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A boiler is a closed vessel in which fluid (generally water) is heated. The fluid does not necessarily boil. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications, including water heating, central heating, boiler-based power generation, cooking, and sanitation.

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  1. P

    Glow worm boiler noise

    Does anyone know where I can find the decibel rating for the British Gas 330+ boiler? I'm looking to get it replaced and wanted to compare it against the Glow worm energy 18r or 25r boilers (18W or 25W) or does anyone have any experience of these two models in terms of how noisy they are?
  2. Desktop987456

    right size boiler spec

    Hi, I am not in UK and the rising fuel and gas prices are forcing me to change my boiler to an efficient one. Right now I have an old non condensing boiler which is way oversized and consumes 1.75m3/hr so I am looking at an efficient gas boiler to support attached load. I plan to buy it from UK...
  3. D

    oil boiler overflow dripping

    Hi, We have a Grant oil combi boiler. Only 3 years old. Been a right pain. Already had expansion vessel replaced and the 3 bar PRV and another thing that I have forgotten name of, but it has a load of copper mini pipes is a square loop. Then when it was really cold the overflow started chucking...
  4. P

    Is there a boiler shortage.

    Is it me or is there a shortage of boilers.
  5. E

    Boiler pressure is too low, filling loop

    Hi all Moved to flat recently, and the heating is not very good. I realized the pressure is too low, below 1 bar. It is Meibes, product number 10920.26 OH5 So I am looking how to fix it. I am only a DIY'er, so bare with me. In the diagram you can see the fill loop mentioned, but that is not...
  6. M

    Honeywell Evohome with Worcester Bosch Greenstar System Boiler

    I need a little help if possible as I am trying to check that my current system is running efficiently but not really sure how to check, sorry if this is a long one and I have tried to contact a Honeywell connected specialist but they dont seem interested unless installing a new system and the...
  7. D

    Boiler shutting off during heating hot water

    I have a Viessman Vitodens combi boiler. When running the hot tap (or shower), the water comes through hot but then the boiler shuts off, water gets cool, boiler fires up, water gets hot, and so on... Only started happening a few weeks ago. I have replaced the flow sensor, checked voltage where...
  8. W

    Boiler pressure too high can't lower it.

    Hi folks my partner has a Greenstar 30Si boiler, the pressure is just below 3 bar but for the past year or so water has been slowly dripping out of the overflow pipe. I've bled the radiator upstairs and downstairs drained about 2l out but the pressure doesn't drop at all. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. J

    RD532i Boiler over pressurising - on 3 bar - help!!

    Hiya - we noticed our boiler was on 0 bar so the gentleman who came to fit a smart meter said to repressurise it and not to leave it. I googled it and left it on the green triangle (while the boiler was not in use) The heating has come on this morning and we noticed it's at 3 bars but there's...
  10. B

    Gas boiler flame keeps going out when run the bath

    Hi I have a BIASI gas boiler as in the pictures. Its worked fine for 12 months. But now, for the last few days, when its first running the bath, I can hear the gas flame turning on and off…and the bath water is quite cold…..if I leave the tap running for say 5 mins, then the gas does stay on...
  11. N

    Pipe stat not effective?

    I have a ideal logic max boiler ( installed in Nov 2021) in the garage, water tank and pump in airing cupboard in the house. I have a frost stat in the garage set at 5c and a pipe stat on the return pipe to the boiler set at 10c. So can anyone explain why my radiators are still heating up on...
  12. M

    Baxi Boiler - Water Not Getting Hot 1st thing in morning

    Our Baxi boiler works fine most of the time but the last few days it does not heat the water first thing in the morning and occasionally later on in the day too. It still works most of the time, e.g. for baths. The pressure is fine even when the water isn't heating. I've had a look online and...
  13. S

    De Dietrich oil boiler manual

    De Dietrich oil boiler Looking for the manual or draiwings of the attached De Dietrich oil boiler. I will appreciate if somebody knows the model name. Thanks in advance. Sandouraki
  14. A

    Gloworm faulty boiler, flashing burner & reset lights & buzzing

    Gloworm FF50 both the reset and burner lights are flashing and just buzzing, not firing up. Currently no hot water or heating, everything was working ok earlier today, then just suddenly stopped.
  15. M

    Open vented system - Boiler turns on and then loses heating pressure?

    Hi guys, We have an open vented heating system and a Worcester Bosch greenstar boiler. Recently there is little to no heat getting to all radiatiors. It seems that when we turn on the nest heating the boiler starts whirring as expected as then dies down quite fast. I cleaned the magna filter...
  16. J

    Hyco Electric Boiler - switch off for occasional use?

    Do I switch off Electric Hot Heater Cylinder over Winter? I have a 30 litre Hyco Electric Boiler Powerflow for hot water. Only used for domestic hot water (not general heating as have electric underfloor matts) It is for an annex, gets occasional use in winter. Product literature says...
  17. A

    Boiler losing pressure without any leakage

    Hello! I have a combi boiler (n8 topline compact hrc 30/cw5) required to fill in 1.5 BA, 8 radiators, and heated floors in the same system. I have a pressure loss problem, I lose ~0.3-0.4 every week without visible leakage. I had 2 plumbers and 1 guy from the boiler gas service company. The...
  18. L

    Baxi Platinum Boiler Error E1 33

    Hi Guys, I have installed a boiler "Baxi Platinum+ 40Kw Combi" on the outer wall in the loft. It works fine for 1 or 2 days and then it gives E1 33 error randomly. It is connected to the Hive Thermostat too. I have checked all the common reasons for getting this error but in no way could...
  19. C

    Spare bleed screw for Grundfos boiler pump? Please help!!

    Hi all, After trying to solve my boiler problem via YouTube as my usual plumber wasn't available, I have stupidly dropped Grundfos bleed screw below the boiler and it has fallen through a gap which is inaccessible. Is there anywhere I can buy spares for this part only or someone who could...
  20. R

    Boiler pump requires bleeding after every use.

    Does anyone have any ideas about why my boiler pump needs to be bled after each use of the boiler? If I don't do this, after each use (whether hot water or central heating), when I come to turn it on again, there is some knocking noise and then it switches off again. The fix is to quickly bleed...
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