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Water supply is the provision of water by public utilities, commercial organisations, community endeavors or by individuals, usually via a system of pumps and pipes. Public water supply systems are crucial to properly functioning societies. These systems are what supply drinking water to populations around the globe. Aspects of service quality include continuity of supply, water quality and water pressure. The institutional responsibility for water supply is arranged differently in different countries and regions (urban versus rural). It usually includes issues surrounding policy and regulation, service provision and standardization.
The cost of supplying water consists, to a very large extent, of fixed costs (capital costs and personnel costs) and only to a small extent of variable costs that depend on the amount of water consumed (mainly energy and chemicals). Almost all service providers in the world charge tariffs to recover part of their costs.

Water supply is a separate topic from irrigation, the practice and systems of water supply on a larger scale, for a wider variety of purposes, primarily agriculture.

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  1. N

    How Yo Connect Water Supply To New Bath Taps

    Hi I have a 22mm hot and cold water supply to new bath. The pipes finish with compression valves. I need a 500 mm tap connector hose to connect with half inch thread on the new bath tap. All the connectors at the main plumb merchants are 22mm x 3/4 inch. No one seems able to answer question...
  2. C

    Water Butt supply to Washing Machine

    A few months ago I wanted to connect a 1000l water butt (fabricated from galv steel) to our washing machine. After trawling many forums and websites for advice the general consensus was don't bother. I like a challenge so connected up the butt initially with nothing else in line, the washer...
  3. C

    Water supply to fridge

    Hi, can anybody help, I am able to use my cold water supply to my boiler to also be used to plumb in my fridge and washing machine, thanks in advance
  4. P

    Best valve/tap type to limit water supply to reservoir

    We just had a waterhole bored and were lucky enough to find a flowing artesian, which delivers just over 500 gallons an hour without needing a pump. We need to feed only about a litre a minute into our reservoir, as this is sufficient for our rural household needs. I installed a Speedfit...
  5. K

    URGENT Strange water supply problem

    I have a seemingly impossible problem. I am not a plumber but I can at least understand some of it. We have just had the Water Board inspector here and even he went away flummoxed. OK ....we have a stopcock under the sink that is stuck open - no amount of force will turn it. We need to turn...
  6. U

    Pros and cons of running boiler gas supply pipe indoors Vs outdoors

    Hi all, Does anyone have any feedback as to which is best. Running the pipe from the outdoor gas meter to a new boiler on an outside wall or run the pipe under the floor (suspended timber) which is our existing setup and the new boiler is being sited in same location as old. I ask just in...
  7. MichaelO

    Water supply line pressure: one too low, one too high

    Two connected houses in our 70s condo development, everyone served by one water meter at the road. 833 has 40 lbs of pressure while attached house 835 has over 100 lbs. -- no problems in either house or immediately outside -- and no pressure relief valves or shutoffs. Plumber traced the...
  8. B

    Is 22mm supply pipe always required for combi boilers?

    Hi All, I need your advise as I'm really concerned here. I only just had regular boiler replaced with combi (Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 25kw). I had few surveys done and everyone stated the gas supply pipe from the meter to the boiler must be changed from current 15mm to 22mm. The plumber I used said...
  9. FreignotFrieg

    Shutting off water supply

    Need to do a relatively simple job(change washer on tap in kitchen), but the stop tap is seized, any idea if this is an isolation valve which will do the same job? Many thanks.
  10. V

    No cold water in bathroom.indirect water supply.

    Hi.. I would appreciate your advice. I am not get any cold water on the bathroom. Just dribbles in the bath and toilet..none at all on the wash basin. The supply is from the cold water tank. Thank you.
  11. D

    URGENT Toilet and Water Supply Pipe Sweating?

    Hi All, I have had this toilet for the past few years but noticing this year, that the water supply pipe is wet to touch and droplets are being formed. I initially suspected a leak however the whole base bottom of the cistern appears to be sweating which leads me to think it might be...
  12. R

    Sediment Filter on main supply Block of Flats

    Hi all, I'm on the committee on a community of owners for an apartment complex in Spain. It consists of 130 apartments. We have continual problems of sediment in the incoming water supply, blocking aerator in the taps, filters in shower mixers and even flexible pipes. It's a common problem...
  13. A

    Why poor hot water supply?

    Three years ago I decided to switch from an under floor gas warm air system to a modern radiator system. I had installed a Worcester Bosch 38CDI Classic Combi feeding eleven radiators of varying sizes. I live in a fairly large bungalow and whilst the heating side is acceptable I am very...
  14. D

    Confusing problem with water supply

    Woke up today to discover the hot and cold taps for our bath, bathroom sink and kitchen sink all not working. It's been incredibly cold, so assumed frozen piping. However, combi boiler working fine with good pressure and providing hot water to radiators and the cold tap in our utility room is...
  15. B

    Water supply and drain cover query

    Hi everyone, Today a plumber came round to do carry urgent repairs in the kitchen but needed to turn off the mains water supply to the building since it is flats. He went out to the front of the building and opened the water drain cover which is outside the front gate and on the pavement to...
  16. T

    Boiler and gas supply

    I have bought a property and this has a boiler and an immersion heater with a pump. If electric heater is off the boiler should heat the water as well. I have reinstated the water pressure as the old vendor has drained the whole system. As long as I had these airlocks the boiler was complaining...
  17. C

    Supply line diameter

    Hi, My question is about pipe diameters and how it affects available water in the home. I will be replacing the last 35 feet of an existing 1200 foot supply line. The supply line is 1” diameter but it connects to 3/4" pipe going into the home (through the foundation). If I use 35 feet of 1”...
  18. G

    URGENT Gas meter needs moving

    I need to move my gas meter about 6 feet away. The supply pipe would have to go back and under the wall behind as in the pictures. How do I go about it please? Do I need to contact British Gas or Gas Safe engineers do this kind of thing?
  19. J

    Old 'Town Gas' supply pipe

    Found an old capped off pipe when we removed the kitchen cupboards. Can anyone help advise how to get it removed? Please no guess work I can do enough of that myself, I also know how to Google gas safe engineers. Just wondering if anyone else in has one, has had theirs removed or has removed one...
  20. C

    32mm MDPE supply pipe upgrade for flow?

    Hello all, Currently suffering from poor internal flow rates near the internal 20mm stopcock of 10L/min. Want to upgrade system to either unvented cylinder or large storage combi to feed 5 bedrooms/1 bathroom/1en suite. Affinity water have confirmed supply pipe to the boundary stopcock is...
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