1. J

    Need advice on how to turn off cold water value to washing machine

    Hello, I need to disconnect my washing machine for several days however i am confused on how to turn off the cold water flow to the washing machine. I have taken a photo. There is no lever from what i can see. Do anyone know what i need to do with this?
  2. M

    Leak from toilet waste pipe from floor

    I’d be grateful for some guidance on the best way to fix a leak from my toilet. The leak doesn’t come from the toilet so presuming it’s the seal next to the floor and involves the 4inch waste pipe. I am replacing the toilet anyway and presume I need to replace some kind of flange at the base...
  3. N

    Shower Tray on sloping floor

    Hi, need some advice please. Getting new bathroom fitted. Plumber has fitted my new stone resin shower tray. Floor sloping quite badly so he has levelled it using whatever white coloured adhesive or tile cement or something (not sure) in big dollops. It just looks like it will not be solid once...
  4. R

    Ufh in timber ground floor

    Hi all I'm building a single story rear extension and would like to use UFH It's going to be a timber joist for with 22mm chipboard flooring running from a combination boiler What is the most effective way of installing the UFH? 1) spreader plates. 2) celotex between joist with a biscuit mix...
  5. P

    Bathroom Floor Tile Problem

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying a house constructed around 2006. The bathroom is about 9ft square with a corner jacuzi bath. The tiled floor has a lot of lateral cracks in it, in at least 3 separate areas (see pics). My initial thought was that the floor was probably not done correctly and is...
  6. Jock Spanners

    Suspected leaking pipe in concrete floor

    Dear All, I need a second opinion. I have a customer with an engineered oak floor which keeps discolouring apparently from damp below. The floor is in the corner of a cloakroom and near to central heating pipes. When the floor is lifted it does not appear to be soaking wet. I suspect a pinhole...
  7. J

    floor standing boiler

    need to replace a floor standing boiler 30kw or above only boiler i can see is a Worcester and its over 2k to buy im gas safe etc just wondering if any of you know of any boilers ???? thanks folks
  8. A

    Pipes in Concrete Floor

    Hello. Looking for a little guidance. Basically had a plumber install new ch system and radiators. He ran pvc pipes (2 22mm, 2 15mm and 1 copper gas main) with angle bends under the concrete floor. We’re now replacing the floor as it has no dpm or insulation and have found none of the pipes...
  9. K

    Waste pipe connection to soil pipe in concrete floor.

    Hi All, First of all apologies....I am an electrician! Now that that’s out of the way can I ask for some advice please? I am building an extension and reconfiguring the internal layout of my property, it is a bungalow with concrete floors and when done there will be 1 bathroom and 1 en suite...
  10. A

    Correct height of towel radiator above floor

    Hello, Just doing first fix pipework for a bathroom and two ensuites. Just wondering what the convention for height above floor for towel radiators is please? I will be bringing two chrome pipes out of the stud wall at the correct height for angle valves. I am also putting extra timber...
  11. D

    Bathroom floor hopper thing. Anyone know what this is?

    Hey guys. My mum lives in fuerta Ventura and she’s having issues with drain smells. She sent me these pictures- a quick google and I don’t even know what it is? Obviously being in Hampshire I’m not local to pop over and have a look... any ideas? Thanks
  12. L

    Is a polythene membrane necessary between biscuit mix and floor boards?

    Hi! I am looking for some feedback regarding the use of a polythene membrane between my UFH in drymix and the CaberDek floor above. We have no such thing installed, is it essential? I have only seen it suggested once as a recommendation on a website. The floor is: 200mm celotex, osb, pipes...
  13. D

    Copper coils, ok for under floor heating runs?

    I need a bit of info on copper coiled pipe, I'm about to run in new radiator pipes downstairs in my house, it's got raised wooden floors with about 12" to the concrete slab, it needs to be copper or rodent proof as I live in the woods and we have mice around! Can the rolls of copper coils be...
  14. P

    Unused UFH port..

    Afternoon Lads and Lasses. I am setting up a 2 circuit UFH system the manifold has 3 ports. Do I blank off the spare ports or do I fit a loop and leave it turned off ? The other ports will be controlled with room stats.
  15. gmartine

    Ideal Mexico HE24 & HE36 Floor standers

    Anybody still keeping one of these alive? Mine were pulled working and been in the shed for god knows how long. Will be breaking for spares if there is any demand... PCB's, fans and Hex's are good.
  16. A

    Can a gas boiler flu run externally from ground to second floor?

    does anyone know of a system that will allow a gas boiler (any) with a flu length to reach the ridge line (second story from ground) on the outside of the house, so about 7 or 8m? The boiler can be mounted on the external wall so there is only one bend. We have an annoying neighbour and so...
  17. M

    UFH pipe spacing in screed floor

    Hi, I am just looking for a little guidance in what my requirements should be for pipe spacing under the screed, my systems specs are as follows: 15mm ultra flex polypipe poly pipe zru 2/3 manifold pump unit and plastic egg trays for pipe S&C screed @ 60/65mm thick, Schulter ditra and 10mm...
  18. T

    Intermittent heating from rads on ground floor - no issues with 1st floor

    Hope it's permissible to request some input here... I live in a rented flat in London. We have two floors, ground and 1st, with radiator heating. The boiler is working fine (I believe) and we have plenty of hot water (radiator temp set at and hold at 73C). Four rads on the 1st floor are merrily...
  19. P

    New wetroom (solid floor)

    I've got a customer that wants a wetroom installing next year, but unlike on previous jobs I've done, the room where they want it (really badly installed ground floor bathroom in an extension) has a solid concrete floor. I'm at the early stages of my research as there's not too much of a rush...
  20. M

    Rads still cold on ground floor in 3 storey house.

    Hi Maybe someone can advise on this scenario: Property: 3 storey semi-detached townhouse, built c.2004. Hot water: Megaflow system, in upstairs airing cupboard, which works well. Heating plumbing: 10mm plastic microbore, header tank in the loft. Boiler: Natural gas IDEAL Logic 18Kw+ (upgraded...
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