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PIPES is the common name for piperazine-N,N′-bis(2-ethanesulfonic acid), and is a frequently used buffering agent in biochemistry. It is an ethanesulfonic acid buffer developed by Good et al. in the 1960s.

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  1. N

    Expanding foam around hot pipes?

    Hello guys, an easy one: I recently had to drill through two outside walls to run 15mm pipes for a shower and sink. The holes are neat enough but need to be closed off to prevent draughts. Can I use expanding foam to block them? I wouldn't do this with central heating pipes, but the shower and...
  2. M

    Pipes going to UFH cold

    bit of an odd one. UFH been working fine for about a year or two now. today the pipes going to it before the zone valve are stone cold. its a very basic system with Hive thermostatic valves controlling the rads upstairs and the zone valve downstairs. Could the pipe be blocked?
  3. M

    Flexi pipes vs copper pipe

    How safe are flexi pipes my toilet cistern has one it was changed about a year ago when the toilet was removed for some work to the bathroom floor. However would it be better if replaced with copper pipe. What is the life time of flexi pipes, has any one had experience of them failing.
  4. P

    Problems with polybutylene pipes?

    There's been an issue with poly pipes (Pro-fit brand) in WA. Loads of leaks occurring, the main house builder in WA says it is a problem with the product, the manufacturer blames installation - over-bending, insufficient room for movement. I'm wondering why we haven't heard of this anywhere else...
  5. J

    Boiler or pipes STILL banging when CH is cooling down,any ideas?

    I posted in summer as HW system banged when cooing down it is now even worse once CH is cooing down but it's common between both systems any ideas folks, desperate now. Potterton combi boiler 10 yr old inherited 4 yr ago when I bought house, no issues until earlier this yr.
  6. A

    Removing old radiator pipes, do I need to drain the system?

    Hi All, I have two sets of radiator pipes that need removing. Although neither set of pipes have radiators on them anymore they are both still connected to the system and contain water. A plumber I have spoken to says to remove them he'll cut the pipes vacuum out/up any water and then cap them...
  7. T

    Waste pipes for bathrooms and kitchens

    Hello, Can you use uPVC for bathroom and kitchen waste pipes. Or should it always be mupvc? Regards Tezzer
  8. higerboler

    How to replace the water pipes in bathroom?

    I have just moved into a flat and the water waste pipe from the flat above goes through our bathroom. And the water comes into room. I call the flat owner to say my problem but he don't interest him. I am there to find a talented plumber. Please reply me.
  9. Q

    Is it normal for PVC water pipes to Hammer?

    Hi I've got water hammer issues with my cold feed and some with the hot feed. When the cold sink tap, cold bath tap and thermostatic shower in the main bathroom is opened and closed there are hammering sounds from the living room ceiling. It sounds like knocking. There's no hammering whilst...
  10. J

    Blockages in 10mm plastic central heating pipes

    Our house was built in 2007 and we are the second family to live here - moving in in 2017. The central heating has been working fine - although the gas boiler is perhaps nearing the end of its life. But the boiler is not our current issue. Last winter two of the radiators did not heat up and...
  11. J

    What pipes are they?

    Want to replace my old sink with a vanity. Can someone tell me what type of pipes the photo in the below links are and can I use compression fittings or solder? https://ibb.co/vjfGZpb https://ibb.co/Xy8C0QQ
  12. A

    Sewer Pipes in Concrete Pool Walls?

    Hi Some people (not plumbers) have advised me that it's not such a good idea to a) Have 4 x 90deg bends in a sewer pipe and b) Encase these pipes in the concrete walls of the new pool. You can see the problem in this video: and the re-routed pipes here that will be encased in the concrete...
  13. S

    Pipes reducing Dishwasher depth

    Hi after some advice. I am buying a property - refurbished - they have put in a kitchen with space for a slimline dishwasher. There is sufficient height and width but the large plastic pipe behind redues the depth to 53cm when most freestanding machines are 60cm. I am worried this will stick out...
  14. G

    G1240 Riser pipes small hole

    Where can i buy a replacement Harvey G1240 Riser pipe for my Harvey water softener It has a small hole right on the bend is there is a fine mist of water coming out seen them at £70 a pair Already replaced it about 3 years ago with a Modified one with more plastic support on the bend I heated...
  15. A

    32mm Matt Black Metallic Waste Pipes - Where to Get?

    Evening all. Not sure if this is the most appropriate place to post this in the forum, happy to move if not. I'm looking for a metallic 32mm matt black waste pipe, to match up with a matt back trap. The pipe that comes with the trap is 400mm, which isn't long enough for my installation. I'd...
  16. Z

    Green on copper pipes

    Just moved into an 18 month old property, and under the sink there is green on the copper pipes, it that normal?
  17. H

    Can terraced houses share vent pipes?

    Hi all I am just after a bit of advice. I'm buying a new house with a downstairs bathroom. I can not see a vent pipe on the outside of the property or an AAV in the loft. It's a terraced house, so thought maybe it shares the neighbours vent stack? It look like all the waste pipes go down...
  18. J

    Communal heating - scorching pipes even when thermostat is off

    Hi all, Our flat has communal heating and our thermostat is set so low so the heating should never be coming on. However over the last 10 months or so we've noticed the pipes under the floor, particularly in the bathroom, which are under the concrete floor and tiles, have become incredibly...
  19. A

    How to convert horizontal to vertical inlet pipes?

    I have a mixer shower with standard 15cm inlet pipe spacing designed to accept vertical (downward) inlet pipes. The plumbing from my wall has two inlet pipes at the right (15cm) spacing, but they emerge straight out from the wall horizontally instead of descending vertically. Can anyone...
  20. T

    Water Pipes Vibrating Our Floor

    Hi Everyone, Thanks in advance for your advice... As the title mentions, my issue is with the water pipes of the house causing the floor to vibrate. I have singled out the issue to the joists that the floorboards sit on carrying the vibrations throughout the house. We do not have hot water...
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