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Davidson's Mains is a former village and now a district in the north-west of Edinburgh, Scotland. It is adjacent to the districts of Barnton, Cramond, Silverknowes, Blackhall and Corbiehill/House O'Hill. It was absorbed into Edinburgh as part of the boundary changes in 1920 and is part of the EH4 postcode area.
Locals sometimes abbreviate the name to D'Mains.

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  1. A

    Thermostatic Mixer shower can be fitted to Mains and Gravity Hot?

    Hi all, I've been researching and planning a job for my home the past few days and a few pieces of advice would be welcome to help me along the way. I have a cloakroom toilet which has a toilet and a sink, where the sink currently is there is good room to put a small shower cubicle and a...
  2. A

    Hot water very slow new mains pipe fitted

    Hi all Just had a new mains water pipe fitted and the hot water is very slow almost a trickle. We have a combi vaillant ecotec pro 824 and it seems to come out fast to begin with then slows down considerably. It seems the boiler is struggling to provide hot water at the adequate rate that it...
  3. B

    will a non return valve to my mains help with low presure?

    will a non return valve conected to my mains help with low presure?.
  4. M

    shower toilet seats connected to electricity and water mains

    Hi Has anyone got experience with the below shower bidet seat and does anyone know anyone who could fit this in North Wales region regards
  5. M

    What are people using to fix lead mains...

    What products are you using to repair lead mains? Philmac, leadloc or others.
  6. W

    Mixer shower - mains cold - gravity hot

    Hi, I've seen a few posts about not using mains cold with gravity fed hot. Ours is only about 0.1 bar for the hot. The reasons given vary from possible backflow into hot cylinder to hard to get a good mix. In that case how does the kitchen mixer tap work - that mixes gravity hot and...
  7. S

    Covered in confusion - mains gas pipe diameter

    Hi Having lived in a new build for 14 years, on trying to replace our two boilers I’ve been told the installation is dangerous (and has always been so and one boiler has been shut down. The diameter of the pipe from the mains (on one side of the house, which runs under the floor to the boilers...
  8. D

    Gravity or mains fed shower?

    I’m replacing my faulty old mains fed electric shower (Mira Sport Max 10.8kW) and am considering going for a pumped, gravity fed electric shower (such as the Mira Elite SE Dual Pumped Electric Shower 9.8kW). The mains pressure sometimes drops enough for the low-flow cut-out to operate or the...
  9. S

    Potterton Powermax with mains water problem

    I’ve been called out to a problem with a Potterton Powermax involved. The water pressure coming out of every tap dies off after around 30-50 secs. I took the multi-block off & pressure tested the mains where I have over 4 bar coming in. I changed the multi-block & although I have a slight...
  10. D

    Mains Water Pressure Advice

    Hi all, My house is about 28 years old so some things are starting to fail with age. I changed the main water stopcock and well as the PRV as the stopcock was leaking and the pressure valve would not budge from 4 bar (even when it was disconnected). My main question is - what is the upper...
  11. S

    Noisy stopcock / mains water inlet pipe

    Hi there, Would really appreciate some help please. Had this problem for a few weeks now and it is quite annoying and owing to the loudness I'm surprised the neighbours haven't complained yet. I keep getting intermittent vibrating / buzzing noises on the mains water inlet pipe where water comes...
  12. M

    Changing from spring water to mains

    I live in an old cottage which is fed off a spring. A new house has been built at the end of the row so an opportunity to connect to the mains has come up. The current set up is the feed comes in, goes through a filter, into a pump to a tank in the loft then is gravity fed. The pressure is...
  13. M

    Changing from spring water to mains

    Hi, I live in an old cottage which is still fed off a spring. There's very little pressure in the system which comes in, then is pumped up to a tank in the loft and is gravity fed. A new house has been built on the end of the row so an opportunity to connect to mains water has come up. Would...
  14. J

    Water mains trench - bend radius

    I'm looking to replace my water supply. I will be digging the trench on my side myself. I have all the safe dig plans etc and found the guide on the southern water website: Slightly confused by the 750mm minimum from the outside wall. Is this an actual thing? Every stopcock I have ever seen...
  15. N

    Unvented indirect with low pressure mains

    Hi, I live in a 9yr old 3 story townhouse with showers on the 1st and 2nd floor, a bath on the 1st and toilets and basins on all three floors. I've never been very happy with my shower and tap water pressures but have only recently investigated the issue. The house has an unvented indirect...
  16. L

    Low Mains Water Flow Rate 2 Litres A Minute!!! What Boilers/System Can I Fit??

    Hello, This is my first time posting as I'm a new member so apologies in advance if this has been covered before. I have recently done a landlords gas check at a property with only 1 gas appliance (heat only boiler) and ended up condemning it as it was ID for many reasons. The landlord asked...
  17. 6

    Which mains boost option?

    Hi all, Got a customer who wants an unvented cylinder fitting, they have low flow rate so looking for opinions on best mains boost solution - had a quick look and in order to get anywhere near 18l min will need an accumulator and pump combo. Expect the answer is the bigger the better, as always...
  18. 4

    I want to convert my sons Mains fed Shower to a Pump fed Shower.

    My son has a Shower Room in his long Cottage that is fed by Mains cold water, the hot water is supplied by a local Powerstream Heater. The problem is that when the cold water is used at the other end of the cottage, the cold water pressure drops and the Powerstream low flow cut-out operates and...
  19. Y

    Barn Conversion - No Mains Water

    Hi, Hoping somebody on the forum may be able to advise. We would like to buy a barn in Penshurst, Kent - which has planning permission to convert into a 4 bedroom home. The problem is that the water utility main is over 1k/m away and it seems impossible that we would be able to run a new pipe...
  20. P

    Kitchen Cold tap not supplied by cold mains?

    Hi There Moved into a new build recently. Noticed that when I turn on the cold tap in the kitchen a pump in the attic seems to activate which would indicate that the cold tap in the kitchen is not fed directly by mains (however i am not a plumber so could be wrong) Prior to noticing this pump...
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