1. F

    Flue advice on excess water coming out

    I've recently had a Baxi heat only boiler fitted and just noticed there is excess water coming out of the flue. I obviously will ring the company to get them back. I just wanted to get a bit of information beforehand. Can these flues be repositioned? On mine you can see the water pools forward...
  2. F

    Baxi 418 advice required before going ahead

    Under a boiler replacement grant I've been offered a Baxi 418 heat only. Has anyone any experience of this model? Apparently it has an aluminium heat exchanger but a lot of parts are combined into one so maybe costly if repairs are needed. Thanks
  3. S

    Advice on moving toilet from front of house to the back.

    Hi, I am wanting to have our toilet moved from the front of the house to the back. It would be moved straight back by about 4 meters but this would be away from the soil stack. Our house was built in 2006 and I presume the floor will be concrete. Is this possible? Thanks
  4. S

    Any advice for putting this shower in ?

    Hi All, Looking for some advice on my little bathroom project. I took the bath out. I got a shower jacuzzi thing. The base has 2 wheels in the corner. Do I assemble the unit first attach water and elec, and slide the very heavy unit in on the two wheels? Or do I get the base in the corner and...
  5. S

    Advice needed for a mixer Spray for kitchen ?

    Hello plumbers in my internet. So the Mrs want a spray mixer tap in the kitchen as we had two separate taps. I changed the tap for a temporary two hole mixer but the cold water pressure is high mains fed and the hot is low pressure immersion tank fed. I've been trying to find info on what I...
  6. Zach054

    Filling loop advice.

    Hi, after using bottom 2 to refill system. Should the 2 circled be left facing upwards Thanks
  7. W

    Can someone provide advice please

    I have recently moved appears the shower drain has become blocked and there is no inner cup to remove and clean. I believe the waste is a Coral shower part E6704 as in my pictures. My question is does this part unscrew to enable me to pull it out to gain access to clean the waste and...
  8. A

    Extractor Fan Advice

    A close relative has moved to a new property and there is a small ground floor toilet room with a non working extractor fan fitted to the ceiling. The make of the fan is "Sector" and when removing the cover it has two time settings I am guessing for how long the fan stays on after switch off...
  9. J

    Advice needed on pipe behind washing machine/dishwasher

    Hi all We noticed water suddenly backing up through the pipe for the dishwasher drainage pipe yesterday - first time this has happened. When I move the pipe up vertically, the issue goes away. The dishwasher is new and was installed a few months ago. Looking at the pipe on the wall it...
  10. E

    Lockshield replacement advice

    I'm redecorating the front room and have found one of the radiator trv leaking when adjusted, so I have decided to replace the trvs on all three radiators given there age, should I replace the lock shields also?
  11. N

    Need general advice regarding home C/H & H/W services.

    My daughter lives alone in a 3 bed semi in the west country. The house is 20 years old. The central heating and hot water are provided from a Glow-worm gas boiler working in conjunction with a Boilermate 2000. The central heating pipework is microbore. In view of the age of the boiler and...
  12. R

    Need advice on tapping into existing toilet drain with new sewer pipe

    60's ranch, with single bathroom. Tile over concrete slab. Toilet is about a foot from exterior brick wall. Vent pipe is in interior wall behind toilet. There's a concrete patio outside the bathroom, that extends about 10 feet from the wall. I'm considering adding an ADU in the back yard, and it...
  13. J

    Advice on drain layout - single storey French property

    Hi all, grateful for your expertise on the following. DIYer, not pro. Rural property in France Single storey. Septic tank. Late 80s construction with concrete slab subfloor. All of the waste pipes run in the concrete, and exit the property at the chamber as pictured, just outside the building...
  14. T

    Stopcock/valve advice please

    Hi everyone, I've joined the forum today as I've found myself going round in circles with what I think might be a pretty simple problem, hoping someone can help. Our dishwasher is leaking and the manual says this can be fixed by cleaning the water inlet filter. To do this, we need to close the...
  15. W

    Help - advice on installing shut off valves for basin

    Looking for advice please, our plumber has left us in it and I think I may know why. So they where supposed to be fitting a cloakroom sink putting the pipe work in the wall then fitting these black shut off valves and black trap but can’t see how this is possible the way the work has been...
  16. S

    Repiping Central Heating System Advice

    I am repiping my whole house and changing from combi boiler to a 30kW system boiler & 250Ltr or 300Ltr unvented indirect hw tank. Can somebody give advice on my rough plans/sketches for repiping my radiators using 22mm & 15mm. I have only shown the flow line as the return line will just be a...
  17. T

    Turning Water Off When Going Away

    I recently read a post / comment whereby there was a recommendation that if you are away from your home more than 24 hours, then you should turn the water off to avoid potential catastrophic damage. When I go away I have always tended to turn ours off, that's typically anything from a couple of...
  18. K

    Problem with shower - old style electric hot water

    Hoping someone can please help. I have an intermittent fault with my electric hot water. I have an older style electric hot water service that heats on controlled load over night. The large tank is in roof space of 60s built villa unit. Every few mornings, no hot water will come out of...
  19. M

    Clay to 110mm plastic soil pipe fitting

    Has anyone seen this fitting before clay to 110mm plastic
  20. B

    Leaking TRV

    Hi I have a leaking TRV on a downstairs radiator and need to get it replaced/fixed. Can anyone on here tell me the average cost to have this done professionally please?
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