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I currently have an 8.5kw electric shower on a gravity fed system in bathroom which doesn't give great flow when hot turned up but to get a 10mm cable to fuse board would be really difficult at best (I've checked and on 6mm at the minute)

I would like a mains shower however changing to unvented may not be an option as flow rate seems to be about 10L a minute at taps in various locations in the house and most manufacturers say need more than the (plus to get a discharge pipe externally would be difficult as well as would existing pipework cope with pressure) plus ideally don't want a noisy pump as bathroom in between two bedrooms with loft space above so could wake people up so wondering if Mira Excel with Magniflo would give a decent shower if anyone used one in similar circumstances? I know Aqualisa Smart Q showers are available but am unsure about if box in loft makes a noise too plus have seen people saying digital part can sometimes fail so can't turn shower on or off unless reset system! (the more technology in something the more to go wrong!)

At worst could live with the electric shower I guess but appreciate any advice.
Aqualisa digital showers are great. There is very little noise unless you put it directly above someone but its something you would adjust to in a few weeks. In terms of break downs I've only ever had 2 in the last 10 years and have fitted maybe 30-40. One was out of warranty at 5 years and the other was swapped by aqualisa who's customer support is great.

I don't think you need a new cable, with less flow going through the shower it should have no issue heating it.

Checking flow rates at old taps might not be the best bet as debris and gunk gets stuck in them. Try something like an outside tap. Failing that there are easy ways to get over flow issues.

I would personally be fitting a combi or unvented. Its well worth the investment, most houses will be mains pressure within the next 10 years and it will become a selling point if you move or it will be much better living if you stay

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