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A leak is a way (usually an opening) for fluid to escape a container or fluid-containing system, such as a tank or a ship's hull, through which the contents of the container can escape or outside matter can enter the container. Leaks are usually unintended and therefore undesired. The word leak usually refers to a gradual loss; a sudden loss is usually called a spill.
The matter leaking in or out can be gas, liquid, a highly viscous paste, or even a solid such as a powdered or granular solid or other solid particles.
Sometimes the word "leak" is used in a figurative sense. For example, in a news leak secret information becomes public.
According to ASTM D7053-17, water leakage is the passage of (liquid) water through a material or system designed to prevent passage of water.

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  1. Know nothing

    Plumber needed to do leak detection

    I live in first floor flat. Flat below has a leak from ceiling. One plumber has fixed leaking trap beneath shower. Other plumber re-silconed shower trray. Leak persists. Plumber checked toilet cistern and bathroom. How can i find a plumber to do water pressure test on all my water sources to...
  2. Know nothing

    Leak Detection services Southampton

    Hi, I live in flat on first floor. Ground floor ceiling has a leak. My plumber has resealed shower trap and re-siliconed the shower.. He has checked cistern toilet. and basin. What is the simplest method to check origin of leak. Downstairs tenants, their letting agents, my namaging agents are...
  3. J

    plumber's unable to source leak, help, bathroom into living room

    I have a leak from the bathroom into my living room directly below. I cut the bulge and even cut a hole in the ceiling to try and locate the problem and ultimately allow the water to drain out. This has been going on for at least two weeks. I initially had a plumber out to fix the toilet cistern...
  4. R

    New boiler leak advice

    Hi. We recently had combi installed. Today i noticed some water underneath. Seems to be coming from this pipe with open end in the attached picture. Small amount currently. Bolter is working ok. The company who installed it are closed until tueday but will get them back out next week. In...
  5. B

    Gas Leak - 2 plumbers haven't resolved

    We have been in our house (2 story) for 2 months. Smelled gas when we moved in around gas fireplace and room. Gas company detected gas and shut off gas. Plumber came out and couldn't find a leak after conducting pressure test. Gas company came back out turned gas back on. Started to smell...
  6. M

    Foam leak from underneath shower tray

    New shower tray and waste recently installed and thankfully have a cut out in ceiling below from when I was checking it's initial seal, when I spotted yday foam (from shampoo/shower gel) escaping from underneath the shower tray, out the sides of the waste. I never really liked the initial seal...
  7. R

    Can this leak have sealed itself and should I leave it alone?

    Hi When my boiler was serviced this year the plumber found the leak as shown in the photo. I was told that the problem may have resolved itself but if not I may need a new boiler. I have three questions please: 1) What has caused this problem? 2) Now I know the problem is there (it's normally...
  8. T

    Ideal Logic Combi 24 pinhole leak

    I have a Ideal Logic Combi 24 and the engineer to who comes to service says there is a design fault. It is not a question of if it will fail but when. Apparently the heat exchanger develops a pinhole leak and has to be replaced. Always in the same place. Known about for years. Design has not...
  9. OscarZee

    Where is This Leak Coming From?

    There is a drip coming from the ceiling in the living room and down the inside of a shared wall. There is no plumbing upstairs except in the bathroom. No radiator in the room above where the drip is. There is one in the bathroom which hasn't worked for years - the house has no central heating...
  10. S

    Leak in lounge below my flat

    Hi, A leak has been noted periodically in lounge ceiling of flat below mine. My flat is tenanted. Leak starts as bulge. Normally stops after an hour. Owner of flat below mine is saying it must be coming from my flat. But plumbers have found no water damage in my flat. Leak noted a few days ago...
  11. B

    3-Way Cascade Tap Leak

    Hi All, I have installed a cascade 3 way tap and a water filter kit, links below. When running the hot and cold water with the water filter valve closed - all fine, no leaks When I first open the valve to the water filter supply and run the filtered water part of the tap - all fine, no leaks...
  12. M

    Finding a small leak on UFH

    Hi all. Got a leak on an underfloor heating system 2hich is dropping 2 bar of pressure in 2 1/2 weeks. Would one of those infrared flir phone attachment cameras work at all? Thanks all
  13. N

    Hot water on constantly vaillant ecotech 30 combi boiler

    I notice last night my boiler cupboard was really hot from the hot water pipe, but my husband had just had a shower. This morning it was still hot when we first got up and we noticed the tap symbol was flashing. This is supposed to flash when using the hot water. We've tried turning off...
  14. S

    Noisy stopcock no leak!

    Hi I have a permanent gushing noise coming from the mains pipe to my stopcock, that continues even when the house stopcock is turned off. When it is off there is still a trickle of water that comes from an open tap. Could this be the noise what is causing the noise or could there be a leak on...
  15. G

    Boss strap failure….

    Morning everyone. Got an issue with an internal soil stack boss strap failure. The boss strap had been sealed originally with silicon which has failed and caused a leak. The soil stack is accessible but it’s tight working area. Do I seal the boss strap with OB1, cross my fingers and hope it...
  16. M

    Twist pop up waste leak

    Evening all. Need to fix a twist pop up waste which is leaking where the cable from the twist overflow which operates the pop up waste connects into a square box on the side of the waste. Is this just an o'ring or something? To change the overflow (whole waste contraption) I would need to have...
  17. S

    Gas boiler leak/advice please

    Hi all, looking for some advice please. So I've got a 25 year old Ideal classic NF40 boiler. We live in a naturally warm house so only have the heating and water on for an hour in the morning and an hour at night. The last week or so we've noticed it's stinking of gas on start up. Pilot light is...
  18. N

    Baxi combo boiler leak from DHW when not used for 5-6 hours

    Hi I have a BAXI NETA-TEC COMBI 33 GA boiler and every morning I come down to a small puddle of water underneath the boiler. The gas engineer has replaced two washers in the DHW and a new baxi brass adapter and tightens all connections, still the leak remains. It does not leak when the hot...
  19. M

    1980 delta shower valve body leak

    Have a leak in one of the three small copper pipes on a 1980 vintage delta shower valve body. Leak is where the copper goes into the brass valve body. What can I use to stop this leak. I do not want to tear the wall out.
  20. S

    Slow leak on my pressured central heating system

    Hi, new to this forum. I hope someone experienced out there can help me find the fix. We recently finished a building project and had a major re-design/move of all of our hot water (megaflo), boiler and central heating system. I am not a plumber nor do I know much about plumbing but I know...