1. dreikher

    Hole in copper pipe, solder under floor, T coupling & protection

    I was stupid enough not to check the position of the pipes under the tiles when installing a toilet and drilled right through the center of a 16 mm copper water pipe. I exposed the pipe by removing a ~30cm section of the plastic sleeve and a ~10 cm section of the pipe around the hole. Several...
  2. D

    Covering shallow sewer pipe under concrete Patio

    Hello all, I’m replacing a concrete paving slab patio in the back yard. The original patio used 50mm deep concrete slabs on hardcore & sand. I’m planning to pour a 100mm deep concrete patio on 100mm hardcore. In order to achieve the same final height to line up with the rest of the patio, I...
  3. A

    Sewer Pipes in Concrete Pool Walls?

    Hi Some people (not plumbers) have advised me that it's not such a good idea to a) Have 4 x 90deg bends in a sewer pipe and b) Encase these pipes in the concrete walls of the new pool. You can see the problem in this video: and the re-routed pipes here that will be encased in the concrete...
  4. robwardinc

    Pinhole in Black Alkathene 17.5 3/8" under concrete driveway

    Pinhole in Black Alkathene 17.5 3/8" under concrete driveway. Hello, we have managed to 'dink' the mains water supply to our house, during some excavations for a drain. And we are hoping for some advice on the best way to proceed. The leak is only a pinhole, but after a few days it has escaped...
  5. J

    removing old concrete vented drain at home

    Hi I'd like to demolish this concrete and replace so as to move it 30cm to the left. can I presume this is a vent. if so, can I vent it up the wall and not have to have the concrete feature to trip over ? thanks james
  6. A

    MDPE pipe concrete slab

    Hi, In the process of a new build and we have routed a MDPE pipe through a lintel in the DPC but unable to bend it to the correct location due to the bend radius. I have now made the bend radius suitable for the bend but the pipe has no support underneath. Will it be better to put in a 90 degree...
  7. S

    Bathroom Plumbing with Concrete Floor

    Planning on moving the bathroom into another room, Bathroom is on the ground floor, concrete floor, Bath and sink wastes are about 1.7M away from the outside wall on different sides of the room. Is it ok to cut channel in concrete to take waste pipes outside, Fitting water underfloor heating...
  8. dave100

    Advice on replacing solvent weld shower waste pipe into concrete floor

    Hello there! I hope your weekend has started well. TL/DR: Should I replace 90-degree bend with a smaller type to increase the fall from the shower tray? I am replacing a bathtub with a 1500 X 800 Sonas shower tray which I will place on 4-inch blocks, probably with some 18mm marine ply on top...
  9. A

    UFH (wet+concrete) installation efficiency

    I am building an extension and planned to have UFH on its ground floor. My builder imbeded 15mm pipes under 10cm concrete which was meant to be the total thickness of the floor. Unfortunately as they knocked through to my existing house, it turned out that the new floor is 8cm lower than the old...
  10. S

    Safely concrete over pipework

    Good morning All I’m having a new boiler fitted in my kitchen and having the floor level raised. What is the safest way to protect the copper pipework when covering it with concrete to allow for pipe expansion.
  11. B

    UFH in 1970s bungalow with insulation beneath concrete

    Hi, I need some advice on what wet UFH system to get for our renovation of a 1970s 3 bed bungalow. The house had subsidence so in the process of fixing that the floors were dug up and replaced with the following construction: hardcore base, membrane, 150mm insulation, concrete finish...
  12. L

    Can plastic pipe be buried in concrete unprotected?

    Can PEX plastic pipe be buried directly in concrete or does it need protecting like copper pipe?
  13. F

    Shower Waste through concrete floors - any advice ?

    Hi everyone, First a quick bit of background : I'm English, living in France, and renovating a 1960s house, which has pretty much needed to be stripped back to the studs, and started again. Full new electrical refit, plumbing refit, walls, ceilings &etc. It took about a year-and-a-half (as...
  14. S

    Have I hired a cowboy?

    We have a leak in a central heating pipe under the tiled floor in our downstairs bathroom. The water was seeping up through the floor. I called a plumber and he lifted the tiles and dug to reveal the pipe and find the leak. He has repaired the leak using compression joints (also repaired larger...
  15. G

    Concrete around sewage pipe

    I'm handy, but not much plumbing experience. Firstly, if I go under my house the toilet PVC line goes into the ground with a "pyramid" cement casing around it. What is that called? I want to google the best way to cut through it without damaging any pipes but don't event know the name of it. I...
  16. G

    How can we find/fix leaking pipes when the pipes are set within a concrete floor

    We have had a long term problem with damp in our bungalow which exacerbated when we changed from the use of a system boiler (with pressure only from a tank in the roof of our bungalow) to a combi boiler (with full mains pressure) and a major leak was then found and dealt with. (This leak had...
  17. emellish

    URGENT I'm a DIY homeowner repacing an outside toilet pan to a salt glazed spigot in concrete

    I'm a DIY homeowner repacing an outside toilet pan to a salt glazed spigot in a concrete floor. My guess is to cut through the mortar surrounding the spigot and continue cutting through the spigot. What are the pitfalls and tips to assure a clean cut through the spigot. Further will a plastic...
  18. M

    Copper CH /water pipes in concrete floor/walls

    Could anyone point me in the right direction. I had a complete plumbing install at a property I was renovating, the CH and plumbing was commissioned in Oct 20. Over the last 2 weeks we noticed the boiler (ATAG Combi) losing pressure and requiring refilling, this became more frequent, most...
  19. P

    Where should the soil pipe enter through the slab?

    I'm building a new house and want to know is there a standard location\ distance from walls that the soil pipe should come up. The pipe will take a WC on the GF and then stack up to the 1st floor to take the bathroom above and then up to vent tile so he'll need a couple of T connectors which...
  20. Jock Spanners

    Suspected leaking pipe in concrete floor

    Dear All, I need a second opinion. I have a customer with an engineered oak floor which keeps discolouring apparently from damp below. The floor is in the corner of a cloakroom and near to central heating pipes. When the floor is lifted it does not appear to be soaking wet. I suspect a pinhole...

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