1. L

    Can someone please identify what this hose is?

    Hi I have a kitchen mixer tap which allows the top part to pull out as a hose (like american sinks). It has frayed and I need t replace it, can you please identify what type of hose this is please and thanks I've uploaded 3No. photos
  2. N

    Oversize kitchen sink top/drainer buying one.

    Hi guys....we have an old Astracast sink top....I think its a composite sink....has a big single bowl. My wife thinks it looks scruffy....looks ok to me.....sound but the bowl has seen a lot of work. So she wants a new one...Astracast it seems are no more. The problem is its size.....looked...
  3. S

    Advice needed for a mixer Spray for kitchen ?

    Hello plumbers in my internet. So the Mrs want a spray mixer tap in the kitchen as we had two separate taps. I changed the tap for a temporary two hole mixer but the cold water pressure is high mains fed and the hot is low pressure immersion tank fed. I've been trying to find info on what I...
  4. F

    What constitutes a Commercial Appliance and thus a Commercial Kitchen?

    We run a community village hall and have a large kitchen provided for the use of hirers. This includes a Lincat SLR9 gas cooker which I believe is a 23.8Kw appliance with all six burners and oven on max. This was installed some 10 years ago and has passed all subsequent Gas Safety inspections as...
  5. Be kind

    Kitchen tap

    I had a plumber fit a new mono block kitchen tap. The water runs very slowly now. Also, not sure if this is to do with it, but my hot water doesn’t get as hot as it did with my old tap. Anyone help?
  6. B

    Kitchen Tap cartridge issue.

    I have attached an image of a kitchen tap which requires the housing around the cartridge to be removed. The housing is much more than hand-tight and I was wondering if plumbers have experienced this type of tap and how the housing is removed without damaging it. Thanks.
  7. A

    Ducting for kitchen extractor fan

    We moved into a house with a gas Aga (I think converted from oil). The extraction pipe is fitted against and runs through an external wall, then up the outside of the external wall. The ducting pipe circumference is about 32cm, so about 10cm diameter. There is no extractor fan in the kitchen. We...
  8. B

    Intermittent bad / sewage type smell in kitchen

    First of all, apologies, it seems this topic has been posted but don't believe my specific issue is covered. So been living in my Victorian house for almost 10 years, no issues. Have 2 bathrooms, 2 loos that all go to a large underground soakaway, I believe. I can only see one soil vent pipe...
  9. U

    Blanco Kitchen Tap Model Swift BM1420 dismantling instruction

    Hi, My Blanco Kitchen Tap Model Swift BM1420 is leaking. Please see attached photos for details of where water leaks from. What I've done so far. I replaced the cartridge. Leak persisted. Bought some replacement seals and tried to put in place of the old ones. Here's what I did next. Remove...
  10. Be kind

    My new kitchen mono tap

    Plumber had fitted a new mono kitchen tap. The hot water takes ages to get hot if at all. The on lever hadn’t much turn on it and it’s at full throttle. Also when I point tap to bowl with fairy liquid in, it doesn’t have enough power to make bubbles
  11. A

    How do I remove a rounded off screw from kitchen mixer tap?

    I need to replace the washer of my kitchen mixer tap as it is leaking. I was able to remove the spout once by unscrewing the screw on the back of the tap. However now I can't remove it again as it seems I must have used the wrong screw head and have rounded off the head. Please see attached...
  12. W

    No more leak island kitchen drain after unclog

    I had a potential leak in the island kitchen drain, but it's no longer an issue after using an auger through the clean-out pipe. The water seemed to be coming out from the base of the pipe. I've removed a section of drywall for inspection purposes. After filling both sinks with water and...
  13. P

    Gasket/O-ring kitchen sink waste trap

    My parents have a leak from kitchen sink. My dad removed waste trap and since refitted it leaks, but there wasn’t any kind of seal on it, I got a rubber/plastic gasket that seems To fit the trap but with it, I can’t get it to screw and lock back on (has lugs so locks after quarter turn. But...
  14. C

    Kitchen pull out mixer taps

    Hi Anyone know of a pull out kitchen tap that has decent pressure? I have had low pressure from this tap for a number of years and it's not helped with the two 10mm tails that must reduce even further. Hoping something is around that I can use 15mm full bore tails and isolating valves but all...
  15. H

    Can this kitchen tap be repaired?

    Hi there I have attached a video below, showing where my kitchen tap is leaking from, is this possible to repair by replacing the hose pipe or would I need to replace the whole tap? I had a plumber take a look who said the whole tap needed replacing. If it is just the hose supply do I...
  16. A

    Kitchen sink pipes underneath leaking

    I removed three of these sections to clean and when I put them back together I noticed leaking. Please can you advise on how to attach them correctly. Thank you.
  17. B

    Dripping tap in my kitchen

    I have a kitchen mixer tap with quarter turn levers and the cold side started dripping. I took out the ceramic valve and replaced it with one from Screwfix but it hasn’t solved the problem it still drips. Could it be a dodgy valve or is it something else? Thanks
  18. C

    Kitchen airlock? (+pics)

    Hello all, The kitchen sink in the property we are renting drains really slowly, and I was hoping to remedy or alleviate this with some educated advice. In addition to draining slowly, the sink also back fills when the washing machine pumps water out. I have had the initial undersink work...
  19. A

    Kitchen tap Connection to mains issue

    Hi, I am replacing a kitchen tap and have run into some trouble when connecting the flexi hot and cold pipes to the hot and cold mains pipes. The connection end of the flexi pipe from the tap is a15mm, however the mains pipe I need to connect to is a 12mm. What connector do I need to buy? So far...
  20. S

    Sink gurgles when washer discharges

    Kitchen sink gurgles when washer in basement discharges

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