1. J

    How can I check if my pressure pump is working ?

    Hi Guys , Had a valliant engineer out as I could not add any water to my boiler and it’s sitting on 1bar when I used to have more than this and could easily top the boiler up with the two switches underneath. I live on the fourth floor and when I moved in we had a brand new GRUNDFOS Type...
  2. VirtuosicVirtuoso

    Newly installed immersion heater suddenly stopped working after a week. What could be the issue?

    I've recently replaced an immersion heater for a direct cylinder, for 2.75-3kW. The new one seemed to be working a week before I got a callback. I checked the resistance of the immersion heater, and it read 19ohms, and the voltage on the live and neutral read 230V, but there was no humming or...
  3. G

    Outside tap not working.

    Hi all I'm having an issue with my outside tap not working, the tiniest of dribbles comes put each time I try it. Ive changed the tap to no avail so thinking I should change the stopcock tap thing under the sink? Please see attached photos. Many thanks for and advice. Cheers Gary
  4. Claudia14

    Re: heated towel rail stopping working

    My towel rail is not electric but separate to central heating and has been working consistently but since the 2 port valve was replaced on Monday because the radiators were not working it has stopped working, if I go into the loft and press the flame button on and off it seems to come back to...
  5. B

    Vaillant Eco Boiler not working query

    Hi all I have a Vaillant eco boiler at a new house I moved into last week. It’s a combo boiler and the last boiler I had was old (and much easier to use!) This one keeps turning itself off. The hot water seems to work and is always warm. The heating also works but for random amounts of time...
  6. D

    Nu-heat Blend valve not working on underfloor heating

    Hi, I have I blend valve from Nu-Heat ( they bought it from Reliance, as per attached spec). I have dismantled the valve now 3 times and replaced it with new components from Nu-Heat but the valve is not working properly. The valve replacement seems very simple with 4 main components and some...
  7. S

    Low water pressure pumps not working

    Pumps and low pressure I moved the bathroom to the back the house (next room) upstairs. I put in two pumps because low pressure water area. One for shower and one for bath. They both work intermittently and I often need to get them started with a magnet! They were new pumps. In the shower the...
  8. N

    Power Shower Working OK then runs cold.

    We have a pumped shower with a thermostatically controlled mixer valve. My wife complains that when she is having a long shower (hair wash etc) the shower runs at the right temperature for much of the time but suddenly changes to run cold, usually during the hair rinse time, for no apparent...
  9. A

    Boiler not working after power cut

    Hi all, I have a viessmann vitoden 100 w boiler and we have had a three hour power cut this afternoon/ evening. The boiler switches on and the temp just goes down and then flashes up 0c. From what I can see this error code means blocked burner? The oven also will not ignite. I have tried to...
  10. H

    New Geberit TwinLine not working

    So, I had an old and disgusting Geberit dual flush that didn't work very well, so I decided to replace it. Cistern is 110.830.00.1, so got a compatible Geberit TwinLine 240.515.00.2. I then installed that but when you press the stick to activate the flush, it starts flushing but then doesn't...
  11. C

    Megaflo system fit not working

    Hi can anybody help me with a problem I am having. following a power cut the heating and hot water failed. The boiler would light but it would go out because of no flow. I thought it was the programmer blown because if it wasn’t calling for heat or hot water it doesn’t trip the electric,but as...
  12. S

    No heating flow. Pump and diverter working, what else could be wrong?

    Hello all, I have a WorcesterBosch Greenstar 42CDi classic combi, which is providing DHW fine, but not heating. Was working fine in spring, probably not been used until recently now it's colder. When heating is called for, the boiler fires up ok but soon shuts down the heater as the...
  13. X

    Vaillant VRT 392 Thermostat (wired) not working

    Hello, my Vaillant VRT 392 Thermostat just stopped working, it's completely dead, I read another thread suggesting changing batteries, but this model does not use batteries, it's wired to a Vaillant control center VR65 with eBUS, my boiler is Vaillant ecoTEC plus 624, anyone can help identify...
  14. K

    One burner on gas hob not working

    How would you classify this for a LL cert?
  15. M

    Working for British gas

    Anyone have any experience of working for then? Could you give me an idea how you found it/find it? Thanks
  16. M

    Working a 4 day week

    Has anyone managed to get a job through a company where you work 4 days a week? Say 40 hours over 4 days
  17. A

    Hot water OK, CH not working!

    I have a Potterton Promax combi 28HE Plus A. Hot water fine, heating not working. If I remove the diverter motor and press the valve manually, the radiators heat up! I have replaced the motor (diverter valve) and the PCB. The thermostat is a Danfoss wireless RET B-RF conected to a Danfoss RX 1...
  18. J

    Boiler fan stopped working

    Hi everyone, I've got an old biasi M90E28S boiler. A year ago the fan broke down, once I replaced it boiler started working again. This time the won't start at all, I measured the supply voltage to the fan and it hovers around 80v when it's off and don't change when I'm turning it on. Any ideas...
  19. Dan

    I'm working on the forum over the next few weeks

    Working on the forum over the next couple of weeks. Noticed a few people have mentioned problems in this forum category in general so I'll collect those. But let us all use this thread to suggest fixes or improvements and I'll see what I can do. Thanks Dan
  20. dips31

    Ground floor heating not working.

    We shifted to a new house with 3 floors. The boiler is in the attic. We have problem with the ground floor radiators which is not heating at all. When we shifted a plumber removed one radiator in the ground floor we are not sure if that is the reason. Its a one pipe heating system. So many...

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