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  1. B

    Hot water venting into header tank.

    Hi, I’m having a problem with hw venting into the small header tank. This happens when it’s set to hw only or CH. I’ve tried lowering the water level in the header tank but it makes no difference. The incoming hot water is being taken back into system via the primary circuit 15mm supply so...
  2. P

    Vented hot tank pressure problem

    I’m fitting a vented copper hot tank heated from a Stanly Range in a mobile home Due to height restrictions I cannot site a header tank. But can vent to outside. Is it possible to use a pressure reduction valve and connect to the mains gir water supply
  3. S

    Downstairs rad won’t get hot

    I have 2 rads downstairs and boiler plus 13 rads on first floor upstairs. All work apart from the one downstairs, I have changed this rad and valves and bled all, still no joy, pipes are stone cold too. Think it’s on its own separate drop as other downstairs rad is hot. Beginning to wonder if...
  4. K

    Distance between Hot & Cold pipes?

    Hi all, I was just wondering when running hot and cold copper pipes side by side is there a minimum distance they should be apart according to regulations? Thanks P
  5. N

    What can cause intermittent flow on hot tap?

    Can anyone advise? The problem is on a hot tap (not as the cold tap as shown) - the water intermittently stops and then goes to a trickle - turning the tap on and off the water then starts again - the next day it goes back to a trickle. I don't think it can be an airlock - is there a mechanism...
  6. M

    Oil Boiler gets too hot

    Hello everybody! I have little issue, and hope you will be able to help: I have very old oil boiler on conventional system. What happens is: When i turn central heating on, boiler is heating for about 1 hour, what happens at the end is pipes sound really loud(loud crackling sound) and overflow...
  7. B

    How long should I have my hot water coming on a day?

    I guess it all depends on the number of people living in a property and whether you have a shower everyday etc. But what's the recommended time I should have my hot water coming on a day. My local plumber stated an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening - seems excessive to me. Any thoughts?
  8. O

    Hot water from one tap but none of the others?

    We’ve recently installed brand new taps everywhere, including a 3-in-1 boiler tap, new pipes, new boiler in the loft. Hot water only comes through the bath tap. When the bath tap is turned on, the hot water will then come out all the other taps, but it doesn’t when they’re on their own...
  9. D

    Radiators hot upstairs and cold downstairs

    I've a pressurised CH system with a combination vented cylinder. I live in a two story house with 4 radiators upstairs and 4 downstairs. I recently had the CH pressurised and the cylinder also was replaced. The problems is that the radiators upstairs are getting nice hot but the ones downstairs...
  10. D

    Aqualisa Quartz not hot enough

    Hello all , So, very recently had an unvented cylinder put in inplace of the old gravity emersion tank we had, which fed our pumped quartz shower . We had a new digital processor installed to suit the unvented system but kept the riser rail, showerhead and control unit which we connected to the...
  11. Renier

    Do Combi Boilers only provide hot water at 100% Open Tap?

    Recently had boiler issues heat exchanger was replaced but water would still go Cold Randomly especially in the shower. Engineer says Combi boilers can only provide hot water if the turbine is spinning at max speed so you have to open the tap at 100% to get hot water. So he removed(broke) the...
  12. B

    All radiators are getting hot when we've only got HW on.

    We've been the house for just over 2 years. We've only just got around to figuring out this 'Y' plan system as we've never had one before. We've been using the immersion tank for hot water (using the electrical backup ££££) since we moved in, but with costs rising, I need to figure out where the...
  13. M

    Honeywell ST9400C - Have to put HW & CH on to get hot water

    May parents have a Honeywell ST9400C, when they want to heat up the emersion heater they have to switch the HW & CH on to get hot water. With the CH on as the same time the house gets very hot, just to have a shower! CAn any one advise what can be wrong?
  14. Tomjr98

    Range tribune HE no hot water??

    Ok guys so my Range Tribune He immersion heater stopped giving hot water a couple days ago (I’m a joiner with a limited knowledge in plumbing) also the hot water capacity was never that much it would do 2 showers a day. Any ideas of what’s up with it?
  15. A

    URGENT problem with water flow in a new mixer tap

    Had a new bathroom fitter, and the sink has these taps on Ideal Standard Tesi 1 lever Chrome effect Deck Mono Mixer Tap. The hot and cold water flow is reduced. But when the fitter took the taps off the water flow was increased, Could there be a problem with the new taps or is this because they...
  16. B

    Another Regular Boiler short-cycling on Hot Water problem...

    Hope someone can suggest where I should looking to resolve this one... I have a Bosch 30Cdi regular boiler on an S plan system with a 180L vented, indirect hot water cylinder. Boiler Temperature is set to 5 (67c) and the stat on the Hot water cylinder is set just below 60c. A Honeywell DU144...
  17. F

    Disconnect hot water

    Hi, I need to disconnect the hot water to the kitchen tap to repair a leak but there is nothing under the sink. We have a tank upstairs: Also, I followed this video but after loosening the screw with an Allen key, the handle will still not come off. I managed to stop the cold water. Any advice...
  18. N

    Can the ballcock valve 'stick' shut due to hot weather?

    Our attic water tank (which is boarded in and not easily accessible) decided to stop filling up today... (we couldn't hear it filling up) and with the temperature outside reaching 32+ I am wondering if this might have caused a problem. The temp this evening outside has gone down to 21 degrees...
  19. C

    Poor flow of hot water in bath

    The hot & cold pipes to my bath are 15mm, shouldn't they be 21mm. The hot water is feed from a hot water tank and is a dribble whilst the cold is very strong. Should I have the pipes changed to 21mm or would an electric pump on the hot water feed suffice? If fitting a pump, are they robust and...
  20. E

    Shower off combi running hot and cold

    I have a combi Halstead HE 30 in my loft, the past few days the gravity fed power shower runs between hot and cold The sink hot water taps are ok as far as I can tell, I have mixer taps. I look at the boiler code as the sink taps run, it stays on H, but when I use the shower, it switches...
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