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A boiler is a closed vessel in which fluid (generally water) is heated. The fluid does not necessarily boil. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications, including water heating, central heating, boiler-based power generation, cooking, and sanitation.

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  1. Sarah_Homeowner

    How do I Increase Pressure in my boiler??

    Hi, I am trying to increase the pressure in my gas boiler and was under the assumption it just involved opening these two small black valves. I have tried this but the pressure gauge on the boiler hasn't budged? Anyone know why this is?
  2. R

    Need to replace expansion vessel (oil fired boiler)

    Looking for someone that can replace the expansion vessel on an old heating system that is losing pressure every day and needs topping up at least three times a day. Trying to eliminate what the cause could be. Appreciate that it could be a leak somewhere, but looking to tackle one issue at a...
  3. T

    URGENT Hot water is cold. Boiler or valve

    Please advise me. I am a disabled pensioner. I had a wet room fitted just over a year ago using a local authority grant. Builder was employed by local authority. I had no say in who carried out the work. I have called the builder out under the guarantee several times for water leaks. The shower...
  4. Z

    Vaillant System Boiler With Additional Pump

    Hi, i've got a job with a Vaillant Ecotec 630 system boiler, and i don't know the full history but the house has definitely been extended significantly since the boiler was installed. There's now 21 radiators/towel rails. It's getting to temperature, but even after balancing, it's not heating...
  5. M

    Combi boiler hot water but no heating

    My first thought when I heard this fault a combi boiler with hot water but no heating. Was a problem with the stat, controls not making the call for heat. If this is not the case. Can the divertor valve be the cause of the issue?
  6. D

    Gas smell on ideal RS 50 boiler

    Recently noticed a gas smell coming from my ideal classic RS50 boiler. Cadent have been out and confirmed a small leak and capped off the gas. The question I have though is that the gas smell only appears when the boiler fires up not when the pilot is burning normally. Gas smell continues as...
  7. R

    Low pressure showing on boiler

    What the easiest way to find why my boiler is losing pressure. It is about 5 years old Vaillant combi boiler, we have just had 2 vertical radiator removed and refitted for decorating and now the pressure keeps dropping approx once a week. I guess a leak under the floor is possible, or trapped...
  8. M

    Vitodens 222-F combi storage boiler and loft shower pressure.

    I have a viessman vitodens 222F combi storage boiler on the ground floor. It has 100l capacity inbuilt cylinder which is delivered on mains pressure. I bought it hoping I could have two showers across floors running with hot water even if it’s a short while, while avoiding an unvented...
  9. F

    Hot water diverting back to the boiler

    When I put the central heating on the hot water gets drawn through the pump but is then being diverted straight back to the boiler instead of the rads What is this, and how likely is it that it is faulty? That sits in between the hot water to the rads and hot water to the hot water tank...
  10. J

    URGENT boiler condensate question

    hi. anyone used one of these before.. need to connect a hose from a condense pump to a w/c pan connector..these are for connection to soil pipe so im wandering if the wall of the pan connector maybe too thin?..best option is change pan connector to one with a boss on it but the toilet is stuck...
  11. E

    Snapped screws on heat exchanger require a whole replacement?

    We just had a service done on our Ideal ICOS boiler and were told that the 2 screws on the back of the heat exchanger have snapped off. It was marked as dangerous and has quoted a whole new heat exchanger as there are still bits of screws stuck inside that cannot be removed. For 2 broken screws...
  12. T

    URGENT Anyone know how to clear a f70 fault on british gas 330+ boiler

    Anyone know how to clear a f70 fault on a british gas 330+ boiler
  13. K

    Does combi boiler need an external pump or not?

    My conventional boiler needs to be replaced. One engineer suggested combi with an external pump because water pressure in my flat is low, the other said there's no need for a pump. He even said that if the pump would have a detrimental effect on the boiler. Who is right?
  14. Boom7#5times

    Be warned / Scam / Boiler Repair boiler-breakdown dot net

    Had a call to a 82 Old man, he paid these £300 up front for a years cover, and I find out on arrival he's been waiting for 3 weeks, no heating or HW.. ( I had to dig backwards from the customers phone number he had) . Turns out the email for invoice i asked for is fake, dont reply to my text...
  15. P

    Oil fired central heating boiler issue ?

    Hi, Over the past few months, my wife and I have noticed a constant pulsing sound throughout the house which is particularly noisy at night (this could be as a result of us noticing the sound more when there is less environmental noise). Unfortunately, it is severely disrupting our sleep, so we...
  16. P

    Undersized boiler do not use

    Hi I've been to a customer today that has a 9 year old baxi duo tec40kw boiler,it runs 20 radiator that all work fine,they have 2 bathrooms and 1 electric shower and again have no issues with hot water.Over the last 4 years baxi have repaired the boiler on 8 occasions, with faults on gas valve...
  17. P

    Drain down/flush options for combi return that goes up not down.

    Hi All This is following on from thread I made a few days ago but can't seem to find I'm in a bit of a bind with my CH design where I want to sort all of my rads and do some other bits including fitting a filter but I'm stumped on how to drain down due to how the system is put together...
  18. B

    Boiler decision - Worcester v Baxi

    Hi. I’m new here and due to have a new boiler fitted. Does anyone have recommendations or thoughts on either the Worcester 8000 40KW Combi or the Baxi 40kw Platinum or the Valliant EcoTec Plus 838. The Worcester is the most costly but I’m happy to pay more if it means a better boiler (long term...
  19. P

    Grant Vortex 50/90 oil boiler with open air tube spigot

    Grant Vortex 50/90 condensing oil boiler where the air tube spigot over the fan is not connected to the existing flue, should this be closed off with a Reillo cover plate to stop vermin getting into the open fan motor.If is blanked over will need a further combustion test to confirm adequate...
  20. MilkyBadger

    Seeking Engineer for Vaillant EcoTec 832 Boiler Issue - SE London

    Hello, I am looking for a heating engineer to diagnose and resolve an issue with my Vaillant EcoTec 832 combi boiler. Job Location: Copeland Rd, London. Job Description: Problem: The boiler is not providing heating under normal conditions, although hot water supply is fine. Interestingly...
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