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PIPES is the common name for piperazine-N,N′-bis(2-ethanesulfonic acid), and is a frequently used buffering agent in biochemistry. It is an ethanesulfonic acid buffer developed by Good et al. in the 1960s.

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  1. omendata

    Blocked Cold Water Tank Pipes - Doing my head in for over a year

    Ok I have been dealing with this problem for over a year and finally have to ask for some help as backflushing every 2 weeks or so is getting very tiresome. I live in a 60's flat (3 flats per side of the block so 6 flats in all) with two overhead water tanks in a tankhouse on the flat roof for...
  2. M

    Bathroom renovation - waste pipes

    Been researching as much as I can and think have a good gist about recommended waste pipe sizes, types of bends etc so now just looking to fit the most efficient system (but also looking to minimise drilling through stone work). Essentially the old setup had the shower and bath running...
  3. C

    Toilet replacement - need advice

    Might be a very silly question, but have an old cistern toilet. Connects to the pipes as follows(see pic) - want to know if I can do a like for like replacement with any toilet type, or I'm limited for options. Reason for changing is that toilet is getting blocked every 2-3 months - no issues...
  4. T

    Pipes making noise even when central heating is off

    We have a Grant condensing oil fired boiler in good condition and four years old. Sometimes after a period of use when the central heating has been on, we can hear a rhythmic sound from the pipes and the boiler is not firing up as it should Leave it for a while and turn up thermostat and it...
  5. R


    Hello we are currently doing our living room, it is back to plaster no skirting etc.. our current radiator has pipes on show down the wall and along the skirting. but we'd like to chase them into the wall and change the radiator roughly for a similar size. Should we chase them in exactly how...
  6. A

    Pipes vibrating when shower, toilet, washing machine used?

    Hi We have had an issue with our system for a few weeks now, the pipes judder and vibrate behind the wall, where the bathroom sink is. We have had a Megaflow system taken out and replaced with a Combi this week, and I had expected the noise and vibration to go aware. Its kind of got worse...
  7. S

    Saniflo water goes back in and repumps to loud banging in pipes

    Hello, I have had a Saniflo PRO XR for three years. Still under warranty and I put cleaner/descaler every three months. It is used once or twice a day. The first year there were no problems. Then it suddenly started to go off intermittently during the night. I took out the Elbow where the non...
  8. G

    Corroded pipes new build

    Recently I began to smell damp in my boiler cupboard. I can see there is a lot of blue and white corrosion on the copper pipes and I can see they are slowly dripping. On looking at the cupboard under the kitchen sink - same thing. Pipes very blue and corroded with slow dripping. The house is 4...
  9. Muskopia

    Supporting speedfit pipes under 1st floor floorboards

    Hi. What would you recommend for pipe support whilst running 15mm central heating pipes parallel to floor joists? My idea is to screw wood supports perpendicular to the joists and clip the pipes to the top, or, screw-in wood supports with 22mm holes and pass through the pipe. When the pipe...
  10. J

    To insulate both hot and cold pipes?

    Hi all, I just learned the external pipes for boiler system should be insulated especially in loft and garage as they are in very cold area. I checked my loft and found some pipes are insulated but others are not! I think it is because the insulated pipes are from previous owner's, since I...
  11. Barisk

    I need infor about these pipes

    Hi , I was going to install an outside light when i got onto leader i seen pipes cracked and cut , I’m not sure what these pipes are for and still in use. Does anyone know if they need to be replaced please? The crack is below light
  12. A

    Capping old hot and cold pipes

    Looking for some opinions on whether you should cap old hot and cold water pipes. A plumber I got to remove some old sinks from bedrooms has capped off the hot and cold pipes under the floor. I thought it didn’t quite seem like the best thing to do and thought he would completely remove the...
  13. Frankey

    Platic pipes near radiators

    Hi guys. I'm getting the radiators installed in my property now and I'm struggling between plastic and copper pipes to radiators. I've asked 2 plumbers and they said opposite opinions. The first one said only copper pipes is allowed into radiators, and the second plumber agreed to install...
  14. A

    Banging Pipes, blowing off joints HELP!

    So house 4 years old. In that time had 7 pipes burst. Builder fixed first one, blaming cylinder not being serviced. Over the 3 years another 2 went. Builder not interested as out of 2 year cover. Nov last year another went. Plumber came and fixed, said looks like shoddy installation. No sooner...
  15. gb17342

    Help identifying pipes

    Can anyone help me identify these pipes please? They are connected to a water tank in the roof of a tenement in Glasgow. I'm trying to work out which pipe is filling the tank from the mains supply, because pipe 2 also supplies all the water in my flat so I'm hoping it's not coming from the tank...
  16. P

    Hissing pipes filling loop not working

    I hope you can give me some advice. The day after a pump replacement last week, on my Halstead ace, the boiler and pipes made a hissing noise when the hot water taps were used - a noise like when the pressure is too low- this continued when the taps were turned off and until the boiler stopped...
  17. T

    Sweating cold water pipes

    I have sweating cold water pipes, even though I have insulated them with foam it's still sweating. Any ideas what I can do next?
  18. gavdtra

    Miles of Heating pipes

    This building has 70+rooms and miles of heating pipes with no insulation. Might be a stupid question but is insulating all these pipes worth it? The oil bill is eye watering...
  19. A

    Rad pipes chased outside??

    Hi all, Background situation… I’ve refit our new bathroom from scratch, re-located toilet waste, all new plumbing for wastes and supplies within floorboards etc and new shower valve pipe work etc chased in to internal wall. So I have had to do a lot of research, and I’ve muddled along ok so...
  20. V

    Expanding foam around pipes?

    Hi all, I really hope I can get an answer from you lovely people! I currently have a bit of a mouse problem, and it seems that they are getting in to the cupboard under my kitchen sink through the hole where my hot and cold water pipes enter the cupboard from under the floor, or where the waste...