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  1. O

    Waste pipe replacement

    Hi I want to replace the 32 & 40mm waste pipes that connect to my external soil stack, not enough fall so not draining. Should I make a new hole lower down below the boss branch to insert the new pipe or is it best to just replace that section completely and connect to the stack a bit further...
  2. M

    Best way to hide a high waste bath/shower pipe?

    Hi guys. So at present in my bathroom I have a bath and panelling that runs for approximately 2.5m along the wall. This hides a high waste pipe (one that doesn’t go under the floor of the bathroom) which runs along the wall. Next to this is my toilet, and this same pipe that is hidden by the...
  3. A

    toilet pan waste pipe

    I hear flexible waste pipe is better than non flexible one as the flexible one sits tightly into the soil pipe. Does one know whether one should apply glue onto the flexible waste pipe when inserting it into the soil pipe?
  4. H

    Unvented pipe work

    Hi all Have recently had to service unvented cylinders and came across a few minor problems, like tundish over 600mm away from PRV etc. How do I categorise these as I don’t think I could ncs them as in gas work. Plumed them in but first time inspecting. Thank you Huw
  5. P

    Concrete toilet waste pipe

    Evening everybody I've seen a few threads on this topic but was hoping for some specific advice if possible. We've recently moved in to a 1930s semi that was a half completed project for the previous owner. The downstairs cloakroom is our first job - we were hoping to box a new toilet cistern...
  6. M

    Drips of Water from Pipe Next to Boiler?

    I have a small pipe (Picture below) just above my boiler that I noticed yesterday has had a few drips of water come out of it, it was a fairly rainy day so thought it may be related, however thinking about it it may have been dripping for months. Searching the internet the suggestions are...
  7. J

    Flow gauges for central heating pipe work

    Whilst installing a new heat only boiler today I thought why don't we have flow gauges, in litres per min, on the flow immediately after the pump and then on the return near the boiler? This would allow us to see in real time the performance of the pump and the loss of flow around the system...
  8. B

    Cylinder pipe sizing for new hot water system

    Current system: Combi boiler with direct cold water all on 15mm pipes. 28mm outside diameter lead pipe from supply converted to 15mm copper to kitchen tap and then onwards to bathroom. Proposed new system: No more instant hot water from combi. Replace with hot water cylinder with 2 heat...
  9. N

    Waste pipe size query

    Hi, I have a basin trap that has a 35mm chrome waste pipe supplied. I was wondering if this can converted to standard 32mm pipe as the chrome isn't long enough. I seems odd that the Chrome pipe isn't a standard size? Thanks
  10. U

    Advice on capped pipe into boiler cupboard

    Hi all, The attached pictures should say more than I can but basically there is a capped pipe into the top of our boiler cupboard (22mm). It is capped off here (see image 1). This then runs up to near ceiling level then turns 90 into external wall (see image 2). Image 3 shows possibly said...
  11. Z

    Blocked Saniflo outlet pipe

    I've got a job with a saniflo that's not put pumping away, the cause of which being the waste pipe downstream of it being blocked. Not entirely, but only letting mains pressure through at maybe 1ltr/min say. It's run in copper right out to the stack as far as I can see, so it should be able to...
  12. J

    Old school 1/2 inch pipe

    hiya! Long story short I’m doing my very first plumbing job along with a friend and we have been patiently getting together sockets straight connectors, adapters to work with 15ml inlet to a on off tap that then goes to a 22mm shower. Hasn’t been easy until now... but then I try and connect a...
  13. giznorm

    Soil pipe and rainwater - is this set up legal?

    Hello everyone, I could do with some opinions on the drainage set up at a house I am buying and would really appreciate your advice. I've been searching online for weeks but got conflicting information. I'm trying to see if the changes made to drainage are legal. The previous owner moved the...
  14. J

    Boss strap on a thin wall clay pipe troubles

    Went to put a boss strap on what i thought was PVC pipe, ended up being a thinwall clay pipe. Is their any way over this apart from a shower waste pump? This is in a bottom floor flat with two flats above. Any help much appreciated. The boss strap was for a low level shower. Jim
  15. M

    Drilling into a soil pipe joint

    Hello, is it unheard of to install a mechanical boss onto a soil pipe joint? The only part of the soil pipe that is above the line of the plasterboard is the joint and I was wondering if anyone has attempted to drill into it? I can’t find any answers online so I’ll assume it’s a stupid...
  16. H

    Mixer shower pipe sizes

    Hi, We have a mains shower mixer. It used to be a Mira but I replaced the mixer tap some years ago. Just recently I thought I'd replace the shower head too because it's getting long in the tooth and the swivel ball joint is rather corroded and has lost some of its chrome plate. So I purchased a...
  17. P

    Replacing toilet with waste pipe on side

    Im re-tiling the floor in my toilet and at the same time am replacing the toilet. The old toilet had the waste pipe come out from the side of the toilet and connected to the pipe that runs through the side wall of the toilet. From what I can see, new toilets with the waste on the side are a...
  18. A

    burying gas supply pipe

    The gas meter is outside the house on the side wall, we want a gas stove at the opposite end of the house so our plumber will run a new supply from the gas meter area along the front wall of the house to the opposite end, it will need to be buried. What depth should it be as we could dig the...
  19. D

    Toilet pipe is leaking at the back..

    Hi. The pipe that goes straight into the toilet at the back was leaking. I have moved the toilet away from the pipe but am struggling to seperated the white bend from the grey straight pipe. Any ideas? What is the correct method. Do I twist or pull?
  20. G

    Calculating shower waste pipe fall

    Simple questions, I hope: When planning the run of the waste pipe from a new shower, do I calculate the fall from the shower tray surface or from the shower trap outlet? I'm working on a required fall with 40mm pipe of 18mm per 1m and I have a 2m straight span to cross. Is this correct?

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