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header tank

  1. L

    Can a Header Tank be connected to a Cold Water Tank?

    Hello, I live in a building that is a conversion of two terrace houses into several flats. One of the residents ("Roger") has been managing the cold water, hot water, and heating of the building for more than 30 years, and I have a question on whether his set up is legit. We have four water...
  2. K

    Hot water venting into header tank, this issue not covered on previous posts

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, I apologise if I miss any protocols My issue on the face of it has been covered many times, but specifically in this instance it makes no sense and I have not yet found a reasonable answer, if you can help it would be very much appreciated. I have an open vented...
  3. S

    VENTED central heating system - water circulating through header tank

    Two years ago, I requested a fully qualified plumber to change the location of the hot water cylinder in a vented central heating system. I wanted to move it from the first floor to the loft, which he did. During the last two years, I have often noticed when I have been up in the loft that the...
  4. S

    Header tank/Hot water cylinder

    Good morning, was hoping someone could tell me the minimum height the header tank needs to be above the hot water (indirect) cylinder. Many thanks in anticipation. Sam
  5. P

    Size of metal header tank for multifuel stove

    I'm planning on replacing a living room back boiler (in a fire place) with a 22kw multifuel stove. The stove will complement an existing oil boiler and feed the radiators serviced by that oil boiler and also occasional heating the living room without turning on the central heating. Back boiler...
  6. C

    Hot water in the loft header tank

    1st post. I have a gas C/H with a gravity feed to the hot water secondary circuit. Several times a day I hear bubbling/gurguling sounds (that may coincide with the room thermostat demanding heat). Checking the C/H header tank in the loft, I can feel that the tank is hot. There is a pressure...
  7. N

    Hot water running from CH header tank overflow

    Hot water is trickling from the header tank overflow pipe only when the CH is running. It is a dual system (CH or hot water with motorised valves) and no drip occurs when only heating the hot water. No drips either when boiler is off so the ball valve is OK. Now my small 2 up 2 down house only...
  8. J

    gate valve and vent on header tank outlet to speed future work

    Hi, about to replace some radiators, so need to drain system. While i'm doing it I'm thinking about doing a mod to make future drain downs quicker: Idea is adding a gatevalve on header tank outlet, and just below the gatevalve add a tee to a pipe that goes up to above tank level with another...
  9. N

    Central heating header tank seems to be overflowing...

    Can anyone advise... I believe it is the central heating (for radiators) header tank that is overflowing from time to time - ie once or twice a day for a few minutes (it appeared to start again today shortly after the central heating came on - and then the pouring/dripping stopped after a few...
  10. D

    Hot water 'back flowing' to header tank

    Hi all, Sure this has been answered many times but can't quite see previous post which covers this. I'm not a plumber which will likely become obvious! :D So, currently suffering from constant run-off from F&E overflow into garden - moderate flow, like a tap is on! The F&E tank is filling up...
  11. M

    Help with bacteria in header tank....biocide??

    I have an open vented CH system and it has been on my to do list to drain down and add cleaner. I have used Fernox products in the past but recently bought Corgi branded cleaner, inhibitor and boiler silencer at a good price from Toolstation. Prior to draining down I went into the loft to clean...
  12. T

    Header tank for solid fuel open vented central heating

    Hi there, Looking for a simple solution for a header tank for a solid fuel stove, open vented, pumped central heating system. Would like tank to be opaque, so level of coolant can be checked, obviously good for high temps (100deg plus?) roughly 2l capacity, and to have an overflow connection...
  13. N

    Problems draining old Worcester Bosch highflow 3.5 combi boiler with header tank

    Hi all. First post from a first time home owner, and very amateur DIY'er. I've inherited an old Worcester Bosch highflow 3.5 combi boiler when i bought this house. I'm needing to drain the system to give it a general clean, and to practice for fitting a new towel rail, and unblocking (or...
  14. L

    dripping overflow on header tank

    Hi, When my central heating has been on for a bit the central heating header tank overflow is dripping about one drip every second or two. Not such a problem at the moment but it wasn't doing this a month ago so I guess something has gone wrong. I have an old Vulcan Gas boiler. The water pump...
  15. J

    Loft Conversion-Boiler/Unvented

    HI all, I am currently in the process of having a loft conversion done, of which I need to upgrade/change the heating and hot water system as the house will be a 5bedroom with 1bathroom and 2 showerooms once complete. I currently have a Worcester Bosch condensor boiler which is 24kw, which has...
  16. V

    water feed to a combi???

    hi folks i'm new to the forum, i'm not a plumber but joining pipes/tubes together does come into my area of specialization being a welder/fabricator, however rules&regs/recomended practice on domestic water systems don't though. The thing is i've been to my uncles to replace a burst water pipe...
  17. W

    Open vent system refill potential problem???

    Hi im after a bit of advice, i have been asked to reposition a radiator for a family member in a hallway, they have also requested that i run pipework from this rad to a new one positioned halfway up the stairs on a small landing area, my querie is will this cause me problems when trying to...
  18. M

    Understanding my heating system

    OK I have a boiler & a tank. There are four pipes coming out of my boiler, two are very hot, two are cold (well neutral). My bills are very expensive at the moment and I think its because every time we want the heating on (radiators) the tank is heated up too. My understanding is the central...
  19. D

    quick pump question

    Hi, a really quick one.... I need to replace my central heating pump - should i go for a 15-50 or a 15-60? I know it refers to 5m or 6m head but does this mean the amount of head I actually have to the header tank or the amount of oomf the pump will deliver? Thanks
  20. L

    New member - Riello RDB lockout problem

    I have just joined the forum and I have found it to be a superb source of information. I was prompted to join to try and sort out the problems on my Camray 5 boiler. It is soon to be changed for a Grant external boiler but a friend of mine who is a registered installer has not managed to fit it...

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