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Citizens Advice (previously Citizens Advice Bureau and also known as Cyngor ar Bopeth in Welsh) is an independent organisation specialising in confidential information and advice to assist people with legal, debt, consumer, housing and other problems in the United Kingdom.The twin aims of the Citizens Advice service are "to provide the advice people need for the problems they face" and secondly "to improve the policies and principles that affect people's lives". This research and campaigns agenda also known as "social policy" is more preventative in nature and designed to stop problems arising in the first place.
Citizens Advice organisations emerged in the 1930s linked to the emergence of a fledgling social welfare service and the outbreak of World War II. Public funding for the organisation was cut following the war but restored during the 1960s and a government grant in 1973 allowed the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux (NACAB) to expand the charity. Citizens Advice has grown to be the largest independent advice provider in the United Kingdom. There are also a number of Citizens Advice organisations that base themselves on the United Kingdom advice charity mainly in parts of the Commonwealth including Australia, New Zealand, and Gibraltar.In 2013 the Citizens Advice Adviceguide website was visited by one third of United Kingdom's online population and Citizens Advice's own research shows that four in ten of the British population contact Citizens Advice at some point during their lives. In 2014 Citizens Advice celebrated its 75th anniversary and in 2015 the charity was named Charity of the Year at the 2015 Charity Awards. During the ten year leadership of the former Chief Executive Gillian Guy Citizens Advice expanded its remit taking on the contract for the Witness Service and the face-to-face advice element of Pension Wise.

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  1. E

    Shower Pipework advice needed please

    Hi All I found this forum quite by chance this afternoon whilst looking for an answer to a plumbing question that I have following a rebuild of an annexe at our house. The annexe has a small ensuite containing a shower, washand basin and WC. The builder completed the work just prior to...
  2. S

    Solder fittings advice pls

    When using solder ring fittings is it important to have one end of the pipe open to allow pressure and fumes to escape? I had a terrible job trying to solder a short section of pipe with an isolation valve closed on each end. It wasn't till I redid the work and opened one end that I could get...
  3. N

    Advice for low pressure to electric shower

    Hi, i'm looking for some advice on improving the performance of my electric shower as it frequently fluctuates in temperature and flow. The 8.5kw shower was installed in April so is fairly new, the property however is a terraced house with 1.6 bar water pressure at the stopcock, any kind of...
  4. G

    Advice on corner TRVs

    All the corner valves I can find seem to be random chinese valves of suspicious quality. Are there and good quality corner TRV valves out there? It looks like the major brands like drayton and danfloss only make angled and straight valves but not corner. Any thoughts welcome!
  5. IMRS250

    Returning to the Gas after 5 years.. advice please

    Hi all, I was previously a member of this forum about 7 years back but lost my login details so started again! I moved abroad and packed in the gas for a couple of years and then returned to the UK and went to Uni to be a teacher. After realising teaching is a massive headache I want to get...
  6. T

    Advice on low-profile UFH system in ex-council flat.

    Hello all. First time posting so apologies if this is answered elsewhere. I am close to completing a purchase of my first flat, an ex-council place from the 1960s built in the usual concrete slab and brick. At present there is some ghastly pipe work for the radiators sprawling round every...
  7. K

    Decommissioning/purging advice.

    Hi everyone, I've weirdly had two small kind of commercial decommission jobs come in today and i dont do this stuff much. At some point I've had every ticket going but as I don't have a good memory or the time to look it up right now. I was hoping one of you guys could just shoot some answers...
  8. L

    Hot water pipe 'inline air release valve' - Question

    Hi, DIY homeowner here. Ist floor of house. Front bathroom hot water draws from cylinder which is heated by the Greenstar 28i Junior Combi located on the same floor. To get from cylinder to bathroom, the water goes up, horizontally over a stairhead, and back down into the bathroom. After...
  9. B

    Grohe mixer - advice needed

    Hi - my first post.... I have a Grohe Grohtherm 3000 (I think that's right but have posted pix for your thoughts). It's been working well but now when I turn it to the bath symbol no water comes out of the tap. However the shower mode still works. Any advice please?
  10. D

    Radiator off - Advice needed.

    Hi all, please could anyone help me with the following issue im having. I will start off with listing the scenario in case it helps. Boiler - Ideal Icos. Property - 4 bed System age - around 16 yrs. I have a problem in my en-suite, whereby i am unable to get the towel rail to heat up - this...
  11. S

    Drayton LWC1 wiring centre advice please

    Good morning all I hope you are all well? I am after a bit of advice please, I am looking to fit a Drayton LWC1 wiring centre into my boiler circuit as the wiring is incorrect, someone has linked the Neutral and HW off wires in the programmer circuit for some reason. Looking at the wiring...
  12. VsUK81

    Advice on DIY heatpipes

    Hi guys, looking for a bit of advice. I'm experimenting with heating solutions for my outdoor potting shed & workshop & I'm putting together an electric tube heater connected to copper heat pipes. Now I'm starting off small just as an experiment to see if I can do it & then upscale if needs be...
  13. J

    Shower replacement advice needed

    Recently moved into a house and have been told that a shower needs replacing as it has water coming out of the fittings when on and is increasingly hard to turn off. When looking for new showers we ideally want one that will fit into the current holes, and have noticed that some shower valves...
  14. M

    Advice re radiator valve

    I am a newbie to this forum and need some advice please. My daughter has just bought her first house and naturally Dad has been asked to do some diy jobs. She wants me to remove a radiator (so she can paint behind it) but I am not sure how to close the valve to be able to remove it as I notice...
  15. G

    Water pipes buried under floor advice needed

    Hello, I hope someone can help me. I'm in England. I would like to know if it's okay to bury copper water pipes under a concrete floor. I've tried to look up the regs but's it's like double dutch to me. The pipes will be wrapped in hessian, overlaid with PIR insulation and then screed. I don't...
  16. L

    need advice on new boiler

    can cylinder supply pipes on vaillant ecofit pure be capped or linked as zone valves fitted on existing system
  17. V

    Regular boiler advice

    I have a Worcester Bosch 24Ri regular boiler (open vent) which is 10 years old. It has been pretty reliable with only one fault (the fan unit gave up after 9 years) in last 10 years. It's also had one new burner, rubber seals and electrodes changed in services. I have noted that it's best to...
  18. S

    Non screw trv head units

    We have these trv’s which sort grip the value they dont screw on - can I buy replacements ?
  19. B

    Pump advice on pressurised system

    Hi all Following some advice earlier this year on here, I finally have new boiler due to be fitted soon. I’ll be fitting a low loss header as advised due to loss in Vaillant 637. I currently have a Grundfos usp2 on my open vent system which I was planning on using for the time being until the...
  20. T

    Through-wall tap mounting advice

    Hi. I'm looking for a bit of advice. First, I'm not a plumber, 2nd it's not a house, it's on a boat (probably doesn't make any difference). Maybe somewhat naively I've bought some wall taps on the internet and, by the time I've paid postage both ways, I might as well suck it up and not return...
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