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A need is something that is necessary for an organism to live a healthy life. Needs are distinguished from wants in that, in the case of a need, a deficiency causes a clear adverse outcome: a dysfunction or death. Basic needs such as water, air, food and protection from environmental dangers are necessary for an organism to live.
Needs can be objective and physical, such as the need for food, or psychological and subjective, such as the need for self-esteem.
There are also needs of a social or societal nature.
Needs and wants are a matter of interest in, and form a common substrate for, the fields of philosophy, biology, psychology, social science, economics and politics.

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  1. B

    Baxi boiler needs topping up daily

    Hi, we've got a Baxi Combi 105 HE boiler which is about 13 years old. It needs water adding every time I put it on as it keeps dropping 0. I was going to nurse it through another winter but I'm thinking things must be dire now. How much would a like for like replacement be with fitting, a...
  2. Pistolpete82

    Potential shoddy insurance work , needs neutral opinion

    Hey Everyone - New here i am at a seriously loose end , i had a problem with my sewer waste it kept clogging up after back and forth for many a while between my insurance company and seven trent , my insurance agreed to change what they say was a bellied pipe holding water . they came last...
  3. R

    S plan/Y plan hybrid system needs a name

    So I've decided I will be converting my system to a low loss header (well, close-coupled tees as I'm cheap) and running the UFH off one pump and the rads and cylinder coil off another. With a pump on the primaries, that is three pumps (to make up for the fact that the new pumps are more...
  4. L

    Help! TC toilet seat needs replacing!

    Any idea where I can find a replacement TC underground range toilet seat and fittings please!
  5. A

    Dad having Chemo, needs Walk in Shower fitted in Nottingham asap

    Maybe not the usual thing you might see on a forum, but I thought I would give it a shot. My Dad is having Chemo and needs a walk in shower fitted with a bit of tiling. We purchased the shower tray, surround, tiles etc and had a plumber who is a family friend lined up but he has had to pull out...
  6. D

    Toilet flush - needs replacing?

    Hi there, wonder if I could get some advice? The plastic connector between the toilet handle and flush mechanism has come away, it appears to be sheared off. I presume this thing lifts the plunger that allows the cistern to drain into the bowl. What's the best approach to fixing this? Can I...
  7. robj20

    One radiator always needs bleeding.

    The vertical hall radiator always requires bleeding at least once a week. At first i thought it was just the system getting rid of all the air, it may still be but it seems like a lot and its always just this one radiator. I have needed to top the boiler pressure back up a couple of times, its...
  8. Chalked

    Anyone near Howden that needs some work?

    im getting behind with work. Looking for somebody with experience for a few weeks. All easy second fixes on new build. Even a few days would help. Pm me if your interested. :)
  9. T

    Heating system needs some serious attention Morpeth/newcastle area

    I dont think there is any point in re writing the issues, please see Trying to get the heating working correctly The house is in ellington morpeth area
  10. G

    Unusual tap seat grinder wanted

    I have a tap which I believe was made in Italy probably more than 30 years ago. It is hard to turn off fully, even after replacing the washer, and I assume it needs the seat grinding. Unfortunately the thread into which one expects to screw the grinder does not match any of the threads on the...
  11. N

    Plastic vs Copper

    I did a search but couldn't see the answers I was looking for as I believe this may be asked does any one know the exact pros and cons regarding these two pipes obv plastic is cheaper and to an extent more robust but is there any thermal advantages if so does any one have any links to the...
  12. J

    Toilet feed leak

    Hi all, Good start to a Sunday. The feed to the toilet has started to leak. I have closed the valve but thats as much as i've done. Google tells me this part is prone to leaking? Any suggestions would be great, thanks
  13. A

    Noisy Tap

    Hi, can anyone help me identify what's causing my hot water tap to be so noisy? I have made a short video which can be viewed here: This is in the sink in the bathroom and seems particularly bad first thing in the morning but can...
  14. S

    WC connector into soil stack

    Anyone see any issue with pushing a WC pan connector straight in to the stack as per the image? Fits OK [ish], perhaps a bit loose. Other option would be to insert into a small piece of 110mm pipe and then dock it into the stack. Space is limited and I can't find a suitable spigot ended WC...
  15. M

    Boiler service

    Hi, just looking for some opinions from gas engineers. I hadn't had our boiler serviced for several years so decided it was a good idea to have it done. I asked an engineer how much for a boiler service, he said £70. I wasn't at home when he turned up but apparently was here for 20-30 mins, did...
  16. W

    dripping tap

    My mate got a problem with his tap constantly dripping as i got a lot to learn and never worked on one of these before is it just a rubber washer that needs replacing. If so is it just undo the cap and replace washer from hot and cold or is it the handle that chooses the direction of water to...
  17. S

    HW Vent pipe

    hello, can the hw vent pipe basically come across the top of the cwsc and then angle back in at the top? Roughly about 30mm above the top of the cistern. All the other ones I have seen come way over in an elaborate way then back in. I have looked through all the plumbing books I have nvq etc...
  18. M

    saniflo needs fixing.

    Job has a saniflo currently working toilet and bath but been informed we have to upgrade to a seperate one for bath.
  19. townfanjon


    Morning chaps, just a quick question, just up at my sisters and shes having an extension built, internal soil stack that used to vent through the roof, builders starting to roof on monday and has done away with the soil pipe through the roof, he has just put an aav into the top of the branch...
  20. P

    French manifold system

    Hi Anybody got any experience of the 'manifold' system as used in France? Mainly wondering if you can buy them with a mixture of different fittings ie for 12mm for toilet, 14mm for sink, 18mm bath, etc Looks much easier to add and maintain than the 'spaghetti pipes' we end up with over here...