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A smoking pipe is used to inhale the smoke of a burning substance; most common is a tobacco pipe, which can also accommodate almost any other substance. Pipes are commonly made from Briar, Heather, corn, meerschaum, clay, cherry, glass, porcelain, ebonite and acrylic.

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  1. M

    Condense concealed drainage pipe work?

    Hi all. I have a couple posts regarding this issue going at the moment. I’m having to try and help out the in-laws with an underground drain and I’m struggling for ideas. I’ve found this item in the picture online but I’m unsure what pipe would be best? The reason we’re having to do it like...
  2. J

    Why hot water copper pipe is 22mm and cold is 15mm?

    Hi All, I have this silly question. Water pressure for hot water is a bit low while cold water has a decent pressure. Why do they put 22mm copper pipes for hot water? It seems detrimental for already low pressure. Best regards
  3. J

    How to connect this black pipe?

    Hi All, These push fit type pipes are in the bathroom, they twist but I was not able to disconnect the long 35mm black one - quite tight fit. Is there any compression type connector or flexible connector I can use to connect these two pieces or any transition to 40mm system? I have cut it to be...
  4. B

    Mira 915B Pipe Centres

    I am trying to get information for a customer about the pipe centre size for the old style mira 915B. Can anyone help?
  5. A

    Cream Polyorc pipe???

    Does anyone know what this pipe is and what philmac adapter i would need to for both pipes either side of the bottom stopcock to install a new one
  6. scott_d

    soil pipe deburr tool?

    Anyone use a drill attachment for deburring soil pipe or just whip a grinder around?
  7. A

    JG or hep fixings for pipe extension?

    Want to extend a rad. Need longer pipe work. It say H & B on the flexi pipe (10mm) will this be JG or hep fittings. Just need to extend around 200mm. Thanks
  8. P

    Is this drainage pipe needed

    Hi Everyone I have just removed a floor to find out where a WC waste pipe goes. As you will see from the picture, it branches off a long way and is then capped off. I cannot see that it needs this long extension on the right hand side, running along the wall. I presume I could cut it back to...
  9. M

    Improvised high level flush pipe.

    Hi all. I need to improvise a flush pipe some how. Anyone managed to do this with waste pipe at all. Basically the cistern is on the back of a 2 inch stud wall of where the toilet will go. The pipe cannot go straight down due to a washing machine needing to fit into the space below the...
  10. R

    What are you using to cut stainless 88.9mm pipe.

    We are using a the rigid 65s pipe cutter for the smaller stuff but we have a load of 88.9mm x 2mm stainless coming up and was looking for a decent pipe cutter. Any suggestions?
  11. D

    Mystery pipe at the back of the toilet trap

    Mystery pipe at the back of the toilet trap Hi, we have moved into a house with a nice but old toilet, double trap I think, maybe syphonic? It fills up to the top before draining. I was going down the route of it having the wrong syphon fitted but noticed this pipe that has had a stopper put on...
  12. G

    Do I have the right products to cap off a lead water pipe?

    I need to cap off an old lead water pipe in the garden as I have an new MDPE pipe water supply. I have a Screwfix FLOMASTA COMPRESSION REDUCING LEAD TO COPPER COUPLER 7LB 1 X 15MM (53125) A piece of 15 mm copper pipe. A FLOMASTA SOLDER RING STOP ENDS 15MM 10 PACK (68435) Obviously just one of...
  13. B

    Pipe best used for joist floors

    What pipe for plumbing Radiators and domestic do most plumbers use for upstairs with joist floors on new builds these days iv used copper and hep but resently bout a press but never tryied it on a 1st floor with joists is it viable to do it with the 16mm pipe and 20mm pipe as its not as...
  14. A

    Plumbing issue, broken pipe

    Plumber unblocked our drain but in doing so managed to break another adjoining pipe. The pipes were hidden. This led to water damage when he checked to see if blockage was cleared. Where do I stand?
  15. J

    Vanguard 3m pipe tube

    Dear all just bought this and tried to install yesterday. Item is rubbish. Washer missing from bt which is needed to stop bolt turning. Other 3zwasher badly made and don't got bolt heads. Spent ages making own new washer and hammering bits to fit washers. In hindsight should have returned...
  16. G

    SP140B vent pipe adaptor fitting

    Hi, ive recently purchased a Sp140b adaptor for cement pipe to 110mm plastic. When I've looked the vanes end is fine to put into cement pipe but where it has described the other end as push fit I was expecting to see some kind of o ring or seal for 110mm plastic pipe to slot into. Would I be...
  17. M

    How to replace gas pipe clips?

    I have a copper 22mm gas pipe about 10m long fitted to the outside wall by a Gas engineer using plastic clips with spacers. The clips have become brittle with age and are breaking up. The pipe passes through the brickwork and has no flex in it. Any ideas on how I can replace these clips as the...
  18. D

    Slight damage to 15mm Hep2 barrier pipe querry

    Hi All fitting 15mm Hep2 barrier pipe for central heating, Ive spotted a small rub on a pipe. Like it been caught with a tool of some kind. I can feel it with my finger, about quarter of a mm deep. Will I get away with it, or should I strip out. I want to keep an un-broken feed. It will end up...
  19. blawford

    Joining to old water pipe

    Just bought a (relatively) old house (1957) and the bathroom seems to be the original. Need to change over the taps on the cast iron bath and I'm not familiar with the pipework I am looking at or the most efficient way to join to something more modern (preferably flexible tap tails with...
  20. B

    Dishwasher drain pipe

    The Problem: I put the dishwasher drain pipe into the exit pipe (see pics) and I sometimes get water overflow out of the top of the exit pipe. The Solution: ???