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Working capital (abbreviated WC) is a financial metric which represents operating liquidity available to a business, organization or other entity, including governmental entity. Along with fixed assets such as plant and equipment, working capital is considered a part of operating capital. Gross working capital equals to current assets. Working capital is calculated as current assets minus current liabilities. If current assets are less than current liabilities, an entity has a working capital deficiency, also called a working capital deficit.
A company can be endowed with assets and profitability but short of liquidity if its assets cannot readily be converted into cash. Positive working capital is required to ensure that a firm is able to continue its operations and that it has sufficient funds to satisfy both maturing short-term debt and upcoming operational expenses. The management of working capital involves managing inventories, accounts receivable and payable, and cash.

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  1. jontyking

    Polypipe underfloor heating not working

    Complete amateur here. I had a Polypipe underfloor heating system put into a new extension 3yrs ago but the plumber who fit it is now no longer available - he's just had a career change, he didn't go out of business. It's just a single zone system connected to my main central heating system but...
  2. DIY newbie

    Mira Event Power Shower hot feed stopped working

    I have a Mira Event XS Thermostatic power shower which I installed about a year ago. Today it has stopped working properly, as if it is only receiving water from the cold feed. The pump is working and water is coming out with good pressure when the thermostatic control is on cold. As soon as I...
  3. Dan

    Working on the plumbers directory So we now have a post code search bit. A few people have listings already and although they're not showing you should be able to click the "your listing" link in the main menu when you are on the directory and edit your...
  4. M

    Hot water not working

    Hi. My Potterton Suprima boiler stopped working- red light on constantly. I replaced the PCB with a new one. Then the boiler worked fine but no hot water. Heating working normally. S plan system. The water would only work if I put the 2 port valve on manually. So I changed the actuator - Danfoss...
  5. L

    Glow worm 24ci not working

    Hi there, we have a glow worn 24ci boiler which won't kick in, keeps flashing 0.4 with a red light above. Have tried to Google it to see how to re-pressurise but nothing has helped. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
  6. D

    Boiler advice needed

    I moved house three weeks ago and now, for the first time, have a combi boiler - it's a WB Greenstar 37CDi. Among the documents given to me is a Service/Maintenance Certificate dated January 2019 whichsays that the boiler is safe to use. Attached to it is the output from a FGA which gives these...
  7. J

    No hot water but CH working

    I have a Biasi RIVA ADVANCE HE boiler and cold water only comes out of the hot taps. To get hot water I need to fire up the central heating. Any ideas please?
  8. T

    rothenberger eco freeze stopped working

    Hi can anyone help my eco freezer not going lower than -4 tank is full and no air locks help is it dead
  9. A

    Fluidmaster siphon not working?

    So I’m called out to fix a toilet that isn’t flushing. It is a concealed cistern within a box. When you press the button, the flapper comes up a tad without flushing. The outlet of water then pushes the flapper right up and does not sit back down again, so continuously flows into the pan...
  10. K

    New gas appliance not working

    Has anyone installed a brand new gas appliance, other than a boiler, only to find out that it doesn't work due to a manufacturing defect? I installed a new gas hob (from B&Q) the other day. When I turned it on, the flame would not stay lit because the gas would cut out. It seemed like the...
  11. Sam01722

    Outside Tap Not Working..

    Hi, I have recently bought my first house and am trying to sort this out myself but I have absolutely no idea where to go next, so thought I would try asking here on the off chance someone might be able to guide me in the right direction! We moved into the house about 3 months ago and the...
  12. Markwirral

    Any lads working for YOURREPAIR

    any of the lads on here subbing to “Yourrepair” , I saw an advert for them in last months gas safe mag looking for subbies, Gave them a call had a chat showed my docs , you go online and fill out a form & put what your hourly rate is , they call you sign you up then you don’t hear from them for...
  13. L

    Salus RT510TX stopped working?

    Hi, my thermostat is about a year old and the screen has gone blank, changed the batteries. Then opened up the back and the on buttons were at the off position so clicked them back on. However its still not working, is there anything else I can try? The receiver now has a flashing red light so...
  14. M

    Only one radiator working

    Hi, First posting so please be gentle! So a bit of history. Last year I had a problem with my radiators not heating up, well, only getting tepid. Hot water was fine, and having the hot water on helped get slightly more heat in the radiators. I decided it was the 3 port valve, so replaced the...
  15. J

    Plumber commissoned 2 old kestons and both were working for 2 weeks

    and then they went quiet with the left ones fan making a grinding noise. the 2nd one (right one), doesnt fire up. I walked into the room and brick dust 'everywhere', kestons... .. i've had enough of this saga with this kestons. anyone know what could be the problem.. and.. anyone...
  16. A

    Vaillant boiler, no error on display but not working properly

    On unvented system. Not sure what model boiler. (not helpful I know) A tenant where I do some work has been in touch, he said the boiler was not working. I asked him to check the usual, thermostat turned up, gas on (light the hob). Can't check the pressure because it means taking the case off...
  17. P

    Why an Air Admittance Valve is not working

    Hello Everyone Thanks for previous advice on an Air Admittance Valve height. I have fitted the AAV, see picture, but each time I flush the WC the WC pan fills up to over 80% capacity before it slowly empties. I dont think the AAV is working well enough??, because if I lift the valve slightly...
  18. M

    Central heating not working

    Hi we have a worcester bosch greenstar 30 i .Recently the c/h stopped working have tried thermostat but all that does is overheats the hot water.I have an idea it is the diverter valve ,What sort of price am I looking at for it to be fixed. cheers
  19. S

    Re-presurising boiler not working

    Hi, hope someone can help? After bleeding radiators I need to re-pressurise, I have tried fully opening both taps on the loop but nothing happens! The taps I'm referring to are circled in red on the picture. Any ideas or I doing something wrong? Thanks, Rich
  20. E

    What Delta/T Rating should I be working on for Replacement Radiators

    Hi. Please can someone help. I'm in the process of a refurb in the house and replacing existing Stelrad horizontal radiators for new Vertical Designer type Radiators. I want to make sure I get the BTU ouput required to heat the rooms. I've done the online BTU calculator and I also have the BTU...