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  1. S

    Do I need to keep the overflow tanks in my loft if I get a combi boiler?

    In my loft I have 3 water tanks. A bigger black one, that I believe is the cold water overflow. A smaller black one, that I believe is the hot water flow, and a big brass tank that stores the hot water I heat. I'm thinking about getting a combi boiler, and I would like to know that if I do get a...
  2. gmartine

    Unvented cylinder in loft - terminating tundish

    What would folks usually opt for easiest route to soil stack?
  3. M

    Unvented cylinder in loft with open vented heatinf

    I have a job putting an unvented cylinder in loft, (I’m G3) but they have open vented heating. I’m wondering if this will be possible as flow into cylinder will be higher than f and e tank. Worries about pumping over, any thoughts? Convert heating to close system first?
  4. R

    Need help with ordering soil pipe connections to lower a soil pipe for a loft conversion

    Hi my bulders have just fit a soil pipe connector to a new loft extension but the soil pipe needs to be lower as it's currently at balcony hight and can be seen wanted to lower in line with the gutter if I can find the right connections hopefully I can lower without too much work ant help would...
  5. B

    Shower tray dropped, converted loft to bathroom

    Hi, I've converted our loft into a bathroom and fitted the shower tray around 4/5 years ago. The conversion has been slow as I've been doing it after work. I began to make the templates today for the glass and glass door. I then discovered that the shower tray is out. It definitely wasn't when...
  6. RockyLeeLee

    Advice re adequate hot water for master bathroom in Loft Conversion

    Hello, and thanks in advance for reading my essay! I'm hoping to get some unbiased advice on the best way forward. I'm currently going through a permitted development application for a dormer loft conversion which will create a large master bathroom which will have both a whirlpool bath and a...
  7. milleniumaire

    Cold radiators in loft

    Hi, I've have a problem with my CH system for around 18 months now and it's time to get it sorted. Here's a diagram showing our current heating system: The house is 21 years old and the loft extension was performed around 15 years ago. As you can see they simply extended the existing 15mm...
  8. Pizzaboy

    New boiler location and ultimate setup recommendation please

    Thanks anyone for reading Looking for peoples views of best setup, location and any points to consider that I don’t mention please 2000 built home, 4 bed, family bathroom, en-suite, downstairs toilet, radiators Currently set up with gravity fed system. Showers are a terrible. Want to rip out...
  9. Inverness

    Recommendation for a Worcester combi

    Hi guys, which combi from the Worcester models that give the best flow rate on the hot water? The boiler will be installed in the loft. What's your views on the Worcester 30si? 3 bedroom bungalow and 1 bathroom property. Any recommendations are welcomed.
  10. I


    Hello, Please can you advise me on the following; I need to do some work on my hot tap pipe work in bathroom. I can't use the gate valve as this is broken to shut of the cylinder fill pipe. How do I go about shutting off the hot water without draining down the system? Thanks
  11. H

    Loft cold water tank keeps running out

    Our bath and en-suite shower is fed from a cold water tank in the loft. My kids have decided they like the shower but stay in it a long time. This causes the tank to empty and airlock the shower pump. I then have to the disconnect and bleed the the cold water feed. I there a way to make the...
  12. S

    Historical Question: very large loft storage tanks (old houses)

    My house was built in 1902 and still has a gravity fed system with a cold storage tank in the loft. Nowadays we have quite a small plastic storage tank (50 Imperial gallons) but the old tank was much, much bigger than this. The original tank started to leak when I was a child about 40 years ago...
  13. L

    What boiler for loft conversion

    Hi all, wondered if I could ask some advice as I'm uncertain about what my plumber is telling me. I am installing a loft conversion. I have a low flow rate (9.5l/min) and probably low pressure too. 3 bed semi, built in the fifties. Conversion will include a shower room, separately I have a...
  14. K

    Best Electric Shower for Loft Conversion?

    Afternoon everyone Wondered if you could help me We live in a 2 up 2 down terrace 1900s. with the kitchen added onto the back ground floor, and bathroom added onto the back of 1st floor. We have a Valiant Boiler in the bathroom that powers 5 rads (1 in frontroom, 1 in backroom, 1 in bathroom...
  15. C

    Boilers in loft - any issues?

    hi, thanks in advance for any help, advice and replies. I am going to need a new boiler in the coming months for a property to be rented hopefully, I’ve got a plumber who can offer the long extended warranties on ideal boilers, and I have asked them same question, he said about 80% of boilers...
  16. J murton

    Combi and cold water storage in loft ?

    hi all I have a question regarding the set up in my new home. I have a combi boiler but also have a tank in the loft feeding cold bath tap and cold basin tap. Think they are the only two. My question is can I do away with the cold water storage tank and have water from Mains and only. Also...
  17. C

    Hot water in the loft header tank

    1st post. I have a gas C/H with a gravity feed to the hot water secondary circuit. Several times a day I hear bubbling/gurguling sounds (that may coincide with the room thermostat demanding heat). Checking the C/H header tank in the loft, I can feel that the tank is hot. There is a pressure...
  18. S

    Boiler moved to loft, now kettling and other issues

    Hi, this is my first post, it might be a bit long because im trying to put all the info which could be relevant but i'll try to avoid waffling on too much! Anway we're having an extension built on the back of our house (or I should say have had, its pretty much finished) and during the process...
  19. Lumen

    Moving Cold Water Tank into the loft

    Hi guys, Just moved into a house with a 3rd bedroom being a loft conversion on the top floor. I currently have F&E system consisting of: Boiler - Ground floor. Heating/Hot water tank on 1st floor along with main bathroom. Cold Water tank / Central Heating expansion on top floor. There’s a...
  20. F

    Overflow dripping from loft tank

    Hi, We have a cold water tank in the loft and recently it seems to be dripping out of the overflow. It seems to stop if we use a lot of water during the day but starts again. Had a look in the loft and the float is submerged about 90% in the water. When I had a look the water was dripping into...