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  1. chucka

    So .. I bought this new kitchen sink mixer tap..

    Don't laugh... (too much) We have a white mixer tap (20yrs old now) it needs replacing and I bought a very similar one yesterday.. it came with the flexible hoses as you'd expect but most don't seem to like.. anyway looking at it I couldn't see how it was piped in the first place. .all soldered...
  2. S

    8mm tails for monobloc mixer?

    I've a customer having bought a Bathstore ex-display monobloc tap. It had no tails, and I got some 8mm flexi, hoping they'd fit (10mm too large). The dia *feels* right (deeply recessed fitting), but only turns a fraction leading me to think the thread is incorrect. Any advice what I should be...
  3. A

    Bathroom Mixer Tap - Tapping Noise

    I have a Roca bathroom mixer tap, when hot water drains through the trap there is a high pitch tapping noise which sounds like it’s coming from within the mixer or trap itself. It’s not a knocking noise like the pipe rubbing on stud wall as it’s very a high pitch noise. Sometimes it can be...
  4. I


    Hello, I have a low pressure system, but it seems I have a high pressure tap. I have amend some of the pipework to the tap anf put a full bore 15mm isolator on pipe to help keep the full flow, but the flex from the mixer are really small in diameter how can I over come this, or do I just need...
  5. U

    V&B shower mixer - restricting pressure?

    Hi, Just moved into a house with a villeroy & boch shower. Water flow out the showerhead and the handheld are both equally terrible. The pressure and flow at the bath downstairs is OK at about 15L per min. There is a megaflo cylinder. I'm thinking that the problem must be the shower mixer or...
  6. R

    help identifying this bath/shower mixer

    Hello, this is my first post on here. i am trying to stop water weeping from the temperature control side handle of this tap. I am going to replace the o rings but can't see any markings on the taps to identify them. i contacted grohe because i thought it looked like a sentosa but grohe say...
  7. S

    mixer taps shower bathroom

    Hi all, how can I see if I had mixer taps for a shower would it be better than an electric shower?.
  8. T

    New Mixer Shower

    My mixer shower has given up the ghost after 7 years so not too bad but a new cartridge is £140 so looking at buying either just a new mixer valve or the complete kit. Present mixer shower is the normal exposed type not the bar mixer variety. It seems the exposed bar fitting kit/brackets make...
  9. nigel dodd

    How to dismantle tap, kitchen mixer, ceramic

    I need to stop the dripping from the cold side of the unit. The tap goes from full on to off in half a turn so I assume it has a ceramic valve. Normally you prise the cap off, however there seems no gap at all and a knife will not locate a gap. Here is a photo...
  10. HeebyGeeby

    Replacing a wireless mixer valve with a fixed mixer

    Over the past 15 years I've had three different wireless shower mixers, none have been particularly good. The latest (Bristan) one is awful, restricts the flow from the pump and won't trigger the pump to run so we have to run the bath for a few seconds, to switch on the pump when we want to...
  11. D

    Backfiling Mystery - Mixer Shower Likely Culprit

    I had a leaking overflow pipe a few weeks ago and not only was the water running from my overflow pipe but the actual pipe (from the large tank in the loft) to outside needed replacing as it had several holes in it. I was rudely awoken in the night as water started seeping through my ceiling...
  12. S

    Brand new Burlington Tay mixer with faulty thermostatic cartridge

    Just thought I would share this out of interest. I had a new bathroom installed and for the bath a Burlington Tay wall mounted thermostatic mixer valve (which also has a shower handset on a stand attached to the mixer). Anyway, it worked fine for a week and then it started refusing to change...
  13. N

    Mixer Tap with cold water feed only

    Hi All, I got a great deal on a basin and tap recently, the only thing is, is that I only have a cold water feed. Now obviously the mixer takes two inputs but i was wondering what my options are in terms of input. I'm ok that it's only cold water but i was wondering if there's a blanking...
  14. K

    Shower thermostatic mixer tap issues

    Good morning everyone :) I’m having issues with my thermostatic mixer on my shower, I want to strip it down and clean it up inside but I can’t seem to get in to it, I’m guessing the ceramic cover should come off to reveal a screw but it won’t budge, and doesn’t screw either, I’ve unscrewed...
  15. J

    Mixer taps with shower hose/head connection

    The hot and cold from the taps run fine but only the hot runs through the shower head. What would I need to replace to get the cold running back through the shower head?
  16. S

    Thermostatic Mixer Shower Removing non-return valves (gravity fed)

    I am not a professional plumber but I thought I would share this tip as it defeated the professional plumber who installed my new shower and there seems to be no information about this on the internet. I should say first (before I get flamed) that non-return valves (NRVs) are mandatory where a...
  17. J

    Basin mixer tap with pushfit flexi tails

    Hi I need to buy about 20 mono basin mixer taps to connect to 15mm plastic pipes. I can't find any that come with pushfit tails which means either throwing away all the tails to buy pushfit tails or buying adaptors which seem to be as expensive as new tails. Do you know of any cheap contract...
  18. M

    Trattoria Bath/shower mixer

    Hi Does anybody have any advice as to how to remove and, hence, clean the diverter in the above mixer tap? There is a plastic bit that is proving very difficult to remove - assuming it should be removed!! I have pictures but unsure how to put them on this thread. Thanks
  19. G

    Leaking mixer spout..

    Hi the spout on my tap has a leak from the bottom where the spout meets the base of the mixer. I’ve took the spout of with the small screw at the back. Had a look inside and there’s no washer at all. So I’ve replaced the two washers that you can see on the tap, there’s an extra space that looks...
  20. W

    Carron Carronite MATRIX Bath 1500mm x 700mm complete with set of BRISTAN mixer taps and waste

    FOR SALE - This is a used item taken out of an incomplete bath project. Carron original fitting instructions included. Carron Carronite MATRIX Bath 1500mm x 700mm complete with set of BRISTAN mixer taps with shower attached and pop up waste. Dimensions shape and height etc are as per Carron...

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