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  1. Gasmk1

    Ideal evomax loses its settings if power turned off

    Does the evomax lose its settings when power turned off
  2. F

    Heating Possible conflict between Ideal boiler and Gledhill cylinder

    My heating system comprises an Ideal Logic 12 boiler located downstairs and a Gledhill OV SOL cylinder located upstairs . The problem is that when the Gledhill controls for the “hot water” and “central heading” are turned on the Ideal boiler makes a constant “clicking” noise and tries to start...
  3. T

    Obsolete part enquiry

    I am in need of a spark generator 60080/002 part number 003939 for a very old Ideal Mexico Super RS40/60 boiler. All of the online retailers indicate obsolete not in stock. Can anyone recommend where I could purchase new or refurbished?
  4. M

    URGENT Ideal gas boiler sudden ignition lockout

    Hello - I have a Ideal 35kw combi gas boiler. Everything was fine until I switched the heating on for the first time this year. Then I got a L2 Ignition lockout error, and resetting the boiler doesn't fix it. The gas is definitely on, and the pressure is fine - any ideas? Thank you!
  5. P

    ideal c35 independent

    I just installed second zone onto my ideal independent c35 original I had one hive thermostat now I added two two port valves ( with Bypass) and two hive thermostat V3 it wired into a wiring centre looking at the wiring on the boiler shall I put back the room stat/ timer loop back in as...
  6. BENNEJ0

    ideal standard dual flush valve problem

    i have 3 sottini toilets with a compact cistern. It has an ideal standard dual flush mechanism. 2" entry The ideal standard is poor quality in my opinion, I have replaced the washer and complete unit several times but it always leaks within a short time (between 0-18 months), I would like to...
  7. kris

    Ideal vogue c32 (gen 1) wire link part number needed

    Hey folks, I'm wondering if someone could possibly help, I'm looking for a possible part number b4 I call ideal in the morning, I fitted an Ideal vogue 6years ago so it's generation 1 vogue c32, I also fitted a RF wireless controller (prt4) The reciever part plugs directly onto the boiler...
  8. M

    Help needed on Ideal Logic Heat 15 System Boiler showing F3 error code

    Ideal Logic Heat 15 System Boiler Hi. Just started to get an F3 Fan Fault on this boiler. On power up there seems to be a quiet thump from somewhere then it goes through the start up sequence. It spends a few seconds on the ‘c’ display before coming up with the F3 error code. Can anyone advise...
  9. D

    Ideal Icos HE12 constant F L Code

    Folks Me again I am at my wits end. I want to replace the boiler but I am on my backside and cannot afford to. I have been getting an intermittent F L Code. For around a year. I've had an engineer out 4 times. In that time boiler has had a new PCB, new electrodes, new gaskets, new...
  10. B

    Anyone fitted an Ideal Standard i.life S Basin & Full Pedestal?

    Has anyone fitted an Ideal Standard i.life S 50cm compact washbasin with a matching i.life S & B full pedestal? The basin is T518501 and pedestal is T519901. I have a problem with the pedestal boxed and packaged as the T519901 (but marked T2839 inside as below) - it does not fit and from the...
  11. R

    Ideal Logic Combi ESP1 Time clock jumper link

    Hi looking to remove my existing rf time clock and refit the oem link, but the installer didn’t leave it, anyone point me in the right direction
  12. M_Nash95

    Ideal System 15 losing pressure; pressure dial violently twitching

    Hi there, I am renting at the moment. Our boiler is an Ideal System 15. Within an hour or two of moving in and turning the heat on the boiler lost pressure. Now it loses pressure any time that it is turned on. If the boiler pressure is set below 1.5 bars cold it will lose all pressure in about...
  13. S

    Ideal boiler had the F1 code, so topped pressure up but code persists.

    After researching as much as I can to sort this problem, I keep reading that if your Ideal boiler has an F1 code and the pressure is low, it needs topping up. If it has an F1 code but the pressure is fine, then this indicates a potential pressure sensor fault. What if it was low (completely...
  14. hotpointer

    Ideal Classic FF350 cuts out after 10mins

    Hello , I have an Ideal Classic boiler ff350 which runs for 10 mins before the boiler cuts out. The circ pump keeps running at this time. The Pump and The Three port valve have been checked and the User Stat on the front has been Changed (by a Gas safe engineer) when the Boiler cuts out there is...
  15. J

    Boiler swap Arnold Nottingham

    require my ng heat only 28kw floor standing glow-worm back flue boiler still working (25 years old) replacing with a suitable back flue ng heat only boiler, Location Arnold, Nottingham
  16. F

    Constant Lockout issue with Ideal Concord CXS/SD40/H

    In our Village Hall we have a Ideal Concord CXS/SD40/H central heating boiler. This was installed new when we had an extension built and the existing boiler needed upgrading. The Mechanical Engineers advising the architect insisted that we had a conventional cast iron combustion chamber boiler...
  17. S


    IF any of you plumbers are removing an old Ideal Concorde floor standing boiler please let me know.I need one as spares are many parts are now not available. Many thanks
  18. ian.

    Ideal Heating system filters insulated jacket

    Is it possible to get an insulated jacket for the magnetic filter which is supplied as part of the Ideal Vouge Max (18kw)?
  19. W

    Ideal Logic Combi 35

    Hi all, I've got a bit of a strange issue relating to my Ideal Logic Combi 35 which has recently started displaying a F2 error when trying to use the central heating system. The boiler works fine when using hot water, however when I try to turn on the central heating system the boiler works...
  20. S

    Ideal Logic Combi 30 - pump only keeps activating for 4 mins.

    Hi, As per the thread title, I have an Ideal Logic Combi 30 and I am having a problem with the pump, which keeps activating without any DHW/DCH. When the pump activates, it runs for exactly 4 minutes each time and this can happen as frequently as something like 5 times an hour or as...
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