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A smoking pipe is used to inhale the smoke of a burning substance; most common is a tobacco pipe, which can also accommodate almost any other substance. Pipes are commonly made from Briar, Heather, corn, meerschaum, clay, cherry, glass, porcelain, ebonite and acrylic.

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  1. Jonnyh88

    Heating engineer that understands single pipe systems, Birmingham UK

    I have inherited a single pipe central heating system in a large old victorian house, powered by a Worcster Greenstar 8000 and controlled by Honeywell Total Connect. The installer will not return my calls, and the system is not working efficiently. I need someone that can come and help sort it...
  2. T

    Condensate pipe and position.

    Hi guys. My plumbers a nice guy and shortly going to fit new boiler. My concern is no obvious way to connect condensing pipe. No down pipes on my property or drains. He's considering letting it go to ground between two houses. I m not sure.!!. Dont think he has any alternatives. Any ideas or...
  3. B

    Kitchen sink leaky pipe

    Hi, I've been trying to fix a leak from under the kitchen sink. I replaced a number of components and fixed one leak from the trap, but now have another leak from the join to the waste pipe. See below (1). I have 2 different types of pipe (2 & 3) and not sure how to connect them to a tight seal...
  4. S

    Polybutylene Pipe - how long it will last

    Hi all. Recently we had burst pipe. We are owning house for less than a year. It was build 2009. Plumber said that all house and half of suburb have same Rubbish Polybutylene pipes which one after some research in internet were banned in US, but some how still were using in Australia. Is anyone had...
  5. K

    Distance between Hot & Cold pipes?

    Hi all, I was just wondering when running hot and cold copper pipes side by side is there a minimum distance they should be apart according to regulations? Thanks P
  6. E

    What is this mystery pipe?

    I am renovating an old mining terrace in the Welsh valleys (uk) and I have come across a mystery, I have my mains water supply to my property and a stopcock near the front door that cuts off all water to the property. However I also have blue pipe coming from the floor in my kitchen, also with a...
  7. J

    Pex pipe oxygen barrier

    Fast one for the experts Does the oxygen barrier prevent o2 from entering the pipe on lets say a negative flow or o2 out on a positive flow.or neither??
  8. D

    How to remove elbow from microbore pipe

    Hello, I want to change the valves on a radiator but am unsure of how to remove the elbow joint that goes into the plastic pipe.
  9. V

    Central Heating - Blocked 22mm return pipe?

    Hello all. I've just joined, was going to post in the new members forum, but the first site generated email sent me here... I am here, as have a challenging and interesting problem, which I'll try as best to describe below keeping to the point and as short as possible, to avoid boring any of...
  10. L

    Pipe Centres too Narrow for Bar Shower

    Hello, I’m having a bit of an issue trying to fit a mixer shower bar, the pipe centres are around 3/4mm too narrow! I’ve attached a photo below, is there a simple fitting I can by to narrow the pipe centres by a few mm?
  11. A

    External copper pipe insulation

    I had a combi boiler fitted in the garage recently which has meant a lot of copper pipe external to the house and throughout the garage. Metres of it. None of it has been lagged what should I do and or have expected from the installer.
  12. J

    pump on solid fuel to overcome pipe drop

    Hi Looking at some time connecting my solid fuel boiler up to HW cylinder, problem i have is where cylinder is the first floor drops by about 350mm so can not get a continues rise in pipe work, attached should be a diagram i think would overcome this issue, can you see any issues with what i...
  13. H

    How to replace outside stopcock in a rusty steel pipe

    What’s the correct way to replace a (jammed and leaking) stop-cock in an old and corroded ½ steel pipe without damaging the pipe? The pipe in question is a main water supply pipe for a house and dates from (I guess) the 1970s. It’s from a shared supply for myself and the neighbouring half dozen...
  14. T

    Pipe Hammer Increasing

    Recent hammer started to get violent. 30yr old extension retained galvanised pipe riser to 1st floor and an unvented hot water cylnder installed (no header tank). No problems until last 9 months or so when pipes began to hammer on turn on/off taps/cistern (grnd and/or 1st). Recently this has...
  15. J

    Leaking compression joint with plastic pipe.

    Yes, it me again. I have a leaking compression joint that is connected to plastic pipe. I have now read elsewhere that it is not a good idea to connect plastic into compression joints. It DID have an insert in the plastic pipe. I decided to use plastic JG speedfit pipe in the compression...
  16. I

    URGENT Flush pipe size 2” tapering to 1 1/2”

    Hi ive been asked to fix a leak on a flush pipe. I’ve never come across the pan type before. It looks like a closed couple but has a short flush pipe at the back. The pipe was clearly cut too short. it appears to be a 2” flush pipe going into the cistern but I looks like it’s 1 1/2” going into...
  17. B

    DHW recirculating loop connection to cylinder

    Can the return pipe in a domestic hot water recirculating loop be connected to the cold feed to a direct HW cylinder
  18. P

    Moving pipe work for Underfloor Heating

    I am doing some work for a client which involves moving some pipe work for the underfloor heating. They would like it moved the adjacent wall so they can install a washing machine in the cupboard. I have included a picture below of the fixtures and the walls. Question is, can it simply be moved...
  19. J

    Neighbour's Waste Pipe

    Hi Looking to 'crowd-source' some public opinion on this one. I bought a studio apartment on 30th September 2022 and I'm currently working with contractors to refurbish it. I'm 39 and it is my only property (I'm no property tycoon). Next door's bathroom is on the other side of the wall to my...
  20. R

    Air lock in boiler return pipe

    I have a issue which I’m assuming is an airlock in the return pipe just above the boiler. The pipes go up and over and then enter the boiler at the bottom. The boiler fires up normally but the heat doesn’t get far and the the pipes next to the boiler make like a fluffing noise. I’m not the most...
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