A bottom feeder is an aquatic animal that feeds on or near the bottom of a body of water. Biologists often use the terms benthos—particularly for invertebrates such as shellfish, crabs, crayfish, sea anemones, starfish, snails, bristleworms and sea cucumbers—and benthivore or benthivorous, for fish and invertebrates that feed on material from the bottom. However the term benthos includes all aquatic life that lives on or near the bottom, which means it also includes non-animals, such as plants and algae. Biologists also use specific terms that refer to bottom feeding fish, such as demersal fish, groundfish, benthic fish and benthopelagic fish. Examples of bottom feeding fish species groups are flatfish (halibut, flounder, plaice, sole), eels, cod, haddock, bass, grouper, carp, bream (snapper) and some species of catfish and shark.

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  1. R

    Grant Bottom Baffle burnt through

    Hi Oil experts. I had a grant wall boiler with a failed transformer. Carried out a service and pretty sooty nozzle, and baffles build up suggest not cleaned in a while. The bottom baffle on the left corner had completely burnet through. Any Idea on the process on how this occurs and why just...
  2. 8

    Ideal isar he24 leak at bottom

    Hello. New here. I dont know nothing about boilers or plumbing. Just wondering any idea of cost or what the issue is. 15y old boiler, never had any issues apart from heater exchange smal leak 2y ago, BG changed whole heater exchange and some other small leaks. 2y later, now slow leak at bottom...
  3. C

    Column radiator - how to tell top from bottom

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to fit a small Nordic 3 column radiator, but the red plastic bung that indicated the top has been removed along with all the others. I can see straight through the opening on the top and bottom and the diverter is separate, not already installed. In short, without...
  4. S

    Installing a saniflo at the bottom of garden

    Hi all. I'm trying to install a saniflo at the bottom of garden and wondering what one to choose. There will be a gradual fall for 13 meters then go up a wall about 400mm then into underground soil pipe due to garden been lower than patio. Can anyone help or done this kind before
  5. P

    Leaking pop up waste from bottom side

    Hi guys, I have just installed a pop up waste on new basin. I have siliconed the top with the washer, and the water holds inside the basin with the waste closed but when I pop it up to release the water down the drain it leaks out from the underside of the sink where the backnut nut washer are...
  6. B

    Some rads cold at the top, and some at the bottom.

    Hi, We had all the rads replaced in the spring. They had this issue from day one but, tbh, I thought once they start getting used in the winter, things might sort themselves out. That hasn't happened. It's a weird situation where some rads heat up only at the top, and some only at the...
  7. bmbouter

    Water rotting bottom plate, where's it coming from?

    My friend's bathroom is on a concrete slab. Near the shower there, for years, the wood has slowly rotted. Several folks replaced drywall, but didn't look much further. It's next to a shower. The shower's been retiled twice, and the shower pan has been replaced once. Everyone thinks it's coming...
  8. J

    radiators cold at the bottom

    Our newly bought house doesnt have a filter on the combi and most of the radiators (microbore) dont heat up at the bottom which im putting down to sludge and other gunk i intend to fit a filter (not sure which 1 yet) and run some clearer through it (fernox f3 has been recommended) i am also...
  9. Bogart

    Top bottom entry positions

    First of all , a bit late but, a Happy New Year to everybody on the forum. Surely 2022 cannot be as strange as 2021, or can it? Anyway I digress. My question relates to entry positions on a radiator. I know for one that Stelrad say do not have bottom entry and top exit. This is supposedly to...
  10. A

    Leaking pipe at bottom of boiler

    Can someone please help me, I have a small plastic pipe hanging from the bottom of the boiler. It intermittently leaks from time to time. Roughly around 1-200 ml water every so often! Worried it could spell a major issue in the future! Thank you in advance!!!
  11. R

    Flomasta Bottom Entry Fill Valve won't stop filling

    Hi all. I'm having issues with the Flomasta bottom-entry fill valve in a toilet; the 'float' comes up but doesn't have any effect, it simply won't stop filling, leading to water constantly flowing down the overflow. The cistern is in a sealed unit so without ripping the whole thing apart is only...
  12. W

    URGENT I live in a split level house and water is slowly seeping out from under my bottom stair behind the front door.

    It’s not coming in from the door. The wall along the staircase is part of the garage and nothing appears to be wet in there. The staircase is behind the laundry room and nothing is wet in there either.
  13. P


    Hi If anyone can give me any advise on how to stop a leak please ? I have just installed a new Fluidmaster 400 float valve bottom entry brass shank. It is now leaking with a drip from the bottom white plastic washer which fits onto the cistern. I made sure the rubber washer was put on cone end...
  14. D

    Flowmasta bottom entry fill valve

    Every time the Flowmasta refills with wate rit makes a very loud long groaning noise. Any ideas as to what causes it and how I can stop it (other than buying a replacement)?
  15. G

    Flomasta bottom entry fill valve with 5mm thick Poly Cistern

    Flomasta fill valve bottom entry with brass shank, v 1.1 Looks great but the instructions say the cistern thickness at the bottom mounting point must be min 8.5mm. Just a diagram - doesn't say why. My cistern is a concealed one made of polythene or something like it, and is only 5mm thick...
  16. J

    URGENT Radiators getting hot at the top but not the bottom

    Hello I am having a problem with my heating system My radiator are getting hot at the top but are cold at the bottom. Was told by a powerflusher who came around and checked the radiators with a thermal imaging camera and was advised they are not blocked and does not need a power flush...
  17. A

    water/crap in bottom of oil tanks

    hi chaps, major headache this winter with so many tanks having water and contaminants in bottom of 'em - the recent cold snap meant frozen oil lines etc etc...I have a hand sludge pump but looking for recommendations for a decent 240 v supply pump for this purpose ....typically 100 or so litres...
  18. S

    Rad leaking at bottom

    Noticed my radiator has been leaking over night(seems like its been leaking awhile but only just noticed it), Now i've tried my best to stop the flow un till i get someone out to look at it, Is there anything else i can do untill then? Is it possible i can just tighten the bottom nut up?
  19. A

    skylo plastic bottom entry valve not filling - type of connection?

    I am doing a DIY job - fitting a new inlet valve - "Viva Skylo Bottom Entry Fill Valve Plastic Shank" 1/2 inch. The existing pipe to the underside is copper with an olive and nut and fits reasonably well, and is watertight. A dribble of water went in and then stopped. The inlet pipe on the...
  20. M

    Do I need a vent for a basement toilet 24" away from the bottom of the stack?

    In the below picture the purple pipe is a 3" drain (soil stack) the grey one is the bottom of the vent stack which I intend to relocate and reconnect to the white pipe via either the green pipe or the orange pipe The grey pipe was connected to the toilet drain as in the picture for two possible...
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