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A shower is a place in which a person bathes under a spray of typically warm or hot water. Indoors, there is a drain in the floor. Most showers have temperature, spray pressure and adjustable showerhead nozzle. The simplest showers have a swivelling nozzle aiming down on the user, while more complex showers have a showerhead connected to a hose that has a mounting bracket. This allows the showerer to hold the showerhead by hand to spray the water at different parts of their body. A shower can be installed in a small shower stall or bathtub with a plastic shower curtain or door. Showering is common in Western culture due to the efficiency of using it compared with a bathtub. Its use in hygiene is, therefore, common practice.

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  1. M

    Mixer mixer shower, compatible with tanked supply

    Can anyone remember the Mira mixer shower that would work down to a really low pressure on a vented hot water system without a shower pump?
  2. 127bit

    How to reinforce shower pan threshold?

    The left rear floor corner is highest (the shower pan touches/sits on the floor), sloping down diagonally to the front right corner (lowest). The front right corner shim is 5/8", the left front corner is 3/8" shimmed, with shorter shims under left middle and right rear corner. The pan perimeters...
  3. C

    Mira shower mixer adjustment.

  4. C

    Thermostatic shower valves

    I Think I want a Thermostatic shower valve. Can these be added/installed to an existing shower?
  5. T

    Shower Pump on air to water Unvented Cylinder?

    Hi, I'm in my new build 2 years and the shower pump has died. I have an air to water unit downstairs is in the utility which I've been told is unvented and pressurised. The cold water feed into this cylinder is from the attic tank, not the mains as I turned off the mains stopcock to see if hot...
  6. L

    leaky shower

    Please can someone advise how to fix this shower that leaks? I guess I need to replace the washers inside the taps. Is it the blue or red one? My local DIY place didn't have the washer last time I attempted this. The cold tap is the culprit, a bit soft to tighten and leaks unless really tight...
  7. M

    Triton shower

    Hi my triton shower suddenly had no water coming out after Thames water doing work outside my house, the shower just started buzzing with no water at all, after testing an hour later water is dribbling from where the hose connects, please can anyone help what they think could have failed and is...
  8. E

    Loss of Hot Water Pressure to Shower

    Looking for any ideas to help. I've a Heatrae Sadia Hot Water tank, heated through Oil fired boiler (working fine). A week ago I reset the air gap as I was having dripping from the pressure relief valve. Since then I've lost a lot of pressure from the hot water feed to my shower. The rest of...
  9. Zach054

    Electric shower problem

    Hi, I have fitted an electric shower, teed off the toilet cold feed (Mains) The pressure for the shower is very very poor just dribbling out. Pressure is fine Lpm is fine Fitted loads like this before and never had a problem Any suggestions ?
  10. A

    Shower problems

    Hi all I had a new bathroom fitted about 4 months ago and all was fine until about a week ago. But now when I turn the lever to run the rain head there is a 30s delay until water starts coming out , very slowly then builds up to the flow I would expect. ( I can hear water running and filling up...
  11. drippy

    Trevi/Ideal Standard Bath & Shower Mixer A7000AA/A7100AA

    Please help me obtain a copy of the user manual for this bath and shower mixer, pictured below. I am particularly concerned about how to re-regulate the bath filler so it fills the bath to the desired level. Many thanks!
  12. I

    How to remove shower diveter valve

    This is driving me bonkers! I have a Jaquar shower mixer unit - which has started to leak from the diverter cartridge. I think it's an early Florentine model circa 2006 though not 100% sure. I've removed the faceplate, unscrewed the chrome collar - and now want to extract the diverter...
  13. F

    Puppy ate my shower! Can this be fixed?

    My puppy ate my shower head where it connects to the hose. It's an expensive shower head (hand held) how do I fix just that piece? Is it possible?
  14. P

    Mira Shower

    I done a straight change from a thermostatic shower to a new mira atom shower,when I run the shower in an upstairs ensuite it runs hot for a few seconds then goes back luke warm,I have a combi boiler,any advice please??.
  15. S

    Shower Temperature

    Hello. My mixer shower (non-electric) recently started running luke warm. I know this can happen at this time of year over winter but I've been in the property over 10 years and it's never been this bad before. The combi boiler was checked and is ok. The hot water from taps is uneffected and...
  16. E

    Refurbished Stuart Turner shower pump question

    Are specialist refurbished Stuart Turner pumps reliable, or is it a bit of a gamble. Would it be best to buy new and pay twice as much.
  17. B

    Shower drain cover replacement

    Please see attached pic. . . . I would like to replace the drain cover in my ensuite shower. Also, I am hoping, if possible, to replace the top part without taking the shower basin out (is that possible)? How / what with?
  18. S

    Help identifying a Bristan Shower

    Hi All As you can see from the attached pix, the flow control knob on my Bristan shower has broken. It was installed before I bought the house (possibly between 2015 and 2017) but I've no idea what model it is. Firstly, can anyone help me to identify it to see if I can get a replacement knob...
  19. A

    What is purpose of these holes in shower enclosure?

    I have holes in the wall of my shower enclosure. Down low at the open corner, between the quartz wall and the solid pan. Same at each end of the shower. They are obviously intentional. But they seem stupid to me. Just a hole where water can intrude thru the quartz wall to whatever is behind...
  20. K

    Problem with shower - old style electric hot water

    Hoping someone can please help. I have an intermittent fault with my electric hot water. I have an older style electric hot water service that heats on controlled load over night. The large tank is in roof space of 60s built villa unit. Every few mornings, no hot water will come out of...
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