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Hope you are all doing OK out there on the interwebs. Marine sparks by trade but not stupid enough to think that it permits me to mess with water or electricity. I know I could make sense of the latest conundrum but I aint dicking about with it. It would be stupid to die by accident.

Live in an old house in Ireland, and between what was in it when we moved in, and what we have added, its a wonderland of challenges. At the moment, the Joule 300lt cyclone is giving me a headache. The missus and the kid aren't that far behind since the thing has all of sudden stopped working - like this morning. So I'm putting a post in the Plumber's Advice forum to see if I can make any sense of what I have and where I should go.

Oh, and I'm an expert in all things technology. Honestly. So if I can return the favour and help anyone out then feel free.

Anyway, its cool to meet you all.

Take care,


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