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A smoking pipe is used to inhale the smoke of a burning substance; most common is a tobacco pipe, which can also accommodate almost any other substance. Pipes are commonly made from Briar, Heather, corn, meerschaum, clay, cherry, glass, porcelain, ebonite and acrylic.

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  1. B

    Soil pipe cross flow between sink and shower

    Attached is a ground floor picture of the soil pipe in our home. There was originally a toilet which has now been permanently capped off and you can also see a sink waste pipe attached. My plan is to drill out one of the 50mm sockets directly opposite the current sink waste for a new 40mm...
  2. B

    Elevated moisture on floor despite pipe pressure test ok

    Hi. I had a pressure test done on the toilet connection tap. Test showed no leak. However, thermal imaging showed elevated moisture levels around the tap (& toilet (on the floor). I am wondering if it is possible that there could their have been a long time (ie years) slow leak from the pipe /...
  3. E

    Connecting to black rubber mains pipe

    I have a cold mains in that is a black flexible rubber looking pipe. Please see photo 1. It is currently connected to a 22mm stopcock. I’d like to send it 90 deg to the right. This is so I can lower the shelf above it and have the mains come in at a more convenient place. See photo 2 (with...
  4. G

    New boiler fitted - light visible around pipes going to outside.

    Hi, had a new boiler fitted, didn’t notice at the time of fitting. you can see daylight around the overflow and condensate pipe, not an issue at present but should this be sealed to stop cold air coming in?
  5. Z

    Mains pipe in pitched roof??

    I need to get a 22mm mains to an unvented tank in my loft. Is an old house and the first part of the roof is pitched and sloping from the inside. The easiest way to get it into the loft is straight up the wall internally and then into the sloping roof the other side of the plaster board. This...
  6. G

    Identification of UFH Pipe Fitting

    Morning, Doing some work on our UFH manifiolds and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to let me know what the T-fittings in the picture are, thought they might be some kind of tektite fittings? Many thanks.
  7. S

    Extending Pipe Centres

    Hi there, so I have 0 plumbing knowledge here so sorry if I say the wrong things. Currently we have a Mira Moto Shower ( equivalent to Minilite) which we want to replace. Current pipe centres are at 110cm. We like our tiles and ideally just want to replace the shower as the mixer valve has...
  8. P

    Can't get shower inlet loose from pipe

    Hi, in order to replace the solenoid on my shower I need to take it off the wall (bad shower design). I've got all the electrics disconnected, it's detached from the wall itself and I've unscrewed where the water pipe from the wall connects to the shower inlet (I'm sorry I don't know the right...
  9. d36csr

    Where to get repairs to pipe freezer compressor done?

    I have a Freeze Master EZEFREEZE electric pipe freezer that's stopped freezing. Sounds normal when on, but does nowt. I understand that Freeze Master have a collect and repair service, but I'm nervous about essentially writing them a blank cheque. Does anyone have any thoughts as to how I can...
  10. F

    Flush pipe seal leaking

    Hi all, New to this forum and new to plumbing. Only just passed Level One plumbing. I am having to go back and look at a leak from the back of a WC. The flush pipe is chrome and I have replaced the flush pipe concertina seal. The seal seems to being pushed out of the WC when flushing. The size...
  11. M

    URGENT Leak on the pipe / wall junction

    Hello all, I realised yesterday that I now have a massive leak coming from the where the pipe below the sink goes into the wall. Every time water is used (sink, washing machine, dishwasher), it leaks from the junction of the pipe / wall. You can see on the pictures that there is some gross...
  12. H

    Help with leaking connector pipe under bath

    I've got a leak at the connector next to the p trap under my bath at point 1. on my attached photo. I unscrewed it and pipe A hardly goes into pipe B - it's almost flush with the start of B. Assume the rubber seal (can't spell) has failed - there's not much chance of water passing through...
  13. Naseemkhan1682

    Converting house into flats, do I need larger main pipe?

    Hello, I am converting a house into 11 flats run by electric only. Each flat will have a kitchen and a mini electric boiler to power the sink and the shower. We were told by a plumber that we would require a 50mm diameter supply from the water board, this is quoted at £11,000. We have also...
  14. safoostar

    Ok to leave thinset around copper pipe?

    I had a history at my home with the oring failing on my tub spout leading to water leaking through the pipe opening in the wall. I had put new o-rings but for extra precaution I sealed up the space around the pipe with thinset. This was about 10 months ago. Now I’m wondering if long term this...
  15. ameliacm

    Combined rain/sewage pipe hindering fresh air

    Hi there, Apologies for the mammoth post but my neighbours and I really need some advice... I recently purchased a flat that was built in 2016. The apartment is still under the NHBC 10yr warranty. Since moving in, I discovered that the rainwater pipe that runs through my winter garden balcony...
  16. A

    Smelly combined pipe running through winter garden balcony

    Hi there, I recently purchased a flat that was built in 2016. The apartment is still under the NHBC 10yr warranty. Since moving in, I discovered that the rainwater pipe that runs through my winter garden balcony at one end of the property is connected to a combined water/sewage system with the...
  17. D

    Identify shower and pipe.

    Hi all sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. We have bought our house and the shower has packed in.. all I know is that it is a multi steam shower... Imoulled it out and think I need a few things replacing but I don't know where to look or what I am even looking for... the area we are is...
  18. J

    unknown pipe in old fire-place.

    All, Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am in a bit of a predicament. I have recently had a stove fitted in a chimney that had a disconnected and capped gas fire. The old gas line went straight out the back wall and was visibly capped a short distance from the gas meter. A simple pull out job. Upon...
  19. B

    [Chemical] flush of existing pipework after lead pipe replacement?

    Hi there, Have bought an old house and am having the old lead water mains pipe replaced and a new stopcock location/piping installed after massively high readings from water testing by the water company. Also buying new plastic water tank to start afresh so to speak. Pipework/joinery looks to...
  20. G

    safe to leave isolation valve turned off on flexible pipe?

    Hi I have a problem with my flexible pipes on my sink. They need replacing but we are going on holiday so won't be able to get this done till we get back. Is it safe to leave isolation valve turned off on flexible pipe connected taps for a longer period as it will be 2 weeks? Will it cause any...
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