In computing, replace is a command that is used to replace one or more existing computer files or add new files to a target directory. Files with a hidden or system attribute set cannot be replaced using replace. The command lists all files that are replaced.

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  1. F

    Replacing an installed megaflow system with a combi-boiler when current boiler needs replacing

    Home owner looking for some advice pls. We have a megaflow system which we are considering removing as the tank takes up a lot of space and we don’t find we are using more than one shower or bath at a time. Our plan is to do this when the current boiler needs replacing (probably in the next...
  2. N

    URGENT Replacing a Radiator Valve on a Boilermate 2000 system.

    My daughter's place has a small water leak on a ground floor radiator valve. The radiator pipework is small diameter.i.e 8 or 10 mm. A plumber is coming back in a day or so to make necessary repairs. I am a little concerned as the house has a Boilermate 2000 on the upper floor and the...
  3. Zig168

    Replacing a 22 Year Old Boiler any recommendations?

    I've got a non condensing Glowworm Ultimate with gravity tank and hot Water tank in a 4 bed house. 11 radiators 1 double 1400mm length 1 P+ 1400mm length 2 P+ 400mm length 7 singles 400mm 1 mains shower average water pressure Any recommendations on combi boiler and KW? Boiler budget...
  4. P

    Replacing a radiator and Valves

    Hi All, I need to replace a radiator in the kitchen, the 10mm copper has split so using this opertunaty to replace it with a towel one and also need to remove both valves and make the pipes shorter. Its a gravity fed system and the last radiator in the system , I have a bung kit, i know i can...
  5. M

    Replacing a bleed nipple

    Hi, I seem to have lost a bleed nipple from one of my rads somehow. It’s a double rad, one side of the rad has a nipple, the other is gone and I need to bleed it to stop the bubbling noise. How can I fix this please? Is it possible to buy a new one and if so how do I know what to ask for...
  6. C

    Low-price domestic from reputable brand or commercial?

    Replacing kitchen faucet for friend who needs to keep cost down. Something from low price range of better makers of domestic faucets, or a commercial faucet?
  7. S

    Replacing old regular boiler

    Hi I seek some advice on replacing an existing regular boiler. I currently have an old Potterton 10-16 Netaheat electronic, which is around 35 years old and still working OK. It is fitted to a std 'Y' plan system with boiler in utility room and separate hot water tank, pump, valve etc in...
  8. S

    DIY Replumb Heating system

    Hi, I'm after some advice for a current system which I'm looking to replumb. Our house has had various extensions of heating system with newbuild extension and other additional rads over the years and now the system is inefficient and doesn't heat up consistently. In the extension, because the...
  9. H

    Replacing Cooke & Lewis RICCI bath mixer cartridge - no grub screw

    How do i replace the quarter turn cartridge on this cooke & lewis ricci bath mixer tap . Normally there is a grub screw somewhere to take the handle off, but for the life of me i cannot find one on this mixer. Any helpful suggestions would be greatfully received.
  10. P

    My shower won't turn off after replacing the thermostatic cartridge.

    I've just replaced an Ultra SASF2 – M thermostatic shower cartridge together with the spring mechanism and the temperature sensor. My problem is this: If I install the thermostatic cartridge together with the spring mechanism and the temp sensor (i.e. do the job properly), the shower runs warm...
  11. M

    Replacing a Keston C36 - The worlds worst boiler?

    Hi Guys, I am the miserable owner of a Keston C36 boiler. It has had EVERYTHING on it replaced. My questions is, what do I replace it with and can it be done without replacing the entire flue. The dual flue is at least 10m long and has a couple of 45 degree turns in it. Am I going to need...
  12. D

    Downsizing outflow pipe at wall

    Hi, I have a dishwasher that needs to move further back to fit flush with the other units, as is sticking out. What's in the way is an outflow pipe with 50mm diameter. Replacing it with a 25mm pipe would do the trick. Pic at pipework.png hosted at TinyPic -
  13. Barisk

    Replacing waste pipes

    I needed to change waste pipes because they were just crumbling into pieces, but i am not sure how can I connect the new pipe to the one inside the wall. Many thanks
  14. justadude

    Looking for advice on replacing old shower diverter but maybe too old.

    Hi guys, Looking to replace an old shower diverter. Pictures attached. I'm from Australia if that makes any difference. Originally when i got the house years ago there was a note to be careful when turning the shower diverter too hard. Eventually this happened and it started leaking from the...
  15. E

    Replacing old microbore manifolds

    Hi, Have a couple of old microbore 28mm to 10mm manifolds for the central heating. Not sure of the condition on the inside of them but outside there's a fair bit of corrosion at the solder/compression joints. There not leaking so was wondering if they can be cleaned or if it's better to...
  16. C

    Replacing Honeywell Smartfit system.

    I’m about to replace my Honeywell Smartfit system with a conventional 2 channel heating pack (I’ll need new valves to replace the low voltage Smartfit units). I was initially looking at something basic like the Drayton Twin Zone Heating Control Pack, but would prefer a wireless stat if...
  17. R

    Replacing a Bar shower valve

    We are in a new build (2 years) and the bar shower value on-off bit is jammed. I want to replace it myself as can't afford a plumber. The old one is is Aqualisa and has on/off on right and temperature on the left. I have purchased a replacement bar shower valve with the on/off on left and...
  18. D

    Replacing a ridget water intake pipe for a toilet with a flexable hose

    I'm trying to replace the intake pipe for a toilet. The current one is ridget pvc piping. I'm trying to swap it with a flexible hose to install a bidet. I can disconnect the pipe from the toilet, but I can't unscrew it from the shutoff valve. Am I meant to be able to dismantle it or is it just...
  19. A

    Replacing motorised valve steps

    Hi Folks, Please advise as i wish to change a motorised valve connected to a heat only gas boiler: Turn off the boiler Turn off the mains water Find a draining point and drain system Replace motorised valve Make sure draining point is closed. Turn on mains...
  20. P

    Replacing AquaLisa Q Pinch Grip Holder

    I own a Aqualisa Q shower but the pinch grip holder has broken but how to do get the bottom part off (see attached) so I can feed the new replacement part on to the shower rail? Any help or advice would be most appreciated.
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