1. A

    Noisy Pipes when flushing Loo

    Hi, This recently started... every time the Loo is flushed the pipes are noisy when filling again and it gets worse as the day goes on... If another tap in the bathroom is run the noise reduces and if the bath tap is opened fully the noise stops, also if I close the filling valve at the...
  2. A

    Pipes under the boiler

    Good afternoon guys. Just a quick question. Under my boiler there are few pipes and by mistake I've turn that switch (see pic) on/off. It's says "C" on a pipe but I don't know what that means. Have I done something bad to the boiler doing that? And one more question please. I would like to...
  3. T

    Noisy Pipes

    We have an issue where every three days whenever we draw water from either flushing a loo or turning on a tap we get a loud 'trombone' like noise. To stop this from happening we turn off mains water and open all cold water taps to drain the system and turn mains back on. This repeats every...
  4. S

    Banging pipes when not drawing water

    Hi I have banging water pipe when I am not drawing any water please can any one help as it’s driving me nuts Thanks steve
  5. K

    Neighbour refusing to fix her noisy Water supply pipes

    Hello there, I'm new on here and would like to ask if anyone has practical advice. I live in a converted house hence I live in the flat on the first floor and my neighbor on the ground floor. The water supply is via a single supply from the street which splits (either underground or in the...
  6. L

    Mixer shower supply ( plastic pipes)

    I am in the process of changing my bath and installing a mixer shower aswell. Currently, there is a copper pipe that goes to the sink and then from the sink to the bath taps its plastic pipe. Would it be best to t-off from the bath tap supply using plastic pipe up to the mixer shower? If the...
  7. T

    Disconnecting shower pipes.

    Hi Guys, I have just removed an unused shower from my house and have exposed the water pipe as can be seen in the attached photos. My question is "do I have to drain the whole house to then be able to cut the pipes where they are" or is there now a way of cutting the pipes and sealing them where...
  8. Nickem09

    Leaking shower pipes

    Evening all, I have had a leak in my shower, which after an investigation looks like it's may coming from the pipes behind. I decided to cut hole in the drywall behind the pipes to look for issues, however on drilling through 20mm of drywall I came across a secondary wall/insulation directly...
  9. BobThomas

    Lead waste pipes and boiler condensate.

    Dear all, still getting used to the in’s and out’s of the forum, and my last post may well’ve been in the wrong forum, however I received, very good and polite advice... even though i’m not a professional plumber. I’ve a relatively new boiler installation in an upstairs bathroom, with the...
  10. A

    noisey pipes

    OK I have installed a 28mm copper inlet cold water pipe to feed my upstairs bathroom. It reduces to 22, then to 15mm to service shower, bath and toilet. The trouble is that when ever anyone uses any item upstairs water can be heard running through the pipes throughout the house. I have tried...
  11. J

    Green pipes?? Sticky residue?? WTF??

    Hi all, I did a LGSC today, on a 1-year-old Worcester combi. Pics attached of the flow and return pipes to the boiler, coated with green powdery but dry residue. And also the pipe tray/cover, which had a sticky green residue. No other issues anywhere. But because it's just the central heating...
  12. centralheatking

    Regulations regarding pipes through external walls

    This is a specific question. We all know that gas supply MUST be sleeved when passing thro walls esp external brick block etc. Boiler flues are ok because the outside air always is around the outside of the nasty gas output. Now what is the situation regarding 1. Condensate outflow ...as it is...
  13. tonyt

    Vented system - Expansion / fill pipe or pipes?

    Hi, I'm coming to the brainy forum for a proper answer! Scene - vented system, was originally gravity with Aga, then oil boiler with integral pump, then new oil boiler last year with fully pumped "Y" system. I have problems with air in radiators. I find there is a single 22mm expansion/fill...
  14. J murton

    Best way to pipe this rad using existing pipes

    Hi Just wondered if anyone had a good idea to pipe this radiator up using the existing pipe coming through the floor. The customer has had all their floor recently done so nothing can be changed with the pipework. Ideas so far include pipe extension piece or maybe an offset bend inwards both...
  15. R

    [SORTED] Under kitchen sink waste pipes

    Hi all I wondered if someone could help me please? Cannot for the life of me work out how these go back together. I know that one of the small L shaped pipe can only go on the large diagonal pipe at back of cupboard. But the rest is a puzzle... Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  16. R

    Can you still by Thermostatic showers with 22mm inlet pipes?

    Hi guys, Reviving an old thread, for which I have the same problem. Can one still buy thermostatic showers with 22mm (rather than 15mm) inlet pipes? I have a broken shower, and have discovered that we have established that the inlet pipes (hot and cold) to the shower are 150mm apart (centre...
  17. M

    Leaking ends on under-sink copper pipes

    Hi We have these unusual seemingly useless dead-ends on the copper pipes under our sink. One has developed a very slow dripping leak, as you can see in the photos. What are the ends for? Why are they dripping now? How can we stop it?
  18. P

    What is this connected to my pipes

    Hi, Is anyone able to identify what this box is connected to my pipes under the kitchen sink. This is leaking and I need to replace, but need to know what it is first. Thanks
  19. D

    London Flat Living: Issues with Leaks from upstairs!

    Hi, I've had 5 leaks from my upstairs neighbour in the last 18 months and I've had enough. I believe that the joint seals are coming to the end of their lifespan as nothing has been touched since the renovation and install over 40 years ago. My questions is....is there a way to identify...
  20. T

    Radiator pipes at different levels?

    Hi there Looking for some advice on connecting a radiator. Have finally got round to replacing a really old radiator wher I assumed the bracket had slipped as the whole thing was at an angle. However when I hung the new one I realised the pipes are at different heights and whoever installed...
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