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  1. B

    Why Does My Hot Water Circulating Pump Bang When It Starts Up?

    I have recently had a new boiler and circulating pump installed keeping the hot water cylinder. I have the hot water timer set to come on for an hour each morning but when the time is reached, a loud bang comes from the pump which can be heard all over the house. Can anyone please suggest what...
  2. S

    Mira digital shower with gravity fed hot water system.

    Hi, I’ve been to quote for an en-suite for a customer and they like the idea of these digital showers . I’ve not fitted many of these digital showers and when I have it’s only been on unvented systems. Was wondering is the pressure and flow good on the digital showers ? I know you can get...
  3. P

    URGENT First fix pipe work testing

    Hi Just using a rothenberger RP50 to test first fix radiator pipework. part HEP and part copper. what is the correct procedure? Struggle to pump it up to 4.5bar! Used pump to put water in the system then vented the air and then pumped up but became very hard to pump. Long time since I did this...
  4. K

    Pump goosed or something else?

    Hello plumbers forums! After some much needed help if I may? I currently have a couple of issues with my heating, the pump is noisy on occasion, especially when it’s finished heating and pump continues to run. I’ve checked the small tank in the loft and it has water in it, albeit the bottom of...
  5. A

    Replacement controllers...

    Hey all, need to find a replacement control unit for my air/water heat pump. Does anyone have have any links that I can try? Thanks for any help
  6. N

    Wilo pump & expansion tank - need to repressurise

    I live in Azerbaijan where I have a Wilo MC605-EM pump attached to a Wilo LRS 50/10H diaphragm expansion vessel, which pumps water into my house on demand. We have a large water storage tank sitting between the mains and the pump so there is effectively no water pressure, the pump sucks water...
  7. R

    Shower pump - random airlocks

    Hi forum, We have a >10 year old 2 Bar Aqualisa Type 1 pump for the shower. Recently it started acting up... Sometimes the cold would completely stop but the hot would keep flowing (almost scalded myself in the shower), when this happens the pump makes an intermittent stop/start revving sound...
  8. A

    air to water heat pump

    Hey everyone, a client of mine has a ''Dream'' air to water heat pump and the control panel is acting up. The on/off button won't work, everything else works fine. So it needs to be replaced. Where on earth can I buy a replacement and if I can't find the exact one is there such a thing as a...
  9. R

    Whole house pump fitment

    Hi all, I have a customer that is in need of a whole house pump fitted in a bungalow. The problem being is access from the hot water cylinder to the loft space is inaccessible and no additional pipework can be fed from A-B due to loft conversion. The current set up ihas a raised header tank a...
  10. M

    Pump for unvented discharge pipe

    Hi Can anyone recommend a compact pump that could take the water from an unvented cylinders discharge pipe? I’ve got one that needs to go in a basement but there isn’t a great deal of room to locate it. cheers
  11. eagleeye

    Pump and m/valves on return

    New Vaillant heat only boiler install to replace old Kingfisher floor standing gravity hot water / pumped heating boiler. Boiler on ground floor and dual elson tank in loft. So the new boiler has gone in the position of the old boiler with also with the pump, m/valves and wiring centre. They...
  12. V

    New circulating pump. Low flow

    Hi guys. I live in a bungalow with 14 radiators. Closed loop heating system The heating is zoned so that individual areas or hot water can be independently heated. All radiators and heating cylinder are at ground level. My boiler is 7 meters away from the house in the garden. 11 meters...
  13. A

    Pump overrun causes loud bang

    Hello, I am not a plumber, but I have done some DIY in the past, so I have some experience. Following a new boiler install by a professional about a year ago, there remains an issue when the pump overrun initiates. The boiler is a Worcester Ri compact installed downstairs. the pump is...
  14. H

    Supplying extra f&e tank from one pump.

    Hi guys, I’ve got a situation where the customer has the one cold water storage tank in the loft supplying both the HW and CH. It’s fed from a borehole and using a Stuart Turner float switch in the tank and pump in the basement. The customer wants a separate f&e for the CH. Is there a way you...
  15. LouiseSJPP

    Setting up Nibe VVm320 air water heat pump

    I have had a Nibe ASHP installed, F2040 and VVM320 indoor module. The manual for setting it up goes through how to do each step, but gives no overview. There are three different ways of setting internal temperature; by setting an internal level (or an internal temperature of a thermostat is...
  16. S

    Salamander shower pump not working

    I am looking to replace a Salamander CT64HXTRA shower/bathroom pump, but I can't seem to find the model number for sale anywhere.. Could I replace with a suitable alternative like Stuart Turner or other brand? What would be a suitable replacement?
  17. B

    Water heating pump keeps air locking

    Hi there First post so hope I’m on the right forum! Anyhow I have an oil fired Worcester boiler approx 13 years old . Heating system open vented is original about 30 years old micro bore pipes. Feed from boiler 28mm has manual bleed valve then splits into two 22mm pipe ...lower into Grundfos...
  18. T

    low pressure/cut-off after 2 mins >> been told to replace/upgrade entire system!

    Have attached short video link to make explanation easier View: 646 sqft apartment 1 ensuite bathroom 1 large(r) bathroom 150L(ish) boiler/water tank Grundfos Amazon STP-2.0 B ( AP030) (i think) 00:00 Water pressure upon opening is fine with hot...
  19. T

    Shower boosting pump help!

    Hi Guys, any help or advice would be appreciated. I recently had an old salamander shower pump replaced and its not performing as well as the original. Previous pump was a Salamander RIght RSP 50 (centrifugal) Quoted flows: 10 lpm @ 1.3 bar 20 lpm @1.2 bar Max 1.5 bar Current equivalent /.
  20. J

    Rationale of using a variable frequency drive water pump

    I am trying to understand how a VFD pump would be better than an on off pump in boosting water pressure in buildings. Does a VFD pump runs continuously but maintain a set pressure? How about if no one in the building uses the taps, say during sleeping times? will it run continuously? If so how...