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A shower is a place in which a person bathes under a spray of typically warm or hot water. Indoors, there is a drain in the floor. Most showers have temperature, spray pressure and adjustable showerhead nozzle. The simplest showers have a swivelling nozzle aiming down on the user, while more complex showers have a showerhead connected to a hose that has a mounting bracket. This allows the showerer to hold the showerhead by hand to spray the water at different parts of their body. A shower can be installed in a small shower stall or bathtub with a plastic shower curtain or door. Showering is common in Western culture due to the efficiency of using it compared with a bathtub. Its use in hygiene is, therefore, common practice.

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  1. M

    walk-in shower glass and silicone

    Installing a walk-in shower screen. When I've done this before I've always applied silicone to the inside of the screen, along the bottom where it sits on the shower tray and up the side. The screen I'm installing has instructions which say don't do that, instead apply silicone to the outside...
  2. C

    Shower head connections

    Have a Grohe shower head and struggling to find connections from this to my hot and cold supply pipes…. They fit 15mm threads but the thread is deep and the surface is not flat so am worried about the seal
  3. S

    New shower tray squeaks

    Hi, We recently had our shower tray replaced, however for some reason when I step on it it squeaks. I'll add a link to a video in which I am in the middle of the tray just shifting my weight from one leg to the other. Is this normal? Should I get back to the contractor with any specific...
  4. Bettyboo

    Does anyone know a Bristan / ex Bristan shower engineer plse

    Does anyone know a Bristan / ex Bristan shower engineer plse working in London ? Thanks Betty
  5. bobster316

    replacement shower mixer valve thermostat

    Can anyone please advise which replacement shower mixer valve thermostat I need foe this shower control
  6. W

    Mira Flight Shower Tray - Install

    Hi, I am looking to install a Mira flight shower tray 760 by 760. I would have like to have removed the existing floorboards and installed battens and 18mm ply level with the joists. However, there is a stud wall running parallel to the joists sitting on top of the floorboards preventing me from...
  7. O

    Shower size help/advice (DIY)

    Hi all Fitted a new shower at home and the shower arm extends too far out for the screen (pics attached) a lot of water escapes out of the shower and on to the floor. Is there a replaceable shower arm that I can purchase and if so what should I search to find this? Or is just a case of buying a...
  8. O

    Bar shower mixer valve help (DIY)

    Hi! Fitting a new shower and after some research I bought these fast fix brackets online (looked a lot more straight forward than the ones it came with. Crank something???) Anyway, after fitting it, the nuts don’t completely cover up the thread (photo attached). Is this normal? I was cautious...
  9. V

    Problems with shower mixer valve

    I removed a bath from my sister in law’s bathroom about eight years ago. I cut back the hot and cold to the bath and branched off these to a new shower bar mixer. It worked fine until about two years ago when I fitted a new valve which has been fine until about two weeks ago when she said it...
  10. L

    Pipe Centres too Narrow for Bar Shower

    Hello, I’m having a bit of an issue trying to fit a mixer shower bar, the pipe centres are around 3/4mm too narrow! I’ve attached a photo below, is there a simple fitting I can by to narrow the pipe centres by a few mm?
  11. G

    mira flight shower tray

    Hi guys, new to this forum, was looking for advice regarding a mira flight shower tray i've just installed [diy]. After installing it, and then taking a shower, i noticed that the water was collecting at the edges and not dispersing away after a period of time. Now this tray was a replacement...
  12. B

    New thermostatic shower cylinder fitted - now water is not hot enough

    I have a Bristan mixer shower. It started leaking from the temperature control. A local plumber replaced the thermostatic cylinder. It now doesn't leak - but the water is now 15-20 per cent colder than it was before when the temperature is at max hot. Why? What's amiss here?
  13. J

    2 different Temperatures from same shower

    Hi All New here and have a bit of a weird one for you! Installed a concealed shower valve on a job with a rainfall shower head, and a handheld as well. The customer specifically wanted to be able to have both the rainfall and handheld on at the same time, and the supplier i was using only...
  14. P

    Installing shower tray on suspended floor

    Tray is stone cast resin low profile, 1200 by 900. Suspended floor is receiving all new 18mm P5 chipboard floorboards. There is plenty of talk of replacing floorboards under the tray with marine ply. Is this advice assuming the bathroom still has old style floorboards and that new P5 chipboard...
  15. H

    Water mark above shower

    Hello, I’ve just bought a house in London and have noticed a water mark form on the ceiling of my bathroom after having a shower. It tracks along in the shape of a pipe, starting above my shower cubicle for about 1m in length. It then dries completely undetectable within a couple of hours. The...
  16. K

    New Shower Valve, Slow drain

    I have installed a new shower valve and shower head (the restrictor um fell out) and as a result the tub starts to fill with water. I believe this is simply a math problem of more water coming in than can drain but asking if any known options. As a sanity check I did snake the drain and...
  17. G

    Spontaneously shattering shower screen - why?

    Can anyone explain this? I had a shower professionally istalled in my en-suite a few weeks ago, as art of a full refurb. We use the shower from time to time but not daily. I was sitting downstairs alone in the house when I heard a loud bang and went up to find the fixed glass of the shower...
  18. B

    Cost of replacing a thermostatic cartridge in a mixer bar shower

    Could someone give me a heads-up as to the cost of a plumber to replace a thermostatic cartridge in a Bristan mixer bar shower. I have the cartridge, so the cost would be labour only. I live in Norfolk, so not London prices. I had a guy come round this morning quoting me £75 - this seems...
  19. M

    URGENT New thermostatic mixer shower. Luke warm water

    I have recently fitted a thermostatic external mixer shower in my bathroom. The problem is that when it is set to the highest possible temperature its only luke warm at best. The hot water in my house is generated from a combi boiler which should be able to deliver a hot water flowrate of...
  20. C

    Replacing a drain on tiled shower base.

    Hi, my square drain had dropped slightly in one corner and needs to be raised and replaced. Am l able to remove the entire sleeve for the drain and replace it with a new one? How do I remove the square metal sleeve without removing the surrounding tile?
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