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Citizens Advice (previously Citizens Advice Bureau and also known as Cyngor ar Bopeth in Welsh) is an independent organisation specialising in confidential information and advice to assist people with legal, debt, consumer, housing and other problems in the United Kingdom.The twin aims of the Citizens Advice service are "to provide the advice people need for the problems they face" and secondly "to improve the policies and principles that affect people's lives". This research and campaigns agenda also known as "social policy" is more preventative in nature and designed to stop problems arising in the first place.
Citizens Advice organisations emerged in the 1930s linked to the emergence of a fledgling social welfare service and the outbreak of World War II. Public funding for the organisation was cut following the war but restored during the 1960s and a government grant in 1973 allowed the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux (NACAB) to expand the charity. Citizens Advice has grown to be the largest independent advice provider in the United Kingdom. There are also a number of Citizens Advice organisations that base themselves on the United Kingdom advice charity mainly in parts of the Commonwealth including Australia, New Zealand, and Gibraltar.In 2013 the Citizens Advice Adviceguide website was visited by one third of United Kingdom's online population and Citizens Advice's own research shows that four in ten of the British population contact Citizens Advice at some point during their lives. In 2014 Citizens Advice celebrated its 75th anniversary and in 2015 the charity was named Charity of the Year at the 2015 Charity Awards. During the ten year leadership of the former Chief Executive Gillian Guy Citizens Advice expanded its remit taking on the contract for the Witness Service and the face-to-face advice element of Pension Wise.

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  1. R

    Advice on Flow and Thermastat

    I live in a very cold 3 bed detacthed house. We have a Baxi 400 heat only boiler and use Tado smart thermostat and controler to replace the old honeywell programmer. Pump is a CirculatingPumps CP50. The boiler flow temp is set at 75c and the thermistat is at 21c but it is not warm enough and...
  2. Badbobe

    Blocking Toilet Advice

    Hello, I'm seeking advice on resolving the persistent blockage issues with my downstairs toilet. A year ago, I replaced an 80s close-coupled toilet with a more affordable model. This new toilet is a back-to-wall type featuring a concealed cistern within a separate unit. Since its installation...
  3. P

    hep2O piping to rads advice

    Hi All I'm planning on replacing a couple of rads soon as they are far too small for the size of the room causing the room to take an age to heat up but they are all connected via what I assume is Hep2O nothing is labled on the pipes that route behind the rad just on the flap behind the rad...
  4. B

    Right on the edge of the limit?

    Had our gas Baxi Combi inspected and serviced today, as it has been every year. Gas safety cert issued and says all okay, but engineer gave what I think was very... ambiguous... advice. 12yo boiler with the following readings on the analyser printout: O2% = 4.1 CO ppm = 192 CO2% = 9.5 Ratio =...
  5. M

    URGENT Looking for advice or help

    I am repiping my radiators with pex al pex, manifolds. 2 zones one 4 rads and one 2 rads. I will have the circulator pumps on the return. The picture is sorta what I am going for My questions are: where should I install my expansion tank? what else should I have/add into the piping? if...
  6. spagettilegs

    Advice on changing my thermostat

    I have a Neura heat pump and my thermostat has failed (Theben RAM 797 b). I'm looking to replace it with another more modern one I can use with an app etc. My question is, can I replace it with any thermostat or do I require a very specific type thermostat to run the heat pump? Thanks for...
  7. B

    Compression fitting advice

    Hello, I'm considering fitting an isolator valve to 15mm feed to my toliet cistern. It would require cutting off an existing compression fitting for a flex hose, after which I'd only be left with maybe an inch and a half of pipe. I've never fitted a compression fitting before, can someone...
  8. D

    Choice of thermostat advice please

    Hi I'm having issues with my wireless Honeywell thermostat. It's sat in the living room, set at 18C currently. It makes my Worcester Greenstar 18Ri to short cycle. So, the moment it gets cold outside my boiler works for about a minute, then stops, and starts again in about 5 minutes, then...
  9. A

    Kitchen tap advice please

    Hi, basic question. I have a leaking kitchen tap. I'm a bit confused on the part I need to get. On Screwfix I can see "Flomasta 1/2 inch BSP quarter turn ceramic tap glands" - are these the right parts? But I can also see 8x8mm 20-tooth spines, 9x9mm 20-Tooth Spines and others - which of these...
  10. T

    Advice on new system

    Hi all, sorry about the long post but a novice here looking for some advice... I've just bought a 12 bedroom private house with 3 bathrooms that we're turning into a guesthouse. The property was built in the 1970's or so and has an oil fired boiler with a standard copper cylinder. As far as I...
  11. S

    URGENT Desperate need shower help

    Hi All - Apologies for what is probably a very sill question but I am trying to get a shower that attaches to my existing bath taps. I want one with an over head shower head and a hand held one but they all seem to come with thermostatic taps that involve drilling into the wall to plumb in. I...
  12. Shedgirl

    Advice on old style toilet

    Hi all, apologies in advance for my ignorance. I have an old style toilet with what I've researched is a ballcock. The toilet was screaming every time we flushed so I googled and found it was the diaphragm valve that needed replaced. I bought a pack of diaphragm seals and attempted to change...
  13. wardh-2023

    Rain Shower height advice?

    Hi, I am putting in a Rain Shower and I am quite tall. 192 cms. My concern is the rain shower is not height enough. I estimate the the distance between the top of the rain shower is going to be 12 cms and the top of my head. Is that enough? I want to get some guidance on what is the correct...
  14. C

    Advice on temporary shower feed before we move to megaflow

    Hi Everyone, I'm moving to a megaflow from a regular immersion heater set up. The house has several showers and at the moment they are fed by gravity feeds from the immersion (hot water) and a top floor tank (cold water). All the showers are powered by (pressure drop) pumps which are fed by...
  15. A

    Just a quick first post to say hello.

    Hi, Hoping some of you folks can steer me in the right direction. I have been self employed for the last 15years supplying services to the industrial gas market. That ranges from installing cryogenic storage tanks, pumps and pipework to high pressure Hydrogen systems and bulk LNG. My work has...
  16. F

    Advice on waste connection for bowl sink

    Hi, I need some advice connecting my bowl sink to the waste. There was a Insinkerator installed that I have replaced with basket strainer waste (Viva PP0011). I need to connect the waste but I find myself going around in circles in regards to selecting the correct parts. Thanks FrankW
  17. S

    Advice on old Osma soil pipe boss

    Trying to connect up new 40mm waste into the old soil stack (which would be an absolute pain to remove), it's all Osma pipe, from the 70s. Pulled out the old waste from the boss and discovered the seal is pretty knackered, hardened and cracked everywhere (red coloured seal in the photo)...
  18. J

    Advice on slot in replacement for shower unit?

    Hi all, I currently have one of these shower heads fitted in my bathroom : Milan Rectangular Rainfall Shower Head + Water Blade | Victorian Plumbing UK -...
  19. G

    Whirlpool/jacuzzi bath frame and tiling advice required please!

    Good morning! First post looking for advice on an issue I am having with a bath installation. Although I have installed many baths before, mainly using perimeter battens for support, I am attempting to install a fancy whirlpool/jacuzzi bath for my son. Plumbing and electrics are sorted but my...
  20. J

    Vokera combi advice please.

    I need to change some leaking valves and fit another radiator to the system. How long can I safely leave the boiler off and drained before there's an issue with the pump? It purges everyday at roughly the same time, but I doubt I'd get all the work done before it's next purge. It was left...
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