1. M

    Tyneside flat- bathroom drainage issues

    Bit of wierd one but here goes. Live in a Tyneside flat (Think Terraced house split in two). With a modernish kitchen and bathroom extension into the front yard for both houses and this is mirrored for the neighbours. The bath and sink last Sunday in my place were blocked and didn't drain...
  2. Monty101

    Had an new bathroom fitted - sink blocked, called dynorod out, he laughed, HELP!

    Hello all, We had a new bathroom fitted 3 years ago and the sink blocked up recently, tried to clear it my self (removed basin trap but turned out the gunk was solid in the waste pipe and wasn't budging) got emergency home cover with my house insurance and they sent dynorod out and the feller...
  3. W

    installing plastic pipe central heating in bungalow

    just bought a bungalow which as 11 rads which i plan to replace and reinstall them with plastic pipe in the brick walls etc the property is 19 meters long and 7 meters wide the boiler is situated in the middle of the property and the boiler is a greenstar 28i junior 2014 model. question is i...
  4. L

    Mixer shower supply ( plastic pipes)

    I am in the process of changing my bath and installing a mixer shower aswell. Currently, there is a copper pipe that goes to the sink and then from the sink to the bath taps its plastic pipe. Would it be best to t-off from the bath tap supply using plastic pipe up to the mixer shower? If the...
  5. J

    Adding ensuite and extending bathroom in new build

    Hello everyone, great site. So I am a tiler by trade and only a DIYer plumber so would appreciate some guidance on the plumbing schematics for this project. Drawing attached shows current layout of study next to my ensuite and proposed layout, orange is the new stud wall I will add, the new WC I...
  6. T

    Shower options

    Hi hope somebody can help. We have 2 showers at home that run from a cold water storage tank and immersion tank for the hot water. We’re happy enough with the water flow/pressure coming from the showers when run individually. However the minute both showers run together the flow is obviously...
  7. T

    Electric shower from cold water tank

    Could anybody advise me whether an electric shower can be installed from the rising cold water main that feeds a cold water storage tank. Or if it can be installed from the tank on a shower pump. Or if you'd avoid fitting an electric shower on a cold water storage tank water system. Many thanks.
  8. B

    Whale pump bathroom shower

    My whale pump has suddenly stopped kicking in when I turn the shower off so water will not drain away so having to mop it up after use as it's not gravity fed. Does anybody know if there's a quick fix as everything is hidden so can't see I found there's a reset button on the pump etc
  9. BodgerBill

    Bathroom sink unit: is this a bodge or the norm?

    As a newbie to, I think I should start by saying that I am a mere DIYer, so can't profess that I know much at all. However, friend of mine asked me to drop round and have a look at his bathroom sink, which has been dripping quite a bit (he places a bowl under the trap to catch the leaking...
  10. S

    Stopping water to bathroom/Shower

    Hello All, I am fairly new to DIY plumbing - My shower is currently leaking water out of the showerhead this is due to a damaged cartridge (which I am replacing) I need to try and stop the water going to the shower or bathtub how can I do this without shutting the main water valve off. I have...
  11. P

    Bathroom Leak?

    Hi everyone, Recently when fitting new flooring we discovered a water leak near the bathroom. I'm not sure where it's come from but the shower mixer has been dripping constantly for a while (most of the water seems to drip straight into the bathtub). The water has to travel a long way to get to...
  12. H

    Ensuite / Bathroom Plumbing advice needed

    Hi, planning to renovate and builder let me to choose of the plumbing design of the two adjacent bathrooms. Plan A: Connect the waste pipe from washing basin and washing machine to soil pipe and then discharge outside to common stack. Adv: -Use waste water from washing machine to flush soil...
  13. centralheatking

    We are looking at this product for Bathrooms and Kitchen Worktops

    Has anyone any experience of this product. Positive or negative is right there thanks in advance ...centralheatking
  14. R

    Soil stack termination inside bathroom floor

    Hi guys, I'm currently getting a new bathroom fitted in a property I just moved into. The house has a side extension, but the waste pipe had not been moved hence it's coming out the floor inside the side extension area of the property. The builder has extended this up straight into the...
  15. M

    What's the best advertising method to sell and fit more bathrooms?

    What are some of the problems you face when advertising? Do you hire agencies to do the work? Do you do the advertising for your own business?
  16. M

    Unhappy with plumber (bathroom installation)

    Hi All, I have recently had a new bathroom installed. I found my plumber on checkatrade with excellent 9.95 reviews. I paid a 40% deposit and have been paying him as it has progressed. Long story short, he messaged on Friday me to tell me the bathroom is almost complete and on Monday he will...
  17. C

    Hot weather causing smelly bathroom

    Hi, In anyone's experience, does hot weather have an impact upon air admittance valves? We have an AAV in out WC (see photo) and in the hot weather the bathroom stinks of sewage. Any ideas of what could be causing this? Thanks
  18. A

    Bathroom Mixer Tap - Tapping Noise

    I have a Roca bathroom mixer tap, when hot water drains through the trap there is a high pitch tapping noise which sounds like it’s coming from within the mixer or trap itself. It’s not a knocking noise like the pipe rubbing on stud wall as it’s very a high pitch noise. Sometimes it can be...
  19. I

    Bathroom Basin fitting

    Hello, Is it a must to fix the pedastal to the sink and the skin to the wall? I didnt really want to screw into my tiles, but knowing silicone is a good adhesive is it sufficient? Should the Sink be level front to back all, or should it have a tilt backwards to allow the skin to empty fully...
  20. T

    help me save my bathroom!

    so i'm hoping you guys can help me out as I really don't have a clue! I bought a 2 bedroom ground floor flat a few months ago and later discovered the bath had been leaking for quite some time. so i went straight in and gutted the bathroom I plan on putting everything back in the same...
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