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    Running out of hot water after 3 minutes

    I’ve had a new bathroom put in and having problems with the shower. The pressure is awful and runs cold after about 3-4 minutes. The hot water still comes out of the taps and we have another shower which has never run out of hot water after 15/20 minutes plus and is still working perfectly. The...
  2. M

    Hot water not working

    Hi. My Potterton Suprima boiler stopped working- red light on constantly. I replaced the PCB with a new one. Then the boiler worked fine but no hot water. Heating working normally. S plan system. The water would only work if I put the 2 port valve on manually. So I changed the actuator - Danfoss...
  3. S

    Problems with hot water on a gravity fed system.

    Asking for a neighbour. He has an old style gravity fed heating system with tank and immersion heater. He has just changed the pump and three way valve actuator. His heating works but if he selects hot water it turns the heating off. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.
  4. M

    Hot Water Mystery

    I'm hoping someone can shed light on this mystery for me. My son has moved into a rental flat and, not being very savvy with central heating controllers, I'm trying to help him understand how it works. And I'm trying to help him remotely which is making it very difficult. His flat has a combi...
  5. T

    Hot water not up to temperature

    Evening all, hope someone can give advice. I have a Baxi duo etc 24 HE A combi boiler and over night the hot water is not going above the digital display of approx 48 degrees. The burner and light does come and goes off, this still happens when the hot water dial setting is at max but the temp...
  6. A

    Very hot water and radiators after Summer.

    Suggestions please. I have an puzzling problem. I switched off hot water and CH in Summer. Baxi boiler. After a short period of turning hot watertap on the water was scalding. Assuming hot water coming from hot water tank? I switched on hot water and CH but hot water is still scalding and...
  7. J

    Gravity hot

    Hi, i have a customer who has been having their part2 float valves in the loft changed every two years. I thought this excessive so did some investigating. Have found that the bath shower mixer is on cold main and gravity hot. When customer put this on thw vent pipe let water into the tank. Has...
  8. P

    Hot water not getting into heating system

    Hello, I am look some advice. Our boiler heats the water for the radiators, but the hot water only makes it as far as this component ( pump is above it). It has a temperature sensor in it reading air temperature in the void, but I think it must have a cross over in it from the central heating...
  9. P

    Anyone know who makes this thermostatic shower valve?

    Has no manufacturer markings at all. Thanks.
  10. Z

    Thermostatic mixer shower problems

    Hi folks Firstly apologies if this has been covered before. I have just put in a new bathroom in my house. I have installed a thermostatic mixer shower and have a combi boiler system. When showering the boiler switches off and the shower goes cold, the boiler will then come back on but only...
  11. I

    Towel Rail on Hot water system

    Hi all Hope you can help... firstly, I'm not a plumber, but l like to be hands on If possible and try to understand things if I can. The problem I have is I had a new radiator/towel rail replaced in my bathroom which I tiled a while back. I had a local plumber plumb the radiator in which I...
  12. T

    Is it the tap or the vented hot water system?

    Hi all, I've got a customer with an Edwardian bath/shower mixer which gives her water that's either too hot or too cold. The taps are quarter turn, so ceramic disks of course, but even I couldn't get the hot water to come out at a safe temperature. I'm wondering if this is down to a failure...
  13. P

    Not hot water

    Hi.. I have a Trianco combi external oil boiler.. the problem i have is that i cannot get any hot water unless I turn the central heating on. If i turn any of the taps on ( mixture between normal and mixer taps) the boiler wont kick in. I have had the diveter internals changed but no joy. It...
  14. R

    Thermostatic Shower Interoperability Problem

    Hi guys, I need to replace a shower that has 22mm inlet pipes that I have been unable to repair. I do note that the majority of thermostatic showers now have 15mm inlet pipes. My questions are: 1. Is it possible to get some kind of adaptor to convert these two 22mm outlet to a 15mm one...
  15. A

    Unknown Thermostatic Cartridge

    Hi Guys, I have a leaking thermostatic cartridge and I'm trying to replace it but I cannot find the part number or any no-name ones with similar measuring. I bought the shower from Victorian Plumbing and it is the Milan Modern Thermostatic Shower in Chrome. It was bought in 2015 and their...
  16. C

    Hot water and heating on at the same time

    Hi. We have a baxi boiler conventional hot water system. We noticed that when the controller has hot water only selected that the radiators too get hot. I put this down to a faulty midway valve as the indicator on the valve was on w but both outlet pipes were hot. So yesterday we got a man in to...
  17. L

    Slow hot water after fitting new immersion tank

    Can someone please tell me what I have done wrong. Fitted a new tank exactly as old one recently but since then the hot water pressure up and downstairs has been really low. (E.g. A good 10/15 mins to fill kitchen sink) It is a gravity fed system. No gas. So far tried to clear any airlocks...
  18. H

    Shower going from hot to cold - Main Combi 24 Boiler

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping for some help/advice with my shower. I've a Main Combi 24 boiler, and my shower is from a mixer tap over the bath. When the boiler flame lights, the shower will be hot almost instantly, but a few minutes into the shower it'll go completely ice cold. I'm then soaped up...
  19. P

    Worcester 42cdi Hot water problem

    Hello, I have a problem with my Worcester Greenstar 42cdi. It was working fine until yesterday. when I noticed that the hot water would not get hot. upon further investigation, I am even more baffled. The boiler is in the upstairs bathroom. 1. Bathroom sink, (closest to boiler) gives warm water...
  20. R

    Can you still by Thermostatic showers with 22mm inlet pipes?

    Hi guys, Reviving an old thread, for which I have the same problem. Can one still buy thermostatic showers with 22mm (rather than 15mm) inlet pipes? I have a broken shower, and have discovered that we have established that the inlet pipes (hot and cold) to the shower are 150mm apart (centre...
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