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A bathroom or washroom is a room, typically in a home or other residential building, that contains either a bathtub or a shower (or both). The inclusion of a wash basin is common. In some parts of the world e.g. India, a toilet is typically included in the bathroom; in others, the toilet is typically given a dedicated room separate from the one allocated for personal hygiene activities. In North American English the word 'bathroom' is sometimes used to refer to any room in a residence that contains a toilet, regardless of the inclusion of a bath or shower.
Historically, bathing was often a collective activity, which took place in public baths. In some countries the shared social aspect of cleansing the body is still important, as for example with sento in Japan and the "Turkish bath" (also known by other names) throughout the Islamic world.

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  1. M

    Bathroom floor drain - but not a wet room

    So... Completely redoing bathroom, back to brick etc. Mrs insists on hand shower for bath vs I hate them just dangling in bath. So I plan on having it mounted just outside of the bath i.e. not normally in it, but accessible when you need. Question I have is, do I need some kind of floor drain...
  2. P

    Do I need to tank under luxury vinyl flooring in my bathroom

    Hello, I’m looking to install a new bathroom for the first time and want to make sure I do everything by the book. One area that I’m not getting a lot of clarity on is whether you need to tank the floor area of my bathroom. I’m having tiles on the walls and luxury vinyl on the floor. I...
  3. B

    Bathroom wall panel help

    Hi everyone, today while in the shower I managed to whack my elbow off my bathroom wall panel and made a small dent. I cracked a deep cut in my elbow and don't even know how it happened. My question is can I fix the dent at all any advice would be much appreciated thank you.
  4. M

    Bathroom renovation - waste pipes

    Been researching as much as I can and think have a good gist about recommended waste pipe sizes, types of bends etc so now just looking to fit the most efficient system (but also looking to minimise drilling through stone work). Essentially the old setup had the shower and bath running...
  5. G

    How much would it cost to restore a shower?

    I'm planning to fix your shower with the assistance of Itile Bathrooms NT, a bathroom renovation specialist in Darwin, Australia, but I don't know how much money it would cost me.
  6. C

    Attic bathroom pump placement

    Looking for some input here from the experts. I’m having an issue with my pump. I thought I’d get away with a positive pump as I put it beside the cylinder. I’ve run all the bathrooms off it but the attic bathroom won’t work as the faucets are above the tank head. I wonder if I change the pump...
  7. P

    Do i have a leak from by bathroom?

    There is a small area of discolouration on the kitchen ceiling beneath where the bath is located. I first noticed this a few weeks ago. Can anying help?
  8. mouldy

    Can anyone identify this substance/mould?

    Has anyone seen this type of mould before? It's dark reddish/brown and seems to be seeping through the concrete and the skirtboards. Its predominantly in the bathrooms but has started to appear coming from the carpet after it rains heavily.
  9. P

    Best Boiler Option for Bathroom Hot water only

    I am looking at options for Hot Water supply to a bath and 2x handbasins in a new bathroom which is some way from the main Combi.... Should I go Electric or Gas? What models can give a good flow rate to fill a bath in a realistic time? Any advice appreciated
  10. M

    Bathroom door/shower glass issue?

    Hi folks. Are there any other solutions to stopping a door handle from hitting the shower glass other than a door stop and swinging the door the other side? If I use a door stop on the floor it would be near to were the shower entrance is. Any good suggestions welcome. Cheers
  11. C

    Stuck Nut on Widespread Sink Bathroom Faucet Handle -

    I'm a DIYer and I have a Widespread Bathroom sink that i'm working on. The cold water handle is loose and turns on top of the countertop. I've looked under the countertop and can see that the nut that is used to snug the fixture isn't all the way tight. The problem is there is water corrosion...
  12. K

    1970s bathtap washer problem

    i am trying to change the washer in a 1970 bath tap that's dripping i cannot find any screw that holds the tap spindle on there is no screw in the side and nothing apparent under the blue plastic indicator any ideas please
  13. G

    Bathroom tap not working

    After a warm shower my bathroom cold tap sometimes won’t turn on any ideas what could cause it? I still have water downstairs
  14. B

    Need to install kitchen sink in bathroom

    Hi. I need to install a kitchen sink in a bathroom. I’d like to use a standard bathroom sink drain/stopper but the hole in the sink is too large. Is there some sort of oversized flange or similar I can use to reduce the size of the hole to accept the smaller drain? Thanks!
  15. I

    URGENT remove bathroom rad and valves

    I have a combi boiler that supplies 5 radiators, I don't want to empty the system, I just want to remove the radiator and valves in my bathroom. I can remove my radiator by isolating both valves but I need to take off both valves to get the new plastic boards behind.I would just like to know the...
  16. E

    Wet Room Leak - new bathroom

    Hello, looking for some advice with regards to our new wet room shower, we have noticed a leak in the ceiling directly below the shower. We have run some tests and forced water down the waste using a hose and it seems to be fine, we’ve placed the hose in different areas around the shower and...
  17. A

    Bathroom radiator won’t heat up/manual valve

    Hello, Can anyone give any advice please? Our bathroom radiator won’t heat up. It’s a column radiator from Victorian Plumbing - only 2 years old - and has manual cross-head angled valves. it’s been like this for a while and we are trying to fix it. We’ve previously removed the radiator and...
  18. dilligaf

    Help, hot water from the bathroom taps won't shut off completely!

    I need to do some maintenance on the bath shower mixer tap but I cannot get the hot water to shut off completely. I have fully turned the gate valve off supplying the cylinder from the tank in the loft buy its still flowing slightly from the bathroom taps and doesn't appear to be stopping. Can...
  19. E

    Aerator In Bathroom Sink Causes Water To Back Up In Faucet

    Hi, I took off the aerator on my bathroom sink. When I put it back on, it caused problems. When I turn on the water with the aerator in place, the water backs up into the base of the faucet and runs on to the floor through the hole where the rod for the sink stopper is. I'm not sure that is...
  20. Frank15

    Where can I find a replacement bathroom sink (Slough, UK)?

    Where can I find a replacement bathroom sink?, just the sink not the whole closet. My sink broke due to accident and I'd like to replace just the sink, I've checked serveral stores such as B&Q, Victoria Plumbing, and they just sell whole closets with the sink included. I'm in Slough, Berkshire...