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    Floor under shower tray with riser kit

    Hello again If I use a riser kit with a shower tray on a wooden floor would you still recommend replacing all the boards with 18mm ply? I was going to use a low level Mira Flight tray but there's a joist in the way where the waste needs to go for this tray. Also, if I put vinyl on the...
  2. N

    Different flow rates on ground floor

    Hi, I've bought a four bed house, it's about 20 years old and has an adjacent garage. It has a downstairs toilet, utility room and kitchen and upstairs there's a main bathroom and an ensuite shower room. It has a vented system with boiler in garage heating cylinder on landing and a 40 gallon...
  3. M

    Shower tray riser kit?

    I'm installing a riser kit with my shower tray but unlike others I've seen my instructions dont say anything about securing the feet to the floor. Please advise.
  4. P

    shower leak on floor

    Any ideas what i can do to fix this without tearing out the shower? shower drain never backs up, but pipe below it does leak below shower floor and only when taking shower. See pics. The drain must be leaking. It gets wet inside that wall and with long showers, it leaks out onto the finished...
  5. C

    Half of drains cause floor drain in basement to overflow

    We most likely have a clog problem that we can't seem to resolve. These are the details: The drain has been slow in the tub in bathroom #1 (located on the east end of the basement of our ranch home) for a while, but it was always keeping up pretty close and finished draining within 30 seconds...
  6. S

    Re-Plumbin Under En-Suite floor

    Folks, In the middle of an en-suite refurb / total re-fit and need to make changes to pipework, for which I would appreciate / value your opinion on. It’s a modern house and so doesn’t get cold. Boiler is a 2-year-old condenser with mag cleaner and so the system is in good condition. 22mm JG...
  7. H

    Unvented cylinder in celler

    If I install an unvented cylinder in a cellar and a system boiler on the ground floor above will the system still work?
  8. D

    Hot water boiler for floor heat bleeder valve question

    have a hot water boiler (was converted to steam before me). Want to run the oxygen Barrier pex under the bathroom floors for heat. Do these loops need a bleeder valve? Thanks
  9. J

    Indirect Drainage Problem (without getting thru the floor)

    Hello all! glad to be here.. gonna be doing quite some plumbing work with a handyman of mine to lower cost of my new business so I hope this is the right place to get some good pro info! So with my new biz, they are requiring a 3 basin sink like a restaurant kitchen, and with this they...
  10. M

    Need help with a garage floor drain cover

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a replacement cast iron garage floor drain cover. Mine is severely rusted through. The diameter of the opening is 13 inches and the depth for the legs is 3 inches. I have attached some pictures of the old cover. I have tried home depot and...
  11. G

    leaky pipe under floor

    Hi, Ive hot a lot of standing water under my floorboards. I cant get access right underneath, but can guess at it being a certain speedfit pipe as I can hear dripping from a certain area. its not protected in anything, Im wondering if theres an easy way of attaching a new pipe and pulling ot...
  12. S

    Hair line crack in soil pipe under floor.

    Hey. So I’m after the best way too repair this. So here’s the set up. soil pipe internal drops down a boxing into a black connector at ground level right at floor boards which then drops into this orange pipe.The void under the floor is maybe enough I could lay down in there then this drop is...
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    Black Specks in Water (only on 2nd floor)

    I'm getting black specks in my water when running hot water, but it is only on my second floor. We have well water with a salt water softener. The specks are more oil-like and smear if I press my finger on them. The specks come out when I run the hot water (hotter the water = more specks). It...
  14. R

    4" soil workable falls

    Hi All. I am currrently installing a toilet on ground floor. I have cango'ed a channel in concrete floor to back yard and pick up existing waste. I have got a number of different opinions including google regarding fall. It is about a 12 Metre run with no bends. The following falls I was given...
  15. B

    Pipes to radiators in suspended timber floor new build

    Advice please. Building a home with suspended timber floor. 300mm Ijoists at ground level with sheeps wool insulation. Wondering whether to use copper or plastic pipes for radiators/hot water and where to locate them in the ground foor. Within the joists inbetween the insulation? OR Underfloor -.
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    New unvented system - ground floor losing pressure

    Hi there, wondering if anyone has any pointers, in the middle of a stressful refurbishment that was meant to finish a week ago! I am completely in the dark about boilers, but we agreed to the recommendation of a new pressurised unvented system that would feed direct off the mains (Vaillant...
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    Intermittent Discharges of gallons of water onto the basement floor but no leak?

    Hi, Homeowner not a plumber but I am having a problem I am hoping to get some advice on. House is 25 years old, we have been here for 11 years and replaced the boiler 3 years ago. Forced hot water system with three zones. Since I have no idea what I am talking about I will try to avoid...
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    Options for shower tray on concrete floor?

    Hi, I've just had a new single storey extension built, on a concrete base. I'm designing the ensuite but I'm struggling to come to a decision on the shower tray. As the concrete floor is 44mm lower than the current floor of the house I've had to build a subfloor with 20mm battens and 22mm...
  19. M

    Advice for bathroom floor and fitting shower Tray

    Hi, Im fitting a new bathroom and am after some advice. As you can see in the pictures the current floor is a mixture of 18mm chipboard and OSB board. Im installing underfloor heating and then tiles on top. What should I put on the floor as ive read lots of conflicting advice? Does it need...
  20. J

    Need advice on how to turn off cold water value to washing machine

    Hello, I need to disconnect my washing machine for several days however i am confused on how to turn off the cold water flow to the washing machine. I have taken a photo. There is no lever from what i can see. Do anyone know what i need to do with this?

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