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  1. M

    Jetta showers

    Has anybody come across these showers. All I can find is the are probably chinese. Fitted to a new build property and now doesn't work. Problem is the connections are not standard, they look like a standard 3/4 inch connection but it is smaller but bigger than 1/2 inch. Any ideas would be...
  2. N

    Both electric showers not heating up

    All of a sudden today, both of the electric showers in our house have stopped heating up. They're Aqualisa electric showers. When I turn them on they flash to indicate getting to temperature but it never stops flashing and only gets lukewarm. I would think there's something wrong with the shower...
  3. R

    Can you still by Thermostatic showers with 22mm inlet pipes?

    Hi guys, Reviving an old thread, for which I have the same problem. Can one still buy thermostatic showers with 22mm (rather than 15mm) inlet pipes? I have a broken shower, and have discovered that we have established that the inlet pipes (hot and cold) to the shower are 150mm apart (centre...
  4. J

    Who provides the best warranty on Thermostatic showers?

    Warranty that covers parts at least and possibly labour. Longest I have seen so far is from Aqaulisa for 5 yrs.
  5. YorkshireDave

    DND Services | Yorkshire Plumbers

    I'm David. I am (well) over 50, based in Wetherby, but will happily travel over a large area for the right people ;) My forte is doing your vital smaller jobs, the jobs that many other plumbers typically hate or promise to do but fail to turn up to. Through my industry experience, I am also...
  6. J

    Combi boiler advice for 2 showers on same time

    Hi, First post and, it may be a long one (sorry title looks a bit naff as well but...) Getting a new bathroom fitted and the old one replaced, it currently has a mixer shower attached to the bath. I also have a small en suite with another mixer shower (b & b), both are on the first floor...
  7. D

    Power showers runs for ten seconds then stops

    My power shower has been working fine for around eight years. Yesterday when turned on the water came out for 10-20 seconds then the water stopped. Turning the heat control to full made water come out for another 10-20 seconds but then that stopped. Waiting for a bit then trying again the...
  8. P

    Plumber required - NW2 6_ _ for showers

    Plumber required to fit out 2 x shower rooms including toilets, vanity units, towel rads. Can view work schedule on 11-04-19. Must be available to start 15-04-19 (or before). Old kit will be removed by client. New kit supplied by client. Plumber to supply pipe, fittings, wastes ect.
  9. Ryan Begley

    Hot bath/sink taps, cold showers

    Hi all. I hope I'm posting this in the right place :) I moved into a rented third floor flat in January and subsequently discovered that neither of the showers had hot water. Both had a single dial mixer shower. In the ensuite the temperature would increase up to 4 on the dial (out of 9) where...
  10. S

    Water flow rate calculation - not enough water for 2 showers

    We live in a new build and have a 150l unvented tank attached to an Ideal Logic Heat H15. The house is 4 bed, approx 1500 sqft and has 3 toilets, 1 shower and 1 bath. We don't have excessively long showers, maybe 20 minutes in total for both of us. Sometimes we can get 2 showers but we rush...
  11. M

    What on Earth!! Retro Dolphin Shower ensuite.

    Hi Everyone, Restoring a 50's house currently and cam along this little gem in one of the bedrooms!! Anyone seen anything like this before?? :)
  12. D

    X8 electric showers on Open Vented system low pressure pump

    Ive been asked to remedy the low water pressure at the x8 electric shower outlets at a care home. Currently its an open vented system, with heat only boiler with CWS and F and E tank. It appears all the showers are run from the gravity feed and a few off the cold mains? Its hard to know given...
  13. Weggy1985

    Running Two Aqualisa Showers Simultaneously

    Hi, I have purchased two Aqualisa Quartz Gravity Pumped showers (older version). Links: Aqualisa AQUALISA showers : THE expert in showers for more than 40 years Screwfix...
  14. J

    Hot water for Showers in a HMO (Shared House)

    Hi All, I am part way though converting a property into a House of Multiple Occupation. It will have 6 bedrooms (and six showers). It's my 1st conversion of this size so I have made a couple of school boy errors! I had new GCH installed last year (Glow worm 30c). This provides heating and...
  15. M

    Poor flow/pressure from all taps and showers

    I have a system boiler and have recently had some building work completed which required the mains and the kitchen supplies to be moved. The plumber that carried out the work advised that he has replaced like for like with the pipe work so that should no cause any issue. Of late the...
  16. J

    2 showers 1 pump - problems !

    Please help. I have a bathroom with a shower and an en-suite with a newer shower fitted. Both are supplied by one positive head shower pump 2.0bar. If i turn on the shower in the bathroom - no problem. If i turn on the shower, or assessory attachement in the ensuite - nothing. If I'm really...
  17. U

    Fully modulating boilers & mixer showers

    Hi all, We're potentially having a mixer shower fitted to run off our boiler (Ariston E-Combi 30kW). How can you tell if your boiler is fully modulating? I can't find anything in the manual. Also I read on the mira website that there should be an additional expansion vessel fitted in addition...
  18. D

    Gym plumbing! 4 showers and system need to suit.

    A friend of mine is moving to a larger gym premises, he needs 4 seperate showers to be run, at the same time but not always. There is currently no gas in the building but he can get it if need be. Im unsure of the system required, i thought a cylinder but not sure if it can recover in time, he...

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