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In computing, replace is a command that is used to replace one or more existing computer files or add new files to a target directory. Files with a hidden or system attribute set cannot be replaced using replace. The command lists all files that are replaced.

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  1. B

    Replacing shower with bath?

    I’m looking to replace this shower tray for a bath with the front of it facing the right side of the picture. What do I need so the bath waste goes into where the shower trays waste currently is now?
  2. S

    Water inlets wrong way round replacing exposed shower valve.

    Hi there, I wonder if someone can help - I'm replacing an exposed shower valve but the hot water is on the right and the cold water on the left, when you look from the front at the existing unit. Looks like all valves are the wrong way round for purchasing a new unit, have I got this right, are...
  3. M

    Help required for replacing union valves.

    Hello, New here. I have some older type single radiators in my home, that I want to keep. The are supplied by 15mm copper pipe, into the valve, that has a 3/4 union type fitting. I want to replace these fittings with TRV's and am having difficulties finding a direct replacement. My floors are...
  4. J

    Wiring Help Needed replacing a Horstmann C27 with Flomasta 7635

    Hello - I'm a relatively new owner of an old house here in France that was updated by the previous owner who lives in the UK. He used one channel of a two channel Horstmann C27 to control turning on and off the electric water heater. Given that I'm from the states, I'm not all that familiar with...
  5. J

    Replacing a Honeywell T40 thermostat with a Honeywell DT90e

    Hi I'm replacing my old dial thermostat with a digital The wires going in from left to right are Earth Blue 2x Black Brown When electrically tested none are live with thermostat off Research on this and other sites suggest 2x Black into B Brown into A Tie off and isolate Green/Yellow and Blue...
  6. M

    Replacing old thermostat for Nest

    Hi all, I want to replace my current thermostat with the Nest Thermostat, but wire labels don't match. My boiler is Worcester Greenstar 24i Junior combi boiler, which is on the back of the wall where the thermostat is. Photos here Another Nest Themorstat (3rd gen) question -...
  7. C

    Replacing boiler for combi how shower will connect

    We have a traditional hot water tank with pumps in loft , the hot water I assume goes up into the loft from the hot water tank and the pumps pump it out at a decent rate. If we go for a combi how would this work as feb hot water would come from the boiler?
  8. T

    Replacing very old mixer tap

    Can an old mixer tap leak uncontrollably? The mixer tap in my kitchen is very old,maybe nearly 20 years. For the last year or so it has been leaking and getting worse. Get it replaced you say. Not as simple as that. The pipes into the house are very old lead pipes and years ago did leak where...
  9. T

    Replacing Danfoss lockshield valve

    Replacing a rusty radiator (installed 2000) the brass head of the Danfoss lockshield sheared off as it reached fully closed. I assumed that it was a 10mm with a 1/2" BSP connection to radiator. Offering up the nut (18.6mm across the flats) on the old 10mm insulated microbore it was found to have...
  10. S

    Replacing wireless thermostat

    Hi to you lovely plumbers & heating engineers, seeking advice on replacing a Flomasta wireless thermostat. I inherited it when I bought this house & it’s a bl**dy nightmare to program, heating coming on at all times, unable to easily change temperature for different times. My last heating bill...
  11. S

    Replacing wireless thermostat

    Hi can anyone point me in the right direction regarding a replacement for my wireless thermostat please. Just bought a house with a Flomasta wireless thermostat & I can’t get on with it at all I’m pretty good with tech but figuring this out is impossible, heating coming on at all times, unable...
  12. L

    Replacing the doughnut and rusted bolts

    The joint between my WC pan and the cistern is leaking - I suspect that the doughnut needs replacing. I imagine that this would be easy enough for a competent plumber. However, the two bolts and the associated nuts holding the cistern to the WC pan have rusted. I have three questions here: Can...
  13. R

    23 year old Vaillant Thermocompact needs replacing - flue problems?

    We built our detached house 23 yrs ago, having a Vaillant Thermocompact boiler with a Megaflo tank, and it's been excellent. The boiler sits in a room under the stairs, with the flue discharging out of the side wall (no windows or doors) at a height of around 2.5m from the ground. The...
  14. D

    Potterton kingfisher MF replacing boiler in situ?

    Hi there! I moved house a few months ago, and our boiler has packed it in (great timing eh?) It's an old thing (potterton kingfisher MF),but was installed in a room in the center of the house with the flue extending out the side wall onto an alley that actually belongs to our neighbour. We had...
  15. K

    Replacing diverter valve

    Hi, this is my first post.. hoping it's an easy one that someone can help me with. I've got a standard system (not a Combi.. just a Bosch gas boiler and a hot water tank). Anyway.. everytime the CH valve turns off, I get a REALLY LOUD clunking noise from the system. I've done some reading...
  16. M

    Replacing taps behind the washing machine??

    Hi i am new & useless at DIY i have old bulky plastic taps connected to my washing machine - due to new units being fit i need 3 cm more space at the back so can i replace with smaller taps? also as the washer is 10yrs old can i cap one off ..if so which one,, hot or cold? i appreciate your time...
  17. J

    Approx price for replacing tempering valve on solar hotwater

    Just wanting advice on the average cost of installing a tempering valve on a solar hot water system located on the roof of single storey home. Ive been charged $445 inc gst, no extra parts needed and took plumber less than 30 minutes to install, it seems a bit steep Any advice appreciated
  18. D

    Replacing British Gas 330+ System Boiler but keep flue

    Hi In new flat, looking to replace BG 330+ system boiler with a combi, but retain existing flue as there are a few bends and quite long - it's still in good condition #(8 yrs old). I'm told the boiler was made by Glowworm, and that their new Energy 7 would do the trick. I'm thinking of buying...
  19. E

    Is a central heating system flush needed after replacing a radiator?

    I purchased a Kudox steel panel radiator to replace a radiator that developed a leak. There is a warning triangle on first page of the Installation Instructions with the following in red capital letters: ‘AFTER INSTALLATION THE ENTIRE CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEM MUST BE THOROUGHLY FLUSHED WITH A...
  20. C

    Replacing an old radiator with a fancy new vertical one

    Hope you can give me some advice. We have an old radiator in our living room which we'd like to replace with a nice vertical one. We're looking at the 1780 x 472mm Anthracite Double Oval Tube Vertical from Radiator Outlet. I have no idea how feasible this will be. The supply pipes are 10mm ones...