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A drain cleaner is a chemical product that unblocks sewer pipes or clogged wastewater drains. The term may also refer to a mechanical device such as a plumber's snake, drain auger, toilet plunger, or similar device. Occasionally, the term is applied to a plumber or other individual who performs the drain cleaning and hygiene.

Chemical drain cleaners, plungers, handheld drain augers, air burst drain cleaners, and home remedy drain cleaners are typically applied to the problem of a clogged single drain, such as a sink, toilet, tub, or shower drain. An effective drain cleaner can remove soft obstructions (such as hair and grease) accumulating near the fixture's drain inlet.
If more than one plumbing fixture is clogged then electric drain cleaners, battery powered drain cleaners, sewer jetters or such mechanical devices are usually required to clear obstructions along the entire length of the drain piping system, that is, from fixture drain inlets through the main building drains and lateral piping outside the building to the collector sewer mains.Each type of drain cleaner has advantages, disadvantages, and safety considerations as described below.

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  1. J

    Macerator problem,shower slow to drain.

    Hi, I've installed a macerator a while ago to manufactures specs, toilet, sink and shower. One problem I've always had is the shower tray is slow to empty and has over flowed a couple of times.To get around this if I run the sink tap at the same time all works fine and the shower tray does work...
  2. M

    Replacing Radiator with drain valve

    I want to replace a radiator that has a drain valve. Do I need to replace like for like and keep the drain valve in or can I replace with a thermostatic valve?
  3. P

    Drain down/flush options for combi return that goes up not down.

    Hi All This is following on from thread I made a few days ago but can't seem to find I'm in a bit of a bind with my CH design where I want to sort all of my rads and do some other bits including fitting a filter but I'm stumped on how to drain down due to how the system is put together...
  4. J

    Drain Rods - Which are Best?

    Hi everyone, I've had rods break and come apart before and I can't go losing them up a customers drain, so recommendations please...... Which drain rods do you recommend, for a tradesmen, not a DIY set? And/or how can I tell a good set from bad?
  5. M

    Help with new drain position

    Hi all I'm new to the forum, hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely weather. I am on the hope I could get some answers to my question if you can help me out please. I am moving my washing machine to the bottom of my garage and I'm after for advice on the best arrangement for the waste...
  6. J

    Unusual Washing Machine Waste Drain

    Hi All, I'm plumbing in a washing machine into our new house and rather than a normal waste pipe this house just has a hole in the ground. It looks as if the hole used to be a 40mm pipe but it has been sawn off at ground level such that the top of the pipe is flush with the floor tiles. This...
  7. S

    Is this a proper drain line transition from 2 inch to 4 inch?

    Plumber replaced drain line under the bathroom. The drain line transitions from a 2 inch drain line to a 4 inch Y connector. Is this connection proper? I wonder if the Y connector should have a 2 inch opening to accept the 2 inch drain line to make this a proper transition.
  8. Kate Pink

    Is this setup causing a vile pong?

    Hello. Have nasty whiff emanating from the bath drain I think. When the nearby sink drains down there's a popping sound coming...from the bathplug. No amount of cleaning the bath drain by pouring stuff down makes any difference...it's always just glugging away when the sink is draining. The...
  9. C

    Fixing loose shower drain

    Hello, I am concerned about the shower drain body in this picture being loose. I can move the metal ring visible in the picture left and right freely with my hand. My question is whether there is way to fix this from above without having to access the drainassembly from below the shower tray...
  10. B

    Blocked outside drain

    We had a blocked outside drain .Got the same guy out again to unblock . Sewage is coming through the drain . How do you tell if you have shared drains? We have a drain at bottom of yard a little square one that seems to always get blocked.
  11. L

    Water Softener Drain Line Connection?

    Installing a water softener. Trying to connect the 1/2" flexible regeneration drain line to the 5/8' stub on the wall. How best to connect these two?
  12. E

    Patch drain repair or full length lining

    Hi all, a recent CCTV survey has shown 5-6 areas of large joint displacement along an area of drain 5 meters in length. One company has said to do individual patch repairs. The other has said to reline that whole section. The 5 meter area also includes a 90 degrees bend around a corner of the...
  13. B

    URGENT Advice re blocked drain

    Help! I'm in a bit of a panic and need advice. Our kitchen outside drain is blocked and nothing is shifting it. I reckon it's time to call in the professional or United Utilities (we have shared drains and they have done this in the past). However, there is one problem. There is still...
  14. P

    Need to change the Kitchen gully from inside the property to outside

    Hi all, really need a suggestion.. We recently bought this house and started seeing drain backflow issues when using washing machine into the kitchen,with continuous usage of Mr Muscle it was good for a couple of weeks later we had major backflow issue and kitchen flooding when we use...
  15. L

    Drain snake stuck in the u bend

    So my toilet got blocked and none of the usual methods were working. I had a drain snake lying around in a kitchen drawer so thought I'd give it a go. I didn't bother to check online how to use it etc (obviously 🙄) I just shoved it down the u bend and wiggled it about a bit and all the Rubbish...
  16. CCANON

    Drain blockage downstairs toilet twice in 6 months

    Hi We have been in our property for about 6 months. It was built in 2019. After about a month the downstairs toilet was blocked so we called Dyno-rod who did their stuff and about £200 later it was fixed! 5 months later and it has happened again - I can't afford to keep paying for the fix...
  17. J

    Redo of back to back drains (one from bathroom and one from kitchen.

    I am working on a remodeling a kitchen in a single story house with crawl space that was built in the 1950's. I was wondering if there is a better way to plumb the drain lines that are in the attached picture? There is a bathroom sink drain directly behind the wall of the kitchen. The white...
  18. M

    Leaking drain valve on Hot water cylinder. Advise please

    Hi All, I have a leaking drain valve off the CW inlet on a Range Cylinder. Am I right in thinking I have to empty the Cylinder below the CW inlet to change the valve? To isolate cold water to the tank to prevent refill, should I just lock off the 1 stop CW inlet or all 3 red stops? Turn mains...
  19. C

    Main drain stoped up

    So I have a main drain that is plugged up in my apartment complex I rented a snake got it unplugged then flushed toilet paper down the toilet then it plugged right back up (I have the man hole cover off out on sidewalk ) anyway so I snake again I can feel the end of snake hitting something about...
  20. T

    Drain Vokera Excel 29 boiler

    Hello, I have a Vokera Excel 29 gas boiler which is losing pressure. I need to drain the boiler in order to repressurise the expansion vessel back to 1 bar. Can anyone explain how to drain this boiler? Thanks
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