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A drain cleaner is a chemical product that unblocks sewer pipes or clogged wastewater drains. The term may also refer to a mechanical device such as a plumber's snake, drain auger, toilet plunger, or similar device. Occasionally, the term is applied to a plumber or other individual who performs the drain cleaning and hygiene.

Chemical drain cleaners, plungers, handheld drain augers, air burst drain cleaners, and home remedy drain cleaners are typically applied to the problem of a clogged single drain, such as a sink, toilet, tub, or shower drain. An effective drain cleaner can remove soft obstructions (such as hair and grease) accumulating near the fixture's drain inlet.
If more than one plumbing fixture is clogged then electric drain cleaners, battery powered drain cleaners, sewer jetters or such mechanical devices are usually required to clear obstructions along the entire length of the drain piping system, that is, from fixture drain inlets through the main building drains and lateral piping outside the building to the collector sewer mains.Each type of drain cleaner has advantages, disadvantages, and safety considerations as described below.

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  1. V

    Does this scope show a clog in my drain?

    Hi there, I recently hired a plumbing company because I was having water backup into my basement shower when the washing machine would drain water. I thought they were just going to come and snake out the shower but the tech said he needed to remove the toilet to snake the main line. After that...
  2. K

    New Shower Valve, Slow drain

    I have installed a new shower valve and shower head (the restrictor um fell out) and as a result the tub starts to fill with water. I believe this is simply a math problem of more water coming in than can drain but asking if any known options. As a sanity check I did snake the drain and...
  3. C

    Replacing a drain on tiled shower base.

    Hi, my square drain had dropped slightly in one corner and needs to be raised and replaced. Am l able to remove the entire sleeve for the drain and replace it with a new one? How do I remove the square metal sleeve without removing the surrounding tile?
  4. M

    Allen key down shower drain

    If I dropped an Allen key down a drain, do I have to get it out? What happens if I don't will stuff just build up around it and eventually block the drain ?
  5. M

    Removing round drain cover

    I tried for hours to get a round drain cover out so i cam replace it with a new one... will they always come out ? at this point im sure its attached to the square. I've tried twisting it with tools, pulling it with tools, soaking it in oven cleaner, wd40, and scraping around the sircle with a...
  6. D

    URGENT Drain line for house on piers

    Should I start with trunk line first then work out from it? Gonna b 4" with 2" vents
  7. Another Blocked Drains we fix -the plumbing and electrical doctor

    Another Blocked Drains we fix -the plumbing and electrical doctor

    Got a blocked drain and sewer issue? The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor will help fix your blocked drains, offering drain & plumbing services in Australia.
  8. M

    Installing a drain to pick up condense?

    Hi guys. I need to run a condense pipe and 2 water softener flushes(15mm copper) to an external drain. The problem is that the nearest drain is the other side of a door way, so running some 1 1/2” pipe over to the existing drain isn’t possible. They don’t really want a soak away but there is...
  9. O

    Slow drain toilet with old & new AAV but fine without

    Hi all, Hope you're well. Anyone any ideas... randomly 2 of our toilets started backing up when flushed (2 on same stack 1st floor and ground, 3rd loo (2nd floor) on its own seperate riser is fine) and takes circa 10s to level out. When flushed you can hear the gurgles and burps from the...
  10. F

    system drain two halves in inverted U

    I have a CH system where the downstairs is divided in two connected by pipes upstairs. One half has a drain valve downstairs that allows me to drain the upstairs and that half of the downstairs. How to drain the other half of the downstairs that does not have a drain valve ? I saw something...
  11. B

    Water supply and drain cover query

    Hi everyone, Today a plumber came round to do carry urgent repairs in the kitchen but needed to turn off the mains water supply to the building since it is flats. He went out to the front of the building and opened the water drain cover which is outside the front gate and on the pavement to...
  12. P

    Can’t get drain assembly out of sink.

    Hi, I cannot get the sink assembly out of the sink. There is no nut underneath, it seems the top and bottom of the assembly screw together. It has been in there about 15years I reckon. Any help on how to unscrew it? There looks to be 4 small recesses inside that you could a tool into and try...
  13. B

    Dishwasher drain pipe

    The Problem: I put the dishwasher drain pipe into the exit pipe (see pics) and I sometimes get water overflow out of the top of the exit pipe. The Solution: ???
  14. T

    Open drain in conservatory - how to plumb and lay a recessed cover

    Hi, I've recently bought a house and the drain is open in the conservatory. I think it's an old clay grey water drain and has the pipe from the kitchen sink coming out the wall about two feet up and running straight down into it. My idea is to redirect the pipe to come out the wall under the...
  15. E

    Drain flies in saniflo pipes

    We have a saniflo system in our loft bathroom. We believe we have drain flies in there (probably from not using the shower for a month or so as we were all using the one in our main bathroom). Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of them as there is always standing water in the pipes...
  16. M

    Bathroom floor drain - but not a wet room

    So... Completely redoing bathroom, back to brick etc. Mrs insists on hand shower for bath vs I hate them just dangling in bath. So I plan on having it mounted just outside of the bath i.e. not normally in it, but accessible when you need. Question I have is, do I need some kind of floor drain...
  17. D

    Greywater Gravity Drain Problems

    Hey guys, I live in Arizona where it is hot as blazes and water is scarce. I made a DIY gravity drain system to reuse water from my washing machine to water my trees. Below is a really well-drawn sketch (haha) of the setup. My problem is that little to no water comes out at the tree! I already...
  18. Geolo85

    redo of newly installed kitchen sink and drain line

    Contractor sub installed my new single kitchen sink and garbage disposal wrong. Sub had a "blank slate" with this reno as I made the dining room into a new kitchen. With water running, water fills to top of interior of garbage disposal and then disposal never fully drains once water is turned...
  19. Geolo85

    redo needed for newly installed kitchen sink and drain line

    Contractor sub (who evidently was not a plumber) installed my new single kitchen sink and garbage disposal. With water running, water fills to top of interior of garbage disposal and then disposal never full drains once water is turned off. Contractor installed Oatey vent but not a fix. Now says...
  20. D

    bathtub drain leak at elbow/shoe

    i have a leak at the elbow of the drain. i think its the limescale/calcium bluish greenish buildup thats causing the problem but im not sure. i cleaned up it up the best i can. its hard to reach,i would have to cut some drywall in the basement to fully access it. the tub is upstairs. i made the...
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