1. C

    king of pipes no reply from private message

    Any one know how he"s doing as he has been ill.
  2. D

    UK Pipes for thermostat shower fitted at different heights

    Pipes for thermostat shower have been fitted at different heights. Any way of rectifying without ripping all tiles. So for clarity 15mm pipes sunk into wall behind bath. Walls have fresh tiles. Have realised as about to fit shower these pipes one is set higher than the other. If you fit a...
  3. A

    copper vs pushfit pipes

    Copper pipes, I think its fair to say, is not what it used to be, the copper is getting thin while the cost is going up. Meanwhile, plastic Pushfit seems to be getting better and better, cost and convenience was always better, but now the quality is to, have we reached a stage where plastic will...
  4. J

    Knock in the pipes when valve shuts

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I have a problem. Not sure if this was always like that or something is degrading. Whenever the toilet refills when it finishes there is a knock in the pipes. The same happens when the washing machine finishes taking water. Is this because there is too tight...
  5. Roy_66

    Insulating pipes next to Combi

    Prompted by a surveyors energy efficiency report (and getting grants as this job belongs to a small charity) I've been asked to lag the pipes in this boiler cupboard. So questions: 1.Anybody got a photo of a good professional job please. 2. Where to stop the insulation under the boiler...
  6. T

    Are these some of the worst corroded pipes you've seen?

    Firstly this is not in my home but rather the boiler room at a lodge I was staying at in a UK holiday camp. I naturally reported these to their guest services team but I was wondering if you've come across anything like this before? They weren't visibly leaking and I couldn't find a reason for...
  7. M

    Cross bonding cutting gas/water pipes

    I know no one really does. But technically why should we use bonding clamps when we cut a section of gas or water pipes out? Thanks.
  8. C

    Underfloor copper pipes: corrosion and pin holes

    Bungalow built in 2001. All copper pipework (water and heating) runs in channels of expanded foam polystyrene between a concrete floor and OSB boards. Pipe are lagged in stitched felt and what looks like bubble wrap with sand (?) over the top. During the bathroom refit, I lifted up some of the...
  9. N

    Heat pump and micro bore pipes

    Hi thank you for letting me join this forum . We have an air to water heat pump but the bungalow is piped in micro bore 10mm pipe which doesn’t look well piped , kinky in pipes in some places ,some of the rad don’t heat up too well , probably because of the badly piped system, the pipe is all...
  10. vertexape

    Would like to understand how my Grant Oil Combi boiler is hooked up to the pipes in the house

    Hello, bit of a noob question but would someone be able to help me to understand the pipes coming off our boiler. It's a Grant oil combi boiler, and where the pipes come in is in a room at the front of the house. I am about to box them in but I really wanted to understand what the various pipes...
  11. P

    Should I insulate vent pipes in loft (from DHW cylinder and central heating)

    Hi I recently did some pipe insulating in my loft. The only two I didn't do were the vent pipes. Not sure if that is the right term for them? They are the pipes that feed water back into the top of the tanks when there is excess, presumably from steam, expansion, etc. The one going to the cold...
  12. Adamjee

    Choosing the Right Pipes for Your Home

    Choosing the right pipes for your home is a critical decision that impacts the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing system. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the factors influencing your choice, with a focus on the versatile solution UPVC pipes (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride)...
  13. A

    Kitchen sink pipes underneath leaking

    I removed three of these sections to clean and when I put them back together I noticed leaking. Please can you advise on how to attach them correctly. Thank you.
  14. J

    Why do I hear a hammer related noise coming from my water pipes?

    This issue arose about a year ago. Does anyone have an idea why I occasionally hear (about once every hour or longer) a hammer related noise coming from my copper water pipes when no water is being used? It basically sounds like the noise you hear after the water shuts off when your toilet bowl...
  15. M

    Builders opening with pipes inside

    Hello Everyone ;0 Iv just discovered this forum, looking through internet to find a solution to my small problem. So I just reopened, builders opening in my 1930 ex-council house. And surprisingly, did find some pipes inside. Two look like water - those have been cut, and those are like side...
  16. S

    Is there a correct position of the hole for washing machine pipes

    We had water leak from the laundry sink into the cupboard below, then flow down the hole cut for the pipes (the hole was on the floor of the cupboard).. this water then went downstairs and flooded the downstairs bedroom that is directly above the laundry area. It makes no sense to me to cut the...
  17. N

    Expanding foam around hot pipes?

    Hello guys, an easy one: I recently had to drill through two outside walls to run 15mm pipes for a shower and sink. The holes are neat enough but need to be closed off to prevent draughts. Can I use expanding foam to block them? I wouldn't do this with central heating pipes, but the shower and...
  18. M

    Pipes going to UFH cold

    bit of an odd one. UFH been working fine for about a year or two now. today the pipes going to it before the zone valve are stone cold. its a very basic system with Hive thermostatic valves controlling the rads upstairs and the zone valve downstairs. Could the pipe be blocked?
  19. M

    Flexi pipes vs copper pipe

    How safe are flexi pipes my toilet cistern has one it was changed about a year ago when the toilet was removed for some work to the bathroom floor. However would it be better if replaced with copper pipe. What is the life time of flexi pipes, has any one had experience of them failing.
  20. P

    Problems with polybutylene pipes?

    There's been an issue with poly pipes (Pro-fit brand) in WA. Loads of leaks occurring, the main house builder in WA says it is a problem with the product, the manufacturer blames installation - over-bending, insufficient room for movement. I'm wondering why we haven't heard of this anywhere else...

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