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A mixer, depending on the type, also called a hand mixer or stand mixer, is a kitchen device that uses a gear-driven mechanism to rotate a set of "beaters" in a bowl containing the food or liquids to be prepared by mixing them.
Mixers help automate the repetitive tasks of stirring, whisking or beating. When the beaters are replaced by a dough hook, a mixer may also be used to knead.

A mixer may be a handheld mechanism known as an eggbeater, a handheld motorized beater, or a drill mixer. Stand mixers vary in size from small counter top models for home use to large capacity commercial machines. Stand mixers create the mixing action by either rotating the mixing device vertically (planetary mixers), or by rotating the mixing container (spiral mixers).

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  1. C

    Sink swivel mixer tap

    Hi I have a swivel mono mixer tap on the sink which is leaking around the neck and I am wanting to have this replaced as it is over 10 years old. As a pensioner I am looking for something that will be very reliable over the long term and easy to turn on and off (the current one has has old tap...
  2. T

    Mixer tap leaking from base of spout

    Hi, I am after a bit of advice on a leaking mixer tap in the kitchen. Water is leaking from the area highlighted and varies with the amount of water pressure when using the taps, that might seem obvious, but I am not DIY minded :). I have removed the mixer and replaced both O rings on the...
  3. bobster316

    replacement shower mixer valve thermostat

    Can anyone please advise which replacement shower mixer valve thermostat I need foe this shower control
  4. O

    Bar shower mixer valve help (DIY)

    Hi! Fitting a new shower and after some research I bought these fast fix brackets online (looked a lot more straight forward than the ones it came with. Crank something???) Anyway, after fitting it, the nuts don’t completely cover up the thread (photo attached). Is this normal? I was cautious...
  5. Sarah Curtis

    Part appears to have has come off on our new-ish kitchen tap

    Hi We had a new kitchen mixer tap fitted back in October, it was highly rated on tool station and not a bad price. I noticed yesterday that the part in between the tap handle and the body (in the photo) seems to have come off or something odd has happened so it’s showing the inside connections...
  6. T

    Remove cartridge in Berrow mixer tap

    Hello good people. I am trying to remove a cartridge from a Cooke and Lewis Berrow single lever mixer tap. I have removed the lever and the shroud which was a push fit not a threaded one. There is no securing nut to release the cartridge. Never seen this before. The cartridge must be held in...
  7. B

    Mixer tap mystery - water flow problems

    The previous mixer tap developed a leak. I ordered an exact replacement. The hot &cold tails were too short so I had to replumb the water connections. The new tap exhibited strange symptoms:- In the fully open hot position no water flows. The only way to get the hot to flow is to reduce the...
  8. M

    URGENT New thermostatic mixer shower. Luke warm water

    I have recently fitted a thermostatic external mixer shower in my bathroom. The problem is that when it is set to the highest possible temperature its only luke warm at best. The hot water in my house is generated from a combi boiler which should be able to deliver a hot water flowrate of...
  9. D

    Gas boiler feeds UFH only - is a Mixer needed?

    I've searched the forums for an hour - not found anything specific on this question. Question 1- can we remove the UFH Mixer - and just set the Boiler Flow to 45deg? Background (and see diagram) I'm Helping our village hall, 14 year old UFH heating - the gas boiler just packed up -...
  10. J

    Ideal mini bath deck mixer

    Evening I'll go straight to it.... Ideal mini combi and non thermostat bath shower mixer. Run the hot tap on the mixer boiler fires water stays same temp for 5 mins. Move divertor to shower fully hot boiler fires. Then try to add some cold the boiler cuts off. I then fitted a new...
  11. T

    Can you please identify a shower mixer ?

    The thermostatic cartridge in this shower has failed and I have no idea who the manufacturer is. It is in the shower room of an Arab Prince's London House and he is ranting that he want's a shower and it is stuck on Hot ! Any suggestions ?
  12. A

    Can my leaking mixer tap be fixed?

    Hi all, our kitchen mixer tap is leaking from the base of the swan neck. I texted a plumber and he told me I new a new tap but I'd like to think there's hope as far as repairing it (it's less than 4 years old). I've tried to examine it myself (I'm just a homeowner) but I cannot see any of the...
  13. C

    Can anyone identify this mixer valve?

    Hi there, I have a bath tap that is not producing hot water. Can anyone identify the mixer valve shown in the attached images? It does not look like anything I can find online. I have tried soaking the valve 'cartridge' in vinegar, which removed a lot of scale. If I constrict the cold water...
  14. C

    Bath/ shower mixer diverter

    Hi, I'm at a loss and need your help. I have the attached mixer. Water is leaking from the seal (yellow arrow) I figured this is a washer replacement. I've opened the screw cap (blue arrow) The screw inside is completely rusted and the head on it damaged. The screw also turns with the handle...
  15. N

    Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps Install.

    Just looking for some advice, I have just fitted a new kitchen sink and both water pressures are the same in hot and cold on the mixer tap, both connected to tap flexies with shut off valves, however when hot is turned on it is not turning on the hot water for the boiler, previous sink had...
  16. J

    Basin - convert current (2) taps to a mixer

    Hi, I'm new here. I have a basin with two individual taps, I want to change it to a mixer - the taps measure (centre to centre) 200mm. I have looked high and low to no avail, any ideas where to get one from? I don't want to make more holes or get a new basin if I can avoid it, I just want to...
  17. S

    Mixer tap cartridge advice please

    Hi, I’m looking for a replacement cartridge for the one below . Is it a standard fitting or is it likely to have been discontinued? Tap us about 18 years old ( Blanco daras)
  18. K

    help identifying bath mixer taps

    Hi all, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find replacement cartridges for this set of mixer taps. They were purchased approx 10 years ago. I have been told they are from ultra finishing, but they having looked at the pics state it's not one of theirs. Any help identifying them would be...
  19. T

    Shower mixer model / supplier

    Hi, I am trying to identify this thermostatic mixer valve to source a service kit. The water on off control seems to be getting stiffer, it's difficult for someone with limited hand grip. Photos of the valve attached. I can provide a photo of the control knobs fitted if that helps. Thanks
  20. P

    Does anyone recognise this bath shower mixer

    Hello everyone I need to replace this bath/shower mixer but cannot find any identification marks on it . Does anyone recognise it please. I need to replace with something similar Many thanks Paul
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