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GreenStar 30si leaking water

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Hi, i hope somebody can help me, i seem to have a leak from my GreeStar 30si boiler, it looks like it coming from the Siphon container, from the top, around where the Flue meets it, inside the boiler, i have noticed that there is an overflow pipe, yet, it seems that nothing can flow out the Siphone container, where it is joined on, so, is this pressure build up? where it can't escape? or just a leak. any advice would be grateful, thanks


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Just been serviced ?
Just been serviced ?
Hi, funny you should say that, a guy come here to service it, as i was working away, and wanted it safe for my son being here, he put a do not use sticker on it, said that the heat exchanger was corroded damaged, he wanted to charge me £550 for a new one, so i bought one brand new off ebay, then i contacted my mate, who hasn't got back to me about this issue, who come and replaced a seal, on top of it, and it sorted out that problem, so i have now a heat exchanger here, i can't use, anyway, they guy who put the sticker on, said he still serviced the boiler, my current mate, said it's coming in from the outside with the rain, but it's not, he hasn't come and looked at it yet, but it was serviced and only started leaking two days ago.
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I trust 'your mate' was Gas Safe Registered, if not he's committed a criminal offence by working on your boiler and needs reporting to Gas Safe.

I suggest you contact Worcester Bosch using the details on their website. They do a fixed fee repair for £328, which your 'guy' should have told you about, and will leave the boiler in a safe condition.
Hi, thanks for the reply, and, yes, my mate is 100% Gas safe, he has his own company, it's not something that i would let anybody, or myself mess with, I've taken the front off myself, and found the leak, but will not touch anything, it will be done by my mate, or somebody who is qualified and Gas safe, and Worcester, is rather expensive, why would i pay them all that money for a cheaper simple repair? as it looks, as bad as they guy who tried to rip me off for £550, thanks for the advice though, it's very much appreciated. best regards
Common issue needs a new washer on the trap get your gas guy to order one
A big thanks, my mate turned up this morning, took him all of 5 mins to sort this issue out, a big thanks for all the help and the comments, and advice, no water leaking now. many thanks Guys, it's very much appreciated.

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