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  1. D

    Cannot remove kitchen mixer tap spout

    Hi A while ago I replaced the o rings in my kitchen mixer tap spout....simply by removing the grub screw at the back of the spout and removing it in seconds. BUT I tried to do the same job on a friends mixer tap which is leaking from the bottom of the spout where it meets the base. HOWEVER...
  2. F

    Unusual mixer tap cartridge

    Popped into my local plumber merchants and they couldn't identify it.. Help please.
  3. D

    How do I take out cartridge from mixer tap?

    Kitchen mixer tap, took off handle, no idea how to take out cartridge/valve leaking, on the back there’s a hole for an alley key, doubt that’s it. Looked at videos on YouTube, does make me wonder to put a rag over tap with a wrench to turn anti clockwise, but slips, I don’t know, run out of...
  4. S

    Leaking kitchen mixer tap cartridge

    Hi, got a dripping kitchen mixer tap want to fix. Can't work out how to get cartridge out, not seen anything like the one we have on internet. Please see attached. Any idea?!
  5. J

    Low pressure (0.2 Bar) dual control mixer tap and bath filler

    Hi. We have been looking for a low pressure (0.2 Bar) dual control mixer tap and matching bath filler for our bathroom. The ones we like the look of are from Tavistock, Vado or Tre Mercati. Please would anyone on the forum with experience (good or bad) of these manufacturers taps give me some...
  6. S

    How does this tap and shower work?????

    Hi, I have recently moved in to a new home and upstairs is a bath with a tap mixer shower. However nobody knows how it works. There is the tap then a pipe coming from the middle of the tap to a shower head on the wall. There is no button or switch of any kind and pulling it twisting doesn’t...
  7. J

    Monobloc twin lever mixer tap leaking from spout with taps off!

    Hi, I have a Twin lever Monobloc mixer tap leaking from the base of the spout, there are many answers to this problem online, however, the majority of issues are when the water is on and the tap is running, in my case, the base of the spout is leaking when the taps are off. Would this mean...
  8. P

    Single lever monobloc mixer tap with new cartridge is still leaking (not dripping from spout).

    The tap was leaking from its body (under the 2-way swivel handle; where you access the big brass nut and the cartridge) when turned ON more that a little bit. I've replaced the cartridge and it leaks in same way. It doesn't drip from the spout nor leak when turned off. So, as far as I can see...
  9. S

    Kitchen mixer tap 3 flexi hoses

    Hi, I have just purchased a kitchen tap. I have extremely low water pressure and I'm having trouble finding a tap that actually gives me any water, particularly hot water. Anyway the tap I have bought says it is for low water pressure (MICOE HOME - KITCHEN SINK TAP - QHKF11) however when I...
  10. P

    Mixer tap, bath heats fine, shower fluctuates.

    Good Evening, Thank you for any help I get forward more. I have two problems if you don't mind. Firstly, we have had an issue with the shower heat ever after the shower head got replaced, if the head is held above the mixer tap line it fluctuates in heat from very cold to very hot. If you are...
  11. N

    Mixer Tap with cold water feed only

    Hi All, I got a great deal on a basin and tap recently, the only thing is, is that I only have a cold water feed. Now obviously the mixer takes two inputs but i was wondering what my options are in terms of input. I'm ok that it's only cold water but i was wondering if there's a blanking...
  12. K

    Shower thermostatic mixer tap issues

    Good morning everyone :) I’m having issues with my thermostatic mixer on my shower, I want to strip it down and clean it up inside but I can’t seem to get in to it, I’m guessing the ceramic cover should come off to reveal a screw but it won’t budge, and doesn’t screw either, I’ve unscrewed...
  13. N

    Kitchen mixer tap support

    Hi What is a good tap support to use for a replacement kitchen mixer tap? Are the Sauer ones good and simple enough to install? There are two types of the sauer ones- circlip or full circle support. The Franke support gets mixed reviews (no pun intended)
  14. M

    Need help removing bathroom mixer tap

    Hi there, I need to replace my bathroom sink mixer tap but can't remove it from the sink for the life of me. I've uploaded a few pictures of the tap from various angles. There doesn't seem to be any screws or allen key points. Has anyone seen a tap like this before and knows how to remove it...
  15. J

    Basin mixer tap with pushfit flexi tails

    Hi I need to buy about 20 mono basin mixer taps to connect to 15mm plastic pipes. I can't find any that come with pushfit tails which means either throwing away all the tails to buy pushfit tails or buying adaptors which seem to be as expensive as new tails. Do you know of any cheap contract...
  16. H

    Poor flow of hot water from new mono mixer tap in new fitted kitchen

    Would be very grateful for any comments about the following: Had new kitchen fitted at end of last year - same company supplied and fitted. I have a dispute that the tap fitted is not fit for purpose. I think the flow from the hot water tap is unacceptably slow. It takes ~ 4 1/2 mins to fill a...
  17. Mark Cameron

    Dripping cold water from newly fitted mixer tap

    Hi hoping for some advice please. I fitted a Bristan Easyfit mixer tap in my kitchen but the cold water continues to trickle when I close off the tap. I was unable to fit this piece (first image) as my existing pipe work already has one of these on the cold pipe then a pip to another of these...
  18. M

    deck mounted shower mixer tap

    Hi Folks, Mate of mine lives in middle of nowhere, water pressure is minimal. They have an ancient deck mounted shower mixer tap that has given up. Trying to find a reasonably priced replacement which can be plumbed direct to copper pipe as flexi hoses will reduce pressure even further so not...
  19. O

    Low pressure hot side bath mixer tap

    I came across a job the property has a combi boiler upstairs sink next to the boiler had hot and cold similar pressure mixer tap. there is a bathroom down stairs where the hot comes in T’s off into the basin tap good pressure same as cold side basin tap. Then the pipe finishes off in the bath...
  20. N

    Shower Mixer tap feed connection

    Hi All - Complete amateur here after some very basic advice... I have a dual shower mixer tap - one control is for the bath (single waterfall tap) and the other controls a rainforest shower - turn anti clockwise to run the bath and clockwise to run the shower, the other control adjusts the...
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