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Working capital (abbreviated WC) is a financial metric which represents operating liquidity available to a business, organization, or other entity, including governmental entities. Along with fixed assets such as plant and equipment, working capital is considered a part of operating capital. Gross working capital is equal to current assets. Working capital is calculated as current assets minus current liabilities. If current assets are less than current liabilities, an entity has a working capital deficiency, also called a working capital deficit and Negative Working capital.
A company can be endowed with assets and profitability but may fall short of liquidity if its assets cannot be readily converted into cash. Positive working capital is required to ensure that a firm is able to continue its operations and that it has sufficient funds to satisfy both maturing short-term debt and upcoming operational expenses. The management of working capital involves managing inventories, accounts receivable and payable, and cash.

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  1. G

    Firebird Combi CH Not working

    Evening Gents. That time of year again the wife has demanded the CH Be turned on. However, im having an issue with it - It simply isnt turning on. The LED On the front panel illuminates to suggest the CH Has been turned on by the boiler, but nothing happens. The HW works perfectly normal. If...
  2. I

    Underfloor actuators working on one system but not on another?

    Downstairs I had a 12 port Hetta underfloor system installed by a plumber. Upstairs I installed an 8 port Hetta system myself using the existing pipework which had an old system on. Both systems are now fully Hetta with exactly the same components on (wiring centre, manifold, actuators...
  3. M

    Geberit Duel Push Button for Cisterns not working

    Hi, my Geberit duel push button has stopped flushing the toilet. When either button is pressed a small amount of water is released but not enough to flush the toilet. I have removed the plate holding the unit and pulled the 2 plastic tubes away. By blowing into the tubes the system flushes so I...
  4. K

    TAS2000SR Flow Rate Dial not working

    Hi I've just purchased a TAS2000SR but once connected the flow rate dial doesn't seem to change the flow at all. Its completely the same no matter which way the dial is turned. The only difference to my old AS2000XT is that I've located the new one TAS2000SR ~2m further away on the opposite...
  5. G

    AAV factors affecting operation

    After having a new roof fitted I opted for getting a clean roofline and having an aav fitted to the shortened soil stack in the loft. Since doing so we seem to be getting foul smells around the bathroom and downstairs in the kitchen whereas when the stack vented through roof it was fine. I...
  6. G

    Bathroom tap not working

    After a warm shower my bathroom cold tap sometimes won’t turn on any ideas what could cause it? I still have water downstairs
  7. J

    Grundfos Sololift 2 WC-1 not working

    I have a grundfos sololift 2 wc1 macerator that isn't working. It's about 3 years old. When the toilet flushes the bowl just fills up but the motor does not kick in. There is power going to the unit, The macerator motor/pump turns freely. I took the motor apart in the hope that there may be...
  8. gavdtra

    Switches not working

    The on off timer switches on this don't work. I'm guessing there is a way to put it on timer mode instead of having to switch it on and off manually. Any ideas?
  9. B

    Diverter shower head not working - pls help :)

    Hi all Please can someone help me throw some light on a problem I have and how I can resolve it? I have changed my electric shower (Triton T80 GSI 10.5KW) from a standard handset to a Ibergrif diverter with handset and rain head. Please see pictures attached. However upon installation the...
  10. B

    Central heating not working

    Hi, I am hoping someone might have some advice for me. We have woken up this morning to no central heating. We do still have hot water. It's a green Star junior boiler. The blue light comes in and stays on, the green light comes in then goes off. The pressure seems fine. We are very much not...
  11. G

    Radiator Not Working Consistently

    Hi all, Just found this forum and it looks great! Forgive me if I could have found this answer by looking longer—I've searched for a while. I am in a cold walk-up apartment on the 4th floor of a turn-of-the-century building in Brooklyn. Not sure how old the heating/boiler system is. In my...
  12. P

    Hissing pipes filling loop not working

    I hope you can give me some advice. The day after a pump replacement last week, on my Halstead ace, the boiler and pipes made a hissing noise when the hot water taps were used - a noise like when the pressure is too low- this continued when the taps were turned off and until the boiler stopped...
  13. J

    Honeywell Evohome HR92 valve control stopped working

    I have a Honeywell Evohome system that is in general working well but one of the HR92 radiator valves has suddenly stopped working just before Christmas The valve appears to be communicating with the controller but the valve was stuck open. It appears to be communicating with the controller but...
  14. J

    Pre pay gas not working Vaillant Boiler

    Hi recently my pre paid gas ran out. I checked and I had 15 credits. I know my mums boiler had the same issue where it shuts off if there are only 15 credits left. She tells me an engineer comes and does something that takes 2 seconds and its working but he never told her why. Its a Vaillant...
  15. Lockiedox

    Rayburn twin burner not working

    Hi all, I have a rayburn twin burner and it ran out of fuel while the heating was on a few weeks ago. Refilled the fuel and attempted to bleed it (very little came out) but it keeps tripping and the reset button doesnt help. The cooker side of it is working. Anyone offer some advice on whats wrong?
  16. B

    Help - One radiator not working

    Hi, I’ve a problem with one radiator not working in the house, it’s not been working for a while. I’ve had cleaner in the system for 4 weeks, drained down and refilled and put in inhibitor, changed the rad, lockshield and TRV. ive got water flow on both the feed and return side on the rad. Just...
  17. M

    UFH not working - suspect issues at manifold

    Hello As per title, the 3 zones of UFH to one manifold are not working. All is good from an electrical perspective, i.e. the room thermostats are calling for heat, the UFH wiring centre is triggering the boiler, but simply no heat is coming from the floor. What makes analysis difficult is 1)...
  18. T

    Hot water working, but radiators not. Can anyone solve please?

    Hi all, I really appreciate any help here - I’m not a plumber and live alone. Two days ago everything was working fine, but then someone came to do my gas safety inspection and since then my hot water is still normal but my radiators aren’t working. I have made sure the gas pipe is turned to...
  19. B

    No Hot water in Taps, but central heating working

    Hi, I have a Glowworm Flexicom 18hx condensation boiler. I'm not getting hot water in the taps, but the central heating is working fine. The engineer came from the insurance company and said that I was missing a 'hot water controller'. So he said he can't do anything and left. So, 1) I've got...
  20. P

    URGENT Drayton Digistat No Working! No Heating Upstairs!

    Morning All I have a Valliant Ecotec Plus boiler which runs our under floor heating at ground floor and rads on the first and second floors. Both systems are controlled via a Drayton Digistat SCR with a receiver on the ground floor and the other on the first floor. All has been working well...
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