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A boiler is a closed vessel in which water or other fluid is heated. The fluid does not necessarily boil. (In North America, the term "furnace" is normally used if the purpose is not to boil the fluid.) The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications, including water heating, central heating, boiler-based power generation, cooking, and sanitation.

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  1. J

    Does anyone know why an Riello RDB boiler would start pluming black smoke?

    Does anyone know why an Riello RDB boiler would suddenly start pluming black smoke? Does it have anything to do with the needle valve in the fuel pump?
  2. R

    What to do about new boiler?

    I installed my central heating 40 years ago as a DIY project and it has worked well. I have a Potterton NeataHeat 16/22 with a Y plan control. A week ago I had a leak onto my kitchen ceiling (new ceiling a year ago) which needed me to cut a 6 foot long slot in it to replace a length of copper...
  3. A

    Viessmann Boiler Left in Service Mode now not working

    Hi boiler in question is a Viessmann 100-W WB1B Heat Only Boiler with F&E Tank in loft etc and Cylinder appreciate some advice please Not sure if connected but Engineer just been and serviced boiler etc 1 day ago and, by mistake he seems to have left it in Service Mode so when the hot water was...
  4. G

    Warm flow combi boiler /No hot water

    Need help please... My Warmflow oil fired combi boiler will not supply hot water to my domestic taps but the central heating works fine. This is a dual pump system. I have linked out the connections on the boiler stat which causes the hot water pump and system to work and able to get very hot...
  5. P

    Pex pipe-boiler: aerial distance

    I am adding radiators to my 2-pipe central heating. The whole piping is copper 22mm and microbore, and I'm extending it with 15mm pex barrier pipe graded for CH. I know that the first bit of pipes connected to the boiler must be copper, which is the case. However, I couldn't find whether there...
  6. C

    I have a Firebird Silverpac condensing boiler

    I have a Firebird Silverpac which is about two years old and it has stopped heating the water. The radiators are fine. I recently lowered the water level in the header tank as it was continuously overflowing. Any advice would be helpful.
  7. P

    Air Pressure Fault - Heatline Boiler

    Morning all, We inherited a c.2007 Heatline Compact boiler when we moved into our house. On Friday the boiler developed an air pressure fault. I first tested the air pressure switch in both the Common-normally closed and Common-normally open positions and both are working ok. I even tried a...
  8. R

    the boiler does not start

    I have a 50/90 boiler grant and I have a problem. When you try to run there is only a little smoke and nothing. The oil is in the tank. It happened suddenly. I attach a video. I am asking for suggestions. Thank you.
  9. K

    URGENT Worcester Heatslave 15/19 Oil Combi Boiler Pressure

    My boiler pressure gauge is at zero so the boiler is not firing up. I thought I heard a small water leak in the wall near the boiler the other night, just before this happened, but the leak has now stopped. I have been reading other posts to try to find a solution and I've hunted everywhere...
  10. L

    Oil boiler diagram opinions?

    Wondering if anyone has any views on the following attempted diagram of my heating system. There are no room thermostats, the heating is either on or off and the circulation pump comes on and off depending on the thermostat thats placed at the bottom output of the water cylinder coil We have an...
  11. D

    Oil fired boiler burner shuts down after running normally for five minutes.

    Hi, I'm having problems with my oil fired central heating boiler. Its a Panda II with an Electro Oil burner fitted with a Danfoss oil pump. The problem- The burner fires up normally as per, and the flame is well established, however after seven minutes it flames out and then locks out after the...
  12. G

    URGENT ideal straight swap for the potterton suprima to run a gledhill Boilermate 2000 ?

    I have a potterton suprima 50l running a gledhill Boilermate 2000 job on at the minute. the potterton failed its CPA test with a ratio of 0.1205 and its kicking out a terrible odour. the customers opted for a replacement but I'm a lil stumped on ideal straight swaps. ideally I'd of opted for...
  13. A

    My boiler works better when it is cold than when it hot

    I have problems with my boiler Main Eco Elite because it works better when the weather is cold than when the weather is hot. When it is cold my boiler every two or three weeks stop working, the message E119 appears and I need to re-pressurised it. However when the weather is hot this...
  14. U

    Installers with experience of Hybrid Solar Thermal / ASHP and Combi Boiler in Sussex Area

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to help specify, and possible install hybrid system. Initially the bungalow was setup for all low temp (underfloor heating and Fan assist heating rads), but couldn't afford ASHP at the time, so fitted a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 937 Combi as the heat source. Now looking to...
  15. O

    Heat Exchanger for new Boiler

    Hi all, 25 year old boiler need replacing. Existing boiler, 220 kW doing Aged Care Facility. I want to install a condensing boiler, but are worried about not being able to clean the system efficiently to not cause damage to the new boiler and void warranty. The best option I can see is to have...
  16. C

    URGENT Camray 5 oil burner warning lights meaning

    Need help deciphring these lights on a camray 5 oil burner. What do they mean ? I can't get the flow to heat up the water storage cylinder . The motorized valve won't open . Any ideas or suggestions on the subject ? 1588106893
  17. eagleeye

    Height of new boiler install

    We have a job to replace this boiler with a Viessmann but as you can see from the photos its quite high up. Obviously the boxing in around it will be coming down and have a door on it after but would you think it too high to fit a new boiler. Its gonna be about 8ft to bottom of boiler. Am just...
  18. X

    Bad smell from boiler condensation tube when running hot water

    We have noticed a bad smell when running hot water and think it might be linked to the boiler condensation pipe (the water itself doesn't smell) We noticed that the top of the condensation pipe isn't sealed properly but I have also been told that this is normal (picture attached) So far I have...
  19. F

    Recomendation for new boiler

    Which regular gas boiler to replace the existing Potterton Suprima 60L ? We live in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 13 radiator detached house with a Accolade plus (SP) unvented mains pressure cylinder upstairs. We would like to replace our existing Potterton 60L (19 years old). Which is the best in...
  20. G

    Boiler replacement - Regular (with Boilermate) vs. Combi

    Hi everyone, I've just moved to a 4 bed detached house (2 bathrooms) built in 2005, in Bromsgrove (B60), with the original 15 year old set up of a Glowworm Micron 60FF regular boiler coupled to a Boilermate 2000 storage unit. The boiler itself is not very efficient and I'm just waiting for the...

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