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Davidson's Mains is a former village and now a district in the north-west of Edinburgh, Scotland. It is adjacent to the districts of Barnton, Cramond, Silverknowes, Blackhall and Corbiehill/House O'Hill. It was absorbed into Edinburgh as part of the boundary changes in 1920 and is part of the EH4 postcode area.
Locals sometimes abbreviate the name to D'Mains.

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  1. S

    Gravity or mains shower?

    I have a dead 1990s Triton T70 shower and, for purposes of replacement, I'd like to know if it's mains or gravity fed. As it won't even switch on, I cannot get any water out of it so I can't just switch off water at mains and see if water still flows from the shower. I note that current Triton...
  2. J

    Strange grating noise when mains water is running

    Hi all, Got a strange grating noise when the mains water is running in a property I'm looking after. It's a ground floor flat, with a first floor flat above it, and both share the same mains water pipe, and I believe the stopcock behind the washing machine isolates all water to both properties...
  3. R

    Connecting gas fired generator to mains gas

    I've had an idea to use a gas fired generator running on mains gas to top up a large off grid battery bank when solar power is insufficient. Can anybody tell me if this is legal in the UK? Mains gas is much cheaper than electricity per kwh and the fact I've never heard of anybody doing the same...
  4. OneTwo

    Mystery Black Undergound Pipe Leak Repair Advice

    Hi All After having pooling water on my drive, I dug down around to find: Black pipe poly/plastic dug 450mm deep spraying water at mains pressure from small hole/crack The outside of pipe (measured with veneer caliper) at 23.5mm Pipe Runs under drive, along side of property and looks to go...
  5. B

    Separate mains water connection query

    Hi I have a question, I want my flat to be separately connected to the mains water supply for water coming into my kitchen and bathroom instead of sharing the same pipework as my neighbours. Is this doable and if so is it the water board who will carry this out or a plumber? My flat has shared...
  6. D

    Electric Shower to Mains

    I currently have an 8.5kw electric shower on a gravity fed system in bathroom which doesn't give great flow when hot turned up but to get a 10mm cable to fuse board would be really difficult at best (I've checked and on 6mm at the minute) I would like a mains shower however changing to unvented...
  7. K

    Mains boost pump in top-floor flat

    Background I have a small one-bedroom flat in the roof space in a victorian house. There are three floors below and each floor has a single one-bedroom flat. The mains pipe bringing water into my top-floor flat is 15mm copper pipe. There is a water meter in the flat and a stop valve. There is...
  8. A

    Mains water pressure and water softener/ leaking manifold

    Good morning I installed a Harvey’s water softener recently. Have a semi detached property with 3 showers and a 2 toilets with a mega flow cylinder 25mm mains pipe work with 22mm onwards. I put the softener before the prv which was pre installed with the unvented cylinder as the rep said...
  9. A

    mains pressure lower than minimum combi system pressure

    We have a vaillant combi boiler that over ~ 2yrs loses a bit of pressure, and recently after 2 weeks away and no use the system would not fire and errored with F75. We attempted to refill, but the mains pressure is only 1.0bar, and the combi needs more than that to light. I ended up removing...
  10. E

    Connecting to black rubber mains pipe

    I have a cold mains in that is a black flexible rubber looking pipe. Please see photo 1. It is currently connected to a 22mm stopcock. I’d like to send it 90 deg to the right. This is so I can lower the shelf above it and have the mains come in at a more convenient place. See photo 2 (with...
  11. J

    Bath tap mains fed or from tank

    Hi guys I'm wanting to install an electric shower in my new property what's the easiest way to check it bath tap is coming from mains ? The mains stop tap is located near the toilet in the room underneath me, when I switch that off it shuts all cold water off for every tap in the house. If I...
  12. Z

    Mains pipe in pitched roof??

    I need to get a 22mm mains to an unvented tank in my loft. Is an old house and the first part of the roof is pitched and sloping from the inside. The easiest way to get it into the loft is straight up the wall internally and then into the sloping roof the other side of the plaster board. This...
  13. N

    increased pressure to external tap

    Last summer I used one of those kits to fit an external tap , all went well , still good , its one of those flexi pipe , self cutting tap jobs , doesnt leak , all seems good, However , I would like to increase the pressure , I know those self cutters only cut a very small hole in the copper...
  14. A

    Thermostatic Mixer shower can be fitted to Mains and Gravity Hot?

    Hi all, I've been researching and planning a job for my home the past few days and a few pieces of advice would be welcome to help me along the way. I have a cloakroom toilet which has a toilet and a sink, where the sink currently is there is good room to put a small shower cubicle and a...
  15. A

    Hot water very slow new mains pipe fitted

    Hi all Just had a new mains water pipe fitted and the hot water is very slow almost a trickle. We have a combi vaillant ecotec pro 824 and it seems to come out fast to begin with then slows down considerably. It seems the boiler is struggling to provide hot water at the adequate rate that it...
  16. B

    will a non return valve to my mains help with low presure?

    will a non return valve conected to my mains help with low presure?.
  17. M

    shower toilet seats connected to electricity and water mains

    Hi Has anyone got experience with the below shower bidet seat and does anyone know anyone who could fit this in North Wales region regards
  18. M

    What are people using to fix lead mains...

    What products are you using to repair lead mains? Philmac, leadloc or others.
  19. W

    Mixer shower - mains cold - gravity hot

    Hi, I've seen a few posts about not using mains cold with gravity fed hot. Ours is only about 0.1 bar for the hot. The reasons given vary from possible backflow into hot cylinder to hard to get a good mix. In that case how does the kitchen mixer tap work - that mixes gravity hot and...
  20. S

    Covered in confusion - mains gas pipe diameter

    Hi Having lived in a new build for 14 years, on trying to replace our two boilers I’ve been told the installation is dangerous (and has always been so and one boiler has been shut down. The diameter of the pipe from the mains (on one side of the house, which runs under the floor to the boilers...
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