1. J

    Something wrong with the bathtub mixer tap

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I have this old-school bathtub mixer tub. I think there is something wrong with it. When I pour cold water then I have to wait for hot water twice or 3 times longer like cold water (higher pressure) forces itself into the hot water pipe otherwise how to...
  2. M

    Mixer mixer shower, compatible with tanked supply

    Can anyone remember the Mira mixer shower that would work down to a really low pressure on a vented hot water system without a shower pump?
  3. S

    Advice needed for a mixer Spray for kitchen ?

    Hello plumbers in my internet. So the Mrs want a spray mixer tap in the kitchen as we had two separate taps. I changed the tap for a temporary two hole mixer but the cold water pressure is high mains fed and the hot is low pressure immersion tank fed. I've been trying to find info on what I...
  4. P

    Viessmann combi starts when cold, mixer, tap is opened

    Recently had a Viessmann Vitodens combi boiler installed, quite often when the adjacent cold mixer tap is opened the boiler starts for a few seconds! Can anyone tell me what is causing this? And how to cure?
  5. C

    Mixer bar fitting solutions?

    The fittings below are for a mixer bar attached to a self contained shower. i.e not a wall. The attaching screws have snapped. I could get two new brackets, dismantle that existing one and start again or I could try and re attach via those screws, removing the broken ones from the plate and wall...
  6. C

    Mira shower mixer adjustment.

  7. drippy

    Trevi/Ideal Standard Bath & Shower Mixer A7000AA/A7100AA

    Please help me obtain a copy of the user manual for this bath and shower mixer, pictured below. I am particularly concerned about how to re-regulate the bath filler so it fills the bath to the desired level. Many thanks!
  8. A

    How do I remove a rounded off screw from kitchen mixer tap?

    I need to replace the washer of my kitchen mixer tap as it is leaking. I was able to remove the spout once by unscrewing the screw on the back of the tap. However now I can't remove it again as it seems I must have used the wrong screw head and have rounded off the head. Please see attached...
  9. T

    Delaying the fill on a loft cold water tank - electric and mixer showers running at once

    Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read. I'm trying to work out if the idea I have is practical? The water pressure in my newly renovated house (4 bathrooms is tragic). Current set up is: A hot/cold mixer in the main ensuite which is ok as long as you don't run anything else. One electric...
  10. C

    Kitchen pull out mixer taps

    Hi Anyone know of a pull out kitchen tap that has decent pressure? I have had low pressure from this tap for a number of years and it's not helped with the two 10mm tails that must reduce even further. Hoping something is around that I can use 15mm full bore tails and isolating valves but all...
  11. L

    Mains supply to mixer tap is pushing cold water to hot water pipe

    I live in an apartment block where generally hot water is supplied from the communal hot water cylinder and cold water to bathrooms is supplied from cold water tanks in the loft. It is a vented system. However, in a basement flat and a ground floor flat cold water supply to bathrooms is...
  12. M

    New here!- Mixer Shower Issue!

    Hello! Im Martyn Im new here and have joined for some advice on a couple of things. Ive got an issue with a Mira mixer shower that has increasingly become harder to operate. The shower was installed before I moved into the house. Basically what happens is that I turn the shower on so there's...
  13. P

    Change shower mixer. Invented hot water cylinder

    I need to change my shower mixer and I have a unvented hot water cylinder. Is it sufficient to turn off the mains? Do I need to drain the cylinder? Thanks
  14. F

    fitting my shower bar mixer practice run questions

    hi all i hope you are all well i'm planning to install my shower mixer on Saturday. today i was doing a dry fit and i wanted to show you some photos and questions. i'm using fast fixing brackets. i was wondering what length do i cut the pipe to? also my shower bar mixer has these cone shaped...
  15. B

    Vellamo Reveal Basin Mixer Tap

    Help / advice please? I have attached pics I want to fit a new basin tap. The new tap came with flexible hose. Q1. Pic 1 - the fitting into the tap is recessed - how do I screw in the hose tight enough to 'fit' ? Q2. Pic 2 - shows the current hose fitted to the copper pipe and clearly the new...
  16. Z

    Enclosed mixer shower replacement

    Hi All. My Aqualisa Aquavalve enclosed mixer shower valve leaked and gave way and I am looking to replace. I am looking for recommendations what model would I replace it with and how would I replace it if I changed the model! I would like to change the type of model to a lever one. I have...
  17. M

    Mixer shower recommendations (mid range)?

    For the guys doing a lot of bathroom work. What dual mixer showers would you recommend? I don’t think the budget reaches to the Grohe stuff but also want something that’s not going to need new cartridges every 5 minutes. Cheers
  18. T

    Mixer taps and check valves

    Hello, I have a few mixer taps to install in bathrooms and kitchen. The kitchen tap also has a wondering spray arm capability. On researching something else, i stumbled across people saying that a check valve should be placed on the cold mains feed. How can I tell if the mixer taps/spray arm mix...
  19. A

    Will councils ever fit mixer taps?

    I'm a council tenant and my bathroom basin is broken and needs replacing, it has standard pillar taps. Do you know if councils would ever replace it with a mixer tap one if I paid the difference? (I'm guessing no but it's worth a try). How much more complicated and time consuming is it to...
  20. A

    Clear slime and black bacteria seeping out of kitchen mixer joints

    My mother has been away on holiday for a few weeks and she has a kitchen mixer tap that has a very slow drip nothing significant - been like that for a couple of years. The mixer has a a long spout that can be rotated between sink and drain bowl. She left the house meticulously clean. I came to...

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