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A boiler is a closed vessel in which fluid (generally water) is heated. The fluid does not necessarily boil. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications, including water heating, central heating, boiler-based power generation, cooking, and sanitation.

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  1. T

    URGENT Thermostat not firing up boiler, Salus/Greenstar

    Hi! I'm wondering if anyone can help me get my radiators on :) My Salus ST620WBC ran out of battery after ticking over nicely for years. Got it back on OK .... but now the 'reciever' on the boiler (a Worchester Combi 30si) is not working. It was left with no signal for a day yesterday. I got...
  2. F

    Open fire Back Boiler

    We got an open fireplace with a back Boiler it also feeds the radiators with a pump, the water goes via the back boiler through a coil under a hot water cylinder heating the hot water. My question is, if the hot water would be connected to a pump EG pumping the water passed the back boiler...
  3. A

    UFH boiler call problem

    Hi, I have a strange problem in my recently purchased property. I hope someone can shed some light on it. In a nutshell, when a thermostat causes the underfloor heating pump to run, the boiler does not provide heat unless it happens to be switched on manually or by the boiler timer. It is...
  4. T

    Glow Worm MICRON 40FF Boiler Replacement

    I'm currently looking for a replacement boiler for a Glow Worm MICRON 40FF. I'm not sure if I need a 15kW or 18kW boiler?
  5. H

    Ravenheat CS80 Boiler error

    Hi, Ravenheat CS80 boiler giving error 10e and 02e which indicate high pressure. But pressure is fine. What else to check please? Many Thanks in advance.
  6. L

    Neighbours boiler leaks into my garden, what are my rights?

    I want to ask what my legal rights are, so I noticed the house I own has both the neighbours waste pipe and also the boiler has release coming onto my property. (Sorry I am not very technical but can add an image maybe that should make it make sense). It appears this is due to an extension on...
  7. S

    Can you re-use a new boiler?

    Hi folks, Another thought... The new Ideal Logic Max boiler did not meet the requirements of the job. However during this installation process, the installer realised the problem. Can you tell me, whether the boiler could be un-installed, taken down from the wall (although some of the gas...
  8. E

    What boiler pressure loss is ok over time?

    My Ideal boiler pressure gauge pointer shows about 0.85 when cold (about 1.8 when the heating is on). 10 weeks ago the readings were 1.0 when cold and 2.0 when hot. Clearly there is a loss in pressure over time. I can see no leak on any radiator or near the boiler. Is this pressure drop of...
  9. M

    Floor heating timer on boiler

    I'm trying to use an underfloor heating programmer/timer on my Worcester Boiler to control the central heating ? The switched output from the programmer is 240v at 16amps yet it will not fire up the boiler ? I cant understand why. Thanks
  10. J

    Advice combi boiler plumber says can't fix expansion vessel/access it?

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could advise if I should get a different plumber for a 2nd opinion. Basically, my combi boiler is in my attic. It is overpressurised at the moment and the overflow pipe always drips. I had a plumber round, he seemed good and honest and knew the neighbour so...
  11. R

    Loud Buzzing Noise From Boiler

    I have an intermitent buzzing noise that is coming from my boiler. The sound is coming from behind the door panel in the vicinity of where the flame occurs. The only other electronics in this area is the gas control valve and the main control panel module. The sounds seems like it may be coming...
  12. Cherry28

    Boiler fails to come on at night….

    Boiler is a Fagor FEB- 20E UK ECOPLUS in a holiday home (static caravan). It has had a new thermostat fitted. We set it at 22c and switch the dial on the boiler to Winter, for the radiators. We do not use the timer as it should come on when it goes below set temperature. The problem is. It...
  13. N

    Combi boiler loosing pressure fast

    Hi all, back again with yet another question about my grant vortex combi boiler 😩 Sorted all previous problems and was running sweet until recently… now it’s loosing pressure really quick, from 1.5 bar down to 0 in a couple of hours (even when on standby neither hot water or central heating...
  14. P

    Information on Potterton Gold 12kW Electric Boiler

    A good friend living in Suffolk has a Potterton Gold 12kW Electric boiler and for some months it has been coming on intermittently. Now it does not work at all. There is no problem with the temp/time controller and in fact I have placed a switch on the call input for testing. The power light is...
  15. F

    What is this lump of brass attached to the boiler pipe is please ?

    Hi everybody, I am new here! I am moving house but not yet arrived and trying to anticipate any problems. I took a picture of the gas boiler installation in the garage, it has a large brass object hanging off either the flow or return and I have not encountered one before, I hope someone here...
  16. C

    Ancient Thermecon floor standing boiler... Urgent plea for advice

    Hi, Am looking after my elderly parents (90 and 94) at the mo... And noticed a burning rubber-ish smell from the back of the boiler earlier this evening. When I looked at one of the G/Y ones relating to ? thermostat limit settings on the l/h side, I realised it had come loose (and was resting...
  17. R

    Glow Worm 30sxi boiler hot water says no...

    I have a Glow Worm Ultracom 30sxi boiler that provides central heating and also heats a hot water tank. There are no error codes shown on the boiler but recently the hot water has stopped working. If I try and change the temperature under the tap symbol, it just displays 'no'. The boiler is...
  18. D

    How do I bleed a boiler with air in it?

    Hi I have drained my system to install a magnet filter on the boiler inlet and put some x400 into the system to leave for a few weeks to combat some growing sludge. After draining it and then refilling and bleeding the radiator floor by floor from the top floor down the boiler has air in it...
  19. J

    Ideal HE12 Boiler Thumping

    I moved into a 14 year old house a few months back and have a problem with the boiler (Ideal HE12). It was always a bit noisy (fan) but it 'thumps' when lighting.. I was convinced it was 'explosive ignition' as it sounded like it was lighting with a thump, blowing out and then repeating but it...
  20. A

    Looking to buy a log burner and have it connected to boiler

    Evening everyone I’m not sure if this is the place to post but was hoping for some help I’m looking to buy a log burner and have it plumbed into my central heating system to provide hot water to my house. I have no idea what I’m doing so a asking for recommendations of someone that ca do it...