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  1. M

    Ideal boiler displaying F1 error but pressure is as should be

    My boiler is displaying the F1 error meaning I have no hot water or heating. A quick google search tells me that this error is caused by low pressure and theres many tutorials on increasing the pressure. However, my problem is that the pressure guage is telling me the boiler is at ideal pressure...
  2. J

    Ideal Logic System S24IE

    This boiler was flooded through the condense drain which was connected to a gutter downpipe that was blocked at the end. The people came home to a flooded kitchen. Water came back up the condense tru the trap up the heat exchanger and out tru the fan and gas valve connection imside the casing...
  3. G

    HA fault on ideal isar 24he.

    Replaced a main heat ex today for a customer on an ideal isar, heating is ok but when running hot water it overheats and comes up with HA fault code, only happens on hot water though. Any way to shift the air from the plate heat ex? Its situated flat in these boilers instead of the usual on its...
  4. D

    I have a F1 fault code on my ideal boiler, the pressure is fine?

    Pressure is ok but increased to see if boiler would click into action but didn’t, have reduced back, needle is moving on pressure gauge, have tried reset but still nothing, any ideas before I call someone out? Thanks
  5. J

    Ideal Standard moments seat

    Having replaced the soft close seat on this suite twice,(which are not cheap), plus the soft close hinges, does anyone know of a viable alternative soft close seat that looks good on it. Many thanks. Dave
  6. soother

    Ideal logic primary heat exchanger leak sealant success?

    A mate tells me he cured a heat engine leak on this boiler (confirmed by boiler isolation & dripping condensate drain) by adding K-Seal car type sealant, and It's still ok after 5 years. Has anyone else had success curing these leaks with sealant additives?
  7. S

    URGENT Ideal logic losing water!

    Ideal Combi bolier. When I repressurise the system to 1bar it almost immediately dumps the water out the condensate pipe before even switching in on at mains. HELP!
  8. G

    URGENT ideal straight swap for the potterton suprima to run a gledhill Boilermate 2000 ?

    I have a potterton suprima 50l running a gledhill Boilermate 2000 job on at the minute. the potterton failed its CPA test with a ratio of 0.1205 and its kicking out a terrible odour. the customers opted for a replacement but I'm a lil stumped on ideal straight swaps. ideally I'd of opted for...
  9. F

    Ideal Combi hot water but noi heating

    Hi all. Daughter's boiler again thanks for help last year. New problem - hot water works fine, but when calls for heat boiler starts and runs for a few seconds then stops. No error messages. My thought is that pump is inop, so boiler starts up but then switches off when the small amount of...
  10. Y

    Ideal Isar HE35 Making Clicking and Clunking noise on Startup

    Hi, I have kept this piece of rubbish going for quite a long time and I don't like the idea of getting defeated by it! Every year there is something new to tackle and replace. I will eventually replace it for a real one! I have now got a problem that I can't work out and was wondering if some...
  11. T

    Ideal Logic+heat 24 (not combi)

    Hi I have an Ideal Logic+heat 24 (Not Combi) it is: Alternatly flashing between: 0 (on its own) and C (on its own) when in central heating mode, it works fine on water only, any idea as to the fault? many thanks Tom
  12. WaterWorks420

    Ideal Logic Combi ES38 No control

    Hello, I have a Logic Combi ES38 Boiler and for some reason, it's ignoring the commands from the thermostats on the wall, for example, both thermostats are set to off but yet the boiler is still on, I've tried the following: I've turned it to just water and not radiators no effect. Changed the...
  13. S

    IDEAL ICOS HE 15 L&F Troubleshooting Help Required

    Hi, I have a an IDEAL ICOS HE 15 boiler that was fitted in 2005 to a new build property and in general it's been pretty reliable over the years. However the last few weeks it started to show an L&F fault, which a reset normally clears for a week or so. However yesterday morning I woke to the L&F...
  14. T

    ideal he15 advice please

    hi all , was having a few problems with my heating/hot water when water was put on it would heat up but also heat the radiators up so after bit off searching came up with the 3way port valve so i changed for a new one as when i looked at it when the water was on it was making a buzzing noise, so...
  15. M

    Ideal logic plus 30 overheating?

    Hi just wondering if anyone can shed any light on an issue i'm having with my boiler.. Initially started i think after i came back of holiday and the pressure was low on my boiler after topping up everything was fine and boiler operated as normal. A day or so after however i started noticing...
  16. R

    Ideal combi pre-heater not working

    Been out the trade now for sometime now, a little out of touch with the latested boilers. I have a problem with my Ideal 30 combi boiler as follows. Heating is fine, no hot water so replaced the turbine now working fine but the pre heater is not working and no fault codes given. Any advice...
  17. T

    Ideal I-Mini 30 loss of pressure

    Hi guys, please could I get some advice on this????? Ive got an Ideal I-Mini 30 which is about 5-6 years old, very recently it has decided to loose pressure and give us the F1 fault code. I've filled it up a few times now but it seems to drop in pressure again once I've either put the heating on...
  18. S

    unvented clyinder losing pressure when system is ideal

    when my unvented hot water/heating system is losing pressure when it is ideal. i have got Advantage Cylinder is manufactured in the UK by RM Cylinders and MAIN 15 HEAT boiler. we have set the central heating and hot water turned off from 10 am to 5 pm. when I come back and look at the...
  19. T

    URGENT ideal logic combi +. Dhw problems,

    Boiler has been fine for 8 months then the dhw started getting colder. Replaced the heat exchanger and the flow turbine and all good for three weeks and now cold dhw flowing cold again. Replaced the turbine again and the divert valve and motor and no difference. I have removed the divert motor...
  20. F

    URGENT Ideal logic heat 18 not working

    I'm having issues with my ideal logic heat 18, it was showing fd error code so I replaced the flow sensor also thoroughly flushed ot the heat engine and pipe work, it will run fine on service mode but will not fire up unless the heat exchange is tapped lightly then will shut down when tapping...

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