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A smoking pipe is used to inhale the smoke of a burning substance; most common is a tobacco pipe, which can also accommodate almost any other substance. Pipes are commonly made from Briar, Heather, corn, meerschaum, clay, cherry, glass, porcelain, ebonite and acrylic.

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  1. D

    Covering shallow sewer pipe under concrete Patio

    Hello all, I’m replacing a concrete paving slab patio in the back yard. The original patio used 50mm deep concrete slabs on hardcore & sand. I’m planning to pour a 100mm deep concrete patio on 100mm hardcore. In order to achieve the same final height to line up with the rest of the patio, I...
  2. sammie81116

    Sewer pipe problems not sure about it

    Hi all Noticed bad smell in my drain out side put my hand down and it unclogged it for now however I checked my sewer drain and after flushing my toilet a good few times nothing is going to the sewer so don't know is there a blockage or what way it works many thanks and advice would be grateful
  3. A

    Bath overflow pipe

    Hello everyone. New to the forum and looking for assistance / advice. I live in a rented house with a not very co-operative landlord. I have just discovered that my bath overflow drain pipe is not connected as the flexible drain tube looks like it has been cut off at some point. After studying...
  4. G

    Central heating pipe routes

    I need to extend my central heating from my newly built extension in to the old part of my house. I need to feed 3 rads in separate bedrooms on the first floor and then to feed a towel rail in a bathroom a rad in the utility and a rad in my lounge on the ground floor. Can I run my 22mm flow &...
  5. M

    UK 6

    I wish to add a second boiler to my existing meter. Location 20m away. Underground run. Can l use 32mm yellow pipe with copper tails at each end. Thank you in advance
  6. M

    Unvented cylinder D2 pipework installation to toilet waste pipe

    Hi guys, just want to get advice, i want to replace venten to unvented cylinder, is it ok to install D2 pipe to toilet waste pipe see picture? as there is no easy options to get it outside.
  7. J

    Advice needed on pipe behind washing machine/dishwasher

    Hi all We noticed water suddenly backing up through the pipe for the dishwasher drainage pipe yesterday - first time this has happened. When I move the pipe up vertically, the issue goes away. The dishwasher is new and was installed a few months ago. Looking at the pipe on the wall it...
  8. T

    Corrosion on Pipe / Fittings

    Hi, I am probably being unduly paranoid here but I noticed under our kitchen sink that there is some corrosion evident on a small section of copper pipe between compression fittings on the hot water feed. There are take offs for an outside hot and cold tap together with isolation valves and...
  9. S

    Fitting new soil pipe to access chamber

    Hi all. Not sure if it's a plumbers job or another trade but thought I'd ask. I am installing a new toilet downstairs next to an outside wall. There is a 3 way inspection/access chamber about 1.5 metres outside this point which I plan on going into. It has one inlet in use from the upstairs WC...
  10. S

    What this pipe?

    While having new French doors fitted where my window used to be, the windows fitters have come across a pipe that’s in the way. They stop work as unable to identify the pipe, does anyone know what this could be?
  11. seha1997

    Can I just cut this pipe to length?

    Hi guys, first post here So I have been boxing in a number of heating pipes that are throughout my garage since the boiler was located there by the previous owner, they decided to run pipes all along the edge of the garage floor... I do however have one that goes vertically out of the concrete...
  12. M

    1 pipe system, 2 downstairs rads not heating up properly.

    I have had a problem where 2 downstair radiators are not heating up the same as the rest of the radiators around the house, now previously i had an electric boiler which heated all the radiators just fine, but around a few years ago i had a gas one fitted and the radiators in the living and...
  13. R

    Need advice on tapping into existing toilet drain with new sewer pipe

    60's ranch, with single bathroom. Tile over concrete slab. Toilet is about a foot from exterior brick wall. Vent pipe is in interior wall behind toilet. There's a concrete patio outside the bathroom, that extends about 10 feet from the wall. I'm considering adding an ADU in the back yard, and it...
  14. L

    Soil pipe going outside.

    Hi, I've not posted for a while, not a plumber, but a keen DIYer who likes to try and do things without bodging if I can. Basically I'm wanting to create a cloakroom toilet in our utility room, theres already hot and cold feed so thats one job made slightly easier, thankfully. The problem I'm...
  15. S

    Re-soldering a previously soldered joint

    I'm putting a new yorkshire fitting on the end of a pipe from which an old fitting has been removed. Do I need to remove all traces of old solder from the pipe end before applying the new fitting, or is it sufficient just to clean up the old solder coating in the same way as I would a 'bare'...
  16. back2thefuture1

    Boiler condensate pipe fitted behind plasterboard

    Hi everyone I hope you can help. We were getting some work done and our builder attached the boiler condensate pipe to the sink waste pipe. This was all then covered with dot and dab. Shown in the picture, red arrow. So the only thing visible now is a round pipe from the wall. We are yet to fit...
  17. H

    How to blank off this water pipe?

    I need to cap off a water connection which is the water pipe connector to an M15 hose pipe from a kitchen sprayer tap. I have included images so you can understand my problem. Can anyone tell me the best way to blank off that pipe. (That's the vertical brass pipe in the photos)
  18. M

    Sewer pipe trap issue possible

    Need some advice, neighbors sewer drain keeps blocking up every few months. My wife and I have always chipped in with the other three neighbors for unclogging tho we never experience ours clogging up. Sure we had it clog up once and had it blown out with high pressure water from local plumber...
  19. M

    Clay to 110mm plastic soil pipe fitting

    Has anyone seen this fitting before clay to 110mm plastic
  20. N

    gas service pipe under slab

    I have decided to remove the timber floor boards and joists as they are effected by damp and rotting. Was hoping to infill and have slab and screed floor. There is a gas servile pipe under the floor which enters the property below the joists at the front of the house and comes up under the...
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