The Irish Senior Open is the Irish stop on men's golf's European Senior Tour. It was played from 1997 to 2010 and was contested at several different courses around Ireland. From 1997 to 2007 it was sponsored by Allied Irish Banks. In 2021, the tournament was revived as the Irish Legends and was presented by Paul McGinley's foundation.

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  1. M

    Worcester Greenstar 24RI - Burner Seal Replacment

    Got some quotes for a service, one person has said if I haven't had the burner seal replaced for past 5 years, it should be done (& service price goes up by £55). Boiler installed in 2015 - never had the 'seal' replaced? Is it a necessary requirement just as a matter of course?
  2. B

    MT10RF replacement on greenstar junior24i combi mk3

    The clock timer on the Mt10rf transmitter does not work, but it can be used in day mode to get the heating on. Is Drayton LP10RF a suitable replacement? I guess the receiver from this would need to be used rather than the existing Worcester one?
  3. A

    Worcester Greenstar Ri Boiler Knocking

    Hi there, My boiler (Worcester Greenstar Ri) has started making a soft knocking noise when it turns on, and again a few times when it turns off. I've attached a short video of the sound. It isn't constant, it seems to happen within the first 10 mins of the boiler starting up, then you won't...
  4. P

    Greenstar 4000 runs almost continually. Not good.

    Last May had a new Greenstar 4000 boiler fitted and only recently started using the heating. Once the set room temperature is reached the boiler modulates (presumably) and stays running for very long periods (many hours) but the circulating water is only luke warm (about 35 degrees) Any heating...
  5. simlock

    GreenStar 30si leaking water

    Hi, i hope somebody can help me, i seem to have a leak from my GreeStar 30si boiler, it looks like it coming from the Siphon container, from the top, around where the Flue meets it, inside the boiler, i have noticed that there is an overflow pipe, yet, it seems that nothing can flow out the...
  6. Greenstar123

    Greenstar 30si compact filling link

    Hello all, I want to increase the system pressure to 1.5 bar. Following the user manual (found one online) and some YT videos the filling link should be clearly visible there, but I still cannot find the filling link on my Greenstar 30si compact, or at least nothing there looks like it. It...
  7. S

    Greenstar CDI Classic - Hot Water Issue

    Evening All, Been having on and off issues with a Greenstar CDI classic Combi were the hot water is not heating up but only intermittently. Some days/ weeks it’s fine and works fine all of the time but on the odd occasion it’s been running cold in the following sequence. It fires up the boiler...
  8. B

    Refilling system - Greenstar 4000

    I have a Greenstar 4000 30KW combi boiler, and am planning to partially drain down the system to move a radiator. There is a blue lever ("keyless filling link") underneath for gradually topping up the pressure after bleeding a radiator, but I suspect this would be a very slow way to refill the...
  9. J

    Worcester Boiler - GREENSTAR 8000 Life - Heating anomaly

    Worcester Boiler - GREENSTAR 8000 Life - Heating anomaly I have recently noticed when I have lost power to my boiler and power is then reinstated that the Central Heating comes on. Is this the norm?…ALL CH controls are off.
  10. P

    Worcester greenstar compact 30Ri burner.

    My Worcester greenstar compact burner green light is only firing up for 5 seconds then cutting out. Anyone got any ideas before I call an engineer out. Incase it’s something simple.
  11. S

    Wiring a Hive Receiver to Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 30kw

    Hi Everyone - despite my best efforts I can't seem find a clear answer on how to wire a single channel Hive Receiver to a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 30kw. I've attached 2 photos showing the connections on the receiver and boiler. With great hope you experts out there can help - thankyou!
  12. B

    Problems with Worcester Greenstar HE Plus

    Started getting a random F7 fault on our gas boiler, called out a gas engineer to have a look at it. He gave it a good look over and checked and it was working while he was there. A few hours later the problem started up again, called the gas engineer who fitted a new main board, boiler was...
  13. J

    Worcester greenstar 4000 refill system

    Hi guys just wondering how to top up pressure on this Worcester boiler after draining system down Also an unvented cylinder upstairs and solar panels Many thanks
  14. B

    Worcester Greenstar 30CDi - Juddering - Rusty Deposits On Pipe (Pics)

    Hi everyone! My Worcester Greenstar 30CDi Combi boiler started making a rather loud juddering noise two nights ago. I bled all the radiators and releaaed air from the system. Repressurised the system afterwards with the water valve and the noise had stopped... until about the same the next day...
  15. D

    Heatslave greenstar II 18/25 duel oil feed

    Hi all, Thanks for reading. I just picked up a 2015 greenstar 2 heatslave 18/25 oil boiler to replace my relic from the 80's (still a greenstar bit not up to the flow requirements and it's not a condensing boiler so not efficient). Obviously a used item, it has 2 oil feeds. My current boiler...
  16. P

    Connecting nest thermostat to worcester Greenstar Compact RI

    Hi, is the below pictures the right setup for my nest heat link to my Worcester greenstar boiler compact?
  17. G

    WB Greenstar 8000 Range Rating and Flow Temp

    Hi all, I've had a WB 8000 35kw boiler installed today and was searching through some websites which talked about range rating your boiler and/or turning down the flow temperature to save on cost. I spoke to the engineer that installed it and he advised against rage rating saying that having 17...
  18. Andrew Garrett

    Worcester Bosch i30 Greenstar PRV and Expansion Chamber replacement

    Hi all What kind of time is required to replace the Pressure Relief Valve and the expansion chamber in a 6 year old Worcester Bosch i30 Greenstar? Is this a 3 hour job? Also what kind of price would be reasonable? I am using a new gas engineer and I want to verify that his bill is fair. I am...
  19. D

    How to fill loop on greenstar heatslave ll external

    Hi, I’m trying to locate the filling loop on my combi boiler. There isn’t much info in the manual, just your installer will inform you where to find the filling loop which they didn’t. Any advice would be appreciated, I’ve attached some photos.
  20. Ted808

    Worcester greenstar, Hot water intermittent.

    Heating works and hot water- sometimes, but I noticed when I turn the hot tap on the pressure gauge drops to zero. I've not seen this before. Topping up the pressure doesn't seem to make a difference. As soon as the heating only is on pressure goes back up to 1.5bar. The thing is the flat is...
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