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A shower is a place in which a person bathes under a spray of typically warm or hot water. Indoors, there is a drain in the floor. Most showers have temperature, spray pressure and adjustable showerhead nozzle. The simplest showers have a swivelling nozzle aiming down on the user, while more complex showers have a showerhead connected to a hose that has a mounting bracket. This allows the showerer to hold the showerhead by hand to spray the water at different parts of their body. A shower can be installed in a small shower stall or bathtub with a plastic shower curtain or door. Showering is common in Western culture due to the efficiency of using it compared with a bathtub. Its use in hygiene is, therefore, common practice.

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  1. W

    BRISTAN SHOWER runs cold

    Hi I've seen a previous thread that is closed now regarding this subject but the end result I could not see. Our Shower runs hot for 30 seconds then cold. I have changed the thermostat and it still runs cold after 30 seconds. If we run the hot tap it is better but at best, luke warm. We have a...
  2. F

    fitting my shower bar mixer practice run questions

    hi all i hope you are all well i'm planning to install my shower mixer on Saturday. today i was doing a dry fit and i wanted to show you some photos and questions. i'm using fast fixing brackets. i was wondering what length do i cut the pipe to? also my shower bar mixer has these cone shaped...
  3. A

    Salamander pump not working unless shower head is taken down

    Hey, here goes and I hope it works.. never used one of these before! I have a Sagittarius Ergo mixer shower min bar of pressure required 1 bar. Connect to this is a 1.5 bar Ora Salamander pump for a positive head, this was connected by a plumber of course and we’ve had it all rigged up...
  4. M

    Mira Shower Comparisons

    Hi, I'm hoping you can tell me the main differences between: Mira Digital Activate Shower & Mira Digital Platinum Shower and also the main differences between: Mira Opero Mixer Shower & Mira Evoco Mixer Shower I've scoured the internet but a lot of it is just marketing waffle and can't seem...
  5. S

    Gravity or mains shower?

    I have a dead 1990s Triton T70 shower and, for purposes of replacement, I'd like to know if it's mains or gravity fed. As it won't even switch on, I cannot get any water out of it so I can't just switch off water at mains and see if water still flows from the shower. I note that current Triton...
  6. C

    Concealed shower advive please.

    We had a plumber come to fit our concealed shower. He plumbed it in, then we fit the plasterboard and tiles. However he soon realised that he had set the shower valve body too far back into the wall so that he physically could not fit the valve handles onto the spindles because they do not...
  7. P

    Shower Hose Connector looks Unusual

    I removed an old shower hose, which was installed by previous home owner at least 12 years ago. Upon removal, the connection is like nothing I have ever seen and I am unable to find any replacement hose of similar connector type. btw: When I removed the hose , there was no loose rubber washer...
  8. J

    Alcove Oversize Shower BiFold Door

    Hello, I have an alcove shower with a wall to wall measurement of 952mm. I need a bifold door and am looking at something contemporary, 8mm glass with black trim- Issue is that the lower spec limit of the door is 960mm. It seems to be the same with all (Yes I can get a 1000 bifold door in...
  9. S

    Shower valve issue. Hot and cold mixed up.

    Hi all. My hot water feed for my shower is on the left and the cold is on the right. My understanding is that this is correct and this is also stated in the instruction manual for my valve. However when I turn the mixer clockwise cold water is coming out the shower instead of hot water. When...
  10. S

    Shower valve issue. Hot and cold mixed..

    Hi all. My hot supply for my shower is on the left and my cold feed is on the right. My understanding is that this is correct and this is also stated in the user manu.al. However when I turn my mixer clockwise the water is turning cold when it should be hot. When I turn it anticlockwise the...
  11. L

    Elegant Shower Parts (Replace Roller Puller)

    Hi all Does anyone know where i could get a replacement upper roller pulley for my Elegant Shower please? Part No 0045-5 I have emailed the company several times with no reply, i have called them 3 times to be told someone would call me back. I was eventually told on my forth phone call that...
  12. centurino

    Defective Shower Tray

    Is this new shower tray defective and would you install it in this condition? The void where the wax deposits were (last photo) is between 4m-6mm deep. TIA.
  13. D

    Need to replace plastic trim on shower track

    Hello, I fitted a Cooke and Lewis shower cubicle about 5-6 years ago. The weight of the glass shower door has put large impressions of the roller wheels in the plastic track the rollers run on. Got worse over the years and now it is quite difficult to open and close the shower door. I took some...
  14. P

    My shower won't turn off after replacing the thermostatic cartridge.

    I've just replaced an Ultra SASF2 – M thermostatic shower cartridge together with the spring mechanism and the temperature sensor. My problem is this: If I install the thermostatic cartridge together with the spring mechanism and the temp sensor (i.e. do the job properly), the shower runs warm...
  15. K

    Grohe f digital shower override safe stop to get hotter shower

    hi anyone got info they can send me on th override as it keeps cutting out sometimes when you try get it hotter
  16. Z

    Enclosed mixer shower replacement

    Hi All. My Aqualisa Aquavalve enclosed mixer shower valve leaked and gave way and I am looking to replace. I am looking for recommendations what model would I replace it with and how would I replace it if I changed the model! I would like to change the type of model to a lever one. I have...
  17. M

    Mixer shower recommendations (mid range)?

    For the guys doing a lot of bathroom work. What dual mixer showers would you recommend? I don’t think the budget reaches to the Grohe stuff but also want something that’s not going to need new cartridges every 5 minutes. Cheers
  18. M

    Blocked shower waste pipe in ceiling void, solutions?

    Hi folks As mentioned in the title, are there any solutions to the problem, other than cutting an access to waste pipe and cutting pipe at nearest elbow or tee? Hair has been removed as much as possible and a drain cleaner used but still very slow to drain. I’m not keen on strong chemicals...
  19. S

    Shower dial issue hot water

    Hi am wondering if I can get some advice on this issue. Shower was working fine until Saturday when the dial only works when turned to cold water side and hot water side doesn't work. Other shower works fine and all taps have hot water coming out. Just wondering if get some on advice on what...
  20. C

    Identical complete shower waste required

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