1. D

    Shower cold/warm - hot when flush tap

    Can anyone help My shower is warm, but when I flush the toilet or leave the cold tap on, if gets Hotter. The temperature I imagine a shower should be. How to fix this. Can anyone help
  2. P

    Viessmann combi starts when cold, mixer, tap is opened

    Recently had a Viessmann Vitodens combi boiler installed, quite often when the adjacent cold mixer tap is opened the boiler starts for a few seconds! Can anyone tell me what is causing this? And how to cure?
  3. A

    Water Heater Screaming Sound on Cold Water Line Spring Check Valve

    Water Heater Screaming Sound on Cold Water Line Spring Check Valve Have this water heater for around 1 year, and it started doing this some time ago. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  4. N

    Is it possible to not have a b allcock in a cold water header tank?

    For reasons that I won't go into. Is it possible to control the water flow to a cold water header tank without having a ballcock in the header tank? ie to place some sort of control elsewhere in the feed pipe before the water gets to the header tank - turning off the mains water supply would...
  5. Stigster

    Cold booster sets

    Hi Everyone, For those who like a long read but I could rally do with some advice. Might be a bit long this. For background. A gardener/landscaping friend of mine is going to install an irrigation system in a customer's garden. He asked me to pop around and measure the pressures and flowrates...
  6. T

    Delaying the fill on a loft cold water tank - electric and mixer showers running at once

    Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read. I'm trying to work out if the idea I have is practical? The water pressure in my newly renovated house (4 bathrooms is tragic). Current set up is: A hot/cold mixer in the main ensuite which is ok as long as you don't run anything else. One electric...
  7. surfsup

    Outside tap lost pressure since cold snap

    My outside tap has had really low pressure after the cold weather a few weeks ago. Its connected from under the kitchen sink, and can be isolated from turning a flat head screw type thing a quarter turn. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!
  8. M

    Radiator half hot and half cold

    Hi all. I noticed this winter my living room rad only get hot in the top half. Radiator is 1600mm(DP SC) double panel single convector. System was flushed just last year. Both flow and return values are fully open and don't stick. Boiler is serviced each year. Baxi combi boiler about 8 ton9...
  9. L

    Mains supply to mixer tap is pushing cold water to hot water pipe

    I live in an apartment block where generally hot water is supplied from the communal hot water cylinder and cold water to bathrooms is supplied from cold water tanks in the loft. It is a vented system. However, in a basement flat and a ground floor flat cold water supply to bathrooms is...
  10. M

    Cold water from downstairs tap, but no hot water

    Hi, I woke up this morning with cold water (mains) from downstairs tap but no hot water from downstairs tap, and no water at all from all the upstairs taps, I have a combi boiler and no water storage
  11. N

    Power Shower Working OK then runs cold.

    We have a pumped shower with a thermostatically controlled mixer valve. My wife complains that when she is having a long shower (hair wash etc) the shower runs at the right temperature for much of the time but suddenly changes to run cold, usually during the hair rinse time, for no apparent...
  12. B

    Yellow water in cold and hot taps

    Can anyone help me with an ongoing issue I've had since I had an annual service on my combi boiler, which is a Potterton Performa 24. Literally after they left I started experiencing yellow water (pale) from all my taps - hot and cold, including the toilet. This was intermittent and then...
  13. T

    rads cold no indication of boiler fault HW fine (pls urgent)

    Hi All Bit of an urgent one being that time of year and can't get a plumber out until after xmas even on an emergency callout I have just tried to turn on my CH for the first time this year as I have a number of guests coming for xmas dinner but even after an hour all the rads are stone...
  14. L

    How to turn this cap off on cold water pipe

    Morning. I have a leak. It’s coming from the connector pipe….the picture shows the pipe. It is a cold water pipe going in to the back of my dishwasher. I assume the washer may need a replacement. Anyway I cannot for the life of me turn the water off I.e at this cap. I understand I should turn...
  15. S

    Mira Combiflow random cold water

    I’m after some advice. I’ve inherited my parents house. In the process of doing it up. My dad got a Mira combiflow installed about 15 years ago. Over the last couple of months every so often when it’s turned on the water runs ice cold even if I turn the handle to hottest temp. All other taps...
  16. T

    URGENT Hot water is cold. Boiler or valve

    Please advise me. I am a disabled pensioner. I had a wet room fitted just over a year ago using a local authority grant. Builder was employed by local authority. I had no say in who carried out the work. I have called the builder out under the guarantee several times for water leaks. The shower...
  17. W

    BRISTAN SHOWER runs cold

    Hi I've seen a previous thread that is closed now regarding this subject but the end result I could not see. Our Shower runs hot for 30 seconds then cold. I have changed the thermostat and it still runs cold after 30 seconds. If we run the hot tap it is better but at best, luke warm. We have a...
  18. D

    Shower(s) water is cold

    HI Iam hoping someone can provide guidance on a heating problem. I have a (old) Ideal isar HE35 where there is no hot water for the 2 showers at the property, there is water flow but not warm. I can confirm there is hot water from the sink/bath (downstairs and upstairs). I noticed that the...
  19. J

    Hot water running cold

    Hi all Hope you can help We have a Gloworm Ultracom 38CXI combi boiler. During the Summer the taps and mixer shower run hot water consistently hot for as long as need be, but now during the Winter when the radiators are on the taps and mixer shower will run hot for only a few minutes and...
  20. O

    My kitchen tap is leaking from the cold lever

    Hi I have a leak on my kitchen tap it is coming out off the bottom of the cold lever. How do I get the lever off? Also would this tap have a cartridge in the cold & hot or will it be just tap has had it & I need to get a new one?

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