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  1. J

    Ideal 30 Low Water Pressure

    Hi Removed radiator from wall for decorating, then refilled and bleed all Radiators. System now saying low water pressure Boiler saying 1. Fill System to 1 bar.. although after topping up now showing 1.5bar 2. Bleed radiators - done all 3. Contact Installer!!.. Is there anything i can do check...
  2. townfanjon

    Ideal standard designers

    Look at this belter , its a safe bet the ***head who designed this has never fitted a bath in his life .
  3. P

    Barbers with 4 basins

    Hi , I’ve been asked to give a price for putting 4 hairwashing basins in a barbers . There is only a cold mains supply in the property and only electric aswell no gas . What would everybody suggest for feeding this bearing in mind the basins could all be used at the same time ?
  4. A

    Ideal logic flame loss

    Thanks shaun
  5. M

    Ideal Icos HE24 LF. code

    Good morning, Our boiler has started to fail after 14 years. Given the apparent reputation of this particular model, I think it's done rather well! The current fault has become progressively worse over a few weeks. The boiler is now igniting but then shows LF. within a few minutes. As the...
  6. B

    what should Ideal Icos boiler Status read

    can anybody tell me what the status on the front of a Ideal Icos boiler should read when it is on hot water as when mine is on it says status C but everything seems to work ok
  7. M

    Ideal heat 24 boiler

    Hello. I've just had a brand new ideal heat 24 system boiler fitted. Today been told by aNother heating engineer and looking at discussions on the Internet. There seems to be a problem with this particular model with the plastic sumps cracking. I've contacted idea. And they are denying...
  8. J

    Cost to replace ideal logic 24+ sump

    Hi all, I have been informed my boiler sump on my ideal logic 24+ has a crack. A common fault on the ideals by the looks of it. I can source the sump for about 55 quid. How much would you say is reasonable to replace the part. Ps I've just had my boilers serviced and they never noticed the rust...
  9. A

    Ideal Boiler Pressure

    Hi there, I recently moved into a new house in November and we have an Ideal Logic System 24 boiler. It has been working fine up until yesterday when I noticed the pressure had dropped to below 1 bar. Not having the manual I managed to find one online which says to top up the pressure via the...
  10. P

    How to wire Nest gen 3 into Ideal Vogue Gen2 combi

    Can anyone help with wiring diagram and connections on boiler that must be connected\disconnected or linked.
  11. S

    Ideal Standard running into toilet Bowl cistern-fill-valve-sv81767 ?

    Hi I have an issue ( maybe 2 ) the toilet keeps running into bowl through the internal over flow also its running out the top by the arm on the left ( see pic ) if you lift the arm up it stops coming out of it but continues to trickle into the bowl below I've had a look online and its...
  12. D

    Ideal ff240 boiler issue

    Hi, I have just joined and hope someone maybe able to give some advice. I have had various plumbers look at this but still have the issue. The boiler does the following: It can do this for hours but then lights and stays on. System is one with hot water and cold water tank in the loft...
  13. Y

    Problem with Ideal toilet seat, and cant work out how to change it

    toilet-1 toilet-2 Hi. My toilet seat was soft closing but one day i gave it a push down as it was closing and that made the top part no longer soft close. The top part has now come off and I cant see how I can reattach it as there is nowhere for it to attach onto. Hopefully the images will show...
  14. phil hair

    best boiler to replace ideal icos 15

    sorry to ask the same old questions again. Im due to replace an icos 15 he and im looking for your valued opinion. I fit a lot of logic plus combi's , but the heat only requires a wire to the pump from boiler (for the pump over run) I think i read somewhere that this is not required anymore...
  15. gmartine

    Ideal Mexico HE24 & HE36 Floor standers

    Anybody still keeping one of these alive? Mine were pulled working and been in the shed for god knows how long. Will be breaking for spares if there is any demand... PCB's, fans and Hex's are good.
  16. O

    Ideal Mini HE C24 won't ingnite - Brrrrr!

    Morning all, This is my first post and I confess I did not even know about checking boiler pressure until yesterday, so any help would be much appreciated. So, my Ideal Mini HE C24 boiler stopped working last night. The lock out light is red. There is a click, a blue spark of light behind its...
  17. D

    3rd Gen Nest with Ideal Vogue C32

    Hi, I have an Ideal Vogue C32 sited in the garage, with a iFlo Digistat +2 programmer and thermostat which lives in the hallway. I initially bought a Hive, and returned it and picked up a Nest instead because of its OpenTherm support. Can someone shed some light on the wiring, as well as...
  18. J

    Ideal Icos HE35 Condensate Pipe flow?

    Just recently I have found a small flood under my kitchen sink, and found that there is a build up of water from the pipe under the sink from the condensate pipe to flow into the drain. There is nothing wrong with the drain, as the pipe is connected to the main sink drain and the water flows...
  19. R

    Replacing Ideal Central Heating Pump

    Hi, I'm not a qualified plumber, but looking to replace a 10+ year old (and very noisy) Ideal central heating pump with a Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60. I've read a few installation guides, and think I know what needs doing, but just wanted to check if it should be easy enough to do a straight swap...
  20. B

    Ideal Isar weird noise

    Hi guys, my boiler was doing it since I bought the house a year ago but now it is doing it more often and all night. Before it kicks in it is making a scratching noise, hard to describe. I tried to show to my gas engineer but of course it was fine when he was at my house. Maybe it is normal for...

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