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  1. P

    how do i remove concealed shower diverter?

    I have a leaking concealed shower diverter tap but cannot work out what make it is and how to remove it. See pics, its the top one in the picture of both controls. Any suggestions as to how this is removed? It doesn't have anything to get a spanner onto, the only thing I can see are two small...
  2. S

    Mira digital shower with gravity fed hot water system.

    Hi, I’ve been to quote for an en-suite for a customer and they like the idea of these digital showers . I’ve not fitted many of these digital showers and when I have it’s only been on unvented systems. Was wondering is the pressure and flow good on the digital showers ? I know you can get...
  3. milleniumaire

    Which wall board should I use for shower area and how to align with plasterboard

    As part of my bathroom refurbishment, I have removed all the plasterboard from the area where the new shower will be. The "long" wall of the shower is a stud wall and it will be easy to affix any type of board to it using appropriate screws. The short side of the shower area is an external...
  4. C

    Cold Electric shower when any tap turned on

    Sorry a slight variation on other posts! I recently moved into a 3 storey semi (new 2017) Top floor, ensuite Electric Shower Middle Floor, Electric Shower and extra shower fittings off bath, WC, Basin Ground Floor. Cloakroom, WC. Washing machine Combi Boiler Problem- Ensuite Shower goes cold...
  5. R

    Low pressure in shower after new thermostat fitted

    Hello. This is my first post on here, so please be gentle with me... We have a house with electric only heating, and all the hot water comes from a dual element immersion tank. Recently the main thermostat failed, causing the hot water tank to boil, and blow back into the cold water header. I...
  6. ShaunCorbs

    .. Shower ID Please....

    Anyone see this before does both shower and bath filler ta
  7. M

    p bath shower screen

    does anyone know if the radius for bath showers screen for p baths are all the same ? i have a customer who needs a new screen fitted over their p bath, which has no name on it. thanks in advance of any answers.
  8. D

    Steam box in shower gushing water

    We have a monstrosity of a shower which has all these unnecessary features, like jets and steam. The steamer hasn't worked in years, but recently the little steam box at the bottom of the shower has started gushing water when the power is turned on. I don't need the steam to work, but I would...
  9. P

    Leaking bathroom Waterfall mixer tap with shower attachment

    Hi to everyone, newbie here. I have a waterfall mixer tap with a shower attachment which has started leaking. I have replaced both the ceramic disc cartridges, ensuring that everything was clean before hand but its still leaking. To enable the shower, you lift a knob which is situated in the...
  10. P

    Lower pressure rainshower head vs. Handset attachment

    Hi, just had new mains pressurised heating system and boiler put in and new bathrooms. Old loft tanks gone. New floor piping in bathrooms, but older piping left in kitchen. The water coming from the rainshower heads is weaker than the handsets attached to the wall, which are at really good...
  11. A

    Bath Mixer Tap connector for shower hose

    Hi, i need to connect a shower hose to my bath mixer tap but have no idea what parts i need. Not an experienced DIYer so appreciate any advice. Will attach a pic but the tap doesnt have thread. The inside of the tap has vertical teeth.
  12. B

    Help to identify hair catcher

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone can identify the make and model of my shower base so I can find where to get a new hair catcher from. This one has seen better days. Thanks.
  13. C

    Heating won't come back on after using hot water tap / shower

    Good evening . I have a Vaillant boiler that although the heating and hot water work perfectly independently the heating if in use will not come back on after using a hot tap or shower . If I press the reset button the heating will come back on but will not do so on it's own accord . Any advice...
  14. O

    Shower problem with Iflo shower.

    I have a shower with an Iflo unit that is leaking. intermals are Halkin unit, 53560601G can I get replacement or service.
  15. P

    Stuck shower thermostatic valve

    Help! The shower thermostatic valve has snapped with half of it stuck inside (the front and centre of the valve are out). Long nosed pliers and WD40 have had no success, and the whole fitting is moving when trying to pull. I was thinking it might be possible to get something in, attach to the...
  16. C

    Shower Head Holder still on market?

    Good afternoon! Is there any chance I can still find this model of bracket slider somewhere or is it way too old? I broke it today and I don't want to change everything just yet. Thank you.
  17. S

    Leak on kitchen ceiling under bathroom shower

    Hi, I've recently been getting drips onto kitchen floor from some leak in the bathroom somewhere. Had previous issues with the sink connections but they have been rectified - so ceiling had some yellowing from this - however there is some new yellowing and the dripping.. The weird thing is the...
  18. M

    1100x760 shower tray recommendations?

    As above guys? I’ve been fitting the Fusion trays lately but they seem to have swirl marks in the finish Any help would be great?
  19. R

    Shower pump - random airlocks

    Hi forum, We have a >10 year old 2 Bar Aqualisa Type 1 pump for the shower. Recently it started acting up... Sometimes the cold would completely stop but the hot would keep flowing (almost scalded myself in the shower), when this happens the pump makes an intermittent stop/start revving sound...
  20. S

    Can anyone help with aqualisa shower?

    We had this same shower fitted about 4 months ago a d it did the same after 2 months they came back fitted a replacement and the same has happened please see video. I don't think this is a problem with the shower itself can anyone help?