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  1. O

    Macerator drain pipe route

    I plan to install a new macerator downstairs(toilet plus sink only) in a room that used to be the larder. The problem is that the drain pipe route is complicated. From the macerator, the drain starts with 2.2m vertical, then 3.5m horisontal and then 1m horisontal before going for 2m on a slope...
  2. B

    Help to identify hair catcher

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone can identify the make and model of my shower base so I can find where to get a new hair catcher from. This one has seen better days. Thanks.
  3. B

    How to drain down to remove towel rail AND valves?

    Towel rail needs to be removed so that new flooring can fit over pipes. Therefore the whole thing needs to come off valves and all so that the pipe ends coming up from the floor are exposed. The bottom compression nut and olive can stay on each pipe as there will be big enough holes in the...
  4. J

    Tools for clearing urinal pipework

    I get called out to alot of urinals , I'm considering purchasing the milwuakee m12 drain cleaner, has anybody got experience with them or can you recommend another tool for the job ? Thanks
  5. R

    What is this, a drain off valve

    Hi, I'm looking for my drain off valve and the only thing I can see code to one is is value. Is it a drain off point?
  6. mrb1972

    Help, identifying shower drain (pic attached)

    Hi, Just trying to clear hair etc from our shower drain, does anyone know if the center piece (with water in it) shown in photo should just pull up or would I need to unscrew the whole thing. Sorry if question if obvious, i'm new to all this.. Thanks
  7. Dark Eyes

    Kitchen sink won't drain properly 2-3 weeks after cleaning waste pipes

    Hello folks, My kitchen sink waste pipes, which also take the drain hoses from the washing machine and the dishwasher (see attached photo) are causing me a problem. Roughly once a year, it starts to backup, and I have to uncouple the trap from the horizontal waste pipe, and suck out the...
  8. G

    Mystery drain cover query

    I have a strange drain cover that looks like a spout in my front garden. See pics. I've always thought it looks like something from the tellytubbies. Its a couple of feet from the main manhole at the entrance to my property. I don't know what it's for but I assume it's some kind of vent. I...
  9. Bryan in Wyo

    Main Drain Connection Failure/Mess (cast iron and clay)

    Hello all, I have a mess and quite the project on my hands here. I am a handy guy but this is outside my comfort zone. I think my comfort zone is gonna expand after this project because i have no option to hire this out... I am hoping to get some advice and guidance during this research so...
  10. B

    Sink fills with water when washing machine empties??? Also very slow to drain...

    Hi, Hopefully this is an easy fix.... I have moved into a house and some of the work is 'interesting', things you never see when looking originally. Our latest problem is that the sink fills with water when the washing machine empties and also when you empty the adjacent 0.5 sink. The...
  11. J

    Sink drain pipe: how to I remove stuck drain body/tailpiece?

    Replacing a 1970-ish pedestal sink and I can't figure out how to remove the original drain piece from the pipe. It seems to be completely seized in place. If you look at the image below, you can see the drain piece (1) and what appears to be a lock nut (2). I've been trying to unscrew the drain...
  12. A

    Clogged drain under the bathtub, any advice?

    Any advice on how to clear this type of drain?
  13. H

    Radiator Drain Tool Help

    Hello, My boiler is a combo and all piping is plastic push fit. All of my downstairs radiators have a drain off cock. The issue I’m having is that I can’t find the correct tool to be able to open/drain the valve. I’ve been around plumb centres and they all say that they’ve not seen this type...
  14. N

    Can this bathroom drain grate be lifted up to clear drain?

    Does anyone know if this grate can be lifted? It’s very old and there’s lots of gunk in there including a comb that I’d like the remove to prevent it blocking pipes
  15. Q

    New Drain Line into existing manhole

    Hi all Im after some advice please. This is a bit difficult to explain so i have added some pics. I am adding an ensuite to the house. As part of this i am adding a new soil stack as the original soil stack is at the back of the property and ensuite is at the front. My problem is i need to...
  16. G

    Sink drain question/leak

    Could anyone please tell me what the hole circled in red on the sink drain is for? It seems that water is getting in there and leaking around the seal circled in yellow even though the nut seems tight for the bottom gasket. Thanks in advance.
  17. M

    Turned off wrong valve, now hot water won't work in basement

    New homeowner. I was trying to prep for winter by draining the outside hose. I thought I found the right valve, turned it off and ran the water outside. The water didn't stop flowing so I figured it was the wrong valve. Went back inside to find that the shower head in my basement washroom was...
  18. M

    Urgent help please - waste pipe issue

    Hi Guys, Got a issue with a kitchen sink. I Installed a new island kitchen sink not long ago and they have been having problems with the drainage of the sink. Basic Bowl and a half sink, standard mcalpine trap, small section of pipe horizontal out of trap then one inch half elbow, then...
  19. R

    Drain down central heating and refill with radiators off

    Hi, I have probably done a silly thing here so need some advice. I drained down the central heating system with a hose pipe from the drain off on the radiator closest to the door. No problems. Then I removed 3 radiators as we had the decorators in for a few weeks. As the decorators...
  20. M

    Shower drain cover replacement help

    I need some help please. I am looking for a shower drain cover for this drain. I dont know what make it is. This is in a wet room shower.