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  1. L

    Estimate cost of removing pipes

    Hi all, I have a 2 bed flat with loft access and need some pipes removing. in the airing cupboard there a a number of pipes believed to of been for the water cylinder which was removed by the previous owner the pipes have either been blanked off or left connected to the hot water tank in the...
  2. H

    Squeeking pipes/ taps in bathroom

    Recently our bathroom pipes began squeeking after flushing the toilet. I thought it was water hammer and ran all taps and turned off the water. This appeared to work but a week later and it's happening again. The process of event now is, toilet flush > and bathroom sink will squeek and the...
  3. D

    Banging pipes and trouble heating water

    Hi everyone, really hoping someone can help me as I’m a complete novice. I moved into a house over a year ago. The house has an open fire, and oil heating. however if we have the fire lit or oil heating on it has never heated the water. Every day we would need to switch on the electrical...
  4. Dark Eyes

    Kitchen sink won't drain properly 2-3 weeks after cleaning waste pipes

    Hello folks, My kitchen sink waste pipes, which also take the drain hoses from the washing machine and the dishwasher (see attached photo) are causing me a problem. Roughly once a year, it starts to backup, and I have to uncouple the trap from the horizontal waste pipe, and suck out the...
  5. A

    Removing olives on 10mm plastic pipes

    Hi all, My first post and many thanks in advance for any help offered. I am currently upgrading my CH system by fitting Honeywell eco home Wi-Fi enabled thermostatic valves to my radiators. I have completed about 10 or so without any problems other than replacing some of the existing valve...
  6. S

    Replace Kitchen Tap with fix copper pipes with one with flexible pipes

    Good evening, In my kitchen I have got a tap with fixed copper tube that they fit in a plastic but in grey ( see picture1). Can I fit in the grey pipes this tap with flexible pipes? Is there an adaptor between them? What is the name of it? (Picture 2) Thanks
  7. B

    Pipes to radiators in suspended timber floor new build

    Advice please. Building a home with suspended timber floor. 300mm Ijoists at ground level with sheeps wool insulation. Wondering whether to use copper or plastic pipes for radiators/hot water and where to locate them in the ground foor. Within the joists inbetween the insulation? OR Underfloor -.
  8. T

    Pipes left from cylinder removal

    So I’ve had my hot water cylinder removed as I’ve changed over to combi and this has opened up a lot of space which I can make part of the bathroom. But I need to hide these pipes shown in the picture. Are they important? Could I just hind them under the floor. Or do they need to be accessible...
  9. PolypipeOverlay

    Pipes going in at angle into Underfloor Heating Manifold Problem?

    Is it acceptable to have plastic pipe going into the manifold at such angles as shown in photo? There is definitely stress on the fittings as the pipe is pulling hard to one side on numerous connections. The manifold does not leak under pressure test. Should it be kept as is if it does not leak...
  10. M

    Worcester fan replaced, pressure now dropped / air in pipes / constant need to top up

    Hi, We recently had a Worcester compact system boiler repaired under warranty where the fan had failed. Since this has happened, the top floor radiator has needed bleeding constantly and additional water added to the heating loop. There's no apparent leak. I'm guessing the boiler is releasing...
  11. R

    Groaning / Creaking pipes

    Any advice on how to resolve groaning / creaking pipes?
  12. F

    Is it OK to plumb new radiator off pipes from existing radiator?

    Hi all, Question from a complete non-expert - I'm about to have some extension work start in my house and for radiators in the extension space, my builder has suggested he will use the plumbing from an existing nearby radiator to plumb the new radiators. Is this OK/typical to do? Is there...
  13. H

    Help please - LOUD thumping/banging noise coming from boiler pipes

    Hi Guys For quite some time I have noticed loud thumping and banging noises coming from the boiler. Before I have a professional to come and have a look at it. I was wondering if you guys could tell me the cause of the noise as shown in the video by following the link below. View...
  14. D

    Vibrating Noise from pipes

    My cold water pipe that sits next to my emersion heater upstairs in the cupboard, makes a very loud vibrating noise, is this because of low or high pressure and is there an easy way to fix it? I have a gravity feed system, the noise happens when we run the taps in bathroom, downstairs tap and...
  15. M

    Asbestos around pipes

    Hi. Does it look like it is asbestos around these pipes? I do not have much knowledge about asbestos.
  16. L

    blockage in bathroom pipes!

    Hello! I'm new here and need some help. The wash basin in my bathroom was blocked and it was taking water ages to go down the plughole so I used a plunger which did a great job. Unfortunately the water now is coming up inside my bath through the plughole and won't go back down! So now when I use...
  17. A

    Damaged water pipes due to excavation/welding

    Hello, We are renovating our home these days, and recently had to bring a certified welder to re-weld a constructive pillar’s base which is located close to water pipes. The welder had to excavate the floor for accessing the pillar base. After he finished his stuff, we noticed one of the pipes...
  18. M

    Water does not flow trough the pipes

    Hi , i have this situation that once every few months the water stops from flowing from the tank to the house. So i go and disconnect the pipe from the 2nd filter and wait for half minute and water start flowing again. I made a drawing here on the picture to show how is set up. I was wondering...
  19. A

    Noisy Pipes when flushing Loo

    Hi, This recently started... every time the Loo is flushed the pipes are noisy when filling again and it gets worse as the day goes on... If another tap in the bathroom is run the noise reduces and if the bath tap is opened fully the noise stops, also if I close the filling valve at the...
  20. A

    Pipes under the boiler

    Good afternoon guys. Just a quick question. Under my boiler there are few pipes and by mistake I've turn that switch (see pic) on/off. It's says "C" on a pipe but I don't know what that means. Have I done something bad to the boiler doing that? And one more question please. I would like to...