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A leak is a way (usually an opening) for fluid to escape a container or fluid-containing system, such as a tank or a ship's hull, through which the contents of the container can escape or outside matter can enter the container. Leaks are usually unintended and therefore undesired. The word leak usually refers to a gradual loss; a sudden loss is usually called a spill.
The matter leaking in or out can be gas, liquid, a highly viscous paste, or even a solid such as a powdered or granular solid or other solid particles.
Sometimes the word "leak" is used in a figurative sense. For example, in a news leak secret information becomes public.
According to ASTM D7053-17, water leakage is the passage of (liquid) water through a material or system designed to prevent passage of water.

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  1. J

    Hot water leaking at overflow

    Hi Overflow suddenly spouting out luke warm water to outside of house, checked on down pipe in photo leads exterior overflow, could put finger spout when overflowing and its luke warm water. Why is it overflowing? Lot of water coming out. Photo attached of side of tank to show above. What is...
  2. L

    Megaflo auto air valve leaking again

    Hi, I noticed some months ago that my Megaflo auto air valve was leaking so I replaced it, the replacement valve has also started to leak with a waxy residue. I recall that the original AAV had a black lid and the replacement has a brass lid, does it matter which version is fitted? Can I...
  3. D

    Leaking Macerator seal

    Hi Guys, Wonder if someone can help? It's a new installation, I turned the water on for the first time which was all good. Got kitchen taps working and drainage working.. When it came to the macerator pushing the water out it started to spray water at the seal. Just below jubilee clip Where...
  4. cotswoldmark

    Leaking Water cylinder, behind anti corrosion system

    Hi - I have a plumber booked in to look at this, but I would also like to understand myself what is causing the issue we have. We have a slow drip of water coming from behind the anticorrosion unit on our Ariston unvented water cylinder. The pink "nozzle" behind the Protech unit appears to be...
  5. S

    Shower leaking at the hose where it meets the shower unit

    I've attempted to replace the shower hose from our Aqualisa Lumi electric shower unit. The new hose is badly leaking water out from the connection point and when I reattach the old hose it is now leaking too! Both have been tried with new washers and are as hand tight as they can go (wasn't a...
  6. F

    Flush pipe seal leaking

    Hi all, New to this forum and new to plumbing. Only just passed Level One plumbing. I am having to go back and look at a leak from the back of a WC. The flush pipe is chrome and I have replaced the flush pipe concertina seal. The seal seems to being pushed out of the WC when flushing. The size...
  7. H

    Help with leaking connector pipe under bath

    I've got a leak at the connector next to the p trap under my bath at point 1. on my attached photo. I unscrewed it and pipe A hardly goes into pipe B - it's almost flush with the start of B. Assume the rubber seal (can't spell) has failed - there's not much chance of water passing through...
  8. T

    Leaking pipes from boiler

    Hey - hope you're well, These two pipes on my boiler have started leaking - not tons of water, but regularly and enough to be an issue. The insulation around both have become holed / broken, presumably from said water. You can see a photo here: Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 06.42.32.png -...
  9. A

    URGENT Shower leaking from elbow

    when I use my shower there is a leak to the property below. I stopped using it for a week and redone the waste, in this time the water leaking through to the neighbour dried out. Started using the shower again and the leak reappeared, the shower is a concealed mixer type. I believe the leak is...
  10. V

    Shower unit leaking from screw

    Hello, amateur DIYer here. My shower has recently started slowly dripping from the unit / bar, right where there is a screw fitting. (photos attached) My best guess is an internal washer has failed, but unsure whether this screw has any other purpose and shouldn't be removed? Would be...
  11. P

    Leaking pop up waste from bottom side

    Hi guys, I have just installed a pop up waste on new basin. I have siliconed the top with the washer, and the water holds inside the basin with the waste closed but when I pop it up to release the water down the drain it leaks out from the underside of the sink where the backnut nut washer are...
  12. M

    Leaking drain valve on Hot water cylinder. Advise please

    Hi All, I have a leaking drain valve off the CW inlet on a Range Cylinder. Am I right in thinking I have to empty the Cylinder below the CW inlet to change the valve? To isolate cold water to the tank to prevent refill, should I just lock off the 1 stop CW inlet or all 3 red stops? Turn mains...
  13. G

    Wet room shower leaking - cheaper repair

    I'll start this by saying I'm hoping to sort this by diy / minimal professional help as I'm a very tight budget! I've got a walk-in shower in a wet room. The shower has a tiled-over former with an additional ring of tiles around it. When the shower's in use, a drip comes through into the room...
  14. B

    Will leaking cause structural instability here?

    Hi Plumbersforums, I’m not a plumber, but a tenant with a possible plumbing issue. I live in a 100+ year-old walkup, and my landlord renovates apartments without a permit. A few years ago, he installed a washer/dryer in the apartment above mine, in the closet above my closet. Two days ago, I...
  15. G

    UVgold unvented cyclinder leaking tundish - London based help required

    Just discovered water is constantly dripping out of the tundish (noticed from the overflow pipe outside dripping…) I beleive it’s coming from the prv as I appear to have a drip under that too and water dripping in tundish is cold. I’ve also discovered after finding this forum that I probably...
  16. D

    Ultra valve leaking from spindle

    Keen amatuer that I am I decided to have a go at changing the cartridge in my shower when the old one failed. I had a spare as I got one when I had the valve fitted. The cartridge is as a SC50T32 I followed the video on the Ultra technical site l and it all went smoothly but I now have a...
  17. M

    Leaking bathroom sink tap, unable to access

    I'm trying to access the inside of this tap but can't see any 'button' at the back, or similar. It's likely we'll be replacing this and the sink in a month or so but need to fix this asap of course.
  18. M

    Water Heater Leaking from back of heater

    Hi we have an Ariston new europrisma 10 UR 3KW heater and it has started to leak from a hole that is covered with tape at the back of the heater. I have tried to find something that explains what this hole is but can't find anything. The heater has been in about 3-4 years and only started...
  19. J

    Connection to Boss Pipe Leaking

    Hi all, hoping you can help me. I have a leak where the bath waste pipe connects to the boss pipe. Not sure if its a push fit or pipe weld type. In the pic, it's the lower of the 2 pipes coming from the left. What's the best solution for this please? I'd best tell you that I'm not particularly...
  20. fango7

    Internal soil pipe leaking at join

    Hi all , Have a slight weeping leak on the underside of where soil pipe meets the tee join (seems like a little gap), at bottom ,after toilet upstairs is flushed ,highlighted area is in yellow leaking. Hard to remove it seems tight , can I just get away with putting some ct1, fernox lsx or...
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