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  1. M

    Hot water to multiple commercial kitchens

    Hi all, Hope all are well. I’m in the early stages of renovating an industrial unit. The fit out is to have 7/8 commercial kitchens, these kitchens will have reasonable output, i.e. high street takeaway in terms of their demand. The unit has 3 bar of pressure and 25 litres a minute of water...
  2. B

    Not hot water in two outlets

    Hi Guys Need to pick your brains if you have a moment. I attended a flat where in one bathroom the hot water on the basin had major low pressure. In the Ensuite shower it was the same issue in the hot water. All the other hot water outlets in the property had good pressure. Bath and kitchen...
  3. G

    studio flat heating and hot water

    asked to specify for very small studio flat, architect has drawn a combi boiler, 2 radiators, heated towel rail and shower, basin, kitchen sink, washing machine. seems overkill to me, in the past i have used electric shower, 15l 3kw Ariston for hot water, and electric panel heaters, but he is...
  4. chloeradhsaw

    Baffled By Cylinder Hot Water Draw Whilst Cold Water On

    I had my indirect hot water cylinder removed a few days ago and the central heating boiler and pump is turned off at the fuse spur right next to the boiler. I have been without hot water for a few days which is fine - The plumber left the flow / return to the cylinder uncapped as well as the...
  5. S

    Hot water, low-pressure

    Hi today, I installed a new kitchen tap, isolated the stopcock I’m drained down the hot water when turn the stopcock back on the pressure outside the kitchen tap was weaker. Strangely, the bathroom tap has good pressure this is for the hot both colds a good pressure Any advice please?
  6. J

    Bathroom hot water sink tap. Low flow

    Hi, Just had a new bathroom fitted and have a pathetic flow of hot water from the sink tap. It wasn't great before. I can't get hold of a plumber, but any ideas as to what this might be? I also noticed that the pipes that feed the hot tap go into the loft? I know nothing about plumbing, but is...
  7. T

    Y plan provides hot water when turned off

    Customer complained of hot water tank getting hot when no demand Y plan system couldn't see any issues so I watched it Timer set to CH only, HW off Thermostat turned to on Heating comes on as normal, valve moved to CH position After around 20 minutes the 3 way valve moves to mid point and...
  8. H

    Water not always hot

    A bit of advice please. My water heating is fine if we are at home and use the system everyday. The water heats up at the correct time and to the temperatire required. If we are away for a couple of days however we only have warm water on our return. Basically the water is not being heated up...
  9. Eddiez

    Hot water balancing issue

    What position should hot water valve be as my kids have tampered with it and hot water isn't as hot anymore
  10. K

    Two radiators not getting hot

    Hi, I have a sealed system with 18 Rads/towel rads which is run by a greenstar boiler with a sealed hot water tank. I'm using a tado thermostat and the Pump is a 15/50 Groundfos. The issue is there are two radiators that are cold. So I closed down every radiator except for these two, apart...
  11. C

    Black oily bits coming from hot tap

    Hello there. I wonder whether anyone could suggest what may be the issue with the hot water in my bathroom. I have asked four different plumbers who have come to the house to do work and none of them had a clue. Basically, when I turn on the hot tap on the bath, black bits come out in the...
  12. E

    Hot water low temperature and pressure. (Diagram and data provided).

    Hot water temperature is low. This varies at different flow rates. At 8lpm it is around 37deg (c) At 2lpm it is around 49deg (c) 8lpm is around the max flow rate. It is around the same flow rate / temperature at all taps (upstairs bath / upstairs sink / downstairs kitchen / downstairs...
  13. Tom020

    Hot water back flowing

    Hi, I've got a cold water storage tank which feeds the hot water cylinder below. The hot water is backflowing up to the cold water tank and then overflowing now and again. If i put a non return valve on the cold feed to the cylinder would this just push the water up to the vent pipe? There are...
  14. C

    Hot water service in home

    Please forgive the length of this post, but I must provide all the information to fully explain the issue. I am completely perplexed! My 43 year oldhome is in the country, on a well. Recently, I had a 20+ year old 40 gallon propane hot water heater professionally replaced. The house service line...
  15. M

    Taking hot water feed from expansion pipe.

    I fitting a new Mira shower in a slightly different position in the bathroom. It’s going to be easier to feed it with cold water from main cold cylinder feed and from a connection to the hot water cylinder expansion pipe. These are just above the shower position. the pipes are both 22mm and I...
  16. B

    Shower going cold, hot water supply gets cut off completely?

    I have a new shower that has worked fine, albeit with low hot water pressure, for a couple of months. Now it starts hot, but then goes cold completely, sometimes after a couple of minutes, sometimes after less than 30 seconds. Meanwhile, on the side of the bathroom sink, there are no issues...
  17. A

    Kitchen tap running hot and cold

    Hi all We have an issue with a kitchen tap it seems to run hot and cold or Luke warm all the the other taps in the house are fine it’s just this one tap. It is a mixer tap and the combi boiler is about 2 metres away. It’s a Worcester greenstar. Is this an issue with the tap itself or something...
  18. F

    URGENT Vaillant boiler pressure drops only when hot water is on

    Vaillant ecotec boiler loses pressure when hot water is on and does not work. But heating is working fine with normal pressure . Help plz
  19. M

    No Heating or Hot water AlphaCD25C

    My partner has an Alpha CD25C fitted and worked until a couple of weeks ago. Intermittently it will switch off after working for 4-5 days. When checking the boiler lights A + B flashing red alternately and light D is green. Tried doing a reset and switching off the main power and restarting...
  20. A

    Hot water very slow new mains pipe fitted

    Hi all Just had a new mains water pipe fitted and the hot water is very slow almost a trickle. We have a combi vaillant ecotec pro 824 and it seems to come out fast to begin with then slows down considerably. It seems the boiler is struggling to provide hot water at the adequate rate that it...
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