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  1. A

    Bathroom Tap bore size

    Will be fitting a central bath mixer on the bath and would like some advice on the fittings to use. I have existing 15mm speedfit that I have currently blanked off. As the taps will be central mounted then it will be difficult to gain access so will need to fit taps prior to fitting to back...
  2. B

    "Blocked" bathroom sink, except it's not blocked

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with my bathroom sink. It's been "blocking" regularly, maybe once a month, for at least 3 years. The sink fills with water and doesn't drain. In the past I've used "HG Liquid Drain Unblocker" and that often will clear the blockage, but it doesn't always. I've also...
  3. U

    Bathroom panel installation over a half tiled wall

    Hi all I'm not a plumber and am hoping over the next month to be able to get some good advice on here. I am in the process of planning the detailed conversion of my small 2m x 2m bathroom into a shower room. It's currently half tiled all around the walls. All the tiles are solidly on the wall...
  4. Z

    Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

    How much does a small bathroom cost to remodel?
  5. M

    What sort of wrench for 1.5in. nut? (w/ pix)

    Greetings all, My wrench (pictured:) is just short of being able to grip this 1.5in. nut (pictured:). Should I get this 1.5in. crowfoot wrench (pictured:), or does the forum have any other suggestions?
  6. bmbouter

    Strange smell downstairs bathroom, strange draining toilet upstairs...

    I live in a 2-story townhouse, and here's what I'm experiencing. # For a several years now The upstairs toilet slow-drains to the point where after being out of the house with no flushes for a day or two, you come home and there is no water in the bowl. Because of that it smells. Meanwhile the...
  7. P

    What may be causing this strange leak in a bathroom sink drain?

    Have a strange leak coming from a newly installed bathroom sink drain and am seeking advice from experienced plumbers who may help to identify the cause. I run the water in the sink for several minutes and there are no leals detected from the drain and its J trap connections. When I check back...
  8. W

    squealing noise in bathroom mix tap and how to open up the tap

    The bathroom mix tap has developed a loud squealing noise. We suspect it's the problem with the washer by checking the related threads in this forum. But we need to open up the tap. Anyone knows how to open up the tap (the image attached), for which we don't have a clue yet. Many thanks.
  9. B

    Leaking bathroom tap/mixer

    Hello I have the following product in my bathroom Grohe Eurosmart Cosmopolitan Bath Shower Mixer - 25129000 The tsp is constantly dripping, I attempted to see where the leak was coming from, couldn't see anywhere I open the tap up. So unscrewed the shower connector and noticed the water then...
  10. F

    Wet Vent - Configuration A or B?

    I am grateful for your consideration. Is configuration A or B compliant with the UPC? I'm pretty sure A is but have doubts on B. If B is compliant, would it perform better because the wet vent is shorter and has fewer turns? Thanks!
  11. E

    Blocked Bathroom Sink

    Hi We have a blocked bathroom sink. Only got Buster Granules which states for use in kitchen sinks. Can the granule one be used also to unblock bathroom sink. Do you know why one bottle is for unblocking bathroom sinks and the other for kitchen sinks? Wouldnt have thought it made any difference...
  12. A

    URGENT 22mm flexi pipe to 3/4 copper pipe.

    I am fitting a new mixer tap system. Because of the layout I have had to use flexi hose/pipe. The tap size is 22m. Each tap,respectively, connects to different sized copper pipes. The cold is 15mm copper pipe. So I used a 22mm to 15mm flexi. No problem there. The hot, however, is an old 3/4...
  13. 4

    Installing Shower Booster Pump

    My Son has converted a spare room into Bathroom in an extension of a long Cottage. The room is remote from the Boiler and Cylinder which feeds the existing Kitchen and 2 Bathrooms. An Inline Powerstream Water provides Hot Water to the Basin and Shower direct from an extended cold feed. This...
  14. T

    Which boiler would be best?

    Hi, I live in a 3 bed end terrace, with one bathroom and no shower. I live with my partner and our 2 children. The boiler is really old (one with water tanks ect) and is on its last legs. Please can someone advise what type of boiler we should go for? also we would like the new boiler to be in...
  15. J

    Bathroom plumbing issue for disabled tennant

    Hi, I'm at my Witt's end so am hoping someone can give me some advice. I had bathroom refit almost a year ago now after Wandsworth council agreed to change my bathroom into a shower room due to me having an amputation. A company was brought in and it became quite apparent they didn't have much...
  16. M

    Bathroom tap question!

    I'm sure the answer is simple bathroom tap needs turned off very tight in order to stop it dripping, see photo, I assume there is a screw under the top 'dome' cover but how to get this cover off? I've tried to turn it and to pry it off but it (both of them) are solid. Thanks. Photo...
  17. O

    Advice please - Joining 2nd bathroom wastes to existing?

    Hi all, I'm in the planning phase for some house alterations and would appreciate any advice concerning the plumbing installation for an additional 1st floor bathroom. The images attached show the existing layout and new layout proposed. In summary, I want to build a second (first floor).
  18. L

    No cold water from mixer tap

    Hardly any cold water coming from mixer tap in bathroom, only hot. All other taps are fine. Does this need replacing/fixer? How do know where to turn mains water off in property?
  19. J

    Need to extend the 3/8" braided stainless steel faucet supply lines for my bathroom sink.

    The 3/8" braided stainless steel faucet supply lines for my GROHE bathroom sink are a couple of inches short. Is there a way to extend their length? The way this faucet is built there is no way to replace the supply lines with longer ones.
  20. H

    Bathroom sink tap squeeling & Water Hammer

    Recently I noticed the houses plumbing developing water hammer whenever shutting off any one of the taps. I have turned the stop tap off and allowed the system to drain and this fixes the issue for a day or so before it returns. I think the culprit is my toilet which seems to be constantly...

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