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PIPES is the common name for piperazine-N,N′-bis(2-ethanesulfonic acid), and is a frequently used buffering agent in biochemistry. It is an ethanesulfonic acid buffer developed by Good et al. in the 1960s.

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  1. N

    Groaning sound, Knocking pipes.

    This is regarding the hot water, but I didn't have a clue where else to post it. We live in a 22 year old Barratt house, we have lived here since new. The start of last year, we had to have our hot water cylinder replaced as it started leaking (closed system). Because it was a different make...
  2. D

    Justifying the 'Rules of thumb' for 15mm and 22mm CH pipes

    Hi All, I'm trying to work out why the 'rule of thumb' is ~3 radiators on a single 15mm run... I've calculated the heat demand of my house at ~14kW: 3 bed 1930s solid wall, end terrace, no wall insulation 7 radiators 2 air change per hour for all rooms 21deg in all rooms When I do the...
  3. B

    Secondary return cools cylinder within 2 hours

    I'm a plumbing novice so first of all I apologise if I'm not explaining this situation correctly. I've recently renovated a house for my family to live in and we're having an issue with water not staying hot when the secondary return circuit is on. From a starting point of fully heated the...
  4. S

    Low carbon steel pipes and rad valves

    Hi all hope all is well with everyone. Im a plumbing and heating engineer and I have worked only on domestic systems but am currently crossing over to commercial plumbing. I havent ever really done any steel pipework hence my question to you . . How or what is the procedure to changing a rad...
  5. H

    Hot Press Pipes Question

    Hi : I’ve no idea about plumbing so please be patient. The plethora of pipes in my hot press, which one is the cold water feed to my central heating system? I have an oil boiler in the garage. Thanks.
  6. C

    Pipes attached to rafters

    We're having the loft converted at the front of our house, and the plumber has routed the new water and central heating pipes via the rafters in the back loft (which isn't being converted). He's wrapped some insulation (looks like TopSleeve) round them and assures me it'll be fine. I'm worried...
  7. J

    Thames Water lead pipes - meter to stopcock liability?

    Hi all. Thames Water lead pipes - meter to stopcock liability? I have had contradicting info. from TW & employees regarding the TW /consumer onus to repair or replace and various dates relating to policy changes. I was denied a free change or repair 5+ years ago. Also been told that near future...
  8. M

    Help with humming pipes with communal boiler

    Hi all, I live in an old building with a communal boiler and central heating. The communal boiler is located in a small plant room and serves 8 appartments. The pipes are making a humming noise and 2 radiators make a constant whistling noise. The management company tells me that the pipes and...
  9. S

    Are these ugly pipes supposed to show so much?

    Please can someone advise me? The builder finished creating my new-build wetroom yesterday. I was disappointed to see the water pipes so prominent and noticeable. So I looked online at similar installations and the water pipes never show in any photo, only the waste. My questions are: Has...
  10. K

    Distance between Hot & Cold pipes?

    Hi all, I was just wondering when running hot and cold copper pipes side by side is there a minimum distance they should be apart according to regulations? Thanks P
  11. Old house

    WHAT CAN I DO WITH THESE PIPES IN LOFT - Survey says DIY standard?!

    Hi All Newbie so please bear with. We are selling our old house - built 1880. The purchaser has shared their survey report which states that the pipe work in the loft is of DIY standard. This was done before we bought house 10 years ago, and everything works fine but obviously I have to try and...
  12. B

    ADVICE-40mm waste leaking ceiling. Pipes at angle/undefeated pressure?

    Hi I fitted a bath/shower 12 years ago and a few months ago it developed a leak. It was basically at a coupler on 40mm solvent where my new white PVC joined the existing grey PVC. I cut a hole in the ceiling and could also easily view it with the bath panel off but not access it from there...
  13. F

    32 Ideal Vogue Max - reduce pump speed? (noisy expanding pipes)

    Hello all, At the start of the year I had a 32 Ideal Vogue Max fitted and all was well, it's working fine. Problem is, I was getting floors done at the same time so I had a very limited time to notch out / felt between the pipes & joists. I thought I got them all but, I didnt and the noise is...
  14. O

    Tee 15mm pipes from 15mm pipes for CH

    Hi all, I need to fit a new rad but the location of it has an obstruction. I initially wanted to tee from the 22mm pipes but right beside them and in between my new rad and the 22mm pipes are two 15mm pipes heading to another rad. I'm a DIY'er and trying to keep my joints to a minimum, I'm...
  15. D

    Insulation on chased-in pipes

    HI Plumbers, I need some advice on our chased-in pipes. We had plumbers tell us an array of different things. Questions: 1) Do copper pipes need insulation? 2) if so what type? 3) Do Pex pipes need insulation? 3) if so what type? I know they have been done already but I'm going to...
  16. judebea

    How to connect two pvc pipes small space

    Help needed for a DIY-er. I lifted my floorboard one night at 2am after a month of not knowing where my leak was coming from. I've numerous holes in my living room ceiling and had 3 different plumbers out from different companies unable to find the problem and all charging me for doing other...
  17. D

    Pipes that run through bedroom and need rerouted

    Hi folks. I have 2 pipes that run through my bedroom that are boxed in by skirtings. Both these pipes come from the boiler that sits in a cupboard in the kids bedroom and run roughly about 20 feet around the room and then go through the wall to the bathroom. Both are copper pipes. I have been...
  18. M

    How to tidy pipes knot?

    Hello everybody! Yesterday i have replaced old radiator at my mums house into new one, old one was single panel radiator, she wanted two panels radiator. All looks good, apart from one thing, and i need your help guys as proffesionals. How to tidy up pipe knots? The way they run i cant think of...
  19. D

    Might have cowboys in my house

    So I've changed pedistall toilet for a wall hung Abacus toilet in my WC. The water connection is what I'm worried about as the two builders have different skillsets. The washing machine waste pipe in the next room also comes through the wall to the toilet waste (you'll see in the pic but this...
  20. A

    Plumbers refuse to locate underground irrigation system pipe leaks?

    Hello. Why do many plumbers refuse to locate underground irrigation system pipe leaks in an almost 2 acres hilly rural land? Others and I can't find the underwater leak(s) even though we know it's on the irrigation system's side after shutting down its main major pipe since water meter slow...
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