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A leak is a way (usually an opening) for fluid to escape a container or fluid-containing system, such as a tank or a ship's hull, through which the contents of the container can escape or outside matter can enter the container. Leaks are usually unintended and therefore undesired. The word leak usually refers to a gradual loss; a sudden loss is usually called a spill.
The matter leaking in or out can be gas, liquid, a highly viscous paste, or even a solid such as a powdered or granular solid or other solid particles.
Sometimes the word "leak" is used in a figurative sense. For example, in a news leak secret information becomes public.
According to ASTM D7053-17, water leakage is the passage of (liquid) water through a material or system designed to prevent passage of water.

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  1. F

    Replacing leaking yorkshire under floorboards

    Hi everybody, what's the best way of replacing this leaking & corroded yorkshire T under the floorboards ?? Along with many other things in this property it's been leaking for years probably never installed properly in the first place! I am a little worried about using my small GAZ blowlamp...
  2. R

    Megaflow pressure high. Leaking from overflow pipe when water heating

    Hi folks. I've noticed recently that water is dripping from my Megaflow overflow pipe outside coinciding with the time the heating turns on to heat the water. Whilst the water is dripping, the pressure on the Megaflow is reading around 8 bar. Dripping from overflow stops and the pressure...
  3. S

    Leaking Hot Feed to cloakroom hot tap.

    Hi, I've noticed a slight weeping from the hot feed to my cloakroom tap. Does anyone know how this seals? Is it a rubber gasket between the different coloured metals? Not taken it apart as would need to partially drain the hot tank before doing so. The Hansgrohe instructions suggest that...
  4. M

    Boiler leaking - anything I can do temporarily?

    Hello Noticed a damp patch in basement below boiler and traced it back to coming out of the circled part of the relatively new boiler. Can't get hold of gas engineer for a couple weeks so is there anything I can do in interim? It's a female threaded brass piece, should it have had male cap...
  5. T

    Mira Bar Shower leaking into wall - best way to repair?

    My step-daughter bought a 50's end-terraced house at the start of the year, and found there was a leak from Mira bar shower that was coming through the bedroom wall from the bathroom on the other side of the wall. The shower is over the bath and the bathroom walls are tiled around three sides of...
  6. A

    Cistern leaking water to seat area when I flush

    Hi Guys, I have a toilet where when you flush, the water from the cistern leaks out from a section of the cistern at the bottom where the seat area begins at the top just before the bowl. Was wondering how this could be happening or how it could be fixed?
  7. M

    CH pump leaking even after replacing

    I have a Grundfos pump attached to my UFH manifold. Noticed the floor boards below were warping and that it had been leaking ever so slightly for some time. Removed it, cleaned seals etc, tightened back up, leaked. So bought a replacement (UPS3), with new O rings and it leaked again...
  8. philw67

    Leaking toilet cistern

    Hi all, further to my replacement of a cictern syphon, I have a small leak I can not seem to sort out. I have tightened the plastic nut as tight as I dare as I expect it is close to snapping. What can I do to stop the leak please as my wife is now seriously not impressed with me replacing a damp...
  9. paul77

    leaking tundish and electric flips

    water constantly running through tundish and electric flip when turn heating on.
  10. N

    Leaking water jacket external boiler

    Has anybody had any experience welding a leaking water jacket, I have a grant vortex external boiler which is leaking through the bottom of the water jacket. My neighbour is a welder and has said if I can get the tank out he will put a weld on it and pressure test it. Just wondering how easy it...
  11. R

    duravit metro leaking adn running

    Duravit Metro ultra low flush toilet, 22nd floor of condo, 4 cases of massive leaks in middle of night causing damage to units 4 floors down, Flapper was replaced twice previously, when leaks occur there is no usage of toilet within hours and hours. toilet would run for days and then stop and...
  12. I

    Leaking Bath Mixer Tap

    I'm probably missing something obvious, would welcome any suggestions on how I get access to the washers. We have a matching bathroom suite and the bathroom sink mixer was a breeze to fix. The top of the taps popped off easy enough and the "collars" could be removed to expose a nut to unscrew...
  13. MrGatch

    Leaking Shower Valve

    I have a leak coming from the bath/shower/off switch on the attached shower valve. The leak is coming from what looks like a rubber washer behind a brass retaining clip. I've not removed the retaining clip as if I make the leak worse I won't be able to switch the water back on. Any ideas with...
  14. G

    Help, Leaking flush pipe

    I’ve discovered a slow leak behind my toilet that’s maybe been slowly leaking for a few years before we have moved in. I’ve replaced chipboard as it was soaked through. Seems to be coming from the flush pipe attached to cistern. The rubber washer seemed in ok condition, the hard plastic washer...
  15. A

    Need help with a leaking diverter.

    Hi all. My first post. I am renovating an '80s condo and the diverter is leaking. I tried to unscrew the outer cover but it seems stuck. I don't want to damage anything and hope to fix my self. I did get a qout to change out the three handel system to a one handel with a remodlers plate, but...
  16. J

    Single handle shower leaking from handle

    Have a one handle shower pouring water from handle, probably vintage 1964 or 1965. Tile enclosure, built up over what appears to be industrial-strength chicken wire covered in plaster. No way to turn water off, except at the main, so wondering what or even if there's a time-efficient way to...
  17. D

    instinct eco-mag leaking, what's a good replacement?

    Hi there! First post here, I'm not a plumber. So glad i find this video.... I have the same eco mag filter, and it was all boxed in....only discovered yesterday that the old boiler cupboard which is now my wardrobe is full of black mold! So been cleaning that all out yesterday :-( My eco...
  18. F

    Shower waste cap end leaking

    Ordered a Mira flight level shower tray and it has come with a shower waste with markings "Pivotal Kohler". It has two compression outlets, one on the side, one on the bottom - for different uses. The side that connects to a pipe seems to be fine but the capped end just has a rubber ring to...
  19. B

    Advice sealing leaking shower ?

    Hi all I have a leaking showing base. It’s a solid base not plastic and the walls/screen are 300mm wide plastic cladding. It looks like the cladding comes down onto the base not behind it which I think is correct. The leak is between them both going around the shower. What is the best...
  20. K

    Leaking toilet inlet - More ptfe or Joint compound?

    Ive fitted a new bottom entry fill valve to our en-suite toilet but i cant stop the dribble/leak from the inlet connection. Ive added a fair bit of ptfe but its still leaking, tightened it to its maximum etc and still im getting a dribble. Do you think i need more ptfe, add some joint compound...