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PIPES is the common name for piperazine-N,N′-bis(2-ethanesulfonic acid), and is a frequently used buffering agent in biochemistry. It is an ethanesulfonic acid buffer developed by Good et al. in the 1960s.

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  1. T

    Water Pipes Vibrating Our Floor

    Hi Everyone, Thanks in advance for your advice... As the title mentions, my issue is with the water pipes of the house causing the floor to vibrate. I have singled out the issue to the joists that the floorboards sit on carrying the vibrations throughout the house. We do not have hot water...
  2. T

    How to cover pipes under internal floor

    I have some internal water pipes (some plastic, some copper) that have to go under the kitchen floor. There is no way around having to do this. Rest of floor is concrete and pipes are currently in a trench (approx 5-6 cms deep, 4-5 cms wide). The trench will need to be concreted over before...
  3. T

    Leaking pipes from boiler

    Hey - hope you're well, These two pipes on my boiler have started leaking - not tons of water, but regularly and enough to be an issue. The insulation around both have become holed / broken, presumably from said water. You can see a photo here: Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 06.42.32.png -...
  4. Barisk

    Replacing waste pipes

    I needed to change waste pipes because they were just crumbling into pieces, but i am not sure how can I connect the new pipe to the one inside the wall. Many thanks
  5. S

    How to remove these shower screw fittings from the pipes?

    I'm retiling my bathroom, and so everything in this photo minus the copper pipes must be removed. Anyone familiar with these screw fittings that go over the pipes? They have filed down areas to get an adjustable spanner in there to turn them, but when I grip the copper pipe and the screw...
  6. F

    ideal drill bit size for 15mm pipes

    I am tiling a shower wall and need to drill holes for 15mm pipes that will go to a thermostatic valve, what size of drill bit for the holes is best?
  7. OscarSmith

    What kinds of plumbing pipes do I have?

    Hello. I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping to be able to learn some things as well as contribute as best I can. This might seem like an odd query, but I need to determine what kinds of plumbing pipes I have, and approximately what percentage of each type. I'd appreciate any help with this...
  8. A

    Green copper pipes, plumber didn't clean up flux after job

    I'm currently refurbishing a room. Plumber has been in for first fix to lay new pipework for new radiators. He's laid fresh copper pipe, however around the joints they are all green which I believe is flux residue he hasn't cleaned up after soldering. Not the cleanest of jobs but I'm not too...
  9. jklondon

    Noisy Soil Stack - Any suggestions please

    We have a bathroom where drainage runs across the house to soil stack. After shower especially in night when there is high temperature difference between inside and out there is clicking noises that impacts our bedroom (1) and more annoyingly our 3rd olds room (2)! I am wondering what could be...
  10. C

    Cut flow and return pipes

    Hi , need to cut flow and return pipes and hot and cold pipes from boiler to put back into wall vertically approx 3 inches , the pipes in question are 400mm below combi boiler but approx 4mts in distance horizontally , if I was to drain a radiator (I don’t have a drain valve ) would this remove...
  11. computermike

    Pipes in concrete floor with combi boiler

    I am looking to replace an oldish boiler and hot tank with a combi boiler. The house dates from around 1968 and quite possibly the (copper) piping could be that old. I had someone round to give a quote and they said they would not recommend a combi boiler because the piping downstairs was buried...
  12. A

    Advice on insulated plasterboard around pipes

    I'm currently refurbishing a room and in the process adding some internal wall insulation. The wall has been stripped and my plumber is coming this week to install/reconfigure the pipework for new radiators. The walls are solid brick and as I am installing insulated plasterboards, we agreed...
  13. L

    Help pipes touching radiator

    Hi. Can anyone tell me if it's ok for plastic water pipes to actually touch the radiator? Thanks
  14. J

    Help connecting sink pipes back together

    I can’t work out how to connect this pipe back to the pipe on the wall. Every time I try water leaks down the back wall. Help appreciated. Thanks (images below). https://www.dropbox.com/s/codq3hviw5unrnv/89449072-9E1A-4B62-8A50-1EEF098CC2E4.jpeg?dl=0...
  15. M

    System boiler and plastic 10mm pipes to rads

    I am told I need to replace my boiler. I am considering a system boiler so I can lose the tank in the loft and feed it direct from the mains water. My rads are fed by 10mm plastic pipe. Is there much of a pressure increase with a system boiler and will the plastic pipe joints (e.g. John Guest...
  16. N

    Groaning sound, Knocking pipes.

    This is regarding the hot water, but I didn't have a clue where else to post it. We live in a 22 year old Barratt house, we have lived here since new. The start of last year, we had to have our hot water cylinder replaced as it started leaking (closed system). Because it was a different make...
  17. D

    Justifying the 'Rules of thumb' for 15mm and 22mm CH pipes

    Hi All, I'm trying to work out why the 'rule of thumb' is ~3 radiators on a single 15mm run... I've calculated the heat demand of my house at ~14kW: 3 bed 1930s solid wall, end terrace, no wall insulation 7 radiators 2 air change per hour for all rooms 21deg in all rooms When I do the...
  18. B

    Secondary return cools cylinder within 2 hours

    I'm a plumbing novice so first of all I apologise if I'm not explaining this situation correctly. I've recently renovated a house for my family to live in and we're having an issue with water not staying hot when the secondary return circuit is on. From a starting point of fully heated the...
  19. S

    Low carbon steel pipes and rad valves

    Hi all hope all is well with everyone. Im a plumbing and heating engineer and I have worked only on domestic systems but am currently crossing over to commercial plumbing. I havent ever really done any steel pipework hence my question to you . . How or what is the procedure to changing a rad...
  20. H

    Hot Press Pipes Question

    Hi : I’ve no idea about plumbing so please be patient. The plethora of pipes in my hot press, which one is the cold water feed to my central heating system? I have an oil boiler in the garage. Thanks.
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