1. dreikher

    Hole in copper pipe, solder under floor, T coupling & protection

    I was stupid enough not to check the position of the pipes under the tiles when installing a toilet and drilled right through the center of a 16 mm copper water pipe. I exposed the pipe by removing a ~30cm section of the plastic sleeve and a ~10 cm section of the pipe around the hole. Several...
  2. T


    Wanted old Ideal Standard Concorde Boiler for spare parts. If you are removing one please let me know. Thanks
  3. M

    Water under laminate

    Found water coming up from under laminate floor in new bathroom. Once leak found should the bathroom fitter lift up floor dry and replace floor to stop mould? Thanks
  4. T

    Unlevel toilet bowl and not floor

    Hello, I’ve recently fitted two toilets in the same property and found that I needed to level them. Initially I thought it was the floor but it’s actually the toilet bowls themselves. I’m assuming that as they are made of ceramics they could be slightly out in terms of accuracy? Is this semi common?
  5. H

    Underfloor heating loop not raising floor temperature

    I'm attending a wet underfloor heating system, it's an old one ..No flow meters, just adjustable valves on the returns with conventional actuators. Problem is , one loop (far right in photo) isn't heating the floor (timber suspended) . I've bled the loop via a hosepipe, shut off all the other...
  6. M

    Please help identify this part under floor heating

    Hello, Have had a leak on my UFH manifold. Originally incorrectly diagnosed as being the nuts/washer to the pump, it now looks like it's coming from this thermostatic valve. Have tried googling "ufh thermostatic valve" and none of them look like this or have connectors like this (guessing part...
  7. A

    Hello & advice on shower tray / tiles / possible moving floor?

    Hello there, Relatively recently we had a new en-suite fitted (complete rip out of the old fittings, and old wall tiles and floor carpet). This consisted of a quadrant shower enclosure, a stone-resin shower tray, new ceramic tiles on the floor and half tiling on the walls. All the work...
  8. S

    Vinyl Floor Planks , where to buy?

    Hi guys, I need some Vinyl Floor Planks for my hall way in my flat. Where's thes best place to buy them? I've seen some on ebay the thickness seems to be 1.5mm . Bot sure if they are good enough
  9. R

    broken screw holding pan to floor

    hi one of the screws holding my toilet pan to the floor has broken when trying to remove it , there is only about half an inch showing , i have tried using pliers and pulling it while trying to turn it anticlockwise but no joy , the floor is tiled , appreciate any help/advice . thanks .
  10. B

    Elevated moisture on floor despite pipe pressure test ok

    Hi. I had a pressure test done on the toilet connection tap. Test showed no leak. However, thermal imaging showed elevated moisture levels around the tap (& toilet (on the floor). I am wondering if it is possible that there could their have been a long time (ie years) slow leak from the pipe /...
  11. T

    Water Pipes Vibrating Our Floor

    Hi Everyone, Thanks in advance for your advice... As the title mentions, my issue is with the water pipes of the house causing the floor to vibrate. I have singled out the issue to the joists that the floorboards sit on carrying the vibrations throughout the house. We do not have hot water...
  12. T

    How to cover pipes under internal floor

    I have some internal water pipes (some plastic, some copper) that have to go under the kitchen floor. There is no way around having to do this. Rest of floor is concrete and pipes are currently in a trench (approx 5-6 cms deep, 4-5 cms wide). The trench will need to be concreted over before...
  13. R

    Underfloor heating advice for a very shaky floor (not kidding)

    Hi all! So yes, Richter level 7 earthquake at least. I need to plan an underfloor heating for a 4x4 expedition/overlanding off-road vehicle, and it has to be able to withstand hundreds of miles of Australian corrugated roads and many thousands more of very bumpy roads of all sorts. A shaky floor...
  14. P

    Cost to lift floor and replace kitchen waste pipe

    We have just had a drain specialist in greater Manchester who said that our builders (uncontactable) laid our 40mm pvc waste pipe from the kitchen island to outside (about 3 meters, suspended floor, just about a crawl space underneath when floor lifted) too flat and there’s standing water, smell...
  15. B

    Toilet has large gap between it and tiled floor

    I have a potential issue with a toilet on a newly tiled floor and looking for some advice on acceptable tolerances and what to do. The back of the toilet sits at about 2mm from floor and the sides vary between 2mm - 16mm. It is a closed back on toilet base and approximately 190mm to 200mm from...
  16. N

    Toilet flange not bolted to the floor

    Hello all. I am totally new to this, so any help would be appreciated. We had a toilet leak, so I pulled out the toiled to see/replace the wax ring. I see the metal ring around the flange was rusted. And It was not bolted to the floor below. I believe I see concrete underneath, but I see a lot...
  17. F

    Floor wet around toilet. Help!

    Hi, we've just had someone round to fit lino in our toilet. He ripped up the old lino only to reveal a large wet patch around the toilet (see photo). The floor is damp to touch and I'm left wondering what could be the cause of this? Given the shape of the damp patch, would it likely be a leaking...
  18. J

    Gap appearing between floor and wall tiles of new bathroom

    Hello, Our bathroom was installed 9 months ago by what we know were tradespeople who did not have the skill or experience to do so. Several revisits to fix leaks, poor siliconing and retile whole wall and reinstall shower tray were needed and in the end we just accepted it, even though it’s...
  19. D

    Wetroom floor from scratch, tray or no tray.

    Hi Folks, I am building a wetroom from scratch, i am a very experienced plumber and bathroom fitter but amazingly have never been asked to do a wetroom before - I have watched a lot of videos on the subject and am happy to pay for and use a tray however it occurs to me that I am building a...
  20. dips31

    Ground floor heating not working.

    We shifted to a new house with 3 floors. The boiler is in the attic. We have problem with the ground floor radiators which is not heating at all. When we shifted a plumber removed one radiator in the ground floor we are not sure if that is the reason. Its a one pipe heating system. So many...

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