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I got a 12v water system that feeds a kitchen tap, another tap and a shower. Kitchen is fine, but the other two dont have pressure enough to bring good hot water.

Was thinking if installing something. Any advice what?

Due to someone else's input I have another pump was wondering if I could use it?
I already have an accumulator to regulate but does nothing for pressure as you knoe!

Hard to hide I'm a beginner

Alan Wright

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I have sold several pumps for similar applications on boats like yours.

Since you already have a 12 volt power supply you do not need a transformer so the cheaper SP1U is the pump you need:-

Hello Mr Wright and thank you for your recommendation
I checked out the product and wasn't really clear on it.
If this is to be used with another pump do they have to be pressure compatible? Mine is 1.7psi. On the product are there two different input and output for each hot and cold water pipes?
All the best and really appreciate if I can get some advice about using it before I buy. Got to be sure it's compatible

Alan Wright

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Hi Jamie,

A ShowerPowerBooster is compatible with any pump but in you case if you really do have a 1.7 psi pump then thats only .12 bars (1.2 metres head). Thats too low a head to get anywhere near enough pressure for a shower so thats your problem. By the time you lift the water 1.2 metres to get to the shower head then there is no pressure left to get a decent shower.

My advise changes with this new information so instead of the £89 fully automatic pump you need the cheaper manual version at £55 and get rid if your existing pump:-

If in doubt please send me pictures through the web site:-


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