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  1. CorgiDirect

    CORGI Bronze Pump - Best Price Online

    VIEW HERE Bronze Body DHW Recirc Pump Model : Bronze pump BRZPUMP-C Energy Efficiency Index: < 0.4 Power : 230V 50Hz Structure : Single-stage Three-speed Centrifugal Pump Type : Circulator Pump Application : Domestic Hot Water secondary re-circulation. Standards : CCC, CE, GS, RoHS...
  2. P

    Condensate pump

    Hi Guys Looking for a condensate pump I can take the PRV into. Any recommendations ? Thanks
  3. C

    Replacement Shower Pump

    Good evening, We've had our second Salamander shower pump die this year (they really don't like you not using them for extended periods). I tried to get another CT75 Twin but the replacement new model CT75extra won't actually fit in the space where the CT75 Twin currently is due to them...
  4. W

    Water pump start-stop every second

    Hi guys, I have installed a Nordstrand 90W water pump with flow switch, which you can find on eBay and Amazon. It worked brilliantly when I first installed it, and it still provides excellent flow rate through the taps. But it has started doing this weird thing: when I turn the tap off, the...
  5. R

    New rads not heating- Boiler pump position?

    Hi I've just had a bit of work done in the house where we knocked down the wall between the kitchen and dining room. This wall had radiators either side. Two new radiators have been installed in the new open plan area. When the plumber came to fit the rads and balance the system he was unable to...
  6. P

    Weird pump set-up ??? Advice please..

    hi there. My unvented heating system has a single pump which is located in the upstairs airing cupboard. The pump outlet feeds a motorised valve for the heating and a motorised valve for the hot water. However, there is also a direct feed from the pump to the return side of the hot water...
  7. Cailean

    Shower Power Booster Pump

    Anyone fitted one of these small booster pumps? I'm fitting one on Sunday and they are supposed to give a minimum 1 bar boost. They can also be used on cold mains supplies and feeds from boilers. showerpowerbooster.co.uk
  8. mgw

    Pump on return is there a problem?

    I know years ago before the TRV the pump went on the return, but new house to me, all TRV's on radiators except for bathroom which does not really count as that is thermo syphon, not worried about boiler as thermo syphon domestic hot water with no motorised valve, but am worried about pump, will...
  9. Inverness

    How far can a Oil pump draw from tank

    to the oil heads. I'll be replacing an oil boiler in a weeks time. At the moment the oil line approximately 30meters from one end of the house right along to the other, bungalow.its feed is 10mm microbore. ill be moving the boiler about 1meter more from where it is will this be an issue for the...
  10. M

    Location of secondary return pump and return pipe for underfloor heating.

    I am fitting a secondary return on a system, tank will be in the loft. All the pipework goes up to the loft at the back of a cupboard, I would like the pump to go on the return pipe in here so it is easily accessable for maintenance. My collegue says he thinks it should go to as near to the tank...
  11. M

    UFH Pump - Always on?

    Hi all, I've had a Polypipe UFH solution fitted and I've got a query about the water-pump. I've asked the plumber but he's passed me onto the spark - who fitted it this way. Kinda think between them I've not got a definitive answer...so here I am asking the plumbing gurus... In a nutshell -.
  12. J

    What pump and where

    Hi, now that the CH people helped sort out that, I was wondering how to increase the HW pressure in ensuite shower (armatage mixer) . HW tank is more or less equal in height to shower head and cold is fed from CW tank, The pressure at the minute is equal to a cheap electric type shower. I would...
  13. T

    Pump Won’t Stop Running

    I have an Ideal Classic FF230-280 Boiler on a ‘closed’ system. For some unknown reason the main circulating pump now never shuts off, even if the hot water and central heating are not called for on the timer. The only way to turn it off is to actually turn the main switch off on the wall. I...
  14. justin tuijl

    Instant hot water heater before or after pump?

    Hi, I have a bespoke system in an old building I did myself. At the moment I have the pump before the instant hot water heater. I wondered if it would be better to put it after the pump? So it pumps cold into the heater, rather than pulls hot out of the heater. Thanks for any help.
  15. Y

    Fitting a whole house pump.

    Hello I'm trying to fit a whole house pump. There seems to be two inlets. One is called a pressure port. Any ideas what it is?
  16. I

    Anyone know what this is? Old well pump?

    Hi all, Just moved into a new place and we have what looks like an old manual pump from a well or something, can anyone tell me anything about it? The pipe disappears into the block paving. I can’t get it to move or get it open at the moment, and before I get too brutal I thought it was worth...
  17. O

    No power to heating pump.

    Hi guys needed some advice had to change a TRV on a radiator so drained down the system 12 rads altogether there is a unvented cylinder and heat only boiler i refilled the system again bled the air from all the radiators and air release valves by the cylinder all fine but there seem to be no...
  18. D

    Help - guidance on right shower pump piping setup

    I have got a new shower bathroom installed and as part of that have a Smart Tap "smart" shower. (SmarTap - A New Shower Experience) To ensure there was enough pressure of min 1 bar I was recommended to install a shower pump by my (earlier and now fired) plumber. It appears that the...
  19. S

    Shower pump plumbing revision advice.

    I'm unhappy about the way my twin shower pump has been installed and I would like to revise the installation so that it's done properly. At the moment the 4 pipes (copper 22mm, 2 inlet, 2 outlet) are not clipped in to the wall in any way are are basically just flapping in the wind. In fact there...

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