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  1. P

    URGENT First fix pipe work testing

    Hi Just using a rothenberger RP50 to test first fix radiator pipework. part HEP and part copper. what is the correct procedure? Struggle to pump it up to 4.5bar! Used pump to put water in the system then vented the air and then pumped up but became very hard to pump. Long time since I did this...
  2. M

    Copper or brass olive for chrome pipe

    Hello all. I hope you are having a nice weekend. I’m adding a new rad to my bathroom and will be using chrome pipe. It’s my understanding that compression fittings can be used straight on the chrome without filing of chrome finish. What olive is best to use. Copper or brass? Many thanks.
  3. Roger of Weston

    Boiler connection 22mm

    I have a 40CDi combi boiler in a 1920s house. The heating does not get hot just warm. I have 22mm from the boiler to under the floor but then connects to original half inch/15mm copper lagged with hessian. I believe I am losing heat as some of the runs are quite long. A local plumber said I need...
  4. S

    Replace Kitchen Tap with fix copper pipes with one with flexible pipes

    Good evening, In my kitchen I have got a tap with fixed copper tube that they fit in a plastic but in grey ( see picture1). Can I fit in the grey pipes this tap with flexible pipes? Is there an adaptor between them? What is the name of it? (Picture 2) Thanks
  5. B

    22mm Copper pipe through flat felt roof

    Howdy Guys Any ideas or suggestions for putting a copper pipe through a felt roof? I have to run a gas pipe up through the garage roof. Through the roof is the shortest, cleanest solution. But, I'm not sure how to seal it well, if indeed its possible. Any suggestions gratefully received. Many...
  6. B

    Copper pipe cutter for plastic fittings

    Hello, I have a traditional “disc” type cutter that you wind down onto the copper pipe but I’m told it’s best to have a cutter or “slice” that leaves a chambered edge on the copper pipe so it clears the plastic fitting O ring. Can anyone recommend the best cutter for 22mm and 28mm copper pipe...
  7. J

    Plastic-coated copper gas pipe???

    Hi all, I came across some 8mm copper pipe /plastic coated under a gas fire today. I haven't seen this before? Is it OK to be there? (It was put in by a reputable firm local to me, whom I trust, though I'd like to know what it is). Thanks all, Jennie
  8. M

    Copper pipe sleeve through walls?

    Hey guys. I know we sleeve copper pipes through walls to protect the pipe but what is the reaction called when copper is in contact with the brick mortar or plaster? Debating with a colleague. He thinks it’s elecrtolisys
  9. E

    D2 plastic pipe instead of copper due to high cost.

    Hi all, can anyone suggest a plastic pipe and fittings with resistance to high temperatures conforming to BS? Thank you in advance.
  10. A

    Plug a 17mm OD Copper Pipe

    Hello, I found a 17mm OD pipe, which looks steely, in the walls of our house. It's disconnected, but don't know where the other end connects to. I want to plug it and plaster over it, any idea how to cap a 17mm pipe? Many thanks, Adam
  11. M

    Leaking ends on under-sink copper pipes

    Hi We have these unusual seemingly useless dead-ends on the copper pipes under our sink. One has developed a very slow dripping leak, as you can see in the photos. What are the ends for? Why are they dripping now? How can we stop it?
  12. B

    Copper pipe stretchers

    Do the Pipe stretches work Do these things work?
  13. Pipps

    Inserting washing machine valves into middle of copper pipe?

    Should it be possible to add a couple of washing machine style tee valves in the middle of these copper pipes? Forgive the basic question, but I am an inexperienced home owner. Thinking of giving it a try myself today. Would this risk reducing our tap water flow from the pipes continuing...
  14. A

    Copper US 1/2L to UK 15mm solder ring straight reducer

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a Copper US size 1/2L to UK 15mm solder ring straight reducer in the UK? I need to convert a US pipe size to a UK size, and I can’t find one anywhere. It’s for a gin still, so needs to be copper and not plastic. Thanks
  15. GameForkStudio

    Green colour inside copper pipes safe?

    Hi all, I have just changed my kitchen sink tap and this involved cutting the copper pipes under the sink. I noticed a green colour inside the pipes. When I wiped it with a tissue, the tissue became green. Since this is the main house tap and we drink from it, I was wondering if the green...
  16. D

    Unusual Copper Pipe Corrosion

    Hi, I had some of the floorboards up today and I spotted a short section of copper pipe for the heating that is extremely corroded. The copper is flaking away in layers and looks like it should have burst long ago. Not the usual green residue. Does anyone know what may have caused the...
  17. S

    Moving copper pipe work for new sink position

    Im going to be removing an old sink from one wall and re positioning the new sink on an adjacent wall At the moment the hot and cold supplies come in through the wall and branch right for the existing sink. I need to modify these so that they come in and head straight to the direction of...
  18. falable

    Is it possible to use jg speedfit pipe and fitting, to replace small section of copper?

    hi, so we had tried to fit an isolation valve into copper pipe that came close from the mains supply, but i'm not proud of it. we had to leave the mains water valve at half pressure or else the fittings would leak/pop off. It was my first attempt at plumbing and i assumed i could easily move the...
  19. C

    Flexi pipe or copper pipe for gas hob?

    Hey guys I've got an integrated electric oven with a gas hob directly above. How do I connect this hob to gas? I've done a bit of googling and I've read that you can connect the hob to the gas line with a flexi pipe only if the manufacturers instructions permit you to do so (please correct me...
  20. K

    Black, smelly copper pipes in new build (Gloucester)

    hi all, Can anyone explain why my hot and cold water pipes in the cupboard under the kitchen sink have turned black and scaly? I am in a new build (4.5 years old) and there are no other black pipes in the house. The discolouration is accompanied by a horrible smell (gets worse when the...