Size in general is the magnitude or dimensions of a thing. More specifically, geometrical size (or spatial size) can refer to linear dimensions (length, width, height, diameter, perimeter), area, or volume. Size can also be measured in terms of mass, especially when assuming a density range.

In mathematical terms, "size is a concept abstracted from the process of measuring by comparing a longer to a shorter". Size is determined by the process of comparing or measuring objects, which results in the determination of the magnitude of a quantity, such as length or mass, relative to a unit of measurement. Such a magnitude is usually expressed as a numerical value of units on a previously established spatial scale, such as meters or inches.
The sizes with which humans tend to be most familiar are body dimensions (measures of anthropometry), which include measures such as human height and human body weight. These measures can, in the aggregate, allow the generation of commercially useful distributions of products that accommodate expected body sizes, as with the creation of clothing sizes and shoe sizes, and with the standardization of door frame dimensions, ceiling heights, and bed sizes. The human experience of size can lead to a psychological tendency towards size bias, wherein the relative importance or perceived complexity of organisms and other objects is judged based on their size relative to humans, and particularly whether this size makes them easy to observe without aid.

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  1. J

    Leadloc size pics attached

    Any ideas which leadloc size I should need? I'm thinking 3/4 9lb but any guidance which I need would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Sannie

    URGENT Soil Pipe Connection

    What size coupler do I need to connect soil pipe to main drain - please see photos
  3. Marky22

    Old waste pipe size help

    Hi, came across this old push fit waste pipe. Stripped out the old shower and it was a 40mm waste pipe siliconed in the fitting. The fittings at floor level so I’d be looking to bend (90 degrees) straight away so I can get the lowest possible shower tray. Could someone advise what I could...
  4. J

    Old pipework size in bathroom

    Hi I've had to cut hot and cold feed to re route for bathroom feeds. The 22mm Copper pipe hot feed is slightly smaller then my 22mm Copper. Solder fittings just slip over it and are really loose so I gather this is old imperial pipe, so I shall use a 3/4 to 22mm coupler. However on the...
  5. B

    Garden Tap fitting- thread size.

    Hello. I've attached an image of an old garden tap with a new garden tap replacement, except the thread on the new tap is larger than the existing tap fitting. Is there a reducing nut that can adapt the new tap to the wall fitting or could the new tap handle be used to replace the old handle and...
  6. M

    Hole size for countertop...

    Morning all. What size diamond holesaw do you use for drilling the hole in a quartz countertop for a basin waste to go through? I have a house where they installed all the basins wastes with the nut and washer tightened onto the bottom of the worktop and not the bottom of the basin. Hope that...
  7. L

    Old outside tap hosepipe connection -which size ?

    Hi everyone - I have an old outside tap with male thread but struggling to find a right hosepipe connection after the other one broke. The top of the old broken connector still screws on but the 3/4 ones I've bought don't fit. I've thought of buying female brass hosepipe connector might solve...
  8. N

    Unvented cylinder size

    200/210 or 250l indirect unvented cylinder... Pros and cons of both please guys, whats the thinking?? Better to go bigger, or are there other considerations to be thought of....?
  9. P

    Cast iron bath/basin waste pipe fitting size?

    Hi, Helping a friend, his soil stack is cast iron. The bath and basin wastes (all removed now) went into individual entries on the stack. These are iron pipes, with what looks like a female internal thread into which there is some sort of metal reducer with what is maybe a compression fitting...
  10. Desktop987456

    right size boiler spec

    Hi, I am not in UK and the rising fuel and gas prices are forcing me to change my boiler to an efficient one. Right now I have an old non condensing boiler which is way oversized and consumes 1.75m3/hr so I am looking at an efficient gas boiler to support attached load. I plan to buy it from UK...
  11. J

    What size heating element is needed for this tank?

    Just wondering what size heating element is needed for a 1200 x 450
  12. R

    32mm minimum size for external condensate - rule came in when?

    Hi. Was looking for a house on sale the other day and just wanted something confirmed to me... Was there ever a time when a condensing boiler could have been legally fitted, and in accordance with MIs, with a 22mm overflow used as an external condensate pipe... and with that condensate pipe...
  13. D

    Gas Appliance tube size

    Good afternoon. I got a new Mapress gas installation in my catering business. All end points are 1/2" the main tubing is 32mm. Some appliances have 3/4" hoses connected by previous owners /installers, although their inner tubing is 1/2" too - including the 6 burner/ 1 oven range cooker. Does...
  14. O

    Shower size help/advice (DIY)

    Hi all Fitted a new shower at home and the shower arm extends too far out for the screen (pics attached) a lot of water escapes out of the shower and on to the floor. Is there a replaceable shower arm that I can purchase and if so what should I search to find this? Or is just a case of buying a...
  15. I

    URGENT Flush pipe size 2” tapering to 1 1/2”

    Hi ive been asked to fix a leak on a flush pipe. I’ve never come across the pan type before. It looks like a closed couple but has a short flush pipe at the back. The pipe was clearly cut too short. it appears to be a 2” flush pipe going into the cistern but I looks like it’s 1 1/2” going into...
  16. O

    What size air filter?

    Hi all, Just bought a new place that has a heat pump model # AHV42D3XH21CC I can not locate an owner manual online anywhere and wondering if anyone else can help. The previous owner also had a 20x23x1 air filter in it but I can not locate these? Was this the correct filter size as this does...
  17. C

    Boiler Type and Size

    I am looking to put a new heating system in a 5-6 bed house with 4 baths. The config is as follows: Upstairs there are 2 beds and 2 bath Downstairs there are 3 beds and 2 bath + Kitchen + Utility The max usage bathrooms wise will be 2 showers running in parallel. Total radiators will be...
  18. W

    What radiator size please?

    The recommended radiator size for my bathroom is 2500BTU. The rad. I have chosen is available in 2258 BTU and 2741 BTU. The smaller one will fit better but I would not want to compromise the heat output by choosing it just because it looks better in place. Bathroom size is 7' x10' x8' high with...
  19. J

    Vent pipe size for vented cylinder installed in 2005-6

    Hey, having searched this forum and last building regs (2000) from around that time... Any idea what the correct size is for a vent pipe for a vented hot water cylinder, gravity fed? I.e. the one that is continuously rising back up to the cold water feed tank for the cylinder? Have discovered...
  20. A

    URGENT Heating pipework size

    I am doing a 3 garage conversion into a annexe. I am doing it all in push fit plastic. I don't want to have any joints in the ceiling to minimize any chance of leaks damaging at any point in the future. My question is can I run from the boiler each individual radiator off a mainifold. Pipes...
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