A leak is a way (usually an opening) for fluid to escape a container or fluid-containing system, such as a tank or a ship's hull, through which the contents of the container can escape or outside matter can enter the container. Leaks are usually unintended and therefore undesired. The word leak usually refers to a gradual loss; a sudden loss is usually called a spill.
The matter leaking in or out can be gas, liquid, a highly viscous paste, or even a solid such as a powdered or granular solid or other solid particles.
Sometimes the word "leak" is used in a figurative sense. For example, in a news leak secret information becomes public.
According to ASTM D7053-17, water leakage is the passage of (liquid) water through a material or system designed to prevent passage of water.

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  1. O

    Issue with a Cersanit toilet leaking when flushed

    Hi there. I have a Cersanit close coupled toilet which as started leaking between the cistern and the bowl when flushed. I've taken the cistern off and this is what I see. I'm assuming the issue is with the silicon gasket (please see attached photos) but can't seem to find a replacement...
  2. B

    Leaking TRV

    Hi I have a leaking TRV on a downstairs radiator and need to get it replaced/fixed. Can anyone on here tell me the average cost to have this done professionally please?
  3. C

    Ariston Classico HE STD 150 unvented cylinder leak

    Good evening, I'd like your opinion on something that is worrying me please: my landlady's plumber replaced the bottom/night element of my 20-year-old unvented cylinder (an Ariston Classico HE STD 150) 5 days ago and I hadn't noticed that it was leaking. He fixed the leak today but now the...
  4. J

    SVP (grey water) gases leaking out - What do you see (pics)?

    Hi all, I would really appreciate your eyes on these pictures - What do you see ? Does anything look strange about the Rockwool insulation to you? I suspect that my long ongoing rotting veg/sewage smell is caused by a fault in this connection that has been hidden from previous inspections...
  5. B

    TRV Valve is leaking out of pin

    Rad is leaking from TRV valve, seems to be seeping out of where the pin comes up. I tried tightening up the nut below the pin, but that didn't help. I then looked online and saw that removing the nut and packing with some plumbers tape may help, but whenever I try to remove the nut a load of...
  6. M

    I have a leaking wall mounted bathroom tap

    I have a wall mounted bathroom tap that leaks. Presumably I need a washer of sorts replaced. I cannot work out which tool I need to remove the tap. There is a small hole (8mm?) to the side but I can’t seem to get a fixing from either a alum key or screwdriver. Ever hopeful…? Matt
  7. W

    URGENT Is My Shower Cock Stop Leaking ? Can I Change The Ceramic Cartridge ??

    i can't tell if my shower tap (cock stop) is leaking or not ...............so after showering, the shower head will drip fast for 2 hours, then drip slowly after that...........i put a bucket under the shower head to collect the water for 26 hours the first time.............then 19 hours the...
  8. I

    Automatic air vent leaking

    Dear professionals, could someone kindly advise on per below issue, please let me know if more pictures or details needed. I think my Auto Air Vent is now leaking. A little background on the boiler – installed a year ago in Feb, Valiant Heat only boiler Eco Tec plus 424, plus new pump. The leak...
  9. A

    Kitchen sink pipes underneath leaking

    I removed three of these sections to clean and when I put them back together I noticed leaking. Please can you advise on how to attach them correctly. Thank you.
  10. fango7

    Shower leaking into wall downstairs

    Hi all. Shower is leaking into downstairs when water is being aimed at wall . All sealant has been redone on outside and between shower tray and wall at the bottom on inside , can’t spot any leakages here. It runs down the wall downstairs beneath shower in lines , when water is sprayed at the...
  11. M

    Leaking hot water heater. Repair or fix?

    Hi, I've got a brand new (2nd hand) Bosch Hydropower 16H tankless hot water heater. Since it was installed I have noticed it leaks a lot. I took the cover off and it looks like the bottom part (water section?) is leaking in a couple of places. maybe a seal or diaphragm? Can it be repaired or...
  12. M

    Leaking single handle bathroom faucet

    Hi, I’m looking for guidance to access the cartridge of a leaking single handle bathroom faucet. It has no visible markings on it to determine manufacturer. I see how to remove the handle but question the 2 metal rings which are part of the faucet. Do these need to be removed to access the...
  13. B

    Boiler condensate pipe leaking at joint

    Hello I have a condensate pipe that appears to be leaking at the joint. How do I fix the leak? Would something like plumbers putty around the joint work or does it need to be some other compound? Can I simply pull the pipe and joint out and then put the compound round it Thanks
  14. simlock

    GreenStar 30si leaking water

    Hi, i hope somebody can help me, i seem to have a leak from my GreeStar 30si boiler, it looks like it coming from the Siphon container, from the top, around where the Flue meets it, inside the boiler, i have noticed that there is an overflow pipe, yet, it seems that nothing can flow out the...
  15. N

    Leaking stopcock without packing gland

    Hi, as you can see pictured I have a stopcock without a packing gland. Over the past few days my cistern inlet was suffering from an airlock and it was hammering constantly after filling. I turned off this stopcock, drained all the pipes, turned the taps back off and then let the water back...
  16. O

    My kitchen tap is leaking from the cold lever

    Hi I have a leak on my kitchen tap it is coming out off the bottom of the cold lever. How do I get the lever off? Also would this tap have a cartridge in the cold & hot or will it be just tap has had it & I need to get a new one?
  17. B

    Toilet leaking water into bowl.

    My toilet was slow flushing. I did some research and discovered it needed a new diaphragm washer. I managed to replace that. It now works. But now it trickles water into the bowl between flushes and then there is an odd noise randomly. I turned the water off at the mains and now the water...
  18. D

    URGENT Gas Boiler Leaking Yellow Water

    2 of my properties tenants have notified me that their boilers are leaking yellow water, i need someone ASAP since that Rubbish is disgusting and i cant let them live off like that. Water heating is fine tho, i am prepared to pay anything just get here asap post code is TA5
  19. B

    Kitchen faucet trickling after turning it off

    Just recently started about a day ago, once I turn off the faucet, water continues to keep trickling out for a few more seconds, rather than immediately stopping. Here's a clip of what I'm talking about: I'm thinking it could be a worn out washer or a damaged valve seat? Any advice on how to...
  20. C

    Leaking Isolation valve

    Hi Just had a new bathroom installed with a toilet bowl that reaches the back wall. Its has a bottom entry cold feed to the cistern. The fitter put an isolation valve on the pipe work for this :-(, the copper pipe comes up from a plastic pipe push fit. See photo. I did a tissue paper test and...
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