en-suite fitted. Prior to the works the hot water worked. Now we have moved back we have no hot water. British gas came for 5 hours on saturday and replaced every single part of the boiler to do with the hot water as well as the...
  8. S

    No hot water. Combi Greenstar i

    Good afternoon. Our Greenstar i combi boiler works fine for heating but I am trying to find out why the boiler doesn't fire when I call for hot water. The fan seems to go but no blue light or firing up. Checked the pressure, all OK. The radiator underneath the boiler had a lot of air yesterday...
  9. F

    Random occurrences of no hot water

    Hi all, I posted a few months ago about a 'no hot water' problem, and it turned out that it was a diverter valve problem. But still, from time to time, not too frequently fortunately, we have only lukewarm/cold water in our taps/showers. What could be the problem? - sometimes, the trick to...
  10. T

    No hot water to bath taps. Everywhere else is fine.

    Hi everyone. We have installed a new shower kit (over the bath). Not touched the bath mixer taps (thermostatic mixer) other than to replace the old hose with a new hose. Ever since, we have not had hot water in the bath taps. Not even warm, just freezing cold. Is this going to be an expensive fix?
  11. D

    No Hot Water Flow After Heating.

    I'm after some guidance if possible please. I have a fortic F1 vented direct cylinder with an instant immersion and an economy 7 immersion. A couple of weeks back I lost all hot water flow when I got up in the morning so suspected a blockage or maybe an airlock and reported it to my landlord...
  12. C

    Unvented Center cylinder no hot water

    Hi all, I’ve got an issue with no hot water from Center 300L unvented Cylinder on S Plan plus system. All Electrical controls working fine. Only way to get hot water to the taps is by using immersion heater. Any ideas what could be up? Thanks in advance.
  13. A

    No hot water to kitchen tap only or central heating

    Hi, I require some advice on two issues. I have a Worcester 24cdi combi boiler, my kitchen mixer tap only gets hot water when I turn central heating on. The toilet hot water works without needing to turn central heating on. I recently increased the boiler pressure from below 1 to 1.5, could...
  14. A

    No hot water from kitchen tap

    Hi, I have just moved into my first home which has a Worcester combi 24cdi boiler. I have two plumbing issues which I would be grateful for some advice. 1. I get no hot water in the kitchen mixer tap unless the central heating is on. The toilet hot water works fine even without the central...
  15. S

    Had a new bath in no hot water

    Had new bath in now no hot water
  16. M

    Megaflo water tank- no hot water

    Hi everyone, The water in the apartment is not heating up hot, it’s either freezing cold or lukewarm. The red and yellow lights on the grundefos pump suggest in the manual that there’s a blockage. We’ve tried resetting the tank and the grundefos but to our dismay, we thought after doing all...
  17. K

    URGENT No hot water, can anyone help?

    I woke up this morning to the boiler not working as the pressure had dropped to 0.4, I’ve managed to re pressurise that now and it’s sitting at 1.2 and the heating came back on so all good, that was until I went to jump in the shower and realised there is no running hot water, I’ve checked all...
  18. S

    Tank full but no hot water to taps

    Hi all, We moved into this B&B in August and I dont really understand the old fashioned system. we have one boiler for hot water and one for the heating. The tank is on the landing slightly lower than the first floor, then there is a second floor, four rooms on each floor, seven are ensuite...
  19. N

    No hot water - Intermittent - ecoTec Plus

    Woke this morning to no hot water but heating was working fine. Checked the forums and checked all the common problems: Water and boiler pressure both ok Timer ok (hot water set to all day) No leaks and condenser pipe not frozen No error codes Tried running hot water with heating turned off...
  20. Efchutchy

    Aqualisa Lumi 10.5kw no hot water

    Was wondering if anyone could help please. I've got an Aqualisa Lumi 10.5kw shower at home and it's no longer producing hot water. I've had it 4 years and it's now started doing this. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of this shower and how to fix the issue? Warranty ran out after 3...