hot water cylinder

A hot water storage tank (also called a hot water tank, thermal storage tank, hot water thermal storage unit, heat storage tank and hot water cylinder) is a water tank used for storing hot water for space heating or domestic use.
Water is a convenient heat storage medium because it has a high specific heat capacity. This means, compared to other substances, it can store more heat per unit of weight. Water is non-toxic and low cost.
An efficiently insulated tank can retain stored heat for days, reducing fuel costs. Hot water tanks may have a built-in gas or oil burner system, electric immersion heaters. Some types use an external heat exchanger such as a central heating system, or heated water from another energy source. The most typical, in the domestic context, is a fossil-fuel burner, electric immersion elements, or a district heating scheme.Water heaters for washing, bathing, or laundry have thermostat controls to regulate the temperature, in the range of 40 to 60 °C (104 to 140 °F), and are connected to the domestic cold water supply.
Where the local water supply has a high content of dissolved minerals such as limestone, heating the water causes the minerals to precipitate in the tank (scaling). A tank may develop leaks due to corrosion after only a few years, a problem exacerbated by dissolved oxygen in the water which accelerates corrosion of both tank and fittings.

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  1. D

    OSO unvented hot water cylinder - Wi-Fi / programmable control

    Hi all, I have an OSO Direct 210 hit water cylinder installed in my home, with 2 switches (on/off; and boost). The boiler is for hot water only (rads are electric). In the 5 years that I’ve lived at this property, I’ve never once turned the boiler off; however, with soaring energy prices, I’m...
  2. L

    Mains supply to mixer tap is pushing cold water to hot water pipe

    I live in an apartment block where generally hot water is supplied from the communal hot water cylinder and cold water to bathrooms is supplied from cold water tanks in the loft. It is a vented system. However, in a basement flat and a ground floor flat cold water supply to bathrooms is...
  3. P

    Change shower mixer. Invented hot water cylinder

    I need to change my shower mixer and I have a unvented hot water cylinder. Is it sufficient to turn off the mains? Do I need to drain the cylinder? Thanks
  4. B

    Do I need a washer for blanking plug in a copper hot water cylinder?

    Hi all I'm blanking a couple of openings in a hot water cylinder. The Screwfix Flomasta 1" BSP plugs fit perfectly but no washer supplied or listed. Given that the element has a washer and everything else is a compression fitting I'm concerned these should have one. The alternative is PTFE...
  5. chris020

    Hot water cylinder circulator

    After some advice, i have recently had solar panels fitted and have an Eddi which uses the energy we generate to heat the cylinder using the immersion heater. Just wondering if there are any devices that can circulate the hot water in the cylinder so the immersion heater heats all the water...
  6. J

    Is Pressure checked at same time of hot water cylinder repair

    Hello, hoping someone can advise me. My boiler stopped working - no hot water or central heating. Called out a company who came and assessed the problem as being that the hot water element in the immersion tank needed replacing. (I don't know exactly what it is called as the company has still...
  7. J

    Direct Hot Water Hot Water Cylinder Repair

    Hello, hoping someone can advise me. My boiler stopped working - no hot water or central heating. Called out a company who came and assessed the problem as being that the hot water element in the immersion tank needed replacing. (I don't know exactly what it is called as the company has still...
  8. I

    Heat pump cylinder in outhouse in Scotland

    My landlord's great at getting all the Scottish government funding that's going, and there's full insulation, double glazing, an airsource heat pump and a Mitsubishi Ecodan unit. The Mitsubishi installation manual says in big letters "The cylinder unit MUST be located indoors and in a frost free...
  9. L

    air lock in hot water cylinder coil?

    Hi all. Ive had to replace the pump isolator valves as they were leaking. All done and working but struggling to get air out. Rads are all good but when the boiler starts and stops there is odd sounds but mainly coming from inside the HW tank, sounds like water falling so im guessing air in...
  10. Z

    Hot water cylinder leaking around joint with hot water inlet

    I'm trying to remove the zone valve ion vented tank and the tank started leaking around the joint. I was hoping to just run the tank with immersion till I can get an unvented. Any tips to stop leaks or do you think I need to buy temporary tank. Any help appreciated as I'm without hot water now.
  11. H

    Hot water cylinder only heating top half of tank

    Hiya, we had a new pressurised hot water cylinder fitted a few weeks ago even though its double the size of our last one we are finding we aren't getting any more hot water. So once the tank is full and the immersion has turned off and i touch the tank only the top half feels warm and the bottom...
  12. M

    Leaking drain valve on Hot water cylinder. Advise please

    Hi All, I have a leaking drain valve off the CW inlet on a Range Cylinder. Am I right in thinking I have to empty the Cylinder below the CW inlet to change the valve? To isolate cold water to the tank to prevent refill, should I just lock off the 1 stop CW inlet or all 3 red stops? Turn mains...
  13. david montgomery

    Hot water tank in a flat has poor flow rate after refurbishment.

    Good morning everyone. My parent had a new kitchen and bathroom fitted in her flat 2 years ago and has only now told me that the hot water flow to both hot taps is really poor. it wasn't like this before. its a flat with a 1075x450 IND BS combi HW tank. she says that the tank was drained down...
  14. H

    Sizing a cylinder for 9 bathrooms

    Sizing an indirect H/W cylinder. What size of H/W cylinder would I need for a property with 9 bathrooms?
  15. Bookalon

    hot water cylinder control valve

    Hi, I have an oil burner which is controlled via Tado to heat my home. My hot water cylinder is heated with water from the burner and also has a dumb immersion. I don’t use the immersion at all And would like to replace it. The burner heats the water in my hot water cylinder with a TRV valve...
  16. D

    install combi boiler and pressurised hot water cylinder

    Hello, looking for a heating engineer to recommend / install a pressurised cylinder and combi boiler system. There is ufh for a living space and two bathrooms, and radiators for the rest of the house. It's a 3 bed 2 bathroom property with solar panels on the roof, located in ringwood bh24. Any...
  17. C

    Should I be worried about this installation ?

    I have just had 2 new vented hot water cylinders installed by a plumber (not yet finished) however I am a little concerned as the pipes are not attached to anything, the empty tank on the left wobbles a little on uneven floor and is slightly on the wonk. The plumber is really great but this was...
  18. C

    Horizontal hot water cylinder install. Does this look correct?

    Anyone out there able to help? Is this correct or are there things wrong and if so what?
  19. S

    Help diagnosing bubbling originating in hot water cylinder

    Hi there, I recently replaced a dead central heating pump in my home, so drained down the system completely, fitted new pump and filled up. What I'm experiencing now is a periodic bubbling noise, it starts in the hot water cylinder on the 1st floor and makes its way to the boiler on the ground...
  20. G

    Replace leaking hot water cylinder or change to combi boiler?

    Hi, In my 2 bedroom flat I have a Worcester Greenstar 24i boiler and a 200 litre Zip AquaFlow hot water cylinder. The hot water cylinder has started to slowly leak from the bottom and I think it will need completely replaced - quote to replace is around £1000. Given that this is only a 2...
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