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  1. R

    Fluctuating hot water after new rad.

    Hi, Just after some advice from someone that knows more than i do please . Boiler is a viessmann Combi boiler less than three years old. I recently replaced an old radiator and moved the location, I have cut and capped the old pipe work and added new. I froze the pipes to cut but one of the...
  2. S

    baxi duo-tec2 fault code e385

    as above driving me insane about ten people from 27/4 rescue looked at it can not find problem,i get hot and ch but it takes a while for it to come through all the time flashing 385 then all of a suden will fire up and be fine
  3. Z

    No switched live to boiler when hot water tank thermostat demands heat + CH staying on.

    Hi folks. I have a couple of issues, any help advice much appreciated. 1. When my hot water tank thermostat demands hot water (wired into Honeywell wiring centre), I do not get a switched live to the boiler. I get 69 volts ac for both on and off wires from the tank stat. I have fitted a new tank...
  4. G

    URGENT Overflow running when heating or hot water on

    Hi all, I have a customer with open vented system,cold feed from f&e tank is teed into flow just above cylinder coil where in enters attic as expansion/vent which terminates through roof The tank overflows whenever heating or hot water is on and stops as soon as boiler/pump goes off,so it’s...
  5. M

    Combined direct vented hot water cylinder

    Hi, I have a combined direct vented hot water cylinder installed in my flat and it works on economy 7. Just recently I have noticed that when I open a hot tap the water didn't come out warm and also after about 2 minutes the cylinder or pipework to it started juddering. Just in case the heating...
  6. Z

    Shower is not activating hot water?

    Hello all, first post here. My shower has been playing up lately. It feels like it's lost pressure and goes cold after a couple of minutes. The copper pipe for the hot water from the combi boiler is cold so it's not activating the hot water for some reason. If I run the tap that activates the...
  7. J

    Worcester 30cdi loud rumble after hot tap turned off

    Hi. Our Worcester 30cdi makes a very loud rumbling noise after the hot tap is turned off. It seems to be worse if the hot tap is only run for a short time. The noise is getting worse since this video was done. Any advice gratefully received.
  8. C

    Hot water variations

    We have a weird problem with the hot water in the house. The system is only three years old with a Potterton Promax Combi and a Megaflo cylinder on the ground floor. Around three weeks ago our mains pressure was fluctuating due to a mains problem and our hot water has been all to hell since...
  9. A

    Manifold hot cold plumbing

    Hello again. I'm moving forward with my new-build project on, I need to plumb my 3 wet rooms up stairs, a downstairs loo and kitchen/utility. Due to lack of availability of a decent local plumber I'm doing the work myself. I wanted to use manifolds for hot and cold supplies. 22mm to feed the...
  10. H

    Why is the water pressure non existence for hot water supply to shower?

    We bought an Edwardian semi detached house just over a year ago (previously a hotel, converted in the mid 90s). The shower (not power or pumped) had low pressure for hot water which got worse over time, then out of nowhere (hadn’t got round to getting anyone to look at it) it was great, better...
  11. G

    Replacement hot water cylinder query

    I'm going to replace my hot water cylinder with as close as I can to like for like. Replacing as it doesn't have an immersion heater. It's a copper vertical 140Litre tank in an indirect vented system and the inlets and outlets seem pretty standard, except it has an outlet for the shower that's...
  12. M

    Baxi Duo Tec 40 HE A Fluctuating Hot Water Temperature

    Hello All, I am currently having an issue with my Baxi Duo Tec 40 HE A not maintaining a constant temperature for the domestic hot water. With a thermometer under a tap & the domestic hot water thermostat set to 43 °C I get a fluctuating temperature from 51 °C to 38 °C which is clearly not...
  13. F

    No hot water can’t repressurise

    Hi I desperately need some help please. We have an oil fed heating and hot water system that has decided to stop working today. Done the obvious checks on the oil, which is fine. But they system is below 1 bar pressure. So suspect this to be the main issue. However I can not seem to be able to...
  14. 4

    Installing Shower Booster Pump

    My Son has converted a spare room into Bathroom in an extension of a long Cottage. The room is remote from the Boiler and Cylinder which feeds the existing Kitchen and 2 Bathrooms. An Inline Powerstream Water provides Hot Water to the Basin and Shower direct from an extended cold feed. This...
  15. A

    Is this pump installed correctly? Pictures keep getting air though the hot water.

    Hello everyone I was wondering if you could help me solve an issue I'm having with air in my hot pipes. I had a positive head pump installed in the airing cupboard as shown in the picture but it would not start without putting the shower head in the bath to increase the pressure. After a month...
  16. J

    Why is my hot water cutting out on waterfall tap mixer shower?

    Hey. Thanks in advance for any help. We have a set of waterfall mixer taps on our bath with a shower connection. Occasionally the boiler would cut out when we were showering. Now, of we have just hot water on, the shower is fine. If we add the slightest amount of cold water, the boiler cuts off...
  17. C

    Rerouting 28mm and 22mm pipes which were connected to old hot water tank.

    Hi I've started to renovate my bathroom and I've come across these pipes which were located in the tank cupboard. Given the property has a combi boiler will these pipes still be in use? If they are will it be alright for me to reroute them so they sit under the floorboards out of the way...
  18. B

    2 radiators on with hot water only

    Can anybody let me know if they've experienced 2 radiators gettng warm upstairs (both above the boiler) when the boiler is only set to hot water. It's a four bed house and the other 4 rads upstairs don't get warm so I'm guessing not divertor valve related which is only a couple of years old. I...
  19. J

    Hot Water Cylinder Temperatures

    150 litre cylinder, top 100 litres are heated by a coil (average temp 70C), the bottom 50 litres (or the whole 150 litres in summer) are heated by a solar coil. There are PT1000 probes fitted in numerous places and the HW zone valve is controlled very accurately by a spare output from the solar...
  20. S

    Penthouse flat, worst cold / hot water performance I’ve seen.

    Hi everyone, I’ve just assessed a top floor penthouse with what’s best described as Sod poor water pressure (1 bar standing, 0.25bar working) at 8/9 lmin... it has a conventional heat only boiler and cylinder in the utility, cold water storage and CH feed tank are about 3m higher in a...

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