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Central Heating Boiler | Boiler - Hot water boiling system​

A boiler is a closed vessel in which fluid (generally water) is heated. The fluid does not necessarily boil. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications, including water heating, central heating, boiler-based power generation, cooking, and sanitation.
Central Heating Boiler | Boiler - Hot water boiling system

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  1. ian.

    UK Auto balance trv and Ideal Vogue boiler

    I have an ideal vogue max S18 boiler and I’m considering fitting auto balancing TRVs, my question relates to the boilers pump. I see a boiler pump menu for either 70% or 100%, so, is the pump set at either one of two fixed speed percentages or does the pump actually vary speed, (modulate)...
  2. A

    Emergency Stop Buttons in Boiler Rooms

    We are from Alberta, and I own an electrical company. I have been asked by a BC Mechanical P. Eng. to install an emergency STOP button at the man-door to the boiler room. It's intent is to 'halt' the operation of the boilers in the room should there be an emergency. He is demanding that I do...
  3. B

    POTTERTON PROMAX 28 COMBI Boiler - Hot Water Issue

    Hello, I am seeking some advice, I have a POTTERTON PROMAX 28 COMBI Boiler and I noticed yesterday that the water around the house is no longer warming up. The heat exchanger has been changed 6 months ago, so I do not believe it is that. Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be? Thanks
  4. P

    Wind affected short cycling boiler

    I have an old Modena 80 E combi boiler that is randomly short cycling on windy days. The burner goes out and re-ignites within a few seconds and continues to burn for between five and forty seconds before stopping again. Under normal conditions the boiler works fine but as soon as it gusts over...
  5. Zig168

    Which boiler type lasts the longest?

    How many years do these boiler types last? Heat Only System Combi Thanks
  6. A

    Boiler fan not turning off

    I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15i condenser boiler which is about 13 years old. There is a separate hot water tank. Recently the fan in the boiler has started to stay on all the time. My usual engineer took a look at it and advised me to contact the manufacturer. I then had an engineer from...
  7. MLR

    Is this drip boiler waste? Is it normal?

    Hiya - posting in this forum as I'm guessing this relates to my neighbour above's boiler, but I may be wrong so please say if so. Basically the attached pix and vids show my issue. I've got a small copper-looking pipe protruding from the wall above my rear tenement bedroom. It's dripping almost...
  8. R

    Convert a boiler

    I have an intergas compact hre 18 ov Can this be converted to a combi boiler
  9. D

    Boiler Noise

    I have a Worcester Greenstar gas boiler circa 2017. There has been a noise coming from the boiler which resembles running water, I have checked the system pressure at 1.5bar and the relief valve but the noise persists unless a hot water tap in the house is opened then it stops for a period of...
  10. T


    Wanted old Ideal Standard Concorde Boiler for spare parts. If you are removing one please let me know. Thanks
  11. J

    Sapphire Modulating Oil Fired Boiler

    Has any installer/user any feedback on these?.
  12. I

    New Vaillant EcoTec 836, slight leak underneath, what is this connector for?

    Got a replacement combination boiler, less that 1 year old. Noticed some water from the connection pictured. Can't see what is it from the manuals, possibly a rainwater drain? Was told by the person from Vaillant that it was an A A V (auto air vent), but she didn't sound too certain! Can...
  13. M

    UK 6

    I wish to add a second boiler to my existing meter. Location 20m away. Underground run. Can l use 32mm yellow pipe with copper tails at each end. Thank you in advance
  14. E

    Can this Boiler Flue be reduced in size?

    Hello All, I was hoping you could help with a potential boiler build query for my father. He has recently had a new boiler installed via British Gas (valiant brand). The external boiler flue seems excessively tall, proving to be somewhat of an eye sore (please see pictures attached). I know it...
  15. C

    How to clean the industrial boiler headers, in addition to chemical methods?

    How to clean the scale inside the casing and pipe rows of industrial boiler headers, in addition to chemical methods? What is the approximate lifespan of the end caps at both ends of the header box? Is it feasible to clean the cut end face? I want to try using a blowing machine to blow out the...
  16. T

    Demand for Heating Not Firing Boiler

    Hi, I have a Vailant EcoTec Boiler with a Megaflo. These are controlled by a Honeywell controller. I have one 3 port diverter, where one of the outputs goes to a 2 port diverter prior to the Megaflo (I believe this is some safety feature). I have run into an intermittent problem where some...
  17. H

    Keston Qudos 28s boiler AR or ID?

  18. A

    Should a plumber inform you that your new Combi boiler would be no good with a digital pump.

    Hi. I recently had a renovation done. My builder installed a new Combi boiler instead of my system boiler. He connected the pipework to the digital pump. He did not inform us that we would need a new processor because we had changed to a Combi and subsequently a valve blew. Should my builders...
  19. D

    Boiler pressure dropping to zero when heating turns off.

    Good afternoon, I am experiencing a pressure issue with my heating system and was hoping to receive additional insight as to what the problem could be. We have a biomass boiler and stratification tank set up and recently had an issue with boiler pressure dropping off when the system was cold...
  20. back2thefuture1

    Boiler condensate pipe fitted behind plasterboard

    Hi everyone I hope you can help. We were getting some work done and our builder attached the boiler condensate pipe to the sink waste pipe. This was all then covered with dot and dab. Shown in the picture, red arrow. So the only thing visible now is a round pipe from the wall. We are yet to fit...
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