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copper pipes

Copper tubing is most often used for heating systems and as a refrigerant line in HVAC systems. Copper tubing is slowly being replaced by PEX tubing in hot and cold water applications. There are two basic types of copper tubing, soft copper and rigid copper. Copper tubing is joined using flare connection, compression connection, pressed connection, or solder. Copper offers a high level of corrosion resistance but is becoming very costly.

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  1. dreikher

    Hole in copper pipe, solder under floor, T coupling & protection

    I was stupid enough not to check the position of the pipes under the tiles when installing a toilet and drilled right through the center of a 16 mm copper water pipe. I exposed the pipe by removing a ~30cm section of the plastic sleeve and a ~10 cm section of the pipe around the hole. Several...
  2. C

    Underfloor copper pipes: corrosion and pin holes

    Bungalow built in 2001. All copper pipework (water and heating) runs in channels of expanded foam polystyrene between a concrete floor and OSB boards. Pipe are lagged in stitched felt and what looks like bubble wrap with sand (?) over the top. During the bathroom refit, I lifted up some of the...
  3. S

    Unsure on how to fit the TRV to 15mm copper pipes

    Hi, I need some advice. I am trying to replace the manual radiator valves on a towelrail with a TRV: I ordered a Myson 2TRV15SN, and the tail seems to be identical with the current setup, however I am not sure who to attach the copper pipe at the bottom. This doesn't seem like a standard...
  4. Z

    Green on copper pipes

    Just moved into an 18 month old property, and under the sink there is green on the copper pipes, it that normal?
  5. A

    Green copper pipes, plumber didn't clean up flux after job

    I'm currently refurbishing a room. Plumber has been in for first fix to lay new pipework for new radiators. He's laid fresh copper pipe, however around the joints they are all green which I believe is flux residue he hasn't cleaned up after soldering. Not the cleanest of jobs but I'm not too...
  6. S

    Is this joinign good? Will it hold?

    I had a plumber connect slightly wider radiator with plastic pipes. I wanted to bend the pipe but he said this pipe wont bend. IMG20230227183808 hosted at ImgBB - - thats image of the work done So he just connected it . But i can see there is a lot of ptessure on the...
  7. C

    Copper pipes on block and beam

    Hi all. New to this. I Will Try and explain best I can. Large New build (2.5yrs old) with block and beam flooring. Then Membrane Then celotex Then membrane Wet system underfloor heating In approx 2-3” of screed I think Then tiled throughout 15mm Hot and cold copper pipes, felt lagged...
  8. D

    Insulation on chased-in pipes

    HI Plumbers, I need some advice on our chased-in pipes. We had plumbers tell us an array of different things. Questions: 1) Do copper pipes need insulation? 2) if so what type? 3) Do Pex pipes need insulation? 3) if so what type? I know they have been done already but I'm going to...
  9. S

    Plumbing - quality of joints

    I've had a heat pump installed and there has been two leaks on copper solder joints internally. And there are several threaded joints around the tank that also water showing. I've been fairly patient despite resultant damage. I've been told this is quite normal when the pipes heat up (not about...
  10. S

    How to fix shower bar with only 10mm exposed 15mm copper pipes?

    Hi Guys, Seeking advice. I have a Triton Combi HP (8000/9000) mixer shower, which is giving thermostatic and cross flow issues. I can confirm cold back flowing into hot, because the hot feed is ice cold. I have 3 of these identical showers, and the hots are much warmer than the colds on the...
  11. L

    Capping off two copper pipes

    Hello.. Need to cap off two copper pipes...the problem is getting access to a straight piece of copper to do a successful cap, see pictures. I always prefer to solder. The floor is reinforced concrete and I would rather not get the power chisel out.. The pipes coming out of the floor are...
  12. P

    Run pipes behind boiler

    Hi, I have an old traditional gas boiler (two pipe, fully pumped system, if that matters) sitting on the floor and touching the wall, as from the first pic. The second pic zooms in on a hole the boiler has in the rear, leaving a gap with the wall. I am planning to run two 15mm copper pipes...
  13. r1k1n

    Advice needed about cold water copper pipes sweating

    Hello there guys, We've recently discovered (after a drop of water hit my brother on the head!), that a cold water copper pipe is sweating. We thought it might be a leak but have only seen droplets of water on the pipework and after some research have deciphered that the pipe is sweating. The...
  14. N

    How would you replace this kitchen tap mixer?

    I need to replace my kitchen tap and these are the existing pipes - any suggestions? I was going to cut just above the connection with a pipe slice, install the new tap with flexi pipes and then connect it up with compression fittings/PTFE tape. Does that sound sensible?! Thanks.
  15. C

    Copper pipes gone black, clean or replace?

    Hi all, I had the house redone about 1.5 yrs ago and all new plumbing was installed. I have plastic pipes in general except copper pipes in the cellar where the boiler and water tank are. The copper pipes have now turned black but the black layer comes off with sandpaper or emery paper. I've...
  16. I

    Plumbing Newbie - Replacing Copper Pipes

    We've not yet ruled out getting a plumber in but this seems a small job, suitable for diy'er? We have 1930's house and quite old plumbing, hopefully not that old. The pics should help show the task in hand. It's pipework under the sink, hot and cold feeding up to the basin with spurs off for...
  17. TitustheFox

    Copper pipes or plastic pipes?

    Hi! I have to change all the plumbing in my mother's house. She lives in an old building that is approximately 100 years old and there wasn't much done to keep it up to date. My question is: do I use plastic or copper pipes?
  18. M

    Copper pipes and no olives

    Hi all, Hoping you can help me on this one. Our cold water on our kitchen tap has stopped working so we made the decision to change the tap. The only issue we have is our house was an ex showhome and appears to have been plumbed in a rush. I've had a look at loads of tutorials online to try...
  19. S

    Replace Kitchen Tap with fix copper pipes with one with flexible pipes

    Good evening, In my kitchen I have got a tap with fixed copper tube that they fit in a plastic but in grey ( see picture1). Can I fit in the grey pipes this tap with flexible pipes? Is there an adaptor between them? What is the name of it? (Picture 2) Thanks
  20. M

    Leaking ends on under-sink copper pipes

    Hi We have these unusual seemingly useless dead-ends on the copper pipes under our sink. One has developed a very slow dripping leak, as you can see in the photos. What are the ends for? Why are they dripping now? How can we stop it?
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