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  1. J

    Something wrong with the bathtub mixer tap

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I have this old-school bathtub mixer tub. I think there is something wrong with it. When I pour cold water then I have to wait for hot water twice or 3 times longer like cold water (higher pressure) forces itself into the hot water pipe otherwise how to...
  2. P

    Viessmann combi starts when cold, mixer, tap is opened

    Recently had a Viessmann Vitodens combi boiler installed, quite often when the adjacent cold mixer tap is opened the boiler starts for a few seconds! Can anyone tell me what is causing this? And how to cure?
  3. A

    How do I remove a rounded off screw from kitchen mixer tap?

    I need to replace the washer of my kitchen mixer tap as it is leaking. I was able to remove the spout once by unscrewing the screw on the back of the tap. However now I can't remove it again as it seems I must have used the wrong screw head and have rounded off the head. Please see attached...
  4. L

    Mains supply to mixer tap is pushing cold water to hot water pipe

    I live in an apartment block where generally hot water is supplied from the communal hot water cylinder and cold water to bathrooms is supplied from cold water tanks in the loft. It is a vented system. However, in a basement flat and a ground floor flat cold water supply to bathrooms is...
  5. B

    Vellamo Reveal Basin Mixer Tap

    Help / advice please? I have attached pics I want to fit a new basin tap. The new tap came with flexible hose. Q1. Pic 1 - the fitting into the tap is recessed - how do I screw in the hose tight enough to 'fit' ? Q2. Pic 2 - shows the current hose fitted to the copper pipe and clearly the new...
  6. M

    Pipe fittings type for mixer tap

    Hello, I need some advise, will greatly appreciate if someone can help. My mixer tap is leaking from base want to renew it. However the tap cold/hot water feed is connected via connectors/fittings as shown in attached picture. Can anyone please advise how to disconnect tap from these fittings as...
  7. B

    How to remove stuck washer cartridge from mixer tap

    Hi, I can’t get one cartridge to budge when trying to replace in a mixer tap. The hot side cartridge was tight but removed with wrench comfortably, but cold side is so tight Ive burred the nut on the cartridge. Any advice on how else to remove the cartridge without damaging the mixer tap is...
  8. B

    How do I deal with a seized kitchen mixer tap insert?

    Hi. I have a kitchen mixer tap unit with older washer type inserts which has a dripping cold side. I have a pair of replacement ceramic inserts to upgrade both but the cold side insert will not shift at all. It genuinely is so tight that I am in danger of damaging the mounting even though I am...
  9. J

    Mixer tap end cap release

    I have what I think is an older style Mondella/Watermark mixer tap that needs the cartridge changed. I have done this many times on my taps before, but on this unit, I can't find the screw that releases the end cap. Any advice - other than replacing the unit - would be appreciated. I would...
  10. W

    Mono mixer tap cartridge removal recessed nut

    I am trying to replace the cartridge for a waterfall tap (mixer mono) for the bathroom sink, I have run into a problem whereby I cannot remove the cartridge as the usual 32mm nut is recessed and I cannot get to it. The tap is from screwfix ( NIAGARA WATERFALL BASIN MONO MIXER TAP) I have...
  11. R

    Unsolvable water hammer when shutting taps

    I have read a few threads including one by Debbie Stano that were similar to my issue but that thread stopped a while back without any resolution I could see. I'm in Brisbane, Australia but I'm after general ideas from anyone here or in UK (I realise this is a UK based site). Point form...
  12. K

    New mono mixer tap fitted, hot water flow is slow!

    I have just replaced the old bathroom basin mono mixer taps, 2 tap heads, standard compression valve type, to a modern mono mixer single lever type. For some reason the hot water running on the new single lever mono mixer tap is slow flowing compared to the old ones. The cold water running...
  13. Mattcol99

    Shower mixer tap dribbling

    Complete amateur here ! Shower mixer tap Is Dribbling. I was hoping to see a washer when I took it apart. See attached pic. how do I fix/replace?
  14. N

    Changing Cartridge in Shower Mixer

    Hi. I have Charlton Mixer Tap in my shower i.e. thermostat and water control. I need to change the cartridge in the tap as it is dripping badly. However, I'm really struggling to access the cartridge. The way to remove the tap appears to be to unscrew the chrome covering i.e. this will bring...
  15. E

    Looking for a plumbing solution for mixer tap noise (not water hammer)

    Hi all My neighbour has recently completed some bathroom renovations and in the process installed wall-mounted mixer taps (previously cross taps). This is creating a significant gushing sound through our shared wall when water is running through the tap. Has anyone heard of this before and...
  16. J

    Unable to remove lever on Grohe basin mixer tap

    I’m trying to replace a cartridge on a Grohe mixer tap but I can’t get beyond second stage! I have removed the grub screw,but cannot lift off the lever.I have applied some wd40 into the grub screw hole,..but the lever won’t budge. is there any other method for removing the tap lever?…help...
  17. D

    Armitage shanks new mixer tap problem

    Installed a new mixer tap armitage shanks contour 21 to a disabled toilet. However water just continues to come out and will not switch off. Even taking handle off to enable full turns. Tested it with hot supply only and DOES TURN OFF. Tested cold supply only and doesn't switch off. Surely...
  18. C

    Sink swivel mixer tap

    Hi I have a swivel mono mixer tap on the sink which is leaking around the neck and I am wanting to have this replaced as it is over 10 years old. As a pensioner I am looking for something that will be very reliable over the long term and easy to turn on and off (the current one has has old tap...
  19. T

    Mixer tap leaking from base of spout

    Hi, I am after a bit of advice on a leaking mixer tap in the kitchen. Water is leaking from the area highlighted and varies with the amount of water pressure when using the taps, that might seem obvious, but I am not DIY minded :). I have removed the mixer and replaced both O rings on the...
  20. T

    Remove cartridge in Berrow mixer tap

    Hello good people. I am trying to remove a cartridge from a Cooke and Lewis Berrow single lever mixer tap. I have removed the lever and the shroud which was a push fit not a threaded one. There is no securing nut to release the cartridge. Never seen this before. The cartridge must be held in...

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