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Hi, i am looking for some advice please!

My shower drain is leaking. The water is leaking down the outside of the drain. The water that goes into the pipe is fine but most of it is not getting there! I have attached photos for you to see and marked with an arrow where the water is coming through.

Do I just need to put some sealant on this? There no sealant on it currently (that I can see). Is it made in such a way that it shouldn't need it?

If I do need to add sealant do I add it to the top of the drain or the underneath? Or doesn't it matter?

Thanks in advance for your help!



The proper way to do it is to remove the waste trap from the shower, top part unscrews and lifts out and the under-tray part will come free too. A bead of silicone sealant on the flanges, top and bottom and reassemble.

With the correct seals installed from the manufacturer you shouldn't have to add sealant but as with so many things, we learn it is often a good idea to do so anyway.

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