A boiler is a closed vessel in which water or other fluid is heated. The fluid does not necessarily boil. (In North America, the term "furnace" is normally used if the purpose is not to boil the fluid.) The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications, including water heating, central heating, boiler-based power generation, cooking, and sanitation.

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  1. R

    Which Boiler Should I Go For

    Hello - I hope someone can help as I'm not a plumber but need some advice. I've just bought a 1930's semi detached house with one bathroom. It has a boiler (Not a combi) in the kitchen and a hot water tank in the current bathroom. I'm ripping out and putting a new bathroom in. I want to move...
  2. D

    Boiler Room Ventilation

    Hi All, I'm looking for a little advise regarding natural ventilation to a boiler room. The boiler room is in a basement, that you access externally. you walk down a set of stairs into a small lobby and then into the boiler room. My question is, will I comply with regs if I have a fully...
  3. A

    Unvented System vs Combi Boiler

    Hi folks, new member to the forum here. Me and my wife are in a bit of a dilemma with our hot water/heating system we currently have. We are planning to do a kitchen extension at the back of the property (currently the kitchen is at the front, with the boiler in a cupboard), + add one more...
  4. N

    Boiler pressure near 3. How to depressurise boiler system with no bleed key?!

    Hi all, Earlier this week I tried to top up pressure in my boiler. The screws that allow me to do this are buggered but turns out I must have been able to turn it without realising. The pressure has gone up slowly from near zero to near 3! Now I can't turn the screw a particular way. I have no...
  5. T

    Tindish leaking after boiler service

    Had my second service on my unvented system. The same thing has happened as last time though. The tundish has started dripping. Last time it was crud that got under the seal on the system. It’s the same again. Plumber just came back and did some things and he could see it had stopped it the loft...
  6. P

    Combustion smell when boiler is working

    Hi, We have a 5 year oil warmflow combi boiler. Until last year it was regularly serviced by a qualified engineer. It has been a troublesome boiler with leaks and excessive heat ( I think) onnthe top of the boiler casing. For a little while now it has begun to smell when the boiler is working. I...
  7. E

    Ideal Logic 30+ combi boiler - no heating

    Hi all, Looking for some advice as to why my central heating is not working. We have recently moved 2 radiators, replacing one with a new one. When turning the boiler back on there is now no heating. We have hot water, we have checked the pressure, bled the radiators, reset the boiler. We do...
  8. gingalig

    Vokera lpg, new boiler no benchmark

    I'm looking for clarification if possible. I was asked to service a vokera combi, turned up and clocked that it seemed brand new, socket was actually covered by the casing, 3md drop in 2 mins , flue to close to plastic soffits, 15mm gas supply pipework, no chain on cylinders, no secure base for...
  9. S

    Boiler pilot light won't stay lit after meter change

    We just had our meters changed from prepayment to smart meters. The boiler was lit after with no leaks, but has subsequently gone out and won't stay lit anymore. There is still a good gas supply to the cooker so I don't think it's a supply issue. Any ideas???
  10. R

    boiler mate 2 banging noises

    Hi I have a 20 year old Gledhill Boiler Mate 2 thermal store (BM2). It's been working with a Potterton 24kW Pro Max boiler for many years. It was recently inspected and all working well. The Potterton boiler died and was replaced with a Vaillant 32kW open vent heat only boiler, and the whole...
  11. C

    Do I have to bleed air out of the water in the boiler?

    Hi.Drained the system today after running for a week or so with radiator flush in. Turned water supply back on but,stupidly only bled upstairs radiators...Now system is not getting warm and boiler only kicks in for short stints. Bled complete system and opened valve by the 3 way / pump.lots of...
  12. S

    New thermostat doesn't turn on combi boiler

    Hi, The house I've bought came without a room thermostat. Just a combi boiler with a timer. So I bought a room thermostat, installed it, but it doesn't turn on the heating. Here are some photos to illustrate. So as you see I've piggybacked of the Live and Neutral input from the boiler to...
  13. B

    Baxi boiler needs topping up daily

    Hi, we've got a Baxi Combi 105 HE boiler which is about 13 years old. It needs water adding every time I put it on as it keeps dropping 0. I was going to nurse it through another winter but I'm thinking things must be dire now. How much would a like for like replacement be with fitting, a...
  14. S

    Boiler not turning off

    Hi there I've got a Valliant echo plus 28 combi boiler and what I've noticed is that when I set the thermostat target to say 20 it keeps on going( not everytime tho) I changed the stat to a nest thinking that might be the problem but noticed that again when I set it to 20 I would look an hour...
  15. A

    Pilot light in boiler keeps going out, but only when boiler is warm

    Hi all, Just looking for some advice really. I have a Glowworm Ultimate boiler which looks like this: I have a very strange problem with it in that if the boiler is cold and I switch it on, the pilot light comes on, stays on and the boiler kicks in fine. However, after around 20 minutes, the...
  16. A

    Pipes under the boiler

    Good afternoon guys. Just a quick question. Under my boiler there are few pipes and by mistake I've turn that switch (see pic) on/off. It's says "C" on a pipe but I don't know what that means. Have I done something bad to the boiler doing that? And one more question please. I would like to...
  17. C

    Glow worm Boiler Ignition Fault

    I am a new poster to this forum - not a heating professional, but a householder looking for advice. please. I have a Glow worm 18hxi boiler with Magnatech installed in 2006 by a local engineer who has serviced it regularly and comprehensively every year - very competent, has done a lot of work...
  18. C

    CH Boiler on single brick wall?

    I'm going to need a new boiler before too long, it's been in there for a while and really showing it's age. My current boiler is 55k BTu and does only the central heating. (I also have a multipoint boiler that does my hot water. I KNOW I could have a combi, but I like it this way). The CH...
  19. D

    Riello RDB Boiler not firing for heating only

    The boiler is working fine for hot water but not for heating. Timer is on 24 hours and the thermostat 'clicks'. Any suggestions appreciated
  20. M

    Worcester Greenstar Junior 28i combi boiler - no green light or heating

    Hi all, First of all, I hope I have posted this in the correct place (apologies if not). I haven't used my boiler throughout the summer and have gone to turn the heating on. The hot water is fine and no problems but the green light does not come on my boiler and there is no heat. The blue...
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