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A boiler is a closed vessel in which fluid (generally water) is heated. The fluid does not necessarily boil. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications, including water heating, central heating, boiler-based power generation, cooking, and sanitation.

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  1. H

    ASHP worth it or better to upgrade the boiler?

    Not an expert at all here, so please bear with me. We bought a Victorian terraced house early 2 years ago that was maintained quite well, with a heating system consisting of UFH on the bottom floor with its own manifold and each room being a zone. We also have 5 radiators (2 aluminium cast)...
  2. B

    Where is the reset button on a franke omni boiler??

    Can anyone advise where the reset button is on a franke omni boiler tank? Has stopped dispensing boiling water and when everything has been taken apart and refitted is still showing 2 green leds as if it’s ready to use
  3. K

    Worcester Bosch boiler not working for hot water

    My Worcester Bosch boiler works for the central heating system but doesn’t turn on for hot water. On the boiler the chimney sweeper icon is flashing and then 100. Not sure what this means or what I need to do? Can anyone advise as I’m clueless
  4. P

    Gas pipe under loft insulation.

    The copper gas pipe to my boiler in the loft runs between joists and sits on the plasterboard. I understand that it should not be covered by insulation. Why? Is it satisfactory to create a dome over the pipe with upside down guttering and then put fibreglass insulation over the top please?
  5. B

    Can a 12kw boiler ever heat a 4/5 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms?

    Hi - I'm a homeowner, not a DIY person. My 20 year old Gloworm boiler needs replacing. British Gas quote is ok at £6100 for a 24kw replacement -valiant ecofit 625 system boiler. The tank/heat exchanger and copper pipework bring the price up. OK so I object (rightly or wrongly) for the extra...
  6. T

    Is my circulation pump failing or my boiler control?

    I have a Viessmann Vitogas 100, installed about 17 years ago by a previous homeowner. It also is the boiler for hot water, so it runs all summer in hot water only mode. I’ve turned the heating component back on, but it’s not working properly. It would appear the circulation pump stops working...
  7. M

    Baxi boiler just installed.... gurgling sounds.

    Hi. New Baxi 619 heat boiler installed last week. Type with a hot water cylinder. Lots of water / gurgling sounds when hearing switched on. Plus the boiler ignites and stays on for approx 10 minutes then switches off. Then comes back on after a few minutes.... this cycle repeats. Any advice...
  8. B

    This Oil Valve on floor near boiler started leaking?

    With nothing to do today I thought I would do a spring clean on my Grant Vortex 26-36KW model so turned off power, removed door, and then removed baffles gave them a scrub , hoovered out chamber BUT got a phone call while I was messing. After phone call noticed smell of kerosene, looked on...
  9. F

    connect boiler and nest heatlink from the same switched fused spur

    My boiler is currently powered by a switched fused spur. The spur is located 40cm underneath the boiler. I haven't checked but it is probably a 3A fuse. My boiler is an Ideal Logic combi ESP1 35 : https://idealheating.com/uploads/documents/logic-combi-esp1-installation-and-servicing.pdf I would...
  10. R

    New boiler leak advice

    Hi. We recently had combi installed. Today i noticed some water underneath. Seems to be coming from this pipe with open end in the attached picture. Small amount currently. Bolter is working ok. The company who installed it are closed until tueday but will get them back out next week. In...
  11. J

    Boiler doesn’t want to listen to (Hive) Thermostat

    Hi - this is driving me nuts and I can’t figure it out so any thoughts welcome. The hive receiver at the boiler is correctly receiving a signal from the thermostat to turn the heating on - but then… nothing! This definitely isn’t a hive communication issue given (a) the hot water via hives...
  12. TonkaTom

    Positioning a gas boiler

    My daughter wants to move her gas boiler from an outside kitchen wall into a pantry. This will mean the exhaust will have to travel 3m through the kitchen. Is that allowed?
  13. A

    Identify boiler fill valve

    Hi, Our boiler pressure has dropped and there's no fill valve underneath. Do you think it could be one of these hoses by the cylinder in the hot press? *********/a/WtBYytE Thanks.
  14. L

    Is it more expensive to move a boiler than install a new one?

    Hi, We're having an extension done at the moment and our contract with our builder covers the cost to relocate our existing boiler in to our new utility room. After builder had boiler inspected, it turns out we can't move the boiler because it's "illegal" as too old to be made safe. As a...
  15. T

    How to pair a Danfoss TP5000 si thermostat

    Which buttons do I press to pair a wireless Danfoss TP5000 si thermostat with its receiver? The receiver is a Danfoss RX1, with a PROG button and a CH1 button. The manual doesn't mention pairing.
  16. M

    Help: Choosing the Best Combi Boiler for a Shower

    I'm considering changing our current Conventional/Regular Gas boiler, to a Combi. The main reason for doing this, is so that I can run a more effiecent shower. eg: With a better temparture control, combined with a better flow rate. But in order to get a combi with a good hotwater...
  17. K

    Going mad about system boiler efficiency - HELP!

    I'm a Worcester man. Hello! Anyone still there?.... I tried viessmann to up the efficiency and altho the boiler was nice, I couldn't live with their stupid vicare stat and lack of control and I'm a big believer in matched controls. I like the Worcester easycontrol (in essence) and the ability to...
  18. rowlanda38

    Boiler not heating water

    Hi my boiler has stopped heating the water, the pressure is fine just over 2, plenty of money on gas and my gas hobbs work fine, the water pressure is fine, but as you can see from the video it starts uo then at a certain point cuts out and goes up to 99 then to 00 Any help be appreciated
  19. D

    Evohome firing boiler even when both heating and hot water set to OFF

    We have an evohome system, that controls both hot water and heating Heating is linked to two zone valves, and the full 12 allowed zones Switch heating to off, and hot water to off too Check smart meter at the end of the day and see 70p+ has been used on Gas (not standing charge, just usage -...
  20. B

    installation of Boiler - Unvented tank

    As part of a rebuild (added 1st floor to bungalow and extended back) we have removed every piece of plumbing and electrics, during COVID In preparation for the complicated stuff, during the build we have ... Gledhill unvented tank (preplumbed) placed in 1st floor airing cupboard New...