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  1. B

    Identify a waste pipe part and how to plug it off

    Weve just bought a 1930s house and the previous owners appear to have just ripped out the washing machine waste pipe and inlet valve as the waste pipe was a mess leaking everywhere, they switched off the isolation valve for the hot water thinking it was the washing machine isolation valve which...
  2. S

    Leaking kitchen mixer tap cartridge

    Hi, got a dripping kitchen mixer tap want to fix. Can't work out how to get cartridge out, not seen anything like the one we have on internet. Please see attached. Any idea?!
  3. J

    Stop kitchen drain then start drain again

    Just a curious question about kitchen drain. I used flexible hose bent to T-Trap shape under sink. It drains into 2" horizontal PVC into wall where 2" PVC is bent 90 degree to floor below. Sometimes water doesn;t drain or drains very very slow, then within 10-20 seconds all drains. Next time...
  4. T

    Is it possible to put a dishwasher on the other side of the kitchen, opposite the sink?

    Hi there, I was wondering if it would be possible to put a dishwasher on the side of the kitchen opposite to the sink? I know that the waste pipe needs to run down before doing a high loop when joining the drain pipe, however looking at advice from other forums, would this be possible to fit...
  5. R

    [SORTED] Under kitchen sink waste pipes

    Hi all I wondered if someone could help me please? Cannot for the life of me work out how these go back together. I know that one of the small L shaped pipe can only go on the large diagonal pipe at back of cupboard. But the rest is a puzzle... Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  6. chucka

    So .. I bought this new kitchen sink mixer tap..

    Don't laugh... (too much) We have a white mixer tap (20yrs old now) it needs replacing and I bought a very similar one yesterday.. it came with the flexible hoses as you'd expect but most don't seem to like.. anyway looking at it I couldn't see how it was piped in the first place. .all soldered...
  7. P

    Kitchen mixer tap leaking

    I have a kitchen mixer tap which has developed a leak. It has been installed and without leaks for 18 years so I suspect a perished seal? I attach photos of the mixer tap and the underside where it is weaping. I would appreciate some advice on how to fix this.
  8. centralheatking

    We are looking at this product for Bathrooms and Kitchen Worktops

    Has anyone any experience of this product. Positive or negative is right there thanks in advance ...centralheatking
  9. P

    Cause of spluttering kitchen tap?

    Hi, I have a sealed & pressurized water system (house is around 10 years old) and a few weeks ago, the kitchen sink tap was spluttering quite loudly each time the cold/hot water was turned on elsewhere in the home. Called a local plumber, showed him what was happening and he said the PRV...
  10. R

    Is this plumbing under the kitchen sink normal?

    hi, I was hoping for some advise? the picture below is off the plumbing my builder has done under my kitchen sink. Apparently he seems to think this is ok but I have a few concerns and would like others views so I am better armed when I go back to/query him again?! Thank you for any advise
  11. M

    Kitchen plumbing help

    Hi I am struggling with new plumbing for under the kitchen sink. I have hot and cold feeds. The hot is no issue as that can go straight to the tap however the cold feed i need to have the cold tap(1/2"), and a y connector to feed the washing machine and dishwasher. However how can i get this...
  12. D

    Washing machine waste comes up kitchen sink?!

    Looking for some opinions on whether something is wrong with our plumbing under the kitchen sink plumbing. Basically, whenever the washing machine drains we get a flow up into the kitchen sink of the waste water along with dirt from inside the pipe. We've had Homeserve plumbers out and they...
  13. A

    Bristan Echo kitchen mixer lever screw.

    Sounds simple but this is causing some aggro. I can't release one of the screws which holds the levers in place. It has a domed/pan combined crosshead/flat blade head and has been in place for some seven years. The water around here is quite aggressive and causes a lot of scale so I guess the...
  14. S

    Kitchen draw hitting gas stopcock

    Hi, I have just had a Magnet kitchen installed and a new hob fitted on the 18th of May. It came to my attention shortly after, that the back of middle draw in the unit under the hob is just hitting the gas stopcock, I would say that the draw is not closing fully by about 0.5 to 1 mm. After...
  15. P

    Can anyone identify this old kitchen tap? I need a washer for it!

    Hi folks I much appreciate you help. Please see the attached pix of an old style kitchen tap. Can you tell me the name of the type of tap? And/or what type of washer I will need for it, and where I could get one? Many thanks!
  16. Y

    Kitchen island waste

    Hi, Im in the process of extending my home and I'm considering installing a Kitchen Island with sink and I'm concerned about waste. My extension foundation block are in and built up to current floor level - I've yet to put in the hardcore/insulation and concrete slab. My island will be 2.5m...
  17. T

    Modifying waste plumbing in a kitchen remodel

    I've been doing a remodel of my downstairs and have got to needing to plumb in for the sink, dishwasher and washing machine. There is an internal soil stack in the corner of the room which I can plumb into but the old appliances were plumbed into a combined trap under the sink which was just...
  18. M

    Weight for kitchen sprayer tap

    Hi, can anyone advise how and where the weight attaches to this kitchen sprayer tap please.
  19. A

    Help with moving kitchen to new wall within a flat - can it be done?

    I live in a flat and wish to move the kitchen from one wall to another to make far better use of the space (essentially 90 degrees and up a bit - phot attached). Assuming of course that this is allowed within the lease, I was wondering if this sounds physically possible and a likely idea of the...
  20. RobG

    Kitchen sink pipe work - plastic nut sheared

    Hi, still very new to this forum - this is my 2nd posting. Please help if you can. I am replacing round head taps with lever taps (am recently retired and have too much time on my hands!) and have fitted a new hot tap no probs. The cold tap has slightly different pipework - a white plastic...

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