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An urgent care center (UCC), also known as an urgent treatment centre in the United Kingdom, is a type of walk-in clinic focused on the delivery of urgent ambulatory care in a dedicated medical facility outside of a traditional emergency department (ED) located within a hospital. Urgent care centers primarily treat injuries or illnesses requiring immediate care but not serious enough to require an ED visit.

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  1. A

    Urgent: drayton motorised valve z5 issue

    Hi, i am replacing a 2 port z5 drayton valve with a 3 port mid position drayton. Can anyone please tell me what changes i have to make to the wiring. Another post suggested: 'you have to connect both white and grey wires to where the brown wire of the old head was connected' I have cocked up...
  2. Gilbbb92

    Baxi 630i Error E133 Urgent Help

    Good afternoon Guy's & Girl's, So I have a Baxi 630i that is showing a e133 fault. Upon hours of extensive research it is an ignition fault that can be caused by numerous of issues. One being that the condensate pipe is frozen, given the current weather and climate I edged my bets on this...
  3. M

    URGENT Need to reroute condensate line to interior - ASAP

    Attic gas HVAC condensate line dumps into home's rear gutter, damaging it and fascia board. I need a Pro to re-route condensate pipe inside house ASAP for imminent roof replacement. Please message me your earliest availability and rates.
  4. C

    Urgent!! Advice needed

    24 year old female, I moved out 5 years ago but never had any plumbing issues. Not suggesting women don’t know these things but I am definitely the typical clueless young woman when it comes to this stuff, I am unsure on the type of tank/boiler etc I have. I am getting hot water out of my shower...
  5. A

    Leaking pipe at bottom of boiler

    Can someone please help me, I have a small plastic pipe hanging from the bottom of the boiler. It intermittently leaks from time to time. Roughly around 1-200 ml water every so often! Worried it could spell a major issue in the future! Thank you in advance!!!
  6. Imdesperatenow

    I need some sort of confirmation

    TIA I have removed the info I now have someone coming to check it
  7. A

    Urgent - communal boiler in council flat - my tank doesn't fill up with hot water

    Looking for urgent plumbing advice - we have a communal heating system in our ex-council flat, and individual hot water tank in the bathroom. for a week we haven't had hot water coming out of the taps and the tank is stone cold. 2 plumbers/engineers so far have tried to clear the suspected...
  8. P

    URGENT Very bad leak from upstairs Bathrooms - Urgent Need for Help & Advice

    Hi all, This may be a slightly lengthy one, but i'm having a seriously rough time with a bad leak in the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom. Coming from the upstairs master bathroom shower, en-suite shower, and en-suite sinks. It started with us noticing damp patches on the wall a couple days...
  9. L

    URGENT New Build House - Central Heating Issue

    I have just moved into a new-build house and can't for the life of me get all the radiators to come on at once. There doesn't seem to be any issues with the downstairs radiators but on the 2nd floor it's random, some days one radiator comes on, another day it will be a different radiator. Then...
  10. J

    URGENT Help please, small leak

    Hi There, I am hoping someone can help just bought a house and noticed there a small leak from a blead valve on a pipe from the immersion heater; the brass but has a small crack / hole. will this brass bit unscrew fully for me to screw down a new one? Where can I buy one I’m in Stoke on Trent...
  11. A

    URGENT Mira Platinum shower

    I have a 7 year old Mira Platinum shower, but the wireless controller has stopped talking to the box in the loft. Any advice on how to fix it? Thanks Al.
  12. K

    URGENT Combi Boiler help needed

    Hi guys Im afraid i need your help and advice again.Alpha 28cd combi boiler 12 years old. No go this morning,flashing lights indicate problem with fan,new fan assembly £185 plus fitting.Question:is it worth repairing or would a new boiler be a better option given its age. Also we would like the...
  13. D

    URGENT Shower Barely Lukewarm Water

    Hi There, Wondering if I could get some help please. I have had my shower for the past couple of years but the last few days I have noticed that the water has been barely lukewarm. Even if I turn the temperature to the hottest it still remains the same. Taps and other shower in the house are...
  14. J

    URGENT mixer bar tap help pls

    hi chaps, i went to have a shower this morning,no problems,normal shower...i came back home after physio and went to get another shower and straight away noticed right side handle thingy was half popped of,realy wierd,was fine earlier. heres a pic if anyone could advise that would be realy...
  15. D

    URGENT Flux which is shiny and not irriates the skin.

    A few weeks ago I found a flux with an engineer.It's not a typicall flux you can buy like powerflux for example.What is interesting, after soldering ,the joint looks very shiny.Also ,if your skin is sensitive doesn't irritates,moreover pipes and even hands are clean(not making green ) Any clues...
  16. bear

    Anybody experience s&*t lead made by midland lead?

    Anybody been using Midland lead and found it’s curved when you roll it out? Had this happen to me on 2 different jobs with lead bought from 2 different suppliers! Only thing in common is it’s made by midland lead. Both 390 code 5
  17. B

    URGENT What is this boiler noise? Is it dangerous?

    In the last few days our boiler has started making a strange vibrating noise for about 10 seconds at a time every now and then (sometimes every few hours, sometimes more often). I’ve made a video – the vibrating noise begins on about 30 seconds...
  18. R

    How to route a flush cable?

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to thread this cable, on an optima 50 dual flush button? This mechanism is shown just under the button nut (c) on page 1: http://www.siamp.co.uk/wp-content/downloads/manuals/50_5531_00_LD.pdf Thanks in advance
  19. S

    URGENT Potterton pro max store 24 tripping overheating

    I have a constant problem with the potterton pro max store: it trips frequently or overheats with error e110 when central heating is on. This has been happening for the last year or longer. It happens 1-2 times a week sometimes more often. Baxi guys were here 8 times with no success: they have...
  20. KarlAtkins

    URGENT Air trapped in Worcester greenstar 15ir

    Hi, need help asap as family freezing and now no hot water either. We recently had an air lock in the boiler which was cleared by a professional, on Friday morning we woke to no heating or hot water again and so arranged for some plumber to come back on Saturday to investigate, he didn't show...
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