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Cold liquor tanks, cold water tanks as they called in the brewery. Cold liquor tank is a buffer vessel and it carries cold water that will be used to cool the bitter wort down to a fermentable temperature field after boiling.

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  1. T

    Delaying the fill on a loft cold water tank - electric and mixer showers running at once

    Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read. I'm trying to work out if the idea I have is practical? The water pressure in my newly renovated house (4 bathrooms is tragic). Current set up is: A hot/cold mixer in the main ensuite which is ok as long as you don't run anything else. One electric...
  2. S

    Cold water tank sediment blocking up the shower head.

    Been getting large amounts of sediment coming through the electric shower. Had two plumbers look at the job who are unsure of how the sediment can be getting through to the electric shower. The electric shower is run off the mains not from the cold water tank. Any ideas on how this has...
  3. B

    Removal of cold water tank for bathroom taps?

    I live in an apartment and have a cold water tank in it. The cold water tank feeds the cold water tap in the sink and the bath. Recently, I refurbished my bathroom and, according to the plumber that fitted the new taps, high-pressure taps were fitted. Consequently, the water that comes out of...
  4. J

    How to drain cold water tank!?!

    Help! I’ve turned off the gate valve that supplies my toilet white goods. Now it won’t open. It’s turning but water not flowing through. I need to drain the cold tank to replace the gate valve but the cold tank goes to a pump and I when I turn off the water, no cold water comes through the taps...
  5. D

    Do I insulate beneath a raised cold water tank in loft?

    Hello. In this recent cold snap my loft has been getting condensation droplets form on the bitumen membrane. I had previously installed lap vents and minimised storage to improve air flow. The loft is well insulated apart form an area under the cold water tank. However my cold water tank is...
  6. D

    Do I insulate beneath a raised cold water tank in loft?

    Hello. In this recent cold snap my loft has been getting condensation droplets form on the bitumen membrane. I had previously installed lap vents and minimised storage to improve air flow. The loft is well insulated apart form an area under the cold water tank. However my cold water tank is...
  7. R

    [Please Help]Cold Water Tank Replacement Cost-Am I Being Ripped Off?

    Hello Everyone. I humbly come to post needing your advice on a rather urgent issue I have regarding my cold water tank in the loft. Basically, a few days ago I noticed a patch of yellow in my bedroom ceiling. I then went up in my loft to find that the water tank was leaking. I called a plumber...
  8. R

    Cold water tank inlet problem

    Help. This is the second time the fibre washer on the ball valve inlet has split and flooded the house. It's a recent tank. First time tit happened I assumed the valve was defective and replaced it. But obviously not. I think the tank just has to much flex. The (plastic) backing plate seems...
  9. A

    Can u bung cold tank 2 create a vacuum on single pipe heating system

    Need to adjust some pipework for new radiator but both the branches for old radiator came off the same pipe. Will this create a vacuum for me to move the tees further apart then rejoin up?
  10. M

    Cold Water Tank In Loft - Cause Of Flood Dispute?

    Having just moved into a property and discovering the central heating not functioning, after 3 months we eventually was able to get the property management to have one of their heating engineers attend. He was literally here 10mins and in the loft space for 2mins, where he stated he discovered...
  11. C

    Cold water tank overflowing

    Hi all, looking for some advice about an overflowing cold water tank. Each morning the tank has continued filling up, so by the morning we have water coming out the overflow pipe outside. My initial thought was either (a) the ball valve was not set to the right height to turn off the water...
  12. C

    Leaky overflow pipe at loft level but no water tank in my loft.

    Hi all, I live in an end of terrace house and there are two overflow pipes next to each other on my neighbours side of the fence. I assumed that the one closest to us was our overflow pipe. It has recently started dripping constantly and it is damaging our fence. Thinking it was my issue, I...
  13. S

    Continuous noisy pipes and water tank + huge water leak

    Hello, Three days backs, the pipes in my flat next to the hot water tank banged violently for a few seconds (water hammer?). Since then, the water in the pipes is creating a whooshing sound that comes for a brief period when the toilet is flushed or tap is used. In addition, the cold water...
  14. C

    URGENT Leaking Cold water storage tank and overflow

    Hi there Hoping for some advice on a plumbing issue. Bit of background - currently I am not using my gas central heating system. The system is 20+ years old and kept breaking down and various plumbers visited and fixed problems but advised system flushes or a range of options - essentially the...
  15. F

    Overflow from cold water tank won’t stop

    Please can anyone give me advice. The overflow from my cold water tank started dripping so I changed the complete valve and ball. I set the ball to maximum on the arm and still it continues to trickle water. Would changing the 4 1/2 inch ball to a 6 inch ball help. Any help to stop this...
  16. R

    Booster pump to loft cold water tank

    I live in a flat with very low mains water pressure, worst since lockdown for some reason though was told the water board had lowered rather then have a hose pipe ban. The problem is a slow filling tank after a power shower. I have put a regulator on the shower head to slow flow. Is it possible...
  17. L

    Can a Header Tank be connected to a Cold Water Tank?

    Hello, I live in a building that is a conversion of two terrace houses into several flats. One of the residents ("Roger") has been managing the cold water, hot water, and heating of the building for more than 30 years, and I have a question on whether his set up is legit. We have four water...
  18. Chrispee

    Advice over noisy pipe leading to cold water tank

    Hi, I've had a long running problem that I'm looking to get some advice on. I live in a 2nd (top) floor flat with loft access and a cold water tank in it. This feeds my vented CH system (heat only boiler and HW tank). Every once in a while, perhaps between 4-8 times a day, i get a loud...
  19. T

    Electric shower from cold water tank

    Could anybody advise me whether an electric shower can be installed from the rising cold water main that feeds a cold water storage tank. Or if it can be installed from the tank on a shower pump. Or if you'd avoid fitting an electric shower on a cold water storage tank water system. Many thanks.
  20. H

    Loft cold water tank keeps running out

    Our bath and en-suite shower is fed from a cold water tank in the loft. My kids have decided they like the shower but stay in it a long time. This causes the tank to empty and airlock the shower pump. I then have to the disconnect and bleed the the cold water feed. I there a way to make the...
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