1. dreikher

    Hole in copper pipe, solder under floor, T coupling & protection

    I was stupid enough not to check the position of the pipes under the tiles when installing a toilet and drilled right through the center of a 16 mm copper water pipe. I exposed the pipe by removing a ~30cm section of the plastic sleeve and a ~10 cm section of the pipe around the hole. Several...
  2. notsohandyman

    Radiator Sleeve Question

    Hi guys, These sleeves cover 10mm PVC central heating pipes (see picture and ignore tape measure) and I believe this is what makes it possible for the 15mm nut and olive to attach to take the radiator valve. As you can see they are installed before nut and olive. I've ordered a black towel...
  3. F

    removing HEP 2.0 smart sleeve

    Hi all how do you remove these smart sleeve inserts from an HEP 2.0 pipe thanks
  4. J

    Move gas meter options

    Just to be really clear I will not be doing any of the work mentioned below. This will all be carried out by Gas Safe Engineers. We're in the process of buying a property which is a bit of a doer upper. One room houses the gas meter and boiler and we are keen on moving both of these to turn...
  5. J

    17mm solder sleeve online?

    Does anyone know where I can get a 17mm solder sleeve online? I have a copper pipe outside that has burst and the diameter measured by calipers is 17mm. Everywhere I look for a sleeve only has 15mm or 22mm, no 17mm sleeves. Thanks.
  6. M

    Copper pipe sleeve through walls?

    Hey guys. I know we sleeve copper pipes through walls to protect the pipe but what is the reaction called when copper is in contact with the brick mortar or plaster? Debating with a colleague. He thinks it’s elecrtolisys
  7. M

    Running water main externally in a sleeve

    Has anyone done this? I need to get a supply from the kitchen to an unvented cylinder on the 1st floor. Only way really is out under the sink, around the sid of the building and up the wall into the airing cupboard. What's the easiest way to run this pipe in a waste pipe insulated? Cheers
  8. L

    sleeve for plastic barrier pipe in screed ?

    Hello, i need to put some rad pipes in for our extension, i was going to use JG speed fit. for a sleeve i was going to buy a few lengths of 25mm plastic conduit and some sweeping bends so there is no joins in the floor. any probs with that ? thanks
  9. D

    What size hole and protection sleeve is required for a 22mm holes

    I will be running a 22mm plastic heating pipe horizontally through a cavity wall (inside of garage to under floorboards in living room) and need to know what width and length drill bit to buy for the job. Its my understanding that the piping will need some type of sleeve around it to protect it...
  10. P

    Gas sleeve help

    Having a debate, can you sleeve 22mm copper gas pipe with 32mm plastic waste ? Regs say you can use plastic ?
  11. M

    do I need to wrap (duct tape) or sleeve, plastic piping going into concrete floor?

    hi just wondering which is the best way to go about it, have a radiator to be fitted in a conservatory and the customer wants it to be chased into the concrete floor.
  12. Y

    15mm piping through internal cavity wall

    Hi - can someone offer some advice on how best to route two 15mm (hot/cold) domestic water pipes through an internal cavity wall. There's a cavity wall dividing two areas of my kitchen and I'd like to route the cold/hot water pipes through it. No problem drilling the holes and passing the pipes...
  13. M

    Gas pipe sleeve for 28mm

    What do you use to sleeve 28mm pipe? Years ago I used to use 1 1/4" pipe. But you shouldn't use that as it should be suitable for carrying gas?
  14. B

    WB HS - electrical issues

    Had 2 interesting jobs this week on Heatslaves. Firstly, fuse kept blowing (3.15A fast blows - always keep some in the van). Worked it down to the coil. This is the second Heatslave this month with the same diagnosis, anyone else had that? Second job of interest was another HS with a leaking...
  15. H

    Through wall sleeve seal?

    I am fitting a 22mm copper gas pipe through a cavity wall, sleeved in a piece of 28mm. I need to seal the inside, what is the correct stuff to use? I was thinking Boss gastite or Rocol gasseal as it is supposed to be "non setting mastic" Thanks
  16. A

    outside tap

    hi guys what size drill bit would you recommend for drilling the hole for 15mm copper pipe. thanks
  17. spanner

    Mains pipe sleeving

    If putting in an instantaneous shower, the pipe has to go through an inside solid wall which is not exposed to any cold conditions! Do I still have to sleeve it? The pipe has been "Teed" off the mains from the tank feed and goes through a breezed block wall into the bathrooom..! Don't thing I'll...
  18. S

    303915 VAILLANT ECOTEC 60/100 SLIDING SLEEVE for sale

    3 of 303915 VAILLANT ECOTEC 60/100 SLIDING SLEEVE are for sale! Purchased Price: 35.6 Sale Price: 25 (including the post) I purchased four boxes of 303915 VAILLANT ECOTEC 60/100 SLIDING SLEEVE from a shop called ADlink, but my plumber, in the end only use one box of sleeves. This shop (very...
  19. B

    toilet pan fixing screw sleeve

    hi i am sick of paying £5 for a pan fixing fischer screw kit and only end up using the plastic tapered sleeves as the screws are either to long or short . does anyone know where i could just get the plastic sleeves from ant
  20. C

    22mm hole and 32mm/40mm waste pipe installation

    I’m installing a small basin in my down stairs toilet. The walls are tiles and I am having a mixer tap on the basin. I’ll be using 15mm pipe and I’m aware that I’d need to sleeve these as they will be going through cavity wall and then lagged and boxed in outside to protect against frost...

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