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A smoking pipe is used to inhale the smoke of a burning substance; most common is a tobacco pipe, which can also accommodate almost any other substance. Pipes are commonly made from Briar, Heather, corn, meerschaum, clay, cherry, glass, porcelain, ebonite and acrylic.

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  1. A

    14,15mm pipe for central heating

    Hi guys. A couple of things. 1 am I better fabricating bends in 14 mm copper for my ch or are 90 degree elbows fine, ref flow, friction ect. 2 my ch boiler, non condensing is playing up, I can get hot water, but when heating is on pipes only get hot for 1st mtre or so? I can hear feel the...
  2. johnd1881

    Copper driancock pipe lagging

    Hi, I wonder if I could have some advice please. I have a rental shepherds hut with an outdoor copper bath. I expect to close down for winter when the weather gets very cold. The majority of the piping is blue mdpe which is lagged. But where it joins the tap it's copper. I have lagged what...
  3. J

    Towel heaters not getting hot in small pipe system

    I have just moved into a late 1990s new-build house with a small bore (about 1/2" OD pipes) gas fired boiler central heating system. All the normal radiators get hot but two of the three towel heater/radiators don't get hot and the pipes feeding them are cool to the touch even after the boiler...
  4. P

    Bloc Feed pipe to radiator

    I have a badly blocked feed pipe to kitchen rad, was running very slowly but I’ve made it much worse trying to clear blockage with curtain wire, pushing the blockage to the manifold I think now totally blocked. Return pipe is clear. Exposing manifold is major as it’s between floors and involves...
  5. Michael Groves

    Condensate Pipe installation

    Engineer has installed several boilers for me. All the condensate pipes have been connected externally into soil stack or rain water downpipe. In each case he just drilled a hole in the pipe, and stuck the condensate in the side, smeared glue everywhere. No boss, or branch. Is this allowed, is...
  6. M

    Exposed basin pipe work query?

    Hi folks I’ve been asked to first fix a basin that has the chrome waste exposed. My problem is that the basin isn’t on site to allow me to get an accurate height for the waste but I do have some dimensions. I will attach a pic if it helps. I’ve marked it out where the basin height is 870mm...
  7. P

    Drain down/flush options for combi return that goes up not down.

    Hi All This is following on from thread I made a few days ago but can't seem to find I'm in a bit of a bind with my CH design where I want to sort all of my rads and do some other bits including fitting a filter but I'm stumped on how to drain down due to how the system is put together...
  8. W

    Cap for carbon steel pipe

    Hi have surplus water feed and return pipes in my home. I can't isolate them so will need to freeze. House built 1970's. They're as far as can tell Carbon/mild steel pipe, 28mm dia. Wish to cap them off. Can I use brass compression fittings? Like in the pic. Or do I need to use steel fixings...
  9. mattgriff88

    Old gas pipe? Can it be removed?

    Hi, I have recently moved in to a house and in one of the kitchen units where I want to put a intergrated freezer there is a small pipe coming out of the wall. Assuming it's a old gas pipe for the cooker that's been capped as the kitchen no longer requires it. Can this be removed by a...
  10. D

    Can I connect my washing machine waste pipe to this standing pipe?

    I have moved our washing machine into the garage but there isn’t a drain for the waste pipe. The attached image is of the waste pipe with the condensate pipe from the boiler, can I use a tee join and connect the washing machine pipe? The pipe leads outside and is saddled to the main waste pipe.
  11. G

    Flow / return pipe layout - is this sensible?

    Hello folks I've moved into a property last month and started to note things that may need looking at. Some of the radiators on the ground floor aren't getting very hot, I've had a few passes of balancing to no avail, In light of the above, I took a look down in the subfloor yesterday to take...
  12. A

    Soil pipe connection?

    Fitting a new toilet onto this old cast soil pipe that only fits in about 2inches. It's coming through the wall at an angle and can't be changed because of an extension below. The new pan connector keeps dripping on a full flush any ideas on a solution other than silocone which the old one had...
  13. D

    Soldering poorly fitting joint - pipe not round, good fill, how?

    Hi, Short version: I have about 4" of pipe sticking out of a concrete floor in a cupboard. It makes a 45-degree bend as it exists (bent, not with elbows), the last cm before the open end is pretty much straight, but as a result of the bend it is not perfectly round. I mean it is pretty much...
  14. T

    Distance between cold pipe cross over hot

    Hello I need to cross over an existing copper hot water pipe with a cold 15mm mains copper pipe. Is there a standard I need to adhere to in terms of clearance?
  15. A

    URGENT External Pipe - what purpose and is replacement necessary?

    During November we have to replace a corroded cast soil pipe on the exterior wall of the 1st and 2nd floors of our 1930’s building. Fine. However, it also has a smaller diameter pipe running beside it up the full height. It appears out of the wall, level with the first floor toilet, runs up the...
  16. R

    Coventry - groundwork pipe work needed

    I will need: install new 100mm pvc pipe work, 90-degree bend for new W/C install new 100mm pvc pipe work, 90-degree bend with new gully pot at rear of new extension for sink waste clean water pipe carry out 2 x Lead connections with a new T section No excavation needed, all is digged out.
  17. T

    Identifying waste pipe type

    How can you tell if a white 30 or 40mm waste pipe is pvc or abs?
  18. T

    Is it white abs or white pvc

    How can you tell the difference between white pvc and ABS if the pipe has been cut in a way that doesn’t show the pipe details.
  19. OneTwo

    Mystery Black Undergound Pipe Leak Repair Advice

    Hi All After having pooling water on my drive, I dug down around to find: Black pipe poly/plastic dug 450mm deep spraying water at mains pressure from small hole/crack The outside of pipe (measured with veneer caliper) at 23.5mm Pipe Runs under drive, along side of property and looks to go...
  20. DIYGraemeB24

    Toilet inlet pipe leak

    Afternoon all, It appears my toilet inlet pipe has developed a leak at on of the top 2 joints (between plastic pipe into toilet and between copper pipe with isolator screw) I'll attach pic. Just wondering what the fitting is that I need. Thanks, G
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