1. C

    Domestic Gas in commercial properties

    Hi everyone, After a bit of advice in the fact I’ve recently passed my domestic gas qualification however all the work I will carry out will be in commercial dwellings, I understand that I can only work on systems within 0.035m3 of gas. But do this apply from meter or closest valve to the...
  2. F

    What constitutes a Commercial Appliance and thus a Commercial Kitchen?

    We run a community village hall and have a large kitchen provided for the use of hirers. This includes a Lincat SLR9 gas cooker which I believe is a 23.8Kw appliance with all six burners and oven on max. This was installed some 10 years ago and has passed all subsequent Gas Safety inspections as...
  3. C

    Low-price domestic from reputable brand or commercial?

    Replacing kitchen faucet for friend who needs to keep cost down. Something from low price range of better makers of domestic faucets, or a commercial faucet?
  4. C

    Domestic gas appliance in commercial property

    If a domestic boiler/gas appliance is in a commercial property, does this mean a gas engineer would need commercial tickets/qualifications?
  5. M

    Looking for a commercial gas engineer

    I run a small plumbing and heating company. I am looking for a commercial gas engineer to help out with a few call outs, servicing, safety checks etc. Most work around London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex area. Ideally looking for someone self employed or another small business who could work...
  6. A

    Looking for self employed plumber

    Hi all I'm a limited company that's been running for 12 years and I have a lot of ongoing work, 99% commercial, and a lot of it plumbing, in London and the Southeast I'm looking for an experienced self employed engineer (or another ltd company like myself), own transport, tools etc. good rates...
  7. G

    Commercial Gas Engineers Required - Various locations - South England

    We are looking for Commercial Gas Engineers to join a Major company on various projects around South of England primarily working on Gas Service / Mains replacement activities. Excellent Salary and Benefits, permanent position. Relocation payment can be discussed. Please get in touch if...
  8. M

    Hot water to multiple commercial kitchens

    Hi all, Hope all are well. I’m in the early stages of renovating an industrial unit. The fit out is to have 7/8 commercial kitchens, these kitchens will have reasonable output, i.e. high street takeaway in terms of their demand. The unit has 3 bar of pressure and 25 litres a minute of water...
  9. king of pipes

    Commercial stopcock key

    Hi chaps I have a as new Ali plug cock key this is a big piece of kit for larger commercial fed type premises pictures available and price if your interested?? Regards kop
  10. L

    Commercial or Domestic plumber required?

    Hi We are a commercial premises Have been using the same plumber for years and very happy with his work but recently came to light he has a domestic ticket. When questioned he said it was ok as all the boilers he works on are under 70kw? He also says he does not touch the commercial catering...
  11. M

    Commercial price work (prices) advice!

    Hi all. I just wondered whether any of you are currently doing any site work on a price? Only on the plumbing side no gas. Things like cylinder installs, 1st fixing and 2nd fixing. I know this will vary across the country, I’m based in the midlands. Any advice would be helpful. Cheers
  12. Orchid_2022

    High Pressure Commercial Toilet

    I am looking for suggestions /advice on getting a commercial high pressure toilets that does the job in one flush. Does anyone have any toilets they can recommend?
  13. I

    Commercial high pressure system, will hep couplings be stong enought?

    I am having to work on a concealed shower but there is no service valve and so I am having to isolate from a large mixing valve which is linked to several other showers. I am going to add a service valve to make it easier for future maintenance but the pipe connected to the shower is 15mm...
  14. P

    What Type of Services need to expect from a Commercial Plumber?

    Is there any tip what to expect from a commercial plumber? Please let me know.
  15. M

    Fitting an external tap at a commercial premise

    I have been asked to fit an external tap at a mental health facility to enable the external paths to be hosed down. What form of back syphoning measure is sufficient for this installation?
  16. H

    Commercial plumber req

    I am looking at instructing a commercial gas safe registered and plumber to start works in moving an existing plant room and also expand it. Requirements: Moving two ACV direct hot water tanks , adding one more Installing 6 accumulators - piping a header Tank Preparing and install riser for...
  17. S

    Commercial gas meter compartment ventilation

    Can someone point me in the direction of where to purchase high and low level vents for a compartment housing a commercial gas meter. It's a U16/ 21mb outlet in a commercial premises. I've researched the regs and vent needs to be fire resistant, weather proof, vent size no smaller than 10mm etc...
  18. P

    What are the regs on commercial kitchen gas solenoid valves

    Been asked to wire up gas valve in pub kitchen and all the gas fitter has left is a stop button, when I wired many of these for a catering firm years ago there was a control box witha current sensor that worked with the fan. What are the current requirements? Is there a minimum height betwwen a...
  19. L

    Advice about commercial gas

    Hey sorry if this is a silly question but can you go straight into a commercial gas course with out doing domestic gas?
  20. J

    Commercial Gas Manuals - Recommendations

    Afternoon All, I am thinking about upgrading and getting my commercial ticket. I keep losing out on big lucrative jobs in big mansions in my area. It's really frustrating when the installation is just a slightly too big for my residential qualifications... anyhow, before I bite off more than I...

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