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A vortex mixer, or vortexer, is a simple device used commonly in laboratories to mix small vials of liquid. It consists of an electric motor with the drive shaft oriented vertically and attached to a cupped rubber piece mounted slightly off-center. As the motor runs the rubber piece oscillates rapidly in a circular motion. When a test tube or other appropriate container is pressed into the rubber cup (or touched to its edge) the motion is transmitted to the liquid inside and a vortex is created. Most vortex mixers are designed with 2 or 4-plate formats, have variable speed settings ranging from 100 to 3,200 rpm, and can be set to run continuously, or to run only when downward pressure is applied to the rubber piece.

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    Delaying the fill on a loft cold water tank - electric and mixer showers running at once

    Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read. I'm trying to work out if the idea I have is practical? The water pressure in my newly renovated house (4 bathrooms is tragic). Current set up is: A hot/cold mixer in the main ensuite which is ok as long as you don't run anything else. One electric...
  2. S

    JTP: experiences with JTP mixer showers and taps

    Does anyone out there have a JTP shower or JTP taps installed? (previously known as Just Taps Plus). Have you found a JTP shower and taps durable and reliable for years after installation? And straightforward to install? JTP is being offered by a number of our local bathroom retailers and...
  3. D

    Help identifying shower mixer for spare parts

    I need help to identify the brand of this unit for spare parts. The plastic thread for the lever has worn out, also the shower isn't very hot now even with hot valve opened all the way.
  4. M

    Concealed mixer showers

    Hey, I have mainly fitted mixer bar showers before. I haven't fitted any concealed mixer showers. Do they tell you how far out from the finish wall after tilling the unit should sit? And am guessing you can solder to the mixer, after removing and plastic/ rubber parts. So there's no compression...
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    Air locks in gravity fed mixer Showers

    I moved a pair of joined cold water storage tanks in a loft and removed a central heating header tank (pressurized it instead) to make way for a loft conversion. The tanks moved approx 5-6 meters away from previous position above cylinder and have moved further away from shower outlets. I raised...
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    thermostatic mixer showers

    have a few thermostatic mixer showers and sometimes the hot gets air in it and i have to take the shower head down to the shower tray to get the air out. i am thinking of installing a whole house pump like a rhp 75 or 100 from salamander. if i installed a pump would i have this problem any...
  7. S

    5 showers, what pump?

    Hi I am in the middle of renovating a large Victorian house and am fitting 5 en- suites! in this 8 bedroom house, the double hot water cylinder is on the 2 nd floor and the double storage is in the loft above it, the mixer showers that I'm going to install will be three on the 1st floor and...
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    Thermostatic Mixer Shower from Woodburner Fed Cylinder

    The situation is thus: Customer has changed LPG boiler to a woodburner. Fancy shower set-up in bathroom. Woodburner is obviously not set to heat the cylinder no higher than 65 degrees. Shower pump and mixer not designed to take water higher than 65 degrees. I need some device to mix the hot...
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    shower confusions and toilet bolt irritations.

    1. Am I right in saying that the only showers you can install on a system using a combi boiler are electric showers and mixer showers? This being because power showers shouldn't be used because they would pump mains pressure water. If so.. A) Why can't you pump mains pressure water...
  10. B

    gravity fed low presure mixer shower?

    hi all :) i am fitting a mixer shower in a bathroom wich is fed from a cold water tank in the loft tho i want to know how much presure i will get out of the shower and will it be any good? the storage tank in loft is or will be about a 2 meters above the hight of the shower head.?
  11. Y

    Accumulator or Upgrade Mains?

    Hi, can you help. I having a loft conversion done to turn a 3 bed, 1 bath house into a 4 bed, 2 bath house, currently have a Worcester combi and an mains flowrate of 16/18 litres per min. I have had three separate plumbers tell me three different solutions to getting consistent pressure and...
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    question dudes!!!!

    300 ltr cylinder unvented with 15mm cold feed and 22 or 28 mm hot out .. going to over 10 hot sevices including one bath and 2 mixer showers!! would it be sufficient !! is there a rule of thumb for flow rates /pressure and pipe bore into and out of cylinder .. thanks dara:D
  13. A

    Combi or Unvented or Something Else???

    Hi I am an ex-plumber who hasn't been anywhere near a system for 5 years so need a little help with what I expect is a common question... I need to replace the heating system in my house. Current system is a vented Thorn EMI boiler fitted approximately 1983. The house has 1 bath, 2 showers, 3...
  14. K

    Most common problem?

    I was just wondering what the most common problem you plumbers have come across when getting called out to houses? Is there somethings you have to repair more than others or do you find that there is so much variation that there is no common problem?
  15. O

    imperial thermostatic mixer shower?

    does anyone know if any of the imperial mixer showers can have the thermostat adjusted for better temperature? this one is about 6 months old runs off a pump, pump is fine but shower runs luke warm and wont get hot/ wont stay hot. have cleaned the thermostat but not made any difference. any...
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