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A pump is a device that moves fluids (liquids or gases), or sometimes slurries, by mechanical action, typically converted from electrical energy into hydraulic energy. Pumps can be classified into three major groups according to the method they use to move the fluid: direct lift, displacement, and gravity pumps.Pumps operate by some mechanism (typically reciprocating or rotary), and consume energy to perform mechanical work moving the fluid. Pumps operate via many energy sources, including manual operation, electricity, engines, or wind power, and come in many sizes, from microscopic for use in medical applications, to large industrial pumps.
Mechanical pumps serve in a wide range of applications such as pumping water from wells, aquarium filtering, pond filtering and aeration, in the car industry for water-cooling and fuel injection, in the energy industry for pumping oil and natural gas or for operating cooling towers and other components of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In the medical industry, pumps are used for biochemical processes in developing and manufacturing medicine, and as artificial replacements for body parts, in particular the artificial heart and penile prosthesis.
When a casing contains only one revolving impeller, it is called a single-stage pump. When a casing contains two or more revolving impellers, it is called a double- or multi-stage pump.
In biology, many different types of chemical and biomechanical pumps have evolved; biomimicry is sometimes used in developing new types of mechanical pumps.

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  1. Jagobezzer

    HETAS - Without a pressure pump

    Hi all, Just a quick question. I have a log burner and a gas boiler on a dual fuel system (Central heating and Hot Water) either can do both. The hot water tank I believe is a closed system but is on the same level as the bath. Therefore as you might guess the water pressure at the bath even on...
  2. Z

    Vaillant System Boiler With Additional Pump

    Hi, i've got a job with a Vaillant Ecotec 630 system boiler, and i don't know the full history but the house has definitely been extended significantly since the boiler was installed. There's now 21 radiators/towel rails. It's getting to temperature, but even after balancing, it's not heating...
  3. G

    New UPS3 pump too powerful ?

    Hi, I have just had my central heating system "upgraded" for a four bed-roomed detached house. The heating company recommended going from the open vented system to sealed / pressurized system, new pump ( UPS3 Grundfos ) all new plastic pipework ( extending ) the 22mm feed and return pipes so no...
  4. A

    Salamander pump not working unless shower head is taken down

    Hey, here goes and I hope it works.. never used one of these before! I have a Sagittarius Ergo mixer shower min bar of pressure required 1 bar. Connect to this is a 1.5 bar Ora Salamander pump for a positive head, this was connected by a plumber of course and we’ve had it all rigged up...
  5. av2597

    Water Circulator Pump Bust After Only 1 Year!

    Hi all, we have a water circulation pump to bring hot water from our woodburning stove and send it to a thermal accumulator tank. We've just started our second season and it's broken. I thought these were meant to last 10 - 15 years? We don't have a domestic water supply - we use water from our...
  6. A

    Need equivalent pump to Branston varispeed 50

    Wanted a new shower pump equivalant to a Branston Varispeed 50 After 12 years my shower pump has stopped working and it looks as though this type of pump is not made now. These are the details on the pump Bristan Varispeed 50, High performance Water Pump, Duel Cycle Continuous, and this number...
  7. Zoe100

    Help Please, Water Pump

    Help pls, I’ve got a Salamander Accubust water main pump it has an in & out & third port for an accumulator can I blank off the accumulator port & use it as a mains water pump without an accumulator? TIA
  8. I

    Grant combi CHP not running

    Grant combi boiler, Light on CHP not on and no electrical supply to pump, programmer switch set to constant. DHW pump light on and running but programmer switch is off. Check one way valve on CHP seems to be free and working.
  9. R

    Replaced Central Heating Pump - still have issue

    I have a conventional system, Potterton Prima Boiler, into a Pump into a Motorised Valve that feeds the Radiators and/or the pipes in the Hot Water Cylinder. Analogue Controller with slide switches (replaced 2 years ago) and analogue Room Stat and Hot water cylinder Stat. I'm just an amateur...
  10. M

    Portable wast water pump

    Hi, we have a sewage pump in a small septic tank that pumps to a shared Klargester about 50 meters away. Our pump broke after a power surge and has been a chaotic experience to get it replaced. So, I'm thinking about a backup plan for when/if the new pump breaks. The tank is so small it fills up...
  11. S

    No heating flow. Pump and diverter working, what else could be wrong?

    Hello all, I have a WorcesterBosch Greenstar 42CDi classic combi, which is providing DHW fine, but not heating. Was working fine in spring, probably not been used until recently now it's colder. When heating is called for, the boiler fires up ok but soon shuts down the heater as the...
  12. S

    Firebird condensing boiler

    Hi there As you can see from the video below, our pump exploded. The question I have is, this pump is added to a firebird condensing boiler and when we found this mess the boiler and pump were stil operating but the pressure in the boiler was reading 0. Should the pressure switch have kicked in...
  13. B

    Grundfos UPM3 pump won't turn despite being clean

    Hi there, I've got a stuck Grundfus pump again, but this time the usual tricks don't work. I took it out, cleaned it, still won't turn. Hand pressed against the rotating bit, screw pressed in, no movement. Tried the same both plugged and unplugged. The black propeler thing won't budge. Is it...
  14. C

    hot water circulator pump vibration

    Hi everyone, My flat is located next to a communal boiler with a hot water circulator pump ( Grundfos UPS 15-50N Secondary Hot Water Circulator ). The pump is noisy and vibrating. Would installing a more powerful pump solve the problem? Many thanks for your help!
  15. M

    shower pump always on

    Hi - I am looking for help regarding new shower pump. -its new -it always stays on when the power is on. It should only switch on when water goes to the shower -its noisy Can anyone advise please? Many thanks Iain
  16. K

    Mains boost pump in top-floor flat

    Background I have a small one-bedroom flat in the roof space in a victorian house. There are three floors below and each floor has a single one-bedroom flat. The mains pipe bringing water into my top-floor flat is 15mm copper pipe. There is a water meter in the flat and a stop valve. There is...
  17. IMRS250

    Anyone work for Octopus? Airsource heat pump upskill role

    Hi all, I have recently returned to the industry and have applied to Octopus for the upskill role into air-source heat space installs. Does anyone work for them on here? Just wondered what people's thoughts were on them as a company and if anyone is fitting air source what they think of this...
  18. C

    specialist in pump installations

    Please help, I have purchased two different pumps, and I don't want to get the 3rd one wrong too. I need 5 litres in 15 seconds in order to operate this smart toilet: https://uk.homary.com/item/modern-black-smart-onepiece-128-gpf-floor-mounted-elongated-toilet-and-bidet-with-seat-42877.html I...
  19. notsure

    Grundfos Pump Domestic, Speed control

    I'm making my own replacement for a boilermate 2000 controler. I need more electical information on the pump so I can work out how to control the speed on it. does anyone know where I can find detailed electical info for this not just "on off" it looks like the original controler used PWM to...
  20. dilligaf

    Peglar Ventair Feed?

    Can anyone tell me where the feed for the water comes from that feeds into the bottom of this Ventair?
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