1. ian.

    UK Auto balance trv and Ideal Vogue boiler

    I have an ideal vogue max S18 boiler and I’m considering fitting auto balancing TRVs, my question relates to the boilers pump. I see a boiler pump menu for either 70% or 100%, so, is the pump set at either one of two fixed speed percentages or does the pump actually vary speed, (modulate)...
  2. B

    Ideal logic products of combustion in casing

    Has anyone else come across this situation? I keep detecting products of combustion inside the casing of Ideal Logic boilers. I've replaced every seal I can find, namely flue seals, turret seals, sump connection seals, burner seal, electrode seal, flame detection seal, etc, and yet still I pick...
  3. T


    Wanted old Ideal Standard Concorde Boiler for spare parts. If you are removing one please let me know. Thanks
  4. W

    Ideal standard push Btn flush valve

    Hi all, I am trying to find an alternative flush valve to fit the cradle of a ideal standard push btn flush. It is all tiled in and changing to a Siamp or fluidmaster is not an option anyone have any ideas Thanks
  5. S

    Fd fault on Ideal Heat 15

    Got fd code on Ideal Logic Heat 15. Had two plumbers out and no joy. It’s had a new water flow sensor, flush with sentinel x800 and refurbished grundfos water pump. Boiler tries to light and water pump power light comes on but goes off immediately and boiler flashes fd again. It’s heat only so I...
  6. A

    Ideal boilers

    Anyone shed any light on ideal boilers catching fire , something about air pockets in the heat ex ? ,in a fault condition , thanks ray .
  7. F

    Ideal, iMini, Independent, Keston and Logic Product recall Not very good from Ideal
  8. B

    Mess left by Ideal Heating Gas Engineer

    I was sent an engineer by Ideal Heating to fix a problem with my system. When he left he drove over a pot of sealing compound (which must have dropped out of his van) on my shared drive. My neighbour pointed it out to me since he was parked in her space. I tried to remove it with water and...
  9. 8

    Ideal isar he24 leak at bottom

    Hello. New here. I dont know nothing about boilers or plumbing. Just wondering any idea of cost or what the issue is. 15y old boiler, never had any issues apart from heater exchange smal leak 2y ago, BG changed whole heater exchange and some other small leaks. 2y later, now slow leak at bottom...
  10. chloeradhsaw

    One Pipe System Ideal Mexico 2 Boiler

    Hello friends - I really struggle to understand my heating and hot water system I posted my question on Diynot but it ended up being five pages and couldnt get to the bottom of it and I thought worth asking the elders on here for their view - Hot water temp is 40 Degrees - Ideal Mexico 2...
  11. C

    Ideal 32 system efficiency level

    I’ve had an Ideal Vogue 32max/gen2 system boiler to a Megaflo fitted a week and running it at Flow temp 73 degrees to getting a return temp of about 55 degrees C, I’m seeing the LCD screen saying the efficiency level is only 25-28%. Has anyone else seen such a low percentage? I know for a fact...
  12. Gasmk1

    Ideal evomax loses its settings if power turned off

    Does the evomax lose its settings when power turned off
  13. F

    Heating Possible conflict between Ideal boiler and Gledhill cylinder

    My heating system comprises an Ideal Logic 12 boiler located downstairs and a Gledhill OV SOL cylinder located upstairs . The problem is that when the Gledhill controls for the “hot water” and “central heading” are turned on the Ideal boiler makes a constant “clicking” noise and tries to start...
  14. T

    Obsolete part enquiry

    I am in need of a spark generator 60080/002 part number 003939 for a very old Ideal Mexico Super RS40/60 boiler. All of the online retailers indicate obsolete not in stock. Can anyone recommend where I could purchase new or refurbished?
  15. M

    URGENT Ideal gas boiler sudden ignition lockout

    Hello - I have a Ideal 35kw combi gas boiler. Everything was fine until I switched the heating on for the first time this year. Then I got a L2 Ignition lockout error, and resetting the boiler doesn't fix it. The gas is definitely on, and the pressure is fine - any ideas? Thank you!
  16. P

    ideal c35 independent

    I just installed second zone onto my ideal independent c35 original I had one hive thermostat now I added two two port valves ( with Bypass) and two hive thermostat V3 it wired into a wiring centre looking at the wiring on the boiler shall I put back the room stat/ timer loop back in as...
  17. F

    Pressure issues Ideal Logic Combi 30

    Hi, We have a new Ideal Logic Combi 30. A radiator today came off the wall and developed a leak. Plumber came and fixed (but didn't). At that time the boiler was fine. Today the boiler has lost pressure. I have followed the videos on yt and nothing works. Just stays telling me F1. I have...
  18. BENNEJ0

    ideal standard dual flush valve problem

    i have 3 sottini toilets with a compact cistern. It has an ideal standard dual flush mechanism. 2" entry The ideal standard is poor quality in my opinion, I have replaced the washer and complete unit several times but it always leaks within a short time (between 0-18 months), I would like to...
  19. kris

    Ideal vogue c32 (gen 1) wire link part number needed

    Hey folks, I'm wondering if someone could possibly help, I'm looking for a possible part number b4 I call ideal in the morning, I fitted an Ideal vogue 6years ago so it's generation 1 vogue c32, I also fitted a RF wireless controller (prt4) The reciever part plugs directly onto the boiler...
  20. M

    Help needed on Ideal Logic Heat 15 System Boiler showing F3 error code

    Ideal Logic Heat 15 System Boiler Hi. Just started to get an F3 Fan Fault on this boiler. On power up there seems to be a quiet thump from somewhere then it goes through the start up sequence. It spends a few seconds on the ‘c’ display before coming up with the F3 error code. Can anyone advise...

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