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cold water

Cold Cold Water EP is an EP by artist Mirah, released on March 19, 2002, on K Records. It includes the studio version of "Cold Cold Water" with acoustic renditions of songs from her Advisory Committee album.
The song "Cold Cold Water" was remixed by the French artists Electrosexual & Abberline for Mirah's Joyride: Remixes album, in 2006.

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  1. E

    URGENT Aqualisa Quartz 9.5kw Electric Shower - Only getting cold water?

    Hello All, New to the forum so apologies if do any faux pas. But I have an Aqalisa Electric Quartz Shower 9.5kw (8 years old) and currently it is only giving out cold water regardless of where the temperature control is placed, the only difference is the more you move to the dial to the cold...
  2. @

    Cold water supply to a bathroom washbasin in a modern flat?

    I refer to modern purpose-built flats - built within the last 35 years, say. How common is it, in this type of accommodation, for the cold water supply to a bathroom washbasin to come indirectly through a cold water storage tank? Or is it far more common for the cold water supply to come...
  3. G

    Boiler firing when the cold water is turned on

    Hi all, Hope you’re all doing well. I had a new bathroom installed recently which involved new piping, and also capping off some redundant pipes. Since then, my boiler (pretty new Vaillant combi) turns on when I turn the cold water on. I’ve done some reading and it seems like the problem is...
  4. R

    Unvented cylinder no cold water to multiple outlets

    Hi, I’m having issues with cold water to multiple outlets. Taps, showers, toilets cold water is fine at the kitchen sink. The hot water system is a Glenhill unvented cylinder. Hot water is fine at all outlets. I assumed the cold outlets not working were from the balanced cold from the...
  5. Mandarin

    Low cold water pressure in only one part of the house :(

    This is doing my head in, so I am turning to the experts here for any wisdom... In the last couple of days I have very low cold water pressure in my downstairs utility room and downstairs bathroom (they back on to each other). The main cold feed (kitchen tap) is normal pressure. And all the...
  6. chloeradhsaw

    Baffled By Cylinder Hot Water Draw Whilst Cold Water On

    I had my indirect hot water cylinder removed a few days ago and the central heating boiler and pump is turned off at the fuse spur right next to the boiler. I have been without hot water for a few days which is fine - The plumber left the flow / return to the cylinder uncapped as well as the...
  7. dingledow

    Cap off cold water running to shower via loft space?

    I’m doing a bathroom refit, and there’s some strange pipework design that I’d like some advice on, please. I want to remove the cold water pipe running through the loft space because I would rather avoid having a cold water pipe buried under the loft roll insulation. Instead, I’d like to reuse...
  8. V

    No cold water in bathroom.indirect water supply.

    Hi.. I would appreciate your advice. I am not get any cold water on the bathroom. Just dribbles in the bath and toilet..none at all on the wash basin. The supply is from the cold water tank. Thank you.
  9. J

    How to drain cold water tank!?!

    Help! I’ve turned off the gate valve that supplies my toilet white goods. Now it won’t open. It’s turning but water not flowing through. I need to drain the cold tank to replace the gate valve but the cold tank goes to a pump and I when I turn off the water, no cold water comes through the taps...
  10. A

    Hot water only coming through while preheating

    Hia, I have a baxi instant combi boiler the hot water doesn't work at all. No faults showing. The only way I can get it to work is by putting the 'preheat' on....as soon as the preheat reaches the correct temperature the water goes cold and I have to wait for it to cool down so I can put the...
  11. P

    Problems with tap's cold water cartridge

    Hi, my 2-handle kitchen mixer tap started dripping cold water. I've got it apart and am waiting for a new cold water, ceramic disc, 1/4 turn, cartridge to be delivered. Meanwhile I can't completely turn off the isolating (or service) valve, whose screwdriver slot is now knackered. So, with tap...
  12. M

    URGENT New thermostatic mixer shower. Luke warm water

    I have recently fitted a thermostatic external mixer shower in my bathroom. The problem is that when it is set to the highest possible temperature its only luke warm at best. The hot water in my house is generated from a combi boiler which should be able to deliver a hot water flowrate of...
  13. N

    Lost cold water in kitchen

    Hi guys installed a outside garden tap seemed to go well until I went back to the kitchen only to find I have no cold water now the hot water works fine and upstairs is normal hot and cold except for kitchen I'm baffled what's going on please help Thanks
  14. F

    insulating elevated loft cold water tanks

    I have three cold water tanks (2*cw + ch header) on a platform roughly 1M above the loft floor, I have not encountered this arrangement before and wondering how best to insulate it. Normally in previous houses with the tank direct on the ceiling joists I have left the ceiling un-insulated under...
  15. M

    Mass of gunge in cold water storage cistern.

    Hi all. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and hope no one is working in lofts at mo. Anyone seen this gunk before in a cold water storage cistern?
  16. Wamus_202

    Which Gate Valve will turn off cold water to the taps?

    I think we have an indirect hot water cylinder, we are trying to replace a sink. However there are no isolation valves on the in-between the taps and the piping. Is there a way to turn off the cold water flow to the taps, without turning off the main water supply incoming to house ? I have...
  17. N

    Low cold water pressure only in bathroom

    Hi, I’m new to the forum and would really appreciate some advice on this problem I have with my bathroom cold water pressure. We recently moved to this one bedroom flat and our hot water comes from a communal boiler in the basement. In the kitchen the water pressure is good for both hot and...
  18. A

    Cold water flow problem has stumped 3 plumbers...can you help?!

    Afternoon all - We have a problem with very little/no cold water flow on the ground and first floor of our (fairly new build, 7 years old) 3 story town house. All flow is fine on the top floor and the hot water is unaffected and runs throughout the house. It's an unvented, balanced system...
  19. D

    House pressure reducing valve cold water hammer

    Having issues with water hammer, I have a megaflo with balanced hot / cold using a heat stadia 3 bar prv, this seems ok as getting 3 bar at taps with test gauge, the outside tap is between the house incoming stop valve and the 3 bar PRV and that is showing just over 4.5 bar. If I switch a hot...
  20. RichardWoking

    Cold water overwhelming hot to showers

    Recently 2 of my showers stopped producing hot water following a plumber refitting another of my ensuites. The 2 showers in question are pumped with a Salamander twin house pump. Hot is reaching the showers (hot feed to mixer is hot), yet both showers are luke warm, at best. The other recently...
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