1. S

    Why pressure gauge drop without leak

    I have done pressure test for 2" high pressure pipe line by closing the pipe with rubber plugs at the ends. It was 3 bar and I kept it for 24 hours. Its shows a pressure drop of 0.5 bar. The pipe line is fully exposed and I couldn't find any leak on them. What might be the problem. If somebody...
  2. J

    Leak detection company

    Does anyone know a good, not super expensive, leak detection company in the London area?
  3. P

    Confusing leak, trying to find the source! pls help if you can

    I have a leak from my shower, it's coming down into my kitchen. I've had the sealant, waste pipe and tray all checked. I've also had the shower controls checked. Weird thing is the shower leak only happens when there's weight on the shower tray. The shower tray doesn't flex in any way, which is...
  4. I

    New Vaillant EcoTec 836, slight leak underneath, what is this connector for?

    Got a replacement combination boiler, less that 1 year old. Noticed some water from the connection pictured. Can't see what is it from the manuals, possibly a rainwater drain? Was told by the person from Vaillant that it was an A A V (auto air vent), but she didn't sound too certain! Can...
  5. C

    Leak from corroded header/expansion tank

    Expansion Tank leaking into ceiling - not the joints Scared might have deluge so have turned off supply and drained tank - can I leave for a few days pending replacement?
  6. W

    No more leak island kitchen drain after unclog

    I had a potential leak in the island kitchen drain, but it's no longer an issue after using an auger through the clean-out pipe. The water seemed to be coming out from the base of the pipe. I've removed a section of drywall for inspection purposes. After filling both sinks with water and...
  7. FreignotFrieg

    Washing machine drain line leak

    I’ve checked the rubber washer & it seems fine, any idea how I can solve this?
  8. C

    Ariston Classico HE STD 150 unvented cylinder leak

    Good evening, I'd like your opinion on something that is worrying me please: my landlady's plumber replaced the bottom/night element of my 20-year-old unvented cylinder (an Ariston Classico HE STD 150) 5 days ago and I hadn't noticed that it was leaking. He fixed the leak today but now the...
  9. 8

    Ideal isar he24 leak at bottom

    Hello. New here. I dont know nothing about boilers or plumbing. Just wondering any idea of cost or what the issue is. 15y old boiler, never had any issues apart from heater exchange smal leak 2y ago, BG changed whole heater exchange and some other small leaks. 2y later, now slow leak at bottom...
  10. T

    Isolation Valve Old Leak

    Hi, Throughout our house there are numerous isolation valves which are on almost every plumbing fixture. Clearly whoever plumbed this had a thing for using them but I have heard elsewhere that they cause problems and are prone to leaking, especially when used after long periods. I noticed a...
  11. D

    Slab leak question, can I run the water for short times?

    I have a hot water slab leak which is found behind my bathroom vanity. We heard the noise for a week but never saw any water. Just today we saw water starting to come up under the vanity. I found the leak, my question is is it ok to run the hot water just long enough to take a shower? Does it...
  12. S

    Where is the hidden central heating pipe leak causing low pressure?

    I have been facing central heating low pressure on unvented hot water RM Cylinders but can't see any leak on the PRV, expansion vessels and plasterboard celling. I have got unvented pressurized RM Cylinders hot water system with 27KW Worchester gas boiler with expansion vessels . When...
  13. fango7

    Leak under shower along wall and ceiling

    Hi all, I have a couple of leaks coming under shower tray downstairs. One is along the wall so think might be joint between wall and tray and the other seems to be near waste tray, there is a slight hairline crack in shower tray near waste . This happens when I leave the shower head near the...
  14. G

    Help understanding a leak issue

    I recently had a plumber come over to look at a badly leaking shower head. As best I can recall, he described the problem as a crack in the bridge of the cold water pipe and explained that there were two options: 1. Get into the wall with a jackhammer to fix the problem; or 2. Install one of...
  15. J

    Toilet water leak advice wanted

    Hi. I get a slight leak of water in the bowl. Any advice re the attached please. Thank you in advance
  16. L

    Toilet Waste pipe leak!

    I removed the tile floor in my bathroom to fit vinyl and I noticed that the loo now leaks slightly when I flush it. I haven’t put the vinyl down yet, so I can build up the floor under the loo if needed to put it back to the level it was, but maybe I can re-seat the big plastic flange slightly or...
  17. D


    Some advice please about a really worrying problem. I live in a terraced 2 bed room house. 10 days ago the gas combi boiler stopped heating the radiators but still gave hot water to the shower and taps. Naturally we thought there was a fault with the boiler. We had already arranged a yearly...
  18. W

    toilet leak from pvc pipe

    hi i have a drip leak from the bottom of this pipe see attached how do i fix it is there a video that would help me cheers
  19. I

    Underground water leak

    Heĺlo I have a water leak under bathroom floor tiles. It is on the hot water feed to the tap. I noticed the tiles leading to sink warm last few days. Now my radiators are not heating up because the hot water must be getting diverted to the tap. What are my options? Can I get house insurance...
  20. B

    Leak in Ceiling - how much will it cost?

    There's a leak in the ceiling of my Dad's living room which is on the ground floor and has a bedroom directly above it. There's an in-ceiling speaker where water was dripping from, and there were slower drips coming from a...

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