1. J

    How do I remove the copper pipe from the plastic connector?

  2. A

    copper vs pushfit pipes

    Copper pipes, I think its fair to say, is not what it used to be, the copper is getting thin while the cost is going up. Meanwhile, plastic Pushfit seems to be getting better and better, cost and convenience was always better, but now the quality is to, have we reached a stage where plastic will...
  3. C

    Underfloor copper pipes: corrosion and pin holes

    Bungalow built in 2001. All copper pipework (water and heating) runs in channels of expanded foam polystyrene between a concrete floor and OSB boards. Pipe are lagged in stitched felt and what looks like bubble wrap with sand (?) over the top. During the bathroom refit, I lifted up some of the...
  4. S

    Identifying 3/4" copper from 22mm copper.

    I'm a kitchen fitter first and foremost, so occasionally encounter old pipes of varying sizes. From past experience I know how easy it is to misidentify old 3/4" copper pipe (apart from getting soaked when you get it wrong) and would like to know if there is a surefire way of telling it from...
  5. M

    Is this copper soldering just ugly, problematic, or dangerous?

    Two pictures from a gas boiler install - is this dangerous, or just embarrassingly poor workmanship. What are the medium term implications of the joins like this? Do I need to get another plumber in to review and fix this? It is just shoddy but acceptable? Regards, Paul McGinnie
  6. S

    Copper pipe 15mm burred shower mixer fitting

    Hi, hope all is well! I’ve fitted a compression cap on two of my shower mixer copper pipes (15mm). One of them has scratches and burring and is very slightly out of shape. It leaked but I added some PFTE tape over the olive and it seems to of done the job. However… I’m tiling the wall and...
  7. johnd1881

    Copper driancock pipe lagging

    Hi, I wonder if I could have some advice please. I have a rental shepherds hut with an outdoor copper bath. I expect to close down for winter when the weather gets very cold. The majority of the piping is blue mdpe which is lagged. But where it joins the tap it's copper. I have lagged what...
  8. B

    Do I need a washer for blanking plug in a copper hot water cylinder?

    Hi all I'm blanking a couple of openings in a hot water cylinder. The Screwfix Flomasta 1" BSP plugs fit perfectly but no washer supplied or listed. Given that the element has a washer and everything else is a compression fitting I'm concerned these should have one. The alternative is PTFE...
  9. M

    Flexi pipes vs copper pipe

    How safe are flexi pipes my toilet cistern has one it was changed about a year ago when the toilet was removed for some work to the bathroom floor. However would it be better if replaced with copper pipe. What is the life time of flexi pipes, has any one had experience of them failing.
  10. A

    Connecting To Old 3/4" Copper Pipe That's Smaller Than Usual

    Hi, I'm trying to connect 3/4" copper to 22mm copper in an old house. However it appears that the 3/4" is actually slightly smaller (measured at 21.1mm) than it normally is. This means I've been unable to use the special 3/4 to 22mm compression fittings as the olive is just too loose...
  11. M

    Bending 22mm coated copper

    Is there a way of bending 22mm coated copper with a bender without stripping back the coating?
  12. RachelG

    Cutting copper pipe in a very tight space

    Hi everyone, I'm running copper pipework for my new bathroom and there's a spot about the isolation valve which is really tight because everything has to fit behind the wall until it can run under the bath and there wasn't much space as there's a sink there too. Made a silly mistake with the...
  13. Z

    Green on copper pipes

    Just moved into an 18 month old property, and under the sink there is green on the copper pipes, it that normal?
  14. A

    12 x 1.6mm MLC to 15mm copper connection

    Hi will be using 12x1.6mm MLC for a project and would like to terminate into a fitting other than an UFH manifold, eg, regular 15mm copper. Can't seem to find a coupler for that - any ideas out there? cheers Andy
  15. P

    Tap flexi tail to copper or plastic pipe? What's best & what's needed?

    Hi folks I need to fit a kitchen monobloc tap temporarily. A new sink unit will be going in soon so this will just be a stop gap. The current tap is connected with copper down to plastic pipes. I've attached photos below of what's there now and what the new flexi tails look like (is that a...
  16. safoostar

    Ok to leave thinset around copper pipe?

    I had a history at my home with the oring failing on my tub spout leading to water leaking through the pipe opening in the wall. I had put new o-rings but for extra precaution I sealed up the space around the pipe with thinset. This was about 10 months ago. Now I’m wondering if long term this...
  17. OscarSmith

    What kinds of plumbing pipes do I have?

    Hello. I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping to be able to learn some things as well as contribute as best I can. This might seem like an odd query, but I need to determine what kinds of plumbing pipes I have, and approximately what percentage of each type. I'd appreciate any help with this...
  18. A

    Green copper pipes, plumber didn't clean up flux after job

    I'm currently refurbishing a room. Plumber has been in for first fix to lay new pipework for new radiators. He's laid fresh copper pipe, however around the joints they are all green which I believe is flux residue he hasn't cleaned up after soldering. Not the cleanest of jobs but I'm not too...
  19. N

    Scrap copper tank clean up??

    On to the scraping side now! Is it worth bothering to remove insulation from old water tank and weigh in clean, or just take it down to the scrapper as it is?? ? Mnhjffhjbn
  20. M

    Shower head fittings for copper coonection

    I’m fitting an over head shower to an en-suite that I’m about to tile, I’m Struggling thinking about how to get the fittings flush to the tiles from the copper feed behind the boarding. Anyone any experience on the best way to sort this out? Cheers

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