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  1. 7

    Smart Thermostat For Alpha Evoke 28 Combi Boiler

    Hi everyone, I hope you may be able to offer some advice and/or opinions. I'd really like to install a smart thermostat for our boiler. Due to health conditions, I myself am particularly sensitive to temperature changes and have poor mobility, and therefore find the current traditional dial...
  2. T

    Boiler swap. INTEC 40GS to Worcester Greenstar 32CDi Compact Combi

    Dear Forum members, Hope that you are all doing well! We are thinking of moving our existing boiler from its cupboard to a bathroom corner to free up some space A local specialist has recommended that we install a smaller boiler, so that it fits into the bathroom nicely My goal is to ensure...
  3. Macarius

    Strange issue with boiler - (Baxi Bermuda 401 - Vintage) - no central heating!

    Hello folks, just fired up the boiler for the winter and booked in a service and i'm having an odd issue, the hot water heats up fine, scalding hot but the boiler refuses to fire up the central heating. I have one of these old back boilers behind a fireplace which has a separate control panel in...
  4. S

    Grundfos pump making unusual sound/boiler not coming on

    First post so greetings to all! We have a problem with our elderly Potterton boiler and its Grundfos pump as follows: Boiler started behaving erratically, switching on & off at short intervals Within days boiler stopped coming on at all Noticed that Grundfos pump was making an unusual sound as...
  5. D

    Plumber Brian Watts Partners Ltd

    Brian Watts Partners are a well established firm of plumbers offering boiler repair, boiler installation, underfloor heating, gas stove fitting and new radiator services across Oxford. With many years of experience, we pride ourselves in providing a quality and friendly service to all customers...
  6. CliffJP

    Vokera 35E

    Hi, I have a Vokera 35E which makes a banging noise like kettling. This starts when the heating comes on and is very loud. If I then switch off the demand for heating and switch on the hot water demand for a couple of minutes the noise stops. If I then switch off the hot water demand and...
  7. M

    URGENT Glowworm Flexicom 12hx error codes.

    Hi all, I am hoping someone can help me on this one. I have a Glowworm Flexicom 12hx boiler, currently getting two different error codes (F25 and F22). Landlord believes the boiler has lost pressure and needs topping up, but I have no way of checking the boiler pressure - no dial and no on...
  8. M

    Combi or system? Gas pipe issue.

    Hi All. I have an issue with a boiler in a small flat I purchased that has very old vented system boiler currently fitted. Both boiler and water tanks are in a need of replacement. I got 3 quotes from gas safe engineers and all recommended combi boiler to be fitted. One of the engineers...
  9. D

    Certikin Genie Pool Boiler

    Iam having trouble with a Certikin Genie swimming pool boiler, the boiler is not heating the pool water. There are no fault codes or errors displayed. When the boiler is on it fails to start, the fan is not running, any advice is appreciated, however I am keen to find a local engineer in...
  10. I

    method statement

    hi there, i have started my gas engineer course and so far really enjoying it, pipe bending and soldering are a little messy 😆but i got material to practice at home so hopfully neaten all that up. We have been asked to write a mission statement for tightness testing but the instructor hasnt...
  11. D

    How to drain heatline boiler Monza 24.

    Hi I need to replace the pressure gauge on the boiler and needed some help on how to drain/isolate the water in the boiler first. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  12. T

    Why is my boiler condensate not emptying into the pipe?

    Previously no issues but now when I disconnect the condensate pipe from the boiler there is an audible air escape from the condensate pipe then the boiler happily drains into the pipe and you can hear it drain into the mains waste. Is this an air lock issue?
  13. R

    Condensate dripping from boiler flue - advice please

    I have an Alpha Intec boiler installed on my loft wall. The flue goes horizontally from the top of the boiler and passes through the wall, exiting high up in the gable end. The boiler was installed about 6 years ago. My attached garage joins the gable wall directly below the flue. I had the...
  14. G

    why would water still be coming from boiler sensing pipe?

    hi, i'm trying to replace diverter valve membranes on a baxi 105he. i have isolated cold water and run/left on downstairs hot water tap until empty and drained the boiler. the problem is when disconnecting the sensing pipe from the dhw diverter. water just keeps coming from the sensing pipe. can...
  15. S

    Wood pellet system - open or sealed system

    Hi there, Looking at the manual for a lanordica Exflame costanza pellet boiler, it is designed for a 'closed' system - presumably them mean sealed. I've seen manuals for other pellet boilers advising they can be installed on open or sealed systems, I'm based in ROI but can anyone advise (for UK...
  16. Q

    Air in heating g system - Already had two plumbers fail to diagnose.

    Hi all, Hoping you can help me out. We had building work last summer and added a few radiators on both ground first floor. We also replaced our vented hot water system with an unvented hot water system but the heating remains open with a small F&E tank in the loft. Since the works, when the...
  17. S

    URGENT Leaking Flue pipe from Boiler

    Hi all, Had a plumber come round today to service our boiler and it turns out he's had to turn it off as unsafe due to some water leaking on the outside of the flue pipe. At the time the plumber said that the instillation was done terribly and that if I really wanted I could report the job as...
  18. J

    Central heating not working

    Hello My boiler seems to work fine as I get hot water no problem. The problem is that my central heating isn't coming on. I have a Drayton SM1 control. The switch doesn’t work and the light won’t come on. It still makes the clock sound but the heating won’t come on with the timer either. I...
  19. M

    Running boiler flu on top of kitchen cupboards

    My daughter is having a kitchen extension and the boiler is going to be fitted on an inside wall with the flu running around 20 feet along the top of her new kitchen cupboards and out the wall. I think it’s a normal combi boiler (maybe Valiant). Is this normal and are there any safety...
  20. J

    Boiler Flue Regulations

    Does a window need to be atleast 30cm away from the base of the boiler flu (the part that comes out of the wall/opening) or the end of the flue where the fumes actually come out. Our window opening is less than 30cm from the hole where the flue comes out, but the end of the flue is more than...